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October 31, 2006

Table of Contents - 10/06

Table of Contents - 10/06

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10/31/06 – Mercenaries (Tim Spicer) Look Beyond Iraq
AW 10/31/06 Mercenaries (Tim Spicer) Look Beyond Iraq
NH 10/29/06 Poor Support For St Andrews' Agreement
BT 10/31/06 Maze Prison Demolished To Make Way For Houses And Stadium
BT 10/31/06 Records On Billy Wright's Killing May Have Been Destroyed
NH 10/02/06 Hunger Strike: Courage & Public Support Kept Us Going
BT 10/31/06 Opin: Optimism Needed In All-Embracing Solution
BT 10/31/06 Opin: Reid Must Close Book On The Likes Of Adair
BT 10/31/06 Opin: Why Global Warming Has Gone Local
BT 10/31/06 Ulster's Climate Apocalypse
BT 10/31/06 Claudy Priest 'Denied Role In IRA Bombing'
BT 10/31/06 Big Ian Deeply Moved By Bertie's Timely Gift
BT 10/31/06 Wife Of MRSA Victim Sobs As She Tells Of Husband's Ordeal
UT 10/31/06 Tipperary Peace Prize Seeks Nominations

10/30/06 - Sinn Féin Urged To Join Police Board
GU 10/30/06 Sinn Féin Urged To Join Police Board
IT 10/31/06 Police Devolution Is Unlikely In Conceivable Future - DUP
BB 10/30/06 NI Parties To Seek Peace Funding
IT 10/31/06 Opin: 10 Yrs On TG4 Has Put Irish Back Into Cultural Life
BB 10/30/06 Digging For Northern Ireland's Gold
IT 10/31/06 Gore Is Enlisted To Lobby US On Climate Change
IT 10/31/06 Death Of Athlete Casts Shadow Over Marathon

(Poster’s Note: Check out the following: Folks on the Hill:


10/30/06 - Dissent In DUP's Rank-And-File As Deadline Looms
BT 10/30/06 Dissent In DUP's Rank-And-File As Deadline Looms
RT 10/30/06 Outstanding NI Issues Can Be Addressed: SF
IT 10/30/06 DUP Says It Doubts Sinn Féincan Make Deadline
IT 10/30/06 Bomb Find Seen As 'Threat' To Powersharing
IN 10/30/06 IRA Member One Of Four Weekend Road Victims
BT 10/30/06 Billy Wright Murder Documents 'Missing'
IT 10/30/06 Archbishop Promotes Benefits Of Visit To Ireland By Pope
IN 10/30/06 Pope Talks Of Peace Process As Visit Speculation Mounts
BB 10/30/06 Unionists 'Against Papal Visit'
BN 10/30/06 Dublin & Monaghan Bombing Inquiry To Ask For More Time
IN 10/30/06 Claudy Report To Confirm Conspiracy To Move Priest
BB 10/30/06 Mixed Housing Scheme Is Launched
IT 10/30/06 Opin: Bernadette McAliskey - Negotiating War & Peace
IN 10/30/06 Opin: Dissidents Have Nothing To Offer
NH 10/30/06 Opin: Referendums 'R Us?
BT 10/30/06 Passengers Face Chaos As Baggage Rules Are Changed Again
BT 10/30/06 'Almost Too Late' To Stop A Global Catastrophe
MH 10/30/06 Death Of Embalming - EU Considers Banning Formaldehyde
BB 10/30/06 Work Begins On Maze Prison Site

10/29/06 – Martin McGuinness Predicts Peace
CH 10/29/06 Sinn Fein Spokesman Predicts Peace
GU 10/29/06 Hain 'Optimistic' Over Agreement
AP 10/28/06 DUP Say 11/24 Deadline Unlikely To Be Met *
BN 10/29/06 Pope's Visit Could Strain Peace Process: DUP
SB 10/29/06 Pope Visit To Ireland Now Unlikely
SB 10/29/06 Accounting To The Pope
IN 10/29/06 Solicitor Leaves Hamill Inquiry
SL 10/29/06 Ervine Comments Probed
UT 10/29/06 Hain Reacts To County Carlow Bomb Finds *
BB 10/29/06 Irish Police 'Foil Real IRA Plot'
SL 10/29/06 Dissidents Open Fire On Former Top Provo: Warning Shot
BB 10/26/06 IRA 'Must Become Old Boys Group'
TO 10/29/06 Agent Murder Probe Nears End
IN 10/29/06 Son Of ‘Mad Dog’ In Court Accused Of Bomb-Making
IN 10/29/06 Father Behind Dozens Of Troubles Murders
BN 10/28/06 Support For Fianna Fáil Grows In New Opinion Poll
TO 10/29/06 Opin: Paisley Is In No Way A Democrat
BT 10/28/06 Opin: Decision Yet To Be Made On Key Issues
IN 10/28/06 Opin: Dr ‘No’ Paisley Surprises The Faithful With A ‘Yes’
SB 10/29/06 Opin: North Could Become An Unlikely Election Issue
EN 10/29/06 Galway Rich In Charms Of Coastal Ireland
IN 10/28/06 First Catholic British Ambassador To The Vatican
SB 10/29/06 Riverdance Duo’s New Musical Takes $7m In Adv Ticket Sales
SB 10/29/06 1916 Medals Sold For Stg£10,100

10/27/06 - MI6 Allegations Deserve Response – Mitchell
IT 10/27/06 MI6 Allegations Deserve Response - Mitchell
SF 10/27/06 Popular Opinion Essential In Demand For Return Of Assembly
UT 10/27/06 DUP Will Not Be Rushed Into Deal
BT 10/27/06 Ulster Needs Parades Body For Forseeable Future: Poole
DJ 10/27/06 Set Date For Bloody Sunday Inquiry Report Call
RC 10/27/06 Priests Pledge To Speak Out For Undocumented Immigrants
NH 10/27/06 Anti-Social Tail End Will Wag The Sinn Féin Dog
BB 10/27/06 Nine Years For Loyalist Blackmail
BB 10/27/06 Ex-INLA Man's Son On Bomb Charges
NH 10/27/06 Opin: Commission Can Feel Justly Proud
IN 10/27/06 Drugs Haul Handed On To Police
IT 10/27/06 Irishmen Unearth 'Brass In Muck' For US Burials
SF 10/27/06 Adams Welcomes Ministers Support For Conway Mill Project
NW 10/27/06 SF's M McGuinness Visits Toronto (Oct28) & Halifax (Oct27)
MM 10/27/06 E McGuire: Life Of Undercover IRA Activist –William Hughes

