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October 31, 2007

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10/23/07 – Orde Says No Evidence Of IRA Link in Quinn Murder
IT 10/23/07 Orde Tells DUP No Evidence To Link IRA
IT 10/23/07 Gardaí Link Quinn Murder To Fuel Smugglers
SF 10/22/07 Adams Condemns Brutal Murder Of Paul Quinn
BT 10/23/07 Barn Murder An Evil Deed - Brady
IT 10/23/07 Cruel Killing Tests The New North
NL 10/23/07 Stormont On Brink
BT 10/23/07 The Biggest Test Of A New Political Era
II 10/22/07 Opin: Killings Send Shiver Down Spine Of Politics
BT 10/23/07 Opin: Murder Revives Old IRA Doubts

10/14/07 – Pub Attack SF Member is Dismissed
BB 10/14/07 Pub Attack SF Member Is Dismissed
SL 10/14/07 Republican Dissidents In Terror Vow
SL 10/14/07 Claim Dev Torpedoed Unity Twice In WWII

10/13/07 – PSNI Denies Not Intervening in Catholic’s Beating
BT 10/13/07 PSNI Denies Not Intervening In Catholic’s Beating
BT 10/13/07 MI5 Takes Over Ulster Security
BT 10/13/07 Fury As Orange Hall Is Damaged In Arson Attack
IT 10/13/07 Stardust Families Angry At Inquiry Delay

10/13/07 -
IAUC Covers New Territory in Cross Community Dialog

10/12/07 – Baby Targeted In UDA Gun Attack
BB 10/11/07 Baby Targeted In UDA Gun Attack
BB 10/12/07 Love Ulster Dropping Dublin Rally
BB 10/11/07 Fianna Fail Discusses NI Strategy
BB 10/12/07 Trimble Portrait Set For Stormont

10/10/07 – Unionists Spark Heated Debate At IAUC Convention
IE 10/10/07 Unionists Spark Heated Debate At IAUC Convention
BT 10/10/07 Coroner Wants Colombia Three Fugitive To Testify
BT 10/10/07 SF Into Ulster-Scots As Motion Is Defeated
IT 10/10/07 SF MEP misses out on European award
BT 10/10/07 Opin: UDA Is Out Of Time, Out Of Credibility

10/09/07 – Hand Over Shoot-To-Kill Reports
BB 10/09/07 'Hand Over Shoot-To-Kill Reports'
SF 10/09/07 Orde’s Attempt To Derail Shoot-To-Kill Inquests
BB 10/09/07 NI Assembly Irish Ban Is Rejected
BB 10/09/07 Minister In Talks Over UDA Guns
BT 10/09/07 Paisley's Centre Letter To Council Revealed
BT 10/09/07 Ombudsman To Investigate Loyalist Attack
BT 10/09/07 Opin: Policing Breakthrough For Sinn Fein

10/08/07 – Language Body Says Ban Will Fail
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BB 10/08/07 Loyalist Warning On UDA Arms Move
BN 10/08/07 Flynn’s Battle With RTE To Come To End Today
IN 10/04/07 Opin: Irish Language Used As Political Football

10/07/07 – UDA Has Not Done Enough On Arms
BB 10/07/07 UDA Has Not 'Done Enough On Arms'
BB 10/07/07 Pair Injured In Sectarian Attack
II 10/07/07 US Officials Were Angered By 'Blase' Attitude To IRA
SF 09/20/07 Fine Words Not Enough To End Sectarianism: McGuinness
SS 10/07/07 Orangeman Invites Top Catholic For Lunch
BB 10/07/07 Paisley Defends Causeway Stance
II 10/07/07 McCartney Sisters May Emigrate

10/06/07 - Teamster Honored by IAUC

10/01/07 - IAUC Statement on Deportation of McAllisters

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October 23, 2007

Orde Says No Evidence Of IRA Link in Quinn Murder

News About Ireland & The Irish

IT 10/23/07 Orde Tells DUP No Evidence To Link IRA
IT 10/23/07 Gardaí Link Quinn Murder To Fuel Smugglers
SF 10/22/07 Adams Condemns Brutal Murder Of Paul Quinn
BT 10/23/07 Barn Murder An Evil Deed - Brady
IT 10/23/07 Cruel Killing Tests The New North
NL 10/23/07 Stormont On Brink
BT 10/23/07 The Biggest Test Of A New Political Era
II 10/22/07 Opin: Killings Send Shiver Down Spine Of Politics
BT 10/23/07 Opin: Murder Revives Old IRA Doubts


Orde Tells DUP No Evidence To Link IRA With Killing

Tue, Oct 23, 2007

PSNI Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde has told the DUP that at
this stage there is no evidence to link the murder of Paul
Quinn in Co Monaghan to the IRA, as the Quinn family
alleges. Gerry Moriarty, Mark Hennessyand Conor

However, senior Garda sources, who spoke to The Irish
Timeslast night, said intelligence on Mr Quinn's killing
suggested he was murdered by people who have previously
been members of the Provisional IRA after he clashed with
former members of that organisation.

"We don't have anything to say it was sanctioned, it was
more local justice being dished out, but it did involve
former members [of the Provisional IRA]," said one senior

Garda¡ still believe the dead man was killed after he
refused to leave his home in Cullyhanna following a fight
with a prominent republican there and the son of another
republican figure.

They are satisfied Mr Quinn was involved with a gang who
were laundering green diesel in Monaghan and smuggling it
into the North for sale as regular fuel.

However, sources said no evidence had emerged to link those
activities to his murder.

According to DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson, Sir Hugh told him
yesterday that, this early in the investigation, the Garda
and the PSNI "have not been able to draw the conclusion
that has been made by the family that this was the work of
the IRA".

This briefing and other senior contacts at Stormont
yesterday took place against a DUP warning that if the IRA
was behind Mr Quinn's murder it could collapse the Northern
Executive and Assembly.

Sir Hugh travelled to Stormont at the DUP's request
yesterday evening to brief the party on the current state
of the investigation, which is being led by the Garda.

A PSNI spokeswoman confirmed that Sir Hugh met a DUP
delegation including First Minister the Rev Ian Paisley. He
also was in contact with Sinn F‚in Deputy First Minister
Martin McGuinness, she said. She was unable to confirm the
details of the DUP meeting

Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy also briefed Mr McGuinness
by phone last night. Afterwards a spokesman for the Deputy
First Minister said Mr McGuinness was "absolutely certain
no republican was involved in this dreadful murder".

In the D il, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern said the murder was
linked to local criminal activity on the Border and should
not threaten the future of the devolved Government. Mr
Donaldson said that the feedback from Sir Hugh Orde was
that the attack involved "criminality on both sides". "The
question is, were they [the killers] members of the IRA,
were they acting on behalf of the IRA? And the chief
constable is very clear that at this stage the evidence is
not there, and that it is early days, and the investigation
is continuing."

Earlier yesterday the DUP held what it described as "high-
level" contacts with Sinn F‚in to discuss the beating to
death of 21-year-old Mr Quinn from Cullyhanna, south
Armagh, in a barn at a farm close to Castleblayney on

Mr Donaldson and junior DUP Minister Ian Paisley jnr warned
that if the IRA was implicated in the murder it could have
grave implications for the stability of the powersharing
Stormont administration.

Emphatic statements yesterday denying "republican"
involvement by Sinn F‚in president Gerry Adams, Mr
McGuinness and the party's MP for Newry and Armagh, Conor
Murphy, provided some reassurance for the DUP.

Urging co-operation with the police, Mr Adams said if he
had "hard information" he would provide it to the PSNI or
garda¡. "There is no republican involvement whatsoever in
this man's murder and all of us should be careful that we
don't end up playing politics with what is a dreadful,
criminal action," he said, adding he believed the murder
was linked to "fuel smuggling involving criminals".

Mr Paisley jnr said the DUP would wait for a definitive
account from the PSNI and the Garda as to who they believed
killed Mr Quinn.

He said of Mr Adams's comments: "The language in all this
certainly helps; it helps considerably. This would not have
happened a year ago, let alone 10 years ago."

c 2007 The Irish Times


Garda¡ Link Quinn Murder To Fuel Smugglers

Patsy McArdle
Tue, Oct 23, 2007

The weekend killing of Paul Quinn by a group of men at a
shed in Co Monaghan close to the Border has given rise to
speculation that elements involved in a lucrative fuel
laundering and smuggling racket may have been involved in
the horrific crime.

Garda detectives locally are believed to be satisfied the
attack on the victim was linked to fuel smuggling or

According to Revenue officials the laundering of diesel has
become a multimillion-euro racket in recent years.

Swoops at isolated sheds, in the Republic and the North,
have uncovered sophisticated equipment used by smuggling
gangs to remove the colouring from tax-rebated fuel so that
it can be sold at the higher commercial price for the top-
grade product.

A Revenue spokesman in the Republic confirmed yesterday
that raids at a number of locations near the Border have
led to a shutdown of several illicit fuel "doctoring"

A major illegal diesel laundering plant was also put out of
business on the Northern side of the Border near
Crossmaglen after a raid by the Revenue authorities in the

A similar plant was also raided and shut down near
Castleblayney, just a few miles from the scene of Mr
Quinn's murder.

Senior Customs officials in the Republic believe that at
least five major smuggling syndicates operating along the
Border between Louth and Monaghan and Armagh, and Fermanagh
and Cavan are the main players.

According to one senior Revenue source, some of the
smugglers had recently begun importing raw diesel from
continental Europe with a view to completing the filtering
process at secret locations in the North and the Republic,
close to the Border.

It is also believed some tankers have been fitted with
sophisticated laundering equipment, which can remove
colouring from the fuel while in transit.

"This business is so big that these racketeers will stop at
nothing to make sure they can get as much profit as
possible and they are constantly devising ways to beat the
law," one senior Revenue source said.

He said the racketeers have been using carefully developed
supply routes and it was unusual if there were any "blow-
ups" over such outlets.

"They are usually very careful not to trample on each
other's corns when it comes to delivering the fuel to
unscrupulous filling stations," he said.

The Revenue suspect that fuel laundered in the Border area
may be delivered as far south as Cork and Limerick.

However, recent checkpoint inspections and the increased
testing of diesel in use in vehicles has reduced the
illicit trafficking.

Instead of being sold into the private commercial market,
it is believed that a considerable amount of the "doctored"
diesel is still being sold to large firms.

The sludge from laundered diesel has cost local authorities
in Louth and Monaghan more than ?3 million to dispose of in
the past two years, according to council officials

c 2007 The Irish Times


Adams Condemns Brutal Murder Of Paul Quinn

Published: 22 October, 2007

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP, MLA, Deputy First
Minister Martin McGuinness MP, MLA and Conor Murphy MP, MLA
the Minister for Regional Development have condemned the
"brutal and savage murder of Paul Quinn" and have called on
"anyone with any information to make it immediately
available to either the PSNI or An Garda".

Mr. Adams extended sympathy to the Quinn family and said:
"Those responsible for this dreadful killing must be
brought to justice."

Speaking at Stormont this morning Mr. Adams said:

"We are all deeply shocked at this appalling murder.

"Our sympathy is with the family of Paul Quinn.

"The criminals responsible for this dreadful killing must
be brought to justice.

"I do not believe that there was any republican involvement
in this murder.

"This murder is in our view linked to fuel smuggling
involving criminals.

"But let me repeat anyone with information has a duty to
bring that information forward to the An Garda or the


Barn Murder An Evil Deed - Brady

The murder of County Armagh man Paul Quinn was a barbaric
deed which was evil and inexcusable, Archbishop Sean Brady
has said.

The Catholic Primate of All Ireland said there should be no
reprisal for the killing.

Mr Quinn, 21, died after being beaten by nine men wielding
iron bars at a remote farm shed in County Monaghan on

His family blamed the death on the IRA, which Sinn Fein has

Archbishop Brady said the murder had "shocked and appalled
a whole community".

'Tyranny of violence'

Offering his sympathy to Mr Quinn's grieving family, he
said the death "caused revulsion and shame in all right-
minded people".

"It shows a total lack of respect for the God-given gift of
human life," said the Archbishop.

"I hope that those who carried out this atrocious crime
will soon be apprehended and brought to justice.

"Those with information have a duty before God to pass it
on to the Gardai or PSNI. The tyranny of violence and
intimidation must be defeated."

A post-mortem examination will resume later on Tuesday on
the body of Mr Quinn.

First Minister Ian Paisley has asked the prime minister for
his full support if it turns out the IRA were involved in
the murder.

The DUP said IRA involvement "could collapse the political

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/23 10:45:01 GMT


Cruel Killing Tests The New North

Tue, Oct 23, 2007

If policing in Northern Ireland is to work, republicans
must break with tradition and help catch Paul Quinn's
killers, writes Gerry Moriarty.

The murder of Paul Quinn in a barn in Co Monaghan on
Saturday has the potential to cause the sort of political
damage that will fester.

That will be of no interest to the Quinn family from
Cullyhanna in south Armagh who wait to have the battered
body of their 21-year-old son and brother brought home to
be waked and buried.

Family friend Jim McAllister, a former local Sinn F‚in
councillor - now disaffected from the party - says the
Quinns are in a state of deep shock because of the murder.
They didn't want to say anything last night beyond their
initial statement on Sunday but, he added, they were
holding to their conviction that members of the IRA beat
him to death.

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams in the most trenchant of
terms rejected this allegation. Quinn was killed by
"criminals", not republicans, he said.

He and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness and local
Sinn F‚in MP Conor Murphy could hardly have been more
unequivocal yesterday in demanding that anyone with
evidence provide that to the police.

"I would have no hesitation whatsoever if I had hard
information of bringing that information - indeed it is a
duty to bring that information - to the PSNI or An Garda
S¡och na," said Adams.

He believed that the attack on the victim related to an
issue around fuel smuggling. PSNI chief constable Sir Hugh
Orde, who briefed the DUP yesterday, told MP Jeffrey
Donaldson there was no evidence at this stage linking the
killing to the IRA, and that there were indications of a
criminal link to the murder.

McAllister disputes this, saying he believes that Quinn was
targeted because he had the temerity to take on two local
republican figures in separate fights, and that some
"senior republican player" decided he should pay for such

McAllister doesn't believe Quinn's assailants set out to
kill him but somehow the "bloodlust" set in and he was
battered to death.

The comments of Orde and also of Donaldson mean that for
the moment at least this murder does not threaten the
DUP/Sinn F‚in-dominated powersharing government.

Junior DUP Minister Ian Paisley jnr was impressed with
Adams's response. "The language in all this certainly
helps; it helps considerably," he said. "This would not
have happened a year ago, let alone ten years ago. Those
sorts of comments are obviously very important."

But, he added, how events unfolded would be carefully
scrutinised. If an IRA link to the killing was established
then the implications for the fledgling Executive and
Assembly would be serious.

It seems reasonable to assume that those who murdered Quinn
are known to quite a number of people. For instance, the
two men who were understood to have been forced to help
lure the victim to the farm in Co Monaghan, and were
themselves assaulted, must be in a position to provide
police with considerable detail about the killing.

But this is south Armagh and notwithstanding the recent
breakthrough of Murphy inviting senior PSNI officers to
Crossmaglen to discuss antisocial activity in the area will
the old tradition of local omerta continue to apply?
Pressure will fall on Sinn F‚in to in turn exert pressure
on those with evidence to go to the police. Those with such
knowledge may feel caught between a rock and a very
dangerous place. The phrase "damned if they do, damned if
they don't" comes to mind, especially in the context of the
current dispute over the status of the killers.

But this is the new dispensation. This is a test of whether
policing can work in the Borderlands. If it doesn't then we
could end up with a situation similar to that pertaining
after the murder of Robert McCartney: then the so-called
dogs in the street knew who was responsible but so far no
one has been convicted of his murder.

Numerous people spoke to the PSNI in relation to McCartney
but the necessary evidence to nail the killers was not
forthcoming. If the same applies after Quinn's death then
notwithstanding the great political progress to date the
question will be asked, does the writ of criminality run in
south Armagh or do republicans have the influence to help
bring killers to book?

c 2007 The Irish Times


Stormont On Brink

By Stephen Dempster

IAN Paisley last night warned Prime Minister Gordon Brown
of "very serious consequences" for devolved government, if
the IRA was behind the murder of Paul Quinn.

But the Stormont Executive could be saved from collapse
because the News Letter has learned that the PSNI and Garda
have already concluded the IRA leadership did not sanction
the killing.


While members of IRA families (or an IRA gang) were
involved, police on both sides of the border have ruled out
the death being given the go-ahead by the Provisionals'

A very senior security source said: "We are absolutely
clear the IRA leadership did not sanction this. But there
were members of IRA families there.

"So far, what is not established is whether they are IRA
members themselves. Did IRA members carry out the killing?"

What police have decided is:

Mr Quinn was lured to his death at a farm outhouse near
Castleblayney, just south of the border;

Among those who beat him to death were younger men, from
IRA families (but it is not yet known if they are IRA

His death came amid a fall-out between republican criminal
gangs in south Armagh during the last three weeks;

The killing was the culmination of a series of incidents
involving these rivals, who are split along mainstream and
dissident republican lines;

Mr Quinn was involved in fuel smuggling and other
criminality, and in some of these incidents;

One altercation took place in a bar when he faced down men
from IRA families;

Mr Quinn was later visited at his home and warned to leave
the country;

He refused to go and ended up beaten to death.


First Minister Ian Paisley said he had warned the Prime
Minister of "the seriousness of the situation".

Speaking after a briefing from Chief Constable Sir Hugh
Orde he added: "If this murder was the work of the
Provisional IRA then very serious consequences will flow
from that. As a party we have made it clear that there will
be no place in government for those associated with murder

" I encourage everyone to wait for the findings of the
police, both in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.
There will be no fudging of this issue and everyone must
work to ensure that those responsible for such a callous
murder are exposed and brought to justice."

DUP MP and Policing Board Member Jeffrey Donaldson also
insisted his party would not avoid pulling the plug on
Stormont if it judged this was an IRA murder.