10/27/06 – Paisley: Too Good A Package To Turn Down
BT 10/27/06 Too Good A Package To Turn Down
BN 10/27/06 Paisley Looks For St Andrews Verdict
BT 10/27/06 McCrea Warns On Deal Over Policing
SF 10/27/06 Peace Dividend Must Support All-Ireland Economic Blueprint
BT 10/27/06 DUP Says No To Expanded All-Island Economic Links
BT 10/27/06 Hain's Stand On Area Policing Sparks Row
BB 10/26/06 Dissidents 'Preparing To Attack'
IN 10/27/06 Sinn Fein ‘Doing Nothing’ To Help McCartney Family
BB 10/27/06 Expert's Omagh Evidence Admission
BT 10/27/06 Bloody Sunday Families Welcome Time Frame
BT 10/27/06 Opin: Our Politicians Must Stay The Course
BT 10/27/06 Opin: Prosperity Sounds Death Knell For Border Crime
BB 10/27/06 NI's MPs Claim £2M In Allowances
BT 10/27/06 Irish Twist To Life Of Shirley Valentine

10/26/06 - Blueprint For All-Ireland Economy Unveiled
BN 10/26/06 Blueprint For All-Ireland Economy Unveiled
BT 10/26/06 Parades Body Wants To Put Itself Out Of Business
BT 10/26/06 St Andrews 'Could Be A Step Forward In Creating Trust'
BT 10/26/06 Plans For Troubles Victims' Forum Are Unveiled
NH 10/26/06 Concern Over Power Victims' Commissioner Will Have
IT 10/26/06 McCartney Sisters To Lobby Tories' Cameron
NH 10/26/06 Opin: Ian Og In His Da's Shoes? How Comforting …
IC 10/26/06 Opin: Rossport’s Fight Is Everyone’s Fight
IC 10/26/06 Republican Hero Was Murdered 30 Years Ago
TC 10/26/06 Election News: 'Somebody Had To Stand Up'
10/25/06 - Further Wait For Bloody Sunday Inquiry Report
BB 10/25/06 Further Wait For Bloody Sunday Inquiry Report
IT 10/26/06 DUP-Sinn Féin Standoff 'Causing Disquiet'
IT 10/26/06 Parades Body Says Dialogue Is Way Ahead
SF 10/25/06 Sinn Féin Comment On Parades Commission Report
IT 10/25/06 PSNI Backs Parades Commission Focus On Dialogue
IE 10/25/06 Irish-American Reps Face Voters In Uneasy Year
IT 10/26/06 Key US Supporter Of SF Faces Tough Election
IE 10/25/06 New York Irish Push For St. Andrews Deal
IT 10/26/06 Proposal To Trade Work Visas With US
IT 10/25/06 Former Taoiseach Warns FF May Lose Votes
ND 10/25/06 Orde Confirms PSNI To Stay In Bessbrook
BN 10/25/06 Ombudsman's Officer 'Had Special Treatment Because Of Dog'
SF 10/25/06 Republicans Remember Máire Drumm - Adams
BN 10/25/06 Average House Costs 11 Times Average Wage

10/25/06 - Nelson Murder Inquiry Postponed
BB 10/25/06 Nelson Murder Inquiry Postponed
IT 10/25/06 Minister Proposes Deal On Irish Illegals In US
BT 10/25/06 Assembly Could Still Collapse, Say Governments
BT 10/25/06 DUP Plans St Andrews Document
BB 10/25/06 March Dialogue 'The Way Forward'
BT 10/25/06 Omagh Evidence 'Guesswork'
BB 10/25/06 Vote To Replace Shamed Ex-Mayor
BT 10/25/06 Shamed Former DUP Mayor Lashes Out At Press Photographer
BT 10/25/06 Shoukris Face Move To Isolation Block
BT 10/25/06 Eames: Bigotry Still Alive And Well In Ulster
IN 10/25/06 Nobel Laureate Demands US Firm Move Out Of City
OB 10/25/06 Peter King Fighting For His Life In Long Island Race
BT 10/25/06 Opin: Can Sinn Fein Make The Leap And Back Policing?
BT 10/25/06 Opin: Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and MI5
IT 10/25/06 Opin: Media's One-Track Mindset
BN 10/25/06 New US Ambassador To Meet Ahern
IT 10/25/06 Gardai In Cork Investigate 'Sniper' Shootings
BT 10/25/06 The Sick Ulster Videos Being Posted On You Tube
CH 10/25/06 Student Film On Irish Peace Process Debuts

10/24/06 - Paisley's Conditional 'Yes' Is A Positive Shift
SF 10/24/06 Paisley's Conditional 'Yes' Is A Positive Shift
SF 10/24/06 Parties Must Work Together To Maximise Peace Dividend
SF 10/24/06 Leading Republican Receives Loyalist Death Threat
SF 10/24/06 DUP Campbell Silence Over Stewart Vote Fraud Challenged
SF 10/24/06 Sinn Fein Comment On Springhill Shooting
IT 10/25/06 Inquiry Into Bombings Likely To Seek Extension
IT 10/25/06 De Valera To Resign As Minister
IT 10/25/06 Haughey Tipped To Benefit Fromde Valera Exit
IT 10/25/06 Ripping Off Of US Tourists Must Stop - Minister

10/24/06 - Ombudsman Fights For 'Total Access' To MI5 Intelligence
BT 10/24/06 Ombudsman Fights For 'Total Access' To MI5 Intelligence
BB 10/24/06 Governments In 'St Andrews Talks'
BT 10/24/06 DUP Begins Internal Talks On St Andrews
BT 10/24/06 Archbishop In Talks With SF
BB 10/24/06 Former DUP Mayor Attacks Photographer
IN 10/24/06 CIRA Bid To Justify Firebombs Rubbished
IT 10/24/06 Man Shot In Tyrone Paramilitary-Style Attack
NH 10/24/06 US Denies RSF Leader Entry Visa
BT 10/24/06 Opin: Springing Out That Celtic Tiger Effect
NH 10/24/06 Opin: Changing Times Signals The End For Rhetoric
IN 10/24/06 Appeal To High Court To Block M3 Motorway Construction
IM 10/24/06 Academics To Protest M3 At Free Weekly Lecture Series
PC 10/24/06 Jennifer Aniston's Vaughn Crosses Divide In N Ireland
IZ 10/24/06 Cathie Ryan Band In Concert At All Souls Unitarian Church

10/23/06 - Hain 'Optimistic Over Resolution'
BB 10/23/06 Hain 'Optimistic Over Resolution'
IT 10/24/06 St Andrews Referendum Looks Unlikely
SF 10/24/06 O'Toole Named Vice Chair Of Dublin Jnt Policing Committee
BB 10/23/06 'No Need' For New MI5 Base In NI
BB 10/23/06 Garda Cleared In Omagh Bomb Case
BN 10/23/06 Adams Wins Extra Funding For Conway Mill
BN 10/23/06 Hungary: Police Fire On Protesters During McAleese Visit
BN 10/23/06 Hain: Northern Economy Not Sustainable
IT 10/24/06 Backing For Police & Powersharing Essential Says Dr Eames
IT 10/24/06 Archbishop Looks Back On Some 'Amazing Happenings'
BN 10/23/06 Irish Teens Down And Out In London
IT 10/24/06 US Documents Say Up To Six Islamist Terror Groups In State
TB 10/23/06 Welcome To The Renaissance
IT 10/24/06 Kerry Festival To Show Over 100 Films

10/23/06 - Peace Dividend Top SF Agenda At Brit-Irish Body
SF 10/23/06 Peace Dividend Top SF Agenda At Brit-Irish Body
BT 10/23/06 Ahern Tight-Lipped On £700m Financial Package For North
NH 10/23/06 Senior Catholic Officer Tells Of Sectarianism Within RUC
NH 10/23/06 Nationalist Community Deeply Divided On Policing
IN 10/23/06 Family Says Police Failed To Arrest Murder Suspects
SF 10/23/06 Social Apartheid Still Exists In Education - Crowe
IN 10/23/06 Education Overhaul Could See Schools Go
SF 10/23/06 McDowell Only Interested In Soundbites And Column Inches
BT 10/23/06 Don't Expect Lower Business Taxes: Eagle
RT 10/23/06 Report Highlights Unaffordable Houses

10/22/06 - Sinn Fein Outlines Pledge Stance
BB 10/22/06 Sinn Fein Outlines Pledge Stance
IT 10/23/06 British-Irish Body To Assess St Andrews Agreement Today
SF 10/22/06 Adams To Meet With Church Of Ireland Bishops Tomorrow
IT 10/23/06 New North Deal May 'Unlock' Potential For Peace
SB 10/22/06 Opin: A Greek Tragedy For Paisley
CB 10/22/06 Hollywood Star In Belfast For Mural TV Show

10/22/06 - Pledge Row Probably Not Last Glitch
BB 10/22/06 Pledge Row Probably Not Last Glitch
SL 10/22/06 Allister Questions Sinn Fein's Intentions
IT 10/22/06 Ahern Quotes Paisley On Prospect Of Peace In NI
SF 10/22/06 McGuinness: Republicans Must Plot The Way Forward Together
SL 10/22/06 We Need Deal ... Or Future Generations Will Curse Us
SL 10/22/06 Brian Rowan: Mi5's Ulster Folly?
SL 10/22/06 Omagh Trial Set To Call Spy's Handlers
SL 10/22/06 Home Of UDA Exile's Daughter Attacked
SL 10/22/06 Remembering Thomas Devlin
SL 10/22/06 Crusading Dad's (Raymond Mccord) Call For Support
SL 10/22/06 O'Loan's Son Cops It Over Cafe Outburst
BB 10/22/06 Shock At Claudy Bomb Memorial Vandalism
BB 10/22/06 Family Plea Over Missing American Tourist
BN 10/22/06 Prices Fall For Second-Hand Houses In Dublin
BS 10/22/06 Edna O'Brien Surpasses Herself
BN 10/22/06 Poll On Irish Attitudes To Alcohol Abuse Published

10/22/06 - Loyalists Linked To 90 Per Cent Of Race Crime
GU 10/22/06 Loyalists Linked To 90 Per Cent Of Race Crime
SB 10/22/06 O’Loan To Probe PSNI Murder Investigation
TO 10/22/06 Dublin To Spend €1bn In North
TO 10/22/06 Dissident Attacks Feared
GU 10/22/06 Cross-Border Action Urged Over Mounting Road Deaths
SF 10/22/06 Adams - Time To Increase The Pressure On Government
TO 10/22/06 Opin: Paisley & Adams Have Come Far, There's No Going Back
DT 10/22/06 Milestone For Museum Of Free Derry

10/21/06 - Sinn Féin Members Denied Visas To US
NH 10/21/06 Sinn Féin Members Denied Visas To US
IT 10/21/06 St Andrews Agreement To Come Under Closer Scrutiny
BB 10/21/06 Dual Elections 'Will Not Happen'
IN 10/21/06 Paisley Warns SF That His Party Still Has A Veto
IN 10/21/06 Paisley’s Warning To SF On Policing
IN 10/21/06 Parents Of UDA Coma Victim Air Their Anger
IN 10/21/06 Ahern: Root Out Sectarianism
UT 10/21/06 PDs: 'We Must Welcome Unionists'
DT 10/21/06 'Bring Derry's Protestants In From The Cold'
IN 10/21/06 Opin: Political Double Act Creates Begrudgery Record
IN 10/21/06 Fraud Probe Priest Missing
RT 10/21/06 Mary Robinson Honoured In Spanish Awards
IT 10/21/06 An Daingean Votes For Bilingual Name
IT 10/21/06 Public To Get View Of Rarely Seen Dublin Buildings
IT 10/21/06 Hidden Dublin
IT 10/21/06 RTÉs Jimmy Magee Gets Award To Mark 50 Yrs In Broadcasting
IT 10/21/06 Questions Raised About Value Of Refloating Dolphins
KN 10/21/06 Irish Visitors Right At Home