He welcomed unequivocal condemnation from Gerry Adams and
others of the death, and assurances of no IRA involvement,
but said his party would makes its own call on the matter.

"Our party will not fudge this issue," he assured

"Let's be clear, we will listen to the PSNI, the Garda and
make a definitive assessment, based solely on the cold,
hard facts and not what other parties say."


Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said he is absolutely certain
the IRA leadership had nothing to do with the murder.

"The people involved are criminals. They need to be brought
to justice and it is fairly obvious to me that this is
linked to fuel smuggling and to criminal activity.

"There's no republican involvement whatsoever in this man's

Unionist sceptics, like MEP Jim Allister have said
separating the organisation as a whole, from what its
members do, is not on - adding they had heard this stuff
from Sinn Fein before.

The Quinn family is blaming the IRA was and friend and ex-
Sinn Fein man Jim McAllister said: "Not only the family,
but the whole community think the IRA carried it out."

SDLP MLA Dominic Bradley added: "It's been said that during
the assault one of the attackers said 'We are the law round

"Many people living in south Armagh would draw their own
conclusion about that."


The Biggest Test Of A New Political Era

[Published: Tuesday 23, October 2007 - 10:01]
By Chris Thornton

Conor Murphy says it wasn't the IRA that killed Paul Quinn.

The Regional Development Minister, a former IRA prisoner
from south Armagh, ought to have a good idea. So too should
Gerry Adams, who said he did not believe there was "any
republican involvement in this murder".

Jim McAllister offered up a different opinion, and he ought
to know as well - a Sinn Fein councillor in south Armagh
for years, he split with the party during one of the many
twists in the peace process.

Speaking on behalf of the Quinn family, he said they
believe IRA members were behind the brutal attack that left
the 21- year-old dead on Saturday night.

Garda sources also indicated that the killers were IRA
members, although they said the intention of the attack may
not have been to kill.

Which leaves a conundrum that the DUP - warning of "serious
repercussions" in the political process - will look to the
Chief Constable and the Independent Monitoring Commission
to resolve.

Officially the IRA has stood down its units, but the
Provisionals' leadership still exists, at least in the form
of the Army Council.

The IMC has said repeatedly that they have not been
involved in any paramilitary activity, and IRA members have
been ordered to refrain from "all activity".

But south Armagh - touching on the area where Paul Quinn
was killed - has been a difficult scene for reconciling
developments in the peace process and the traditional
activities of republicans.

Weeks after the IRA ceasefire was declared in 1994, members
of the south Armagh unit killed postal worker Frank Kerr in
Newry. The IRA said the killing had not been sanctioned by
the leadership.

Thirteen years later, there is the possibility that Paul
Quinn was killed the same way - a breakdown in the IRA's
chain of command.

But there have also been important strides forward in terms
of policing in the area. The idea that Northern Ireland's
police would sit down at a public meeting in Crossmaglen
was unthinkable at the time of Frank Kerr's murder.

But it has happened now.

Mr Adams' intervention yesterday was telling. In the
morning, soon after the DUP laid out their concerns, he set
out to put clear green water between Sinn Fein and the

He condemned the killers as "criminals" and said people
with information about the killing have "a duty" to pass it
on to gardai and the PSNI.

This was the important matter as far as Taoiseach Bertie
Ahern was concerned, underlining recent strides forward in
policing in south Armagh.

Unionists are bound to be concerned that Mr Adams is saying
what needs to be said to preserve the Stormont Executive.
Their solace may be in the actual cooperation Gardai get.

c Belfast Telegraph


Opin: Why Killings Send Shiver Down Spine Of Politics

By Fionnan Sheahan
Tuesday October 23 2007

It would be wrong to separate the two brutal murders which
occurred over a 48 hour period at the weekend. Whatever
about the different motivations behind these respective
callous killings, the appalling lack of respect for human
life is quite shocking.

The gangland hit on Dublin criminal John Daly and the
beating to death of Paul Quinn in Co Monaghan cannot merely
be put down as further statistics in areas with troubled
histories with the law.

These murders were carried out by gangs who believe they
can carry out such acts with apparent impunity and
terrorise the communities in which they operate.

Mr Quinn's killing is all the more sinister as it is a
throwback to what was thought to be a bygone era.

Both these murders have profound political consequences.

The murder of the senior gangland figure in Finglas was the
seventeenth gun murder since the start of the year, the
Labour Party pointed out.

So much for the "last sting of dying wasp" predicted, two
years ago, by Michael McDowell.

Remember him.

Labour's Pat Rabbitte said what is of particular concern is
the resurgence of gangland killings is happening at a time
when conviction rates are falling further.

No wonder criminals now think they can get away with
shooting an unarmed garda in broad daylight.

The latest murder won't be described as a watershed but it
will spark an initial reaction from the Government in an
effort to be seen to be tough on crime.

Up on the border, a community that went through decades of
suffering is again thrust back into the spotlight.

Warnings from the DUP that Northern Ireland's powersharing
government is under threat, if the IRA was involved in the
killing, serve to show how fragile the arrangement is as it
continues to bed down.

However, it's highly unlikely unionists are going to walk
over this issue, particularly as the direct involvement of
the Republican movement probably won't be proven.

The certainty with which Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness
were able to state there was no Republican involvement is
nothing new.

Sinn Fein was down this route before with the Colombia
Three and the killers of Robert McCartney.

The party's duplicity on those occasions and reluctance to
come straight out and react as any organisation with a
respect for the rule of law would mean there is still a
deal of trust to be built up before they are taken

Mr Adams' condemnation of the murder, description of the
perpetrators as criminals and appeal for those with
information to go directly to the gardai and PSNI still
takes a lot of getting used to.

It's welcome nonetheless.

In a sign of the changed times, Mr McGuinness, in his
capacity as Northern Ireland's deputy first minister, had
been briefed by the Garda Commissioner and PSNI chief
constable on the killing.

Sinn Fein can't be blamed for the actions of every thug
engaged in smuggling along the border.

But these criminals would appear to have shared a common

While they may no longer be acting as the IRA, the old boys
network has thrown them together.

The IRA activities tolerated for so long by Sinn Fein means
that old habits die hard and some individuals are
conditioned to feeling that beating someone to death is
acceptable behaviour.

It isn't.

The killing of Mr Quinn demands a police response and the
PSNI and gardai are working together to apprehend the

Unfortunately the conspiracy of silence and turning a blind
eye, combined with abject fear of recriminations for giving
information, make the task all the more difficult.

Old habits die hard.

Wherever there is a border with different tax regimes on
either side, criminality will occur.

Fine Gael TD Joe McHugh last night spoke of the concerns of
residents from border towns on both sides of the border and
called for greater cooperation between the gardai and PSNI.

The Donegal North-East TD highlighted a measure that might
well make a difference. "Criminals still feel they can use
the border for their own criminal ends.

"It's high time the gardai and the PSNI were allowed to
cross the border while in pursuit of criminals.

"We need to send a clear message to criminals that crossing
the border won't make them immune to arrest," he said.

The apparent support of the DUP for this solution to
cutting off the cross-border escape route shows that even
in this new era, public worries about criminal activity is
a 32-county phenomenon.

Communities are demanding action and seeking leadership,
whether it's being delivered or not.

- Fionnan Sheahan


Opin: Murder Revives Old IRA Doubts

[Published: Tuesday 23, October 2007 - 10:21]

So far, there are more questions than answers about the
murder of Paul Quinn in Co Monaghan.

But what is clear is that the 21-year-old lorry driver from
Cullyhanna was lured to his death and then murdered in the
most brutal of circumstances by a gang which heavily
outnumbered him.

The key question at this stage is whether the IRA was
involved in this heinous crime. Given that this border area
is a notorious republican stronghold, it is understandable
that Mr Quinn's family should immediately have pointed the
finger at members of the Provisional IRA.

Gardai evidently believe that although the murderous
beating was not officially sanctioned by the former
leadership of the IRA in the area, those involved may have
been former members of the organisation. But Sinn Fein
president Gerry Adams insists that the assault was the work
of criminals, not republicans, and is appealing for anyone
with information to contact the police.

Despite Sinn Fein's attempts at damage limitation, the
political ramifications of this murder are potentially
extremely serious. The future of the power-sharing
executive will be in jeopardy if it emerges that the IRA is
still active in this way.

Much hinges on the reaction of the DUP, which to date has
been notably measured in its response. At present, the
party is contenting itself with calling for meetings with
Hugh Orde and the Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC).

The DUP warns of "serious repercussions" for the political
process in Northern Ireland if it emerges that the
Provisional IRA was involved. Yet the party knows full well
that as a partner with Sinn Fein in government, it cannot
afford to rock the boat too vigorously at this stage.

This approach has given Sinn Fein some breathing space, but
Mr Adams should not imagine that he is off the hook. In an
area in which the IRA's influence remains dominant, is it
really possible that such a large gang be completely
divorced from the organisation?

As the DUP says, there can be no place in government for
those associated with murder. The considered verdicts of
the two police forces and the IMC are awaited with keen

Actions on the ground will always count for more than wordy
statements from the Sinn Fein leadership. The IRA may have
given up its guns but has yet to disband the Army Council,
and this incident serves to make that step more urgent.