10/20/06 - Sinn Féin Consultation Process Gets Underway
SF 10/20/06 Sinn Féin Consultation Process Gets Underway
BB 10/20/06 DUP 'Not Signed Up To Agreement'
BN 10/20/06 Paisley: SF Must 'Support Rule Of Law'
SF 10/20/06 European Union Can Help Bring About Irish Unity
SF 10/20/06 SF MLA Questions Irish Meps Commitment To Irish Unity
SF 10/20/06 SF To Host Major All-Ireland Integration Conference
NH 10/20/06 Opin: Remember, Remember The 24th Of November…
BT 10/20/06 Opin: Good Deal Ensures Politics Remains Art Of The Cynic
BN 10/20/06 Residents Vote To Keep Dingle Name
SP 10/20/06 Former Mayor Carey Honored At Funeral

10/20/06 - SDLP Expresses Concerns About St Andrew’s Proposals
BN 10/20/06 SDLP Expresses Concerns About St Andrew’s Proposals
BN 10/20/06 Trial Protection Demand For Ex-IRA British Agent
IM 10/20/06 Judge Somers Supports Michael McKevitt Justice Campaign
BB 10/20/06 Gun Victim 'Had Received Threats'
SF 10/20/06 Adams To Address Major Health Rally In Dublin On Saturday
IM 10/20/06 Icons Of North: Collective Histories Of Northern Irish Art
NY 10/20/06 A Twist On The Old Dream: Looking To Ireland For Jobs
BT 10/20/06 Live Music: Havana Ball At Belfast Festival

10/19/06 - Sinn Fein Will Take Pledge: Adams
II 10/16/06 Sinn Fein Will Take Pledge: Adams

10/19/06 - Sinn Féin Determined To Advance The Peace Process
SF 10/19/06 Sinn Féin Determined To Advance The Peace Process
IN 10/19/06 Marty Smith Under Threat Of Deportation From US
BT 10/19/06 Gardai Uncover IRA Link To £26.5m Northern Bank Raid
IT 10/20/06 Opin: The Most Formidable Of Pairings
IN 10/19/06 Opin: Chance To Put Politics Of Partition Behind Us
MC 10/19/06 Political Divisions Sending N Irish Footballers South
NY 10/19/06 Theater Review 'Shay Duffin As Brendan Behan'

10/19/06 - SF To Discuss St Andrews Summit
BB 10/19/06 SF To Discuss St Andrews Summit
SF 10/19/06 SF Meets Finance Minister Re: Peace Dividend Proposals
BT 10/19/06 Blair In Vow To Help Troubles Victims
SF 10/19/06 Gerry Adams To Meet With Church Of Ireland Bishops
BT 10/19/06 Day To Reflect On Troubles Is Proposed
BT 10/19/06 'Divisive' Ulster Schools Slammed
BT 10/19/06 Opin: SF Need To Keep Horse Before Cart Over Policing
BT 10/19/06 Name Of Dingle Dangles In Row Over Language
BT 10/19/06 Church In Legal Threat To Residents

10/18/06 - No Substitute For Direct Dialogue Between DUP & SF
SF 10/18/06 No Substitute For Direct Dialogue Between DUP & SF
IT 10/19/06 Taoiseach Hopes SF Will Help End Policing Dispute
RT 10/18/06 Tánaiste Calls For Leadership From NI Parties
BB 10/18/06 UUP: DUP 'Must Publish Pledge Letter'
CB 10/18/06 Robin Eames To Meet Gerry Adams
PG 10/19/06 Ombudsman To Ask Why O’Hagan Killers Still Free
BB 10/18/06 Police Attacked During Operation In Ballymurphy
BN 10/18/06 Dublin Man Convicted Of IRA Membership
UT 10/18/06 'IRA Shot Dead Derry Man' Five & ½ Years Ago
IT 10/19/06 Surprise Guest: Sevengill Shark Found In Irish Waters

10/18/06 - US Needs to Act as Parties Review St Andrews Agreement

10/18/06 - Election News - Irish America Demands Answers

10/18/06 – Sinn Fein To Debate PSNI at Ard Comhairle
BB 10/18/06 Sinn Fein Not Ready For PSNI Move
BT 10/18/06 Stormont Task Force To Tackle Oath Row
NL 10/18/06 Empey Says DUP Are Learning The Hard Way
IN 10/18/06 DUP Man (Allister) Who Dared To Challenge Paisley
DT 10/18/06 Child's DNA And Samples Destroyed
BT 10/18/06 A Chink Of Light In The Very Secret World Of MI5
IN 10/18/06 Opin: Parties Must Focus On Goals
BT 10/18/06 Opin: Parties Must Focus On The Big Picture
BT 10/18/06 Opin: Is St Andrews A Bumpy Road Or Cul De Sac?
IT 10/18/06 New US Ambassador Presents His Credentials
BT 10/18/06 Ulster Pupil Enjoys Sudoku Success
IN 10/18/06 Village’s Normalisation Prompts Heritage Fears
RH 10/18/06 Irish Americans Told, ‘County Roscommon Needs You’

10/17/06 - Parties Fume Over DUP Talks Boycott Threat
IT 10/18/06 Parties Fume Over DUP Talks Boycott Threat
SF 10/17/06 Adams - Disappointment At Paisley's Decision Re: Meeting
IT 10/18/06 Hain Gives DUP And SF Warning To Settle Dispute
BN 10/17/06 Garda Detectives 'Lied At Omagh Bomb Conspiracy Trial'
RT 10/17/06 Death Of Former State Archivist
EX 10/17/06 Cleaning Up: Duo To Sell Auld Sod To The US
MN 10/17/06 Catholic Church In Focus