Sinn Fein's prompt and unequivocal denunciation of this
murder is to be welcomed, but the authorities now need
information. Those who attempt to inflict gang law must be

Regardless of Sinn Fein's protestations, this incident is
bound to revive all the lingering doubts about the bona
fides of the republican movement. Forthright answers to all
outstanding questions will be needed to ensure Mr Quinn's
murder does not deliver a fatal blow to the Stormont

c Belfast Telegraph

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October 14, 2007

Pub Attack SF Member is Dismissed

News About Ireland & The Irish

BB 10/14/07 Pub Attack SF Member Is Dismissed
SL 10/14/07 Republican Dissidents In Terror Vow
SL 10/14/07 Claim Dev Torpedoed Unity Twice In WWII


Pub Attack SF Member Is Dismissed

Sinn Fein has dismissed a party member who was one of four
football hooligans jailed last week for an attack on a pub
in Londonderry.

Francis O'Reilly, 29, is serving three months in prison for
trashing the Tavern Bar on the edge of the loyalist
Fountain estate last Monday.

The party says he was "summarily dismissed" after his
involvement in the attack became known.

The trouble came ahead of Derry City's League Cup Final
against Bohemian FC.

In a statement the Dublin club said that it "deplored" all
violence. Derry City went on to win the game 1-0.

On Friday night, Bohemian Football Club supporters held a
collection at their game to go towards damage caused to the

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/14 16:53:03 GMT


Republican Dissidents In Terror Vow

[Published: Sunday 14, October 2007 - 10:01]
By Stephen Breen

Renegade republicans in Co Armagh last night vowed to
continue their campaign of violence in the area.

A senior member of the Continuity IRA told Sunday Life
recent police successes against the terror group would not
prevent them from attempting to launch more attacks.

The spokesman issued the defiant plea after a massive
police search to find dissident weapons and explosives was
launched in the Brownlow area of Lurgan on Thursday.

A 35-year-old man is to appear at Craigavon Magistrates
Court on terrorism and arms charges.

Of eight other men arrested in the operation seven have
been released without charge, police said.

One other man was released pending a report being submitted
to the Public Prosecution Service.

Although reports earlier this year claimed diehard
republicans were set to call an end to their campaign of
violence, the CIRA spokesman vowed to continue their

Said the spokesman: "Security force action against us is
inevitable, but it won't stop us from continuing the fight
against the British presence in this country.

"Contrary to what many people believe, we have strong
support in the north Armagh area, but also from true
republicans in other parts of the Six Counties.

"We have been very unlucky in recent times but it just
takes one of our operations to go according to plan so we
can inflict serious damage on the British establishment.

"The Provos may have abandoned their struggle, but we will
keep fighting to secure a 32-county republic for the people
of this island."

SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly claimed dissident republicans had no
support in the area.

She said: "People in these communities, who are being
tortured by crime and other forms of anti-social behaviour,
have complained about the need for a proper policing

"But the police have been hampered because of the
continuing threat by dissidents. People just want the
dissidents off their backs. They only have support from a
very small group of people."

The CIRA in north Armagh - which has close links with
dissidents in Belfast - have been blamed for a number of
incidents over the past two years, including attacks on
police stations and hoax bomb alerts on the main Belfast-
Dublin railway line.

c Belfast Telegraph


Claim Dev Torpedoed Unity Twice In WWII

[Published: Sunday 14, October 2007 - 10:19]
By Nicola Tallant

Eamon de Valera TWICE rejected offers of Irish unity during
World War II - but in doing so forfeited any chance of a
32-county Ireland.

In spite of his dream of a reunified Ireland, de Valera
(above) rejected the offers because he felt they could not
be delivered and were made without consultation with the
Stormont government.

Now some historians believe his actions - which ensured
Irish neutrality - forged a deeper partition and closed the
door to reunification.

An RTE documentary to be screened this week reveals how one
of the offers came just five hours after the Japanese
bombed Pearl Harbor from Winston Churchill, who was elated
that the US would be joining the war effort.

The telegram seemed to offer him the united Ireland he
craved if he would join the Allied effort to help crush the

But he rejected it as he believed there was no substance to
it, and it wasn't worth taking a chance with Ireland's

Historian Piers Brendon suggests his stance ultimately cost
any chance of reunification.

"The problem was that it reinforced partition and thus made
the prospect of a united Ireland that much more impossible
- it pushed it out the window, really," he argues.

The documentary traces the fraught relationship between
Churchill and de Valera.

"Winston Churchill hated neutrals. He regarded neutrals as
being feeble at best and despicably cowardly at worst.

"The chief hate figure for him during the Second World War
was 'Devil Eire', as he had taken to calling him," adds

The pair clashed repeatedly over partition and the Free
State's refusal to join the fight against Hitler.

The seeds of mistrust were planted during the War of

As Secretary of State for War, Churchill defended the
counter-terror tactics of the Black and Tans.

When Churchill hammered out the Treaty with Michael
Collins, in which Britain retained control over three ports
on the west coast of Ireland, de Valera rejected it,
leading to the Civil War.

On September 14 1939, just two weeks after the start of
WWII, Sir Neville Chamberlain urged de Valera to join the
fight against the Nazis, but the Taoiseach cited partition
as the stumbling block.

By May 1940 Hitler invaded France and his U-boats were
talking their grisly toll of convoys in the North Atlantic.

Churchill, now head of an all-party coalition, saw access
to the Irish sea ports as a top priority.

After rejecting an invasion of Ireland, Churchill decided
on diplomacy and sent his minister, Malcolm McDonald, to
Dublin to meet de Valera and ask him if Britain could place
naval units in Ireland's ports to battle the submarine

De Valera rejected requests for use of ports, but McDonald
returned within days with a dramatic proposal that appeared
to promise reunification.

However, the fact that the offer was only available 'in
principle' provoked strong reservations for de Valera, who,
to Churchill's fury, rejected it.

In the documentary, some historians also criticise de
Valera for his stance at the end of the war when he paid a
visit to the German ambassador in Dublin to express
Ireland's sympathy for Hitler's death.

Although many concede that it was the actions of a neutral
head of state, others say it was a disastrous move.

- Hidden History - Face Off: De Valera v Churchill, RTE
One, Tuesday, 10.15pm.

c Belfast Telegraph

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October 13, 2007

PSNI Denies Not Intervening in Catholic's Beating

News About Ireland & The Irish

BT 10/13/07 PSNI Denies Not Intervening In Catholic’s Beating
BT 10/13/07 MI5 Takes Over Ulster Security
BT 10/13/07 Fury As Orange Hall Is Damaged In Arson Attack
IT 10/13/07 Stardust Families Angry At Inquiry Delay


PSNI Denies It Did Not Intervene As Loyalist Thugs Beat Up

[Published: Saturday 13, October 2007 - 09:56]

By Victor Gordon

These are the dramatic CCTV images of attacks on three
Catholic men by loyalists in the centre of Portadown.

The footage - currently being examined by the Police
Ombudsman shows:

* An attacker smashing a bottle over a young man's head

* A youth being repeatedly beaten and kicked by 10
loyalists after being knocked to the ground

*One of the loyalist gang filmed stamping on a head

A police Land Rover driving past the seat of the trouble
and parking 80 yards away while both incidents are seen on
two CCTV cameras.

The CCTV footage has led to claims that the police did not
respond quickly enough and that the incident was
reminiscent of the fatal attack on Catholic man Robert
Hamill in Portadown in May 1997.

However, the police have denied claims that they did not
intervene and pointed out that the footage has been sent to
the Police Ombudsman.

An eye witness, who did not wish to be named, described the
incident as " terrifying" and said it brought back memories
of the Hamill case.

Upper Bann Sinn Fein MLA John O'Dowd also said the attack
had "shades of Robert Hamill".

He said: "The same area witnessed the brutal murder of
Robert Hamill under the same circumstances. Local people
are quite rightly outraged that such a scenario can repeat
itself 10 years later. Like the Hamill situation,
eyewitness reports show that the police were in the area
and they were aware there was a loyalist mob in the
Woodhouse area - a nationalist part of town - and they
failed to move them, even though this street has a long
history of such attacks."

And the SDLP's Dolores Kelly said the incident had to be
fully investigated by the Police Ombudsman.

"It is clear that certain elements in Portadown want to
hark back to the dark days of the past which have no place
or support in the local community," she said.

The eye-witness said the police were there from the start
of the attack and claimed he went over to the Land Rover to
appeal to them to go and break it up.

He said: "A police officer actually told me he couldn't see
what was happening because of a slight fog.

"There was a bit of a mist, but I could see what was
happening, and my eyes are older than his, and we could
certainly hear the sound of shouting and breaking glass.
The young man cut by the bottle was taken into a pub where
the blood was running out of him, and when the police
finally did travel the 80 yards to the rioting, it broke up
them. Prompter action by them would have prevented the

In a statement the PSNI said officers did intervene at the
weekend attacks, and a young female officer was injured.

A spokesman said: "We are treating the attacks as sectarian
and repeat our appeal for witness."