10/17/06 – Paisley Boycotts Meetings With Adams
BB 10/17/06 Paisley 'Unlikely' To Meet Adams
BN 10/17/06 DUP’s Allister Voices Fears On IRA Army Council
GU 10/17/06 What Is The St Andrews Agreement?
BT 10/17/06 Testing Time Ahead For Selection
BT 10/17/06 Scap Denied Brief In IRA Collusion Investigation
IN 10/17/06 Gunmen Seal Street While Gang Beats Man
IN 10/17/06 Calls For PSNI To Destroy DNA Records Of Young
BT 10/17/06 Ministers Water Down Freedom Of Information Act
IN 10/17/06 Opin: Deal Marks Death Knell Of Militant Creeds
IN 10/17/06 Opin: MI5’s Arrival Prolongs The Era Of Dirty Secrets
BG 10/17/06 Opin: Opposites Attract In Ulster
BT 10/17/06 Opin: Gail Walker: St Andrews Progress In The Extreme?
BN 10/17/06 Equality Tribunal Awards €15,000 To Large-Breasted Woman
RT 10/17/06 Government Launches Flood Information Website
BT 10/17/06 Another Fine Treat In Store For Fans Of Laurel And Hardy
BN 10/17/06 Taoiseach Leads Tributes To Andrews
SF 10/14/06 Comment on the death of former MEP & TD Niall Andrews

10/16/06 - DUP In Dispute Over Pledge Of Office Endorsing PSNI
IT 10/17/06 DUP In Dispute Over Pledge Of Office Endorsing PSNI
GN 10/16/06 Sinn Fein 'Not Ready Yet To Support N. Ireland Police'
BN 10/16/06 Taoiseach Calls For North Referendum In March
BN 10/16/06 Tell Troublemakers To Run Or Die, Fr Troy Told
IT 10/17/06 IRA Decommissioning Took Place 'At Nine Different Places'
TH 10/17/06 Yet Another Sectarian Barrier Comes Down
BN 10/16/06 Sellafield Leak Proves Case For 'Permanent Shutdown'
BT 10/16/06 Real Ales, Irish Style: A Pub Crawl Around Microbreweries

10/16/06 - Hain To Deliver Commons Statement
BB 10/16/06 Hain To Deliver Commons Statement
BN 10/16/06 DUP's Robinson Defends St Andrews' Proposals
IT 10/16/06 IRA Should Dispose Of Ill-Gotten Assets - DUP
RT 10/16/06 DUP And SF Confirm Stormont Delegations
BB 10/16/06 Transfer Test 'Gone In Two Years'
BB 10/16/06 DUP: Academic Selection 'Is Secured'
BT 10/16/06 Back To The Future
BT 10/16/06 An Agreement That's Not Agreed Until DUP & SF Say So
BT 10/16/06 Reaction To St Andrews Agreement
BT 10/16/06 Brian Rowan: UVF Leaders In Secret Meetings
BT 10/16/06 Brian Rowan: Loyalists Talking Far From Cameras
RT 10/16/06 Scappaticci Refused Legal Representation
BT 10/16/06 Police To Have Access To MI5 Files
RT 10/16/06 Sellafield Firm Facing Safety Breaches Charges
BT 10/16/06 Opin: Road Map Quickly Develops Potholes
BT 10/16/06 Opin: Rewards For Those Who Take The Hard Road
BN 10/16/06 Beached Dolphins Safely Return To Sea Off Mayo
BN 10/16/06 Govt To Begin Issuing Electronic Passports From Today

10/15/06 - Paisley & Adams For Face-To-Face Meeting Tomorrow
IT 10/16/06 Paisley & Adams For Face-To-Face Meeting Tomorrow
IT 10/16/06 A Lot Of Devils May Yet Be Lurking In Detail Of Agreement
SF 10/15/06 Bringing Rejectionist Into Peace Process Is An Achievement
IT 10/16/06 DUP Claims MI5 Building Entrenches UK Presence
TO 10/16/06 Ulster Power Talks End With A Plan - But No Handshake
SM 10/15/06 Hain: St Andrews Agreement 'Better Than Good Friday'
GU 10/15/06 Still Talking
IT 10/16/06 Taoiseach Confident DUP And SF Will Say Yes To Deal
NH 10/15/06 Will St Andrews' Agreement Bring Lasting Peace To North
TO 10/15/06 Opin: Tony Blair, Ireland's Saviour
IT 10/16/06 'I Do' But No 'Hello!' At Flatley Wedding
IT 10/16/06 Minister Opens Kerry Woods To Public

10/15/06 – Hain: North Scraps Academic Selection Ban
BN 10/15/06 The North Scraps Academic Selection Ban
SL 10/15/06 Devolution Debate: Empey - Cusp Of A New Dawn In Politics
TS 10/15/06 Alderdice: The Pain Behind Violence
SM 10/15/06 N.Irish Deal Would Go Beyond Good Friday Pact
GT 10/15/06 Belfast Desperate For ‘Devolution’
SL 10/15/06 UDA's Tour Of Terror
SL 10/15/06 Belfast: The Racist Capital Of Europe
BN 10/15/06 Over A Thousand Jobs Could Be Lost In Cadbury’s
WT 10/15/06 Book Rev: After This: Alice McDermott

10/14/06 - All Of Ireland To Vote On Deal
TO 10/15/06 All Of Ireland To Vote On Deal
II 10/14/06 McGuinness Oath Of Allegiance May Scupper New Deal
BB 10/14/06 Hain Confident Over NI Government
GU 10/15/06 Has Paisley Given In At Last To Temptation?
RT 10/14/06 Irish Language Act For Northern Ireland
TO 10/15/06 Protestant Alienation To Be Addressed At Convention
YH 10/14/06 Opin: Decades of Irish civil war test peaceful resolve
TO 10/15/06 Opin: Paisley Rewrites His History To Take Credit For Deal
TO 10/15/06 Heavily Armed Art Show Riles Gardai
TO 10/15/06 Art: Robert Ballagh
WF 10/14/06 Journey Home Pains Writer (Edna O’Brien)
SB 10/15/06 Truth About Sallins Robbery

10/14/06 - Parties To Respond Within A Month
BB 10/14/06 Parties To Respond Within A Month
RT 10/14/06 St Andrews Plan Represents Progress - SF, DUP
SF 10/14/06 McGuinness - 11 Plus Will Not Return
BN 10/14/06 Government Ahead In Opinion Polls
RT 10/14/06 Stardust Mass Marks Five Unidentified Victims

10/14/06 - Ahern & Blair Outline Details Of Agreement
BN 10/13/06 Ahern & Blair Outline Details Of Agreement
SF 10/13/06 Adams Comments At Saint Andrews After 3 Days Of Talks
II 10/13/06 Paisley Says Yes
IT 10/13/06 Adams And Paisley Agree Progess Has Been Made
BT 10/13/06 Flatley: Just Another Wedding?