The PSNI has sent the CCTV footage to the Police Ombudsman
"mindful of the sensitivity of the area and in the
interests of transparency and community reassurances".

c Belfast Telegraph


MI5 Takes Over Ulster Security

[Published: Saturday 13, October 2007 - 09:55]

By Deric Henderson

MI5 has taken charge of national security in Ulster for the
first time.

PSNI Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde handed over control to
the intelligence agency, which is opening a new œ20m office
near Belfast.

The transfer of powers took place at midday on Wednesday,
his office confirmed yesterday.

A spokesperson added: "All the necessary service level
agreements are in place and this step brings the Police
Service of Northern Ireland into line with the arrangements
in all other UK police services."

The handover has been on the cards for some time as part of
the new policing and security arrangements in Northern

But it means that for the first time, MI5 will have the
lead role in national security intelligence gathering. The
Government has already made it clear that the agency will
not have any part in civic policing.

c Belfast Telegraph


Fury As Historic Orange Hall Is Damaged In Arson Attack

[Published: Saturday 13, October 2007 - 09:50]

By Victor Gordon

One of Ireland's oldest Orange halls has been attacked by

The hall, at Tamnificarbet near Portadown, suffered
extensive smoke damage after the arsonists smashed a side
window, poured in petrol and set it alight.
Seating near the window was burned and the inside of the
hall was blackened by smoke.

The attack happened early yesterday morning and was
discovered by lodge officers around mid-morning.

"The insurance assessors will be here on Monday and we will
know the extent of the damage then," one said. "We are
totally sickened. This is the third attack on Orange halls
in the area within the past month or so."

Halls at Seagoe and Kilmore were extensively damaged last

Last night Craigavon Independent Unionist councillor Mark
Russell said he was dismayed that the premises of one of
the oldest lodges in Ireland should be attacked.

"It has been in the locality for over 200 years and hosts
much community activity like senior citizens clubs and
dancing classes," he said. "Recently the lodge raised
œ3,000 for charity.

"It is an attack on the Protestant community and must be
condemned by all.

"There have been several similar attacks by republicans in
north Armagh and the time has come to afford these halls
greater protection, especially in rural areas."

c Belfast Telegraph


Stardust Families Angry At Inquiry Delay

Fri, Oct 12, 2007

Families of the Stardust victims insisted today they are
being kept in the dark by the Government about delays to an
independent inquiry.

They have written a letter to Taoiseach Bertie Ahern
demanding a start date be announced for the investigation
into the 1981 nightclub fire.

Antoinette Keegan, who lost two sisters in the St
Valentine's Night fire, said she has been given assurances
by the Taoiseach's office that everything is ready to

The Stardust Survivors Committee spokeswoman insisted that
testimony from witnesses and experts was supposed to start
last month.

In a letter to the Taoiseach, she said the families are
hurt, disappointed and let down that promises have not been
fulfilled. "We are very confused, in the sense that
everything is ready to move, and would like to know why
there is a delay on a start date," the letter states.

But the Government is adamant that inquiry chairman John
Gallagher SC, appointed to head the investigation in April,
is still involved in preparations.

Ms Keegan said the families have had no contact from the
Government about the apparent delay.

In the letter to the Taoiseach, she writes: "The concern of
the families is of the utmost and you indicated you would
be willing to have this external, independent examination
put in place for the families.

"We would request once again a meeting with you to have
this matter finalised and a start date announced to
commence this examination in the very near future."

The Government insisted there are matters that must be
finalised before the first hearings but declined to give a
start date.

c 2007

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IAUC Covers New Ground in Cross Community Dialogue

Irish American Unity Conference
PO Box 78
Selma, Indiana 47383
(800) 947- 4282


Contact: National President John Fogarty at: (415) 244-3036


Boston, October 10, 2007— Irish American Unity Conference
(IAUC) President John Fogarty hailed the success of this
year's national convention in Boston, calling it a ground-
breaking effort on behalf of Irish America in the
encouragement and facilitation of cross-community dialogue
in the north of Ireland.

This year's convention brought together members of both the
unionist and nationalist communities, including academics,
community workers, politicians and political ex-prisoners.

Speaking at the close of the convention, President Fogarty
said, "In order to move forward and come together, we need
to recognize each other's positions and allow time for
understanding, even if we do not agree. Through dialogue we
might develop the level of understanding necessary to
produce genuine visions of a common future in the north of
Ireland that is both inclusive and just. As witnessed in
Boston this weekend, the Irish peace process does not
simply belong to the political parties, it belongs to the

Though political parties are at the center of
representative democracy, it is the belief of the IAUC that
political agendas very often slow down or even halt the
process of engagement. The honest discourse which was
witnessed and participated in at this year's convention
reinforced the notion that ordinary people, motivated by
the desire to secure a safe and egalitarian future for all
our people, can create a parallel avenue for advancement;
can create a situation atmospherically which supports and
facilitates the ability of the political parties to
interface to the benefit of all.

President Fogarty went on to say, "The IAUC appreciates the
difficult and often painful work necessary to bring about
true and lasting political change, and we will continue to
use our resources to encourage such discussion in the
future. Irish America has played such an integral role in
the Irish peace process, and we should continue to be used
as a tool to lay the groundwork for political and
socioeconomic change in Ireland in any way that we can."

Speakers included Dr. Pete Shirlow, Raymond Stewart, Terry
Kirby, Bobby Lavery, Matt Morrison, Paul Harkin, Gerry
McHugh, Roy Garland, Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, Raymond McCord,
Nuala O'Loan and Father Aiden Troy. Participants took part
in public and private discourse throughout the weekend,
speaking forthrightly and respectfully without diluting
their beliefs or holding back their opinions in order to be


John Fogarty
National President, IAUC
(415) 244-3036

"Working for Justice and Peace in a Re-united Ireland"
nonpartisan, nonsectarian, chapter-based human rights
organization working for justice and peace in Ireland. We
are a wholly American 501(c)(4) organization that advocates
the end of British colonial occupation and the peaceful
reunification of Ireland . We endeavor to achieve these
goals by working through the American democratic process.
Individually, our members represent every occupational and
educational stratum in the United States .

October 12, 2007

Baby Targeted in UDA Gun Attack

News About Ireland & The Irish

BB 10/11/07 Baby Targeted In UDA Gun Attack
BB 10/12/07 Love Ulster Dropping Dublin Rally
BB 10/11/07 Fianna Fail Discusses NI Strategy
BB 10/12/07 Trimble Portrait Set For Stormont


Baby Targeted In UDA Gun Attack

A couple and their baby have been targeted in a gun attack on
their Carrickfergus home.

The family were asleep when three shots were fired through a
window of their house at Drumhoy Drive, in Sunnylands estate. No-
one was injured.

Wednesday night's attack is being linked to a feud between the
mainstream Ulster Defence Association and a breakaway faction in
south-east Antrim.

Mayor David Hilditch said police were carrying out searches in
the area.

"Fortunately no-one has been hurt here tonight. It could have
been very much different.

"It is of grave concern that this incident which we would be
linking to the loyalist feud in Carrickfergus, the UDA feud, that
someone hasn't been seriously hurt tonight."


He said there had been an "ongoing situation" since a policeman
was shot in the nearby Castlemara estate in July.

"We have had a catalogue of incidents ranging from low-level
intimidation to shootings and pipe bombings throughout that
three-month period. We are getting sick of it here in
Carrickfergus," he said.

In August, Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie gave the
UDA 60 days to begin decommissioning or she threatened to stop
funding for a loyalist initiative.

That deadline passed on Tuesday night.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/11 06:27:08 GMT


Love Ulster Dropping Dublin Rally

The organisers of a Love Ulster rally in Dublin have withdrawn a
request to hold another event in autumn after meeting Ireland's
foreign minister.

Willie Frazer, of victims' group Fair, said he did not imagine
any more requests for a parade would be made.

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson said an Irish foreign affairs official
would liaise with representatives of victims of Republican
violence in border areas.

Last year the rally was abandoned after rioting in the Republic's

The decision was announced after a meeting in Dundalk involving
Mr Frazer, of Families Acting for Innocent Relatives, and the
Republic's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dermot Ahern brokered by
Mr Donaldson.

The Lagan Valley MP said that Mr Ahern was asked to consider
providing Irish diplomatic pressure to seek compensation from the
Libyan government for supplying weapons used in hundreds of IRA

Forty-one people were arrested and a number of people - including
police officers - were injured during last year's violence which
forced the rally to be cancelled.

Disturbances broke out in O'Connell Street, where the rally was
to start.

Stones and fireworks were thrown after republican demonstrators
mounted a counter-march.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/11 20:40:22 GMT


Fianna Fail Discusses NI Strategy

Bertie Ahern's Fianna Fail party has set up a committee to
discuss how it should organise in Northern Ireland.

The party has already said it does not plan to contest
Westminster seats.

Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern said the committee would "set out
practical plans and a timescale to deliver on this historic

Mr Ahern, who will chair the committee said "an extensive party
consultation process across all units of the organisation" would
run until Easter.

It is the first time in Fianna Fail's 81-year history that
efforts have been made to mobilise on an all-Ireland basis.