10/13/06 - Text of the Agreement at St. Andrews

10/13/06 - Structure of Proposed Deal Outlined

10/13/06 - Reg Empey's News Conf Comments on UUP Blog

10/13/06 - Progress Reported On Final Day Of North Talks
IT 10/13/06 Progress Reported On Final Day Of North Talks
BT 10/13/06 January Elections May Be On Cards
BT 10/13/06 Government Backs PSNI's Principles On MI5 Relations
BB 10/13/06 Party Denies Blog Rule-Breaking
SF 10/13/06 DUP Accused Of Insulting Victims
BT 10/13/06 IRA Urged: It's Time For The Truth
BB 10/13/06 UDA Holds Talks With Peacemakers
RT 10/13/06 Pipeline Protestor Released From Hospital
BT 10/13/06 Planning For Protestant Schools Is 'In Disarray'
BB 10/13/06 Europe To Give £40m To Irish Fund
SF 10/13/06 Welcomes Extended International Fund For Ireland Money
NW 10/13/06 Opin: Parades 'Out Of Step'
BT 10/13/06 Opin: 10 Essentials To Ensure A New Deal Will Stick
BB 10/13/06 Classmates Shock At Child's Death In Bessbrook
IM 10/13/06 James Connolly Conference
BT 10/13/06 Antrim Coast Road Among World's Best
BT 10/13/06 Briton Admits Plot To Detonate Series Of 'Dirty Bombs'

(I believe I found the UUP blog at: Jay)

10/12/06 - Devolution Talks Enter Final Day
BB 10/12/06 Devolution Talks Enter Final Day
IT 10/13/06 Ahern And Blair May Propose Their Own Settlement
SM 10/12/06 'Plan B' Threat To Force Ulster Deal
BB 10/12/06 No Guts, No Government?
HC 10/12/06 Britain, Ireland To Push Compromise Plan
BB 10/12/06 'Masonic Bias' In Police Job Move
IT 10/13/06 Fianna Fáil Soars In Poll As Opposition Suffers Decline

10/12/06 - Action Alert - Election Questionaire

10/12/06 - Ahern & Blair May Publish Their Own Devolution Proposals
UN 10/12/06 Ahern & Blair May Publish Their Own Devolution Proposals
IN 10/12/06 Pressure On But DUP Digs In Against Deadline
BN 10/12/06 SDLP Accuses SF Of Exaggerating
SF 10/12/06 SF Announce Details Of 'Can You Afford It?' Campaign
NH 10/12/06 'State Collusion Must Be Addressed Once & For All'
IT 10/12/06 O'Loan, Paisley Have Heated Coffee Shop Row
SF 10/12/06 Unionists On Ballymoney Council Exposed By Euro Rpt
IN 10/12/06 Flag Removal A ‘Small Victory For Equality’
BT 10/12/06 Opin: Our Future - It Must Be In Our Hands
IN 10/12/06 Opin: If Assembly Goes Down The DUP Goes With It
IN 10/12/06 Opin: Paisley’s ‘Big Media Day’ Leaves Him Flat-Footed
UN 10/12/06 Opin: Winds Of Change
BN 10/12/06 IRL’s Wealth Distribution Among Worst In OECD Countries
IT 10/12/06 Few Check For Signs Of Cancer
IT 10/12/06 Agreement On Flight Data Of US-Bound Travellers Passed
HC 10/12/06 Inflation In Ireland Drops

10/11/06 - Talks Start On Anniversary Of Power-Sharing Suspension
BT 10/11/06 Talks Start On Anniversary Of Power-Sharing Suspension
SF 10/11/06 SF Delegation Arrive In Scotland For Crucial Peace Talks
BT 10/11/06 Getting Away With Murder?
BT 10/11/06 Scrap Parades Body For Progress: Order
BB 10/11/06 'Up To 30 Shots' Fired At Ballymena School
BB 10/11/06 Royal Crest Removed From NI Court
IS 10/11/06 Opin: Despite IRA Report, Ulster May Still Say No
IT 10/11/06 Opin: Stepping Forward On The North

Picture: Getty
10/11/06 - Adams Keynote Speech In Advance Of Talks In Scotland
SF 10/11/06 Adams Keynote Speech In Advance Of Talks In Scotland
TH 10/11/06 Northern Ireland’s Future On The Line, Says Hain
BN 10/11/06 Sinn Féin 'Must Back Police'
SM 10/11/06 Unlikely Setting Where Foes May Forge Historic Peace Deal
BB 10/11/06 Search For Elusive NI Peace Deal
TO 10/11/06 Beyond No Surrender
BB 10/11/06 Who Stands Where On Devolution
EE 10/11/06 SF To Protest Tribunal Laws
BB 10/11/06 DUP Councillor Quits Over Fraud
OB 10/11/06 Opin: The Troubles Are Over; Now What?
WS 10/11/06 Film Rev: A Patchwork, But No Bigger Picture

10/10/06 - Hain's Tough Warning To DUP Over Deadline
BT 10/10/06 Hain's Tough Warning To DUP Over Deadline
BT 10/10/06 DUP Still Faces 'Litmus Test' Of Sharing Power, Warns SDLP
BT 10/10/06 Government Hopeful That SF Policing Issues Can Be Resolved
IN 10/10/06 Prepare For ‘Sequencing’ At Scotland Talks
BB 10/10/06 Alliance Party: Troubles Legacy 'Needs Addressed'
EE 10/10/06 Ferris Calls For More Support For Rossport Campaigners
BT 10/10/06 Finally, It Seems The IRA Is Preparing To Go Away
BT 10/10/06 We'll Meet Again, Say Paisley And Brady After Discussions
BT 10/10/06 Paisley-Brady: Warm Words Despite Their Differences
IN 10/10/06 McIlveen Accused Granted Bail By High Court
BT 10/10/06 Opin: MI5 And The Question Of Accountability
BT 10/10/06 Opin: We Can Work It Out
IN 10/10/06 Test Reveals Vulnerability Of Home Computers To Hackers