He said the magnitude of the move demanded "the gradual and
strategic approach we are now embarking on".

The party is inviting submissions on its cross-border expansion,
and Mr Ahern said they will "engage with interested parties north
and south".

The decision to organise on a 32-county basis has led to debate
within the nationalist SDLP about its relationship with Fianna

Among those appointed to the committee is Donegal TD Niall
Blaney, a nephew of Neil Blaney who was sacked from the Cabinet
during the 1970 arms crisis.

The 33-year-old had been a member of Independent Fianna Fail,
established by his uncle, but led the party back into the
mainstream parliamentary fold last year.

Also on the taskforce is Eamon de Valera's grandson Eamon O Cuiv
and key peace process negotiator Martin Mansergh.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/11 16:03:51 GMT


Trimble Portrait Set For Stormont

A portrait of former First Minister David Trimble could soon be
hanging on the walls of Stormont.

The Assembly Commission has agreed in principle to pursue the

A portrait of the SDLP's Seamus Mallon, the former deputy first
minister, is already in the member's dining room.

The commission is expected to write to Lord Trimble about having
the portrait.

The former NI first minister joined the Conservative Party
earlier this year.

Lord Trimble, who led the Ulster Unionists for 10 years from
1995, said the move was part of a "long-term ambition".

Lord Trimble won a Nobel Peace Prize, along with the SDLP's John
Hume, for his part in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

However, he stepped down as leader of the Ulster Unionist Party,
after losing his Westminster seat in Upper Bann in the 2005
general election.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/12 10:50:09 GMT

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October 10, 2007

Unionists Spark Heated Debate At IAUC Convention

News About Ireland & The Irish

IE 10/10/07 Unionists Spark Heated Debate At IAUC Convention
BT 10/10/07 Coroner Wants Colombia Three Fugitive To Testify
BT 10/10/07 SF Into Ulster-Scots As Motion Is Defeated
IT 10/10/07 SF MEP misses out on European award
BT 10/10/07 Opin: UDA Is Out Of Time, Out Of Credibility


Unionists Spark Heated Debate At IAUC Convention

By Irish Echo

Unionist voices at the Irish American Unity Conference
annual convention in Boston last weekend brought a new
dimension to the annual gathering of the pro-United Ireland

The most heated exchanges of the day followed repeated
assertions by Raymond McCord that the IRA ex-prisoners
present were "terrorists".

McCord, whose son Raymond was murdered by a loyalist gang
leader who was a police agent, rebutted claims by former
republican prisoner Gabriel Megahey that the IRA had acted
in defense of embattled nationalist communities in 1969.

"I have acted in defense of my family," said McCord. "I
have beaten up loyalist paramilitaries who threatened my
family but when did the IRA's defense become putting bombs
in pubs in the middle of Belfast?"

On several occasions, McCord challenged his audience to
tell him how his three grandchildren would be better off in
a united Ireland.

"Convince me they'll be better off and I'll vote for a
united Ireland," he said.

However, McCord remained unimpressed by the answers he

"No one here has answered my question satisfactorily," he
told Saturday's closing session of the convention.

Ulster Unionist Roy Garland said dialogue was the
cornerstone of continuing reconciliation in Northern
Ireland. He had harsh condemnation for Dr. Ian Paisley's
DUP, recalling that Ian Paisley Jr., now a minister in the
Northern Ireland Executive, had demanded Garland be drummed
out of the UUP for being pictured with Gerry Adams and
Albert Reynolds.

Fr. Aidan Troy, the North Belfast priest who famously
defended schoolchildren who were the focus of angry
loyalist pickets outside Holy Cross school told the
convention that education was crucial to the future of
Northern Ireland.

"The key to carrying the process forward is education," he

Responding to questions about the need to encourage
integrated education, Troy defended the right of parents to
chose a Catholic education for their children.

"But I would like to see the Catholic hierarchy come
forward and to say, what contribution can we make to
integrated education. However, we can't expect the children
at integrated schools to carry the burden of integrating
their communities if at home their parents and grandparents
are carrying a contrary message," he said.

This story appeared in the issue of October 10-16, 2007


Coroner Wants Colombia Three Fugitive To Testify

[Published: Wednesday 10, October 2007 - 08:24]
By Chris Thornton

Northern Ireland's Senior Coroner appealed yesterday for
one of the Colombia Three fugitives to contact him to
testify in a 25-year-old "shoot to kill" case.

Coroner John Leckey told a preliminary hearing in Belfast
he will revive inquests into three controversial RUC
shootings that left six people dead in 1982.

And he said he will require police to hand over the top-
secret Stalker and Sampson reports into the killings.

Legal representatives of PSNI Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde
said he is taking legal advice about giving Mr Leckey
access to the reports.

Mr Leckey said the three inquests should be heard in 2009
and indicated that, together, they could take the year to

He also said Martin McCauley - one of three republicans
wanted in Colombia for allegedly aiding FARC terrorists -
is a "crucial" witness to one of the killings.

But McCauley's status as a fugitive from the Colombian
authorities could raise extradition issues about an
appearance in a Northern Ireland inquest.

McCauley and 17-year-old Michael Tighe were shot in a
hayshed where IRA explosives were stored near Lurgan on
November 24, 1982. The shooting is believed to have been
tape-recorded by MI5.

McCauley and two other republicans were arrested in
Colombia in 2001, but later skipped bail and re-appeared in
the Republic two years ago.

"I do not know where Mr McCauley is but I will make every
effort to contact him," Mr Leckey said.

"It is my hope that he will make direct contact with me as
a result of media coverage of today's hearing. I would
regard it as crucial that he give evidence at this

Thirteen years ago, Mr Leckey abandoned inquests into the
deaths of Michael Tighe, IRA members Eugene Toman, Sean
Burns and Gervaise McKerr, who were shot on November 11,
1982, and INLA members Roderick Carrol and Seamus Grew, who
were shot on December 12, 1982.

He dropped the cases because he could not force the police
to hand over the results of investigations into the
killings by English policemen John Stalker and Colin

But a House of Lords ruling earlier this year said police
should supply all material relating to killings, unless
they get an official Government gag.

As a result, Mr Leckey said he can "see no reason why I
should not now be provided with access to both reports".

He indicated that the main aim of the inquests is put into
the public domain any new evidence the Stalker team

Bernard McCloskey QC, appearing for the chief constable,
said police now " believe" they have found full versions of
the Stalker and Sampson reports.

But he said the chief constable is reserving his legal
position at this stage - indicating he could challenge
whether Mr Leckey has the power to hold the inquests after
abandoning them.

Another hearing will be held in December to hear the chief
constable's position.

In response to concerns raised by the dead men's families,
Mr Leckey noted he has the power to subpoena the reports if
the chief constable refuses to give them.

Jonathan McKerr, who was nine when his father Gervaise was
killed, said: " "The police position doesn't surprise me at
all. All along their position has been to hold up and

In a separate hearing, Mr Leckey announced that an inquest
into the 1992 shooting of IRA member Pearse Jordan will
start in February.

c Belfast Telegraph


SF Ventures Into Ulster-Scots As Motion To Limit Irish Is

[Published: Wednesday 10, October 2007 - 07:27]
By Noel McAdam

Senior Sinn Fein figure Gerry Kelly yesterday made a
personal pitch for cultural diversity - by addressing
Assembly members in Ulster-Scots.

To a rather flat reception, the Junior Minister then
switched to Irish before Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance MLAs
combined to defeat an Ulster Unionist motion attempting to
limit use of the Irish Language.

Sinn Fein and SDLP MLAs had lodged the first 'petition of
concern' since the return of devolution, requiring Ulster
Unionist David McNarry's motion to have a majority on both
sides of the House.

But in the end, with support from Alliance, the cross-
community vote was not required and the motion - critical
of the new Irish language legislation - was defeated by 44
votes to 46.

Mr McNarry revealed he had devised his motion after
receiving a written reply from Education Minister Caitriona
Ruane half written in Irish.

He had written back, telling Ms Ruane he had found her
letter " intimidating, disrespectful and off-putting" but
had yet to receive even an acknowledgement.

Acknowledging MLAs and Ministers had the right to speak in
the language of their choice, Mr McNarry said the same
right did not apply to writing.

Whatever decision had been made about an Irish Language Act
at the St Andrews talks a year ago, it had proved
"profoundly unsettling for Unionists with potentially very
damaging implications for community relations and relations
in the Assembly," he said.

"In this place, even without an act, Unionists are
experiencing adverse impacts and today we are plainly
saying we are having no more of it."

But Sinn Fein party whip Car l N¡ Chuil¡n thanked Mr
McNarry for creating more Irish language speakers and
allowing enthusiasts to win the argument over language

"The determination of unionist politicians to block any
recognition of the Irish Language is a misguided and macho
demonstration of anti-Irish bigotry," the North Belfast MLA

"It's almost as if unionism has decided to define itself by
how anti-Irish it is - pathetic."

He insisted that the Irish language community wanted equal
treatment with the Welsh language community, in rights that
were part of the Good Friday Agreement, which the UUP

"Where costs are incurred, the bottom line has to be that
Irish speakers are also taxpayers and have been paying
towards their exclusion for decades," he said.