10/09/06 - SDLP Warns Against Delay In Power-Sharing Deal
BN 10/09/06 SDLP Warns Against Delay In Power-Sharing Deal
RT 10/09/06 Paisley Accuses Hain Of Being Deceitful On IRA
BB 10/09/06 Dissidents 'Behind' Hostage Raid
BB 10/09/06 Smoking Ban Moves A Step Closer

10/09/06 -Politicians Reach Their 17th Hole
UT 10/09/06 Politicians Reach Their 17th Hole
BT 10/09/06 OTR Issue Would Be Like Missile To Talks, Says DUP
BT 10/09/06 Alliance In Appeal To Address Our Past
BT 10/09/06 Spooks Still Haunt A Political Settlement
BB 10/09/06 Nationalist Parties To Meet Ahern
BB 10/09/06 DUP Meets Irish Catholic Leader
EW 10/09/06 Two Ireland Clergy To Take Part In Elms College Forum
BT 10/09/06 Dissidents Blamed For Coleraine Arson Attack
TW 10/09/06 Hunger Striker Warns Of IRA Image Problem
SF 10/09/06 Too Many Lives Still Being Lost To Suicide - Adams
NH 10/09/06 Orde Announces Review Of O'Hagan Probe
BT 10/09/06 Opin: Parties Must Inch Towards Resolution
NH 10/09/06 Opin: Time For Dr No To Don Sack Cloth And Ashes
IT 10/09/06 Opin: Empey - Governments Key To Success Of North Talks
BT 10/09/06 Opin: Robert McCartney - The Nefarious Mr Peter Hain
IT 10/09/06 A Homecoming For Ireland's Iconic Bluesman
IT 10/09/06 New Housing 'A Threat' To Villages
IT 10/09/06 Town's Residents To Give Verdict On Dingle Or An Daingean

10/08/06 - Pat Finucane Center: Human Rights Warning
UT 10/08/06 Pat Finucane Center: Human Rights Warning
BN 10/08/06 Call For Police Powers To Be Devolved
BN 10/08/06 DUP Wants Exiles To Return Home
BN 10/08/06 Ahern To Be Quizzed On MI5 Expansion
BN 10/08/06 Dublin Prostitutes Top Of European Earners

10/08/06 - Optimism Mounts Over Peace Talks
UT 10/08/06 Optimism Mounts Over Peace Talks
SL 10/08/06 Time For New Orde-R?
SL 10/08/06 O'Loan's Staff Looking South
SL 10/08/06 Loyalists Residents Urged To Hand Over Boy's Killers
SL 10/08/06 I'll Meet UVF To Discuss Gowdy
SL 10/08/06 Dorrian Case Goes Global
SL 10/08/06 Adams Murder Probe
SL 10/08/06 Cold Case Cops In Pay Secret Probe
SL 10/08/06 Dissident Republicans Threaten To Invade Government Offices
SL 10/08/06 I'm No Provo
SL 09/10/06 The Devolution Debate: Local Power MUST Be In Local Hands
SL 09/17/06 The Devolution Debate: Deal Will Happen Time Is Right
SL 09/24/06 The Devolution Debate: Time To Bury The Past & Share The Future
SL 10/08/06 The Devolution Debate: The Blame Game Must End
IM 10/08/06 Irish Protesters Challenge Israeli Ambassador In Galway

10/08/06 - Paisley: Deal Or No Deal?
GU 10/08/06 Paisley: Deal Or No Deal?
BN 10/08/06 Adams To Travel To Scotland To Secure Devolution Deal
GU 10/07/06 Politicians Must Seize This Historic Opportunity For Peace
SH 10/08/06 IRA Seems Serious About Peace; So Where Is Ian Paisley?
AP 10/07/06 'Triumph Of Extremes' May Lead To Real Peace In Northern Ireland
SS 10/07/06 Northern Ireland's Protestant Leader Reaching Out To Catholics
BB 10/07/06 Cyprus 5-2 Republic Of Ireland
SA 10/07/06 Connecticut Man Heads To Ireland As New American Ambassador
SH 10/08/06 Cost Of Policing City Centre For Just One Orange Walk: Œ317,000

10/07/06 - Adams Wants No Preconditions Ahead Of Talks
RT 10/07/06 Adams Wants No Preconditions Ahead Of Talks
BB 10/07/06 SF Calls For On-The-Runs Amnesty
TE 10/07/06 Historic Breakthrough: IRA’s Campaign Declared Over
IT 10/07/06 Ahern And McDowell Holding Clear-The-Air Talks
BT 10/07/06 Opin: Lacking Integrity: Do We Care Any More?
PL 10/07/06 Jerry Lyons, RIP
IM 10/07/06 New Resource Centre For Tara Campaign

10/06/06 - Adams Dismisses Idea Of Delayed NI Deal
RT 10/06/06 Adams Dismisses Idea Of Delayed NI Deal
UT 10/06/06 Adams Delivers Message To DUP
IN 10/06/06 We Are In Line With Policing, Says Sinn Fein
IN 10/06/06 Hunger Striker In Fight For Sight
UT 10/06/06 DUP Warning Over 'On-The-Runs'
IT 10/06/06 Adams Urges EU To Back Basque Peace Moves
BB 10/06/06 Game Ban For Bank Robbery Accused
BB 10/06/06 Reaction To The RIR Disbandment
IT 10/07/06 Deal Gives US Easier Access To Passenger Data
IN 10/06/06 Opin: The DUP Is Preparing For A Seismic Shift
IN 10/06/06 Opin: Ian’s Followers Are Lacking In Independence Of Mind
IT 10/06/06 Garda And Customers Foil Loughrea Robbery
IT 10/07/06 Artists Ask Council To Manage Murals

10/06/06 - SDLP Criticises DUP Refusal To Accept IMC Conclusions
BN 10/06/06 SDLP Criticises DUP Refusal To Accept IMC Conclusions
BT 10/06/06 Sinn Fein Insists 'On The Runs' Issue Must Be Resolved
BT 10/06/06 Devolution Task Force In Secret Sessions
SS 10/06/06 Shooting Of Diarmuid O’Neill In London - Never An Inquiry
BN 10/06/06 McDowell: We're Staying In Govt
BB 10/06/06 Queen Attends RIR Battalions' End
BB 10/06/06 RIR: History Of Sacrifice And Controversy
SF 10/06/06 Overseas Missions Must Remain On Voluntary Basis
BT 10/06/06 Opin: Can Blair And Hain Cope With Sinn Fein's Big Idea?
PS 10/06/06 Opin: Will Dr No Decide To Dance With The Devil?
CM 10/06/06 SF's Martin McGuinness To Visit Canada Oct 25 - 28
HC 10/06/06 Houston Bars Caught Up In Liquor License Scam

10/05/06 – Key Extracts of 12th Report Of IMC
IM 10/04/06 Twelfth Report Of IMC Key Extracts
IM 10/04/06 Statement By The Taoiseach On IMC Report
IM 10/04/06 Statement By Blair On IMC Report
US 10/05/06 US Encouraged That Irish Group Has Abandoned Violence
BN 10/04/06 Adams: 'Democratic Unionists Cannot Stop Change'
BN 10/04/06 Paisley To Seek Further Clarification Of IMC Findings
BB 10/05/06 'IRA Is Winding Down' Says Orde
IT 10/05/06 IMC Makes No Finding On Donaldson Murder
BB 10/05/06 Hain Letter Outlines Talks Topics
BT 10/04/06 Five Star Dilemma
VC 10/05/06 O’Loan: Public Review Of Police Praised
SF 10/05/06 Ó Snodaigh Calls For WD Of Tribunal Of Inquiry Bill
BB 10/05/06 UDA 'Needing Help' To Stand Down
BT 10/04/06 Ex-Detective In Call For Inquiry Over Haddock
BB 10/04/06 Policing Of Estate Feud Defended
IT 10/06/06 Opin: IMC Findings Should Herald Deal
GU 10/06/06 Opin: Máirtín Ó Muilleoir The Mindset Of War Remains
BT 10/05/06 Opin: Jack The Ripper And The UDA
GT 10/04/06 Atlas To Wipe British Isles Off The Map

10/05/06 - Irish American Involvement Gains Concessions From Brits

10/03/06 - IRA 'Changed Radically', Says IMC
BB 10/03/06 IRA 'Changed Radically', Says IMC
SF 10/03/06 Paisley Told To Face Up To His Political Responsibilities
BN 10/03/06 Brown 'To Continue NI Peace Policies'
BN 10/03/06 Blair To Meet SF Ahead Of Devolution Talks
UT 10/03/06 Anonymity Plea For Wright Inquiry
IT 10/04/06 Government Crisis Eases After Ahern Admits 'Error'
SF 10/03/06 Government Should Go, 'The Sooner The Better'
BB 10/03/06 Loyalists Jailed Over Blackmail
IT 10/04/06 Pirate Queen: All Aboard For Broadway

10/03/06 - Adams: Doing Business With The DUP
BT 10/03/06 Adams: Doing Business With The DUP
BB 10/03/06 Executive Undemocratic: Robinson
BT 10/03/06 Final Paper To Be Put To Parties
BT 10/03/06 Talks Could Mark New Relations Between DUP & RC Church
BT 10/03/06 Paisley Keen On Historic Meeting
AP 10/03/06 Britain, Ireland Receive Report On IRA
BT 10/03/06 Omagh: Top Officer 'Sorry' For Destroyed Evidence
BN 10/03/06 SF: 'Why Is Govt So Anxious To Enforce Wishes Of Shell?'
TO 10/03/06 Special Branch Absorbed Into Counter-Terror Unit
DR 10/03/06 Scotland: Sectarian Knife Thug Found Dead
BB 10/03/06 Firework Laws 'Must Be Changed'
BT 10/03/06 Bertie's Blunder Sees Odds On Plan B Lengthen
BT 10/03/06 Opin: Paisley Due Credit For Landmark Talks
BT 10/03/06 Opin: Shaping The Future Of Public Services In N Ireland
NH 10/03/06 Opin: Police Have Paid A Heavy Price In Our Times
NH 10/03/06 Opin: Full Public Inquiries Way Forward Survivors Insist
BT 10/03/06 Ireland's First Bilingual Film Shoots In City
BT 10/03/06 Bertie Ahern: The Operator

10/02/06 - IMC Report 'Significant'
BB 10/02/06 Paramilitary Report 'Significant'
BN 10/02/06 Ahern To Meet Northern Parties Ahead Of Scotland Talks
BB 10/02/06 DUP Unveils Plan For Devolution
SF 10/02/06 Adams - Unionism Will Not Stop Process Of Change
SF 10/02/06 Sinn Féin Welcome Demilitarisation Of Bessbrook Heliport
BB 10/02/06 UDA Group 'Wants £8m To Disband'
BB 10/02/06 Ahern Faces Dail Grilling On Cash
BB 10/02/06 Orde Criticised Over Memorial Day
BT 10/02/06 Nationalists Say Yes To Talks Between Brady And Paisley
NH 10/02/06 'Courage Of Prisoners & Support From Public Kept Us Going'
BT 10/02/06 Provos Writing Themselves Out Of Script For Lasting Deal
BT 10/02/06 D-Day: Decision Or Disaster?
IT 10/02/06 Opin: An Apology Is Not Enough
BT 10/02/06 Opin: Politicians Chatter While Ulster Fumes
BB 10/02/06 Visitor Funding For North Belfast
BN 10/02/06 Toll Road Opens Eight Months Ahead Of Schedule
BN 10/02/06 Ireland Enjoys Warmest September On Record
IT 10/02/06 Former Ceann Comhairle Tom Fitzpatrick Dies
IT 10/02/06 34% Gas Price Rise To Stand For At Least A Year
BB 10/02/06 Wedding Bells For Lord Of Dance Star
NY 10/02/06 Erin Go Bravo, Mets

10/01/06 - North's Ombudsman Rules Out Use Of Stun Guns
EE 10/01/06 North's Ombudsman Rules Out Use Of Stun Guns
SL 10/01/06 Crucial IMC Report Being Finalised
SL 10/01/06 Cops Grill Ex-IRA Spy Over Murder
SL 10/01/06 O'Hagan Cop-Out: NUJ
SL 10/01/06 South East Antrim Brigade To Split From UDA
SL 10/01/06 Milltown Murderer Faces New Jail Term
SL 10/01/06 Orde Under Pressure On Cop Ambush Linked To Adams' Dabs
IT 10/01/06 Taoiseach Repays Controversial Loans
SO