The DUP's Nelson McCausland said the abrasiveness from the
Irish language lobby had to go so the language can become
"part of our cultural wealth" .

The SDLP's Dominic Bradley said the message should be that
the Assembly is open to diversity "not that we are narrow-
minded bigots who cannot share our own cultural

The Alliance Party's Stephen Farry asked: "Does a knock-
about over an issue regarding symbols really add to the
credit of this Assembly? I think not."

c Belfast Telegraph


SF MEP misses out on European award

Sinn Fein MEP Mary Lou McDonald tonight lost out in picking
up a prestigious European award.

Ms McDonald was one of two Irish politicians including
Independent Kathy Sinnott to be shortlisted for the MEP of
the Year accolade.

She was selected in the Employment and Workers Rights
category but missed out on the title to German socialist
Evelyne Gebhardt.

Ms McDonald congratulated Ms Gebhardt during the ceremony
last night in Brussels and said she was honoured to have
been shortlisted for the award.

"Workers rights will continue to be of the uppermost
priority for Sinn Fein in the party's parliamentary work,"
she said. Ms McDonald has a background in trade unions and
employment and was elected to the European Parliament in

The European Parliament Magazine The Parliament has been
organising the annual event since 2005.

MEPs were required to vote for the most capable
Parliamentarians in ten categories, with three MEPs
selected for each.

Ms Sinnott was shortlisted in the Campaigning category, the
results of which are expected tomorrow.


Viewpoint: UDA Is Out Of Time, Out Of Credibility

[Published: Wednesday 10, October 2007 - 08:13]

Although time is up for the UDA to begin decommissioning,
there will be a gap before Social Development minister
Margaret Ritchie stops taxpayers' money going to projects
sponsored by the UPRG. In the next few days, either the UDA
has second thoughts or alternative means have to be found
to help deserving causes in loyalist areas.

Whatever happens, the œ1.2m which the direct rule
administration hoped would lead the UDA to declare an end
to violence and criminality must not be lost. Plans must be
drawn up to channel the money, through reliable sources, to
worthwhile schemes that are short of funds.

Ms Ritchie has taken a brave stand, which the UDA had 60
days to consider, to kick-start a decommissioning process
that has been at a standstill for 13 years. She knew the
risk she was taking, if her ultimatum failed to achieve
results, but she felt she had to place some conditions on
UPRG money, after UDA elements were involved in riots and a
shooting over the summer.

Sir Hugh Orde obviously agreed, but she might have expected
more support from her executive colleagues and Secretary of
State Shaun Woodward. She admits herself that she has been
under pressure from the NIO, to avoid confronting the UDA,
and few politicians have spoken up in her defence. Nigel
Dodds has contrasted the deadline imposed on the UDA with
the laissez-faire attitude to the IRA, which finally
yielded to DUP pressure.
The public has watched in shock as, first, the NIO allotted
the cash to proxy spokesmen for the UDA and, then, as the
deadline was running out, Mr Woodward described the latest
meeting between UDA representatives and the decommissioning
body as "meaningful", hinting that the Minister should
withdraw her threat. No organisation is justified in
holding weapons and, with devolution restored and the DUP
and Sinn Fein heading a power-sharing executive, the public
mood is for complete decommissioning and an end to all
forms of paramilitarism.

Both the UDA and the UPRG are digging in their heels,
arguing that the money employs people with no paramilitary
connections. The mask slipped, however, when the UPRG's
Frankie Gallagher said that withdrawing funds could
threaten the peace process and lead to " a disastrous
place". Quoting UDA sources, he said that if this was how
they were treated when they had guns, how would they be
treated without them?

The UDA's guns are being used as a bargaining chip, much as
the IRA used them, but without a single vote being cast for
its political representatives. The IRA has disarmed and
stood down, permitting Sinn Fein to enter government, while
the UDA has been unwilling or unable to end its
criminality, and has no political voice. To survive, with
any credibility, it must transform itself.

c Belfast Telegraph

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October 09, 2007

Hand Over Shoot To Kill Reports

News About Ireland & The Irish

BB 10/09/07 'Hand Over Shoot-To-Kill Reports'
SF 10/09/07 Orde’s Attempt To Derail Shoot-To-Kill Inquests
BB 10/09/07 NI Assembly Irish Ban Is Rejected
BB 10/09/07 Minister In Talks Over UDA Guns
BT 10/09/07 Paisley's Centre Letter To Council Revealed
BT 10/09/07 Ombudsman To Investigate Loyalist Attack
BT 10/09/07 Opin: Policing Breakthrough For Sinn Fein


'Hand Over Shoot-To-Kill Reports'

Controversial reports into alleged "shoot-to-kill" deaths
should be released by the chief constable, a senior coroner
has said.

John Leckey has formally requested that Sir Hugh Orde hand
over the Stalker and Sampson reports into security force
killings for the inquests to proceed.

He was speaking at a preliminary inquest into the deaths,
which took place more than 25 years ago.

He said he could see no reason why the reports could not be
released to him.

The inquests are into the November 1982 deaths of IRA men
Sean Burns, Eugene Toman and Gervaise McKerr near Lurgan,
County Armagh.
Police fired 109 bullets into the car they were travelling
after they claimed it crashed through a checkpoint.

It later emerged the three were suspected of involvement in
the killings of three RUC officers in a bomb a fortnight
earlier and had been under observation.

'Repercussions of disclosure'

Mr Leckey also plans inquests into the death of Catholic
teenager Michael Tighe, shot dead by police at a hay shed
near Craigavon, County Armagh in November 1982, and
suspected INLA men Roddy Carroll and Seamus Grew, shot dead
near Armagh in December 1982.

The coroner told Tuesday's hearing he was asking the legal
representatives of the PSNI "to confirm that I, my team and
Mr Stalker and his team will be provided with access to the
Stalker Report and that I, my team and Sir Colin Sampson
will be provided with access to the Sampson Report".

Following a recent High Court ruling on another alleged
"shoot to kill" death, Mr Leckey said: "I see no reason why
I should not now be provided with access to both reports."

A lawyer for the PSNI said Sir Hugh had yet to form an
opinion on whether the reports could in fact be handed

He said "an investigation of the repercussions of
disclosure" was being undertaken.

"The chief constable has not yet made a decision about the
need for disclosure," he said.

The lawyer said he would be in a position by the start of
December to advise Mr Leckey on a decision.

However, the coroner warned he would be likely to challenge
a refusal through the High Court.

The government has always denied any "shoot-to-kill" policy
existed and has resisted calls from families to look again
at what happened.

Former Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police
Sir John Stalker was brought in to investigate. He was
later replaced by Colin Sampson, Chief Constable of West
Yorkshire Police.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/09 12:02:25 GMT


Anger At Hugh Orde's Attempt To Derail Shoot-To-Kill

Published: 9 October, 2007

Sinn F‚in Upper Bann MLA John O'Dowd has said that the
families of a number of men killed in shoot-to-kill
incidents in the 1980's and 1990's are angry at the
attempts by the PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde to derail
the inquest.

The preliminary inquests into RUC killing of Pearse Jordan
in November 1992, and the shoot-to-kill incidents of
November and December 1982 that claimed the lives of Sean
Burns, Gervaise McKerr and Eugene Toman, and Roddy Carroll,
Seamus Grew, and Michael Tighe have now been postponed
until at least December while legal arguments are

Mr O'Dowd said:

"Hugh Orde has today attempted to derail the search for
truth behind these controversial deaths. Not only is he
challenging the right of the inquest to go ahead and the
coroner but he is also trying to block disclosure of the
Stalker and Sampson Investigations into these shoot-to-kill

"There is a total contradiction in Hugh Orde's complaint
about the cost of inquiries and investigations into the
past and his eagerness to use expensive and time consuming
legal tactics to cover-up the truth about these killings.
He should know that the truth and full disclosure would
cost nothing.

"These people deserve due process. Yet Hugh Orde has failed
to demonstrate the commitment to accountability that is

"I know that the families of these men are very angry about
the Chief Constables intervention today. Sinn F‚in will
continue to support them in their demand for truth." ENDS


NI Assembly Irish Ban Is Rejected

The NI Assembly has rejected a motion calling for an end to
Irish being spoken in the Stormont chamber.

The UUP's David McNarry, who tabled the debate, said the
language was being "forced down unionists' throats".

Nationalist assembly members put down a petition of
concern, which means unionists cannot push through the
measure against their will.

However, the petition was not needed as the motion was
rejected by 46 votes to 44, with Alliance also opposing it.

Mr McNarry said his party rejected any nationalist attempt
to smear unionists as bigots over discomfort with the use
of gaelic.

A Sinn Fein petition ensured the motion, requesting the
Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister
(OFMDFM) prevent the use of Irish in the legislature, would
require significant cross-community support.

Mr McNarry said the debate was: "A clear definitive signal
that unionists are fed up with the Irish language being
thrown in their faces."

"There is no demand here, just a request, no abuse of
anybody' rights and I reject any attempt by any republican
to smear any unionist by branding him a bigot," he added.

Sinn Fein's Caral Ni Chuilin said the debate would recruit
scores of fresh Irish language recruits.

"The issue of language rights, a non-controversial issue in
Wales, Scotland, the south of Ireland and throughout
Europe, an expression of human rights, has now become a
political football in the battle for supremacy between the
unionist parties," she said.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/09 16:07:23 GMT


Minister In Talks Over UDA Guns

Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie has spoken to
the head of the decommissiong body about progress on UDA

A deadline for the paramilitary organisation to begin
giving up guns expires at midnight.

Ms Ritchie has threatened to withdraw more than œ1m of
funding for a loyalist project if the UDA does not

The US government has issued a statement welcoming moves by
the UDA to engage with the arms body.

US Special Envoy for Northern Ireland Paula Dobriansky
said: "We have consistently called for all paramilitary
groups in Northern Ireland to decommission and there is no
rationale for the continued possession of illegal arms.

"We are encouraged that interlocutors have now been
appointed and hope further negotiations will bring about
significant and rapid progress".

At the weekend, Secretary Shaun Woodward said the
paramilitaries had begun "meaningful" talks with the
decommissioning body.

The BBC has now learned that Ms Ritchie has talked to
General John de Chastelain, the head of the arms body, to
get an update on any moves by the UDA to hand over guns.

Frankie Gallagher, of the Ulster Political Research Group,
has said Ms Ritchie's deadline could lead to a "disastrous

Ms Ritchie said she had come under pressure from direct
rule ministers to compromise on her 60-day deadline.

However, Security Minister Paul Goggins said the final
decision on whether to redirect œ1.2m from the Conflict
Transformation Initiative to other loyalist projects was

The UDA said it was adhering to its own timetable for
getting rid of its weapons, despite Tuesday's deadline.

The funding was intended to help move the UDA away from

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/09 17:24:20 GMT


Paisley's Centre Letter To Council Revealed

[Published: Tuesday 9, October 2007 - 12:06]
By David Gordon

DUP leader Ian Paisley tried to persuade Moyle Council to
back away from an alternative to tycoon Seymour Sweeney's
centre proposal for the Giant's Causeway, it has been

The intervention by Dr Paisley in 2005 could have scuppered
the development of plans for a new publicly-funded visitor
centre at the north coast attraction.

Moyle Council rejected his plea at that stage, but has
recently seen the project shelved as a result of actions by
DUP Ministers.

The council entered into a partnership in 2005 to deliver a
replacement for the Causeway centre that had burned down
five years earlier.

This scheme also involved the National Trust, Northern
Ireland Tourist Board and the Department of Enterprise.

Mr Paisley, however, preferred an alternative commercial
centre blueprint tabled by developer Seymour Sweeney, who
is a DUP member.

In early 2005, the DUP leader issued a statement with his
politician son Ian Paisley Jnr denouncing the Government-
backed project as "fool's gold" .

It has now been discovered that Mr Paisley followed this up
with a last-ditch appeal to Moyle Council in September of
the same year.

He wrote to the council on the day that it was due to
formally sign up to the joint project, urging it not to
take a decision at that time.

A copy of the letter, which was faxed from Mr Paisley's
office, has been obtained by this newspaper.

It claimed that "hasty action" would damage ratepayers'
interests and decisions should not be taken "without
exploring all of the commercial, legal and professional
options available".

And it added: "Taking a binding decision without first
exploring all of the options would be negligence and I know
that Moyle Council has a record of ensuring that it
considers such matters appropriately."

The council, nevertheless, voted that day to sign up to a
joint Causeway centre company with its partners.

Minutes from the meeting indicate some annoyance within the
council at the DUP leader's letter.

The plans to develop a publicly-owned visitor centre could
not have been taken forward without Moyle Council's
involvement, given its ownership of existing buildings and
the Causeway car park.

The council-backed scheme was shelved last month by DUP
Minister Nigel Dodds, after DUP Environment Minister Arlene
Foster announced that she was " of a mind" to approve Mr
Sweeney's rival project.

Both Mr Dodds and Mrs Foster have denied being approached
by their party leader or Ian Paisley Jnr on the matter.

This newspaper revealed last week that Dr Paisley had
claimed in a 2003 letter that Mr Sweeney's plans had the
approval of international body UNESCO.

The organisation, which oversees world heritage sites like
the Giant's Causeway, categorically denied giving any such

SDLP MLA John Dallat yesterday announced that he is
referring the 2003 letter to the parliamentary standards
watchdog in Westminster. Mr Paisley Jnr has claimed the
letter's references to UNESCO approval were "fair" .

Moyle Sinn Fein councillor Cara McShane yesterday
commented: "The letter in 2005 to our council raises yet
more questions in this whole affair.

"It is strange that Mr Paisley was urging people not to
take decisions in 2005, five years after the old centre had
burned down. In recent weeks, his party has been hitting
out at the delay in getting a new centre."

c Belfast Telegraph


Ombudsman To Investigate Loyalist Attack In Portadown

[Published: Tuesday 9, October 2007 - 10:49]
By Deborah McAleese

The Police Ombudsman has been asked to investigate after
two Catholic men were attacked by a loyalist mob in
Portadown at the weekend.

SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly claimed that up to 30 loyalists
tried to force their way into a Catholic bar in the town
centre in the early hours of Saturday morning before
attacking the two men while a Police Land Rover was close

She said she has viewed CCTV footage which clearly shows
one of the loyalists sitting on top of a Catholic man and
punching him with both fists before getting up and jumping
on his head.

The second Catholic man was allegedly attacked with a
broken bottle.

According to the PSNI a female police officer was injured
during serious disturbances which flared when officers
arrived at the scene.

The alleged incident occurred close to where Catholic
Robert Hamill was beaten to death by a loyalist mob in

"It is only through the grace of God that there was not
another death like Robert Hamill's but after viewing the
CCTV footage I am in no doubt that members of this mob
fully intended causing serious harm," Mrs Kelly said.

She added: "A Police Land Rover was parked at the top of
the street when the men were attacked and the officers did
not intervene. Because of the history of the area and the
death of Robert Hamill the District Commander has very
sensibly called in the Police Ombudsman to investigate

Sinn F‚in MLA for Portadown, John O Dowd, said he was
"deeply concerned" about the circumstances surrounding the

"Eyewitness reports show that the PSNI were in the area,
they were aware there was a loyalist mob in Woodhouse
street, a nationalist part of the town," he added.

A spokesman said: "Police, mindful of the sensitivity of
the area, took the step of referring this incident to the
Police Ombudsman of Northern Ireland Office in the interest
of transparency and community reassurance.

"Police are treating the assaults as sectarian and continue
to appeal for witnesses."

c Belfast Telegraph


Viewpoint: Policing Breakthrough For Sinn Fein

[Published: Tuesday 9, October 2007 - 08:05]

Another milestone has been passed with Sinn Fein
councillors in Magherafelt taking their places for the
first time on a district policing partnership. It is one
thing sitting on the main Policing Board, as three Sinn
Fein MLAs have been doing for the past six months, and
another engaging with PSNI officers in a local forum.
Hopefully Magherafelt is just the first of many towns where
elected republicans will accept their responsibility to
play their part in achieving better policing. There has
never been any doubt that people want a responsive policing
service, but old attitudes towards the RUC - and, in years
gone by, the RIC - have prevented a proper dialogue. The
DPP move should change all that.

Nevertheless it has to be admitted that there are elements
in both the nationalist and unionist communities who will
be unhappy with the involvement of such well-known
republicans. Peter Bateson, the vice-chair of the council,
was released under the Good Friday Agreement, having served
seven years of a 25-year sentence for conspiracy to murder
members of the security forces, and Ian Milne, council
chairman, served 17 years in jail.

They will be under pressure from dissident republicans, who
have attacked SDLP members of other DPPs, to show they have
not surrendered their principles and are taking seriously
their pledge to hold the police to account. In their
defence, another Sinn Fein colleague, Sean McPeake, said
they want to play a constructive role, but will not shy
away from challenging or criticising policing decisions.

Unionists are entitled to be sceptical about the role that
Sinn Fein members on DPPs will play until there is evidence
that they are looking to the future rather than the past.
Ominously, Mr McPeake, who is Sinn Fein's Elected
Representatives' co-ordinator, wants to be a voice for
communities who have experienced "only bad policing". In
his new capacity, however, he looks to the PSNI to arrest
those responsible for criminality and anti-social behaviour
- "and take them off the streets if need be" .

Anywhere else, it would go without saying that elected
representatives would support the police but here Sinn
Fein's participation in DPPs is rightly regarded as a
significant breakthrough. The Patten reforms of policing
have been highly controversial, reducing numbers while
discriminating in favour of Roman Catholic recruits, but
they have achieved a level of general approval never
previously seen in Northern Ireland.

Meetings of the local police commanders with elected
representatives in DPPs can only help to open minds to a
new form of accountable policing, putting old histories of
antagonism firmly in the past. It is part of the process of
normalisation taking place at every level of society,
cementing the peace and providing a lead for Stormont
politicians to follow.

c Belfast Telegraph
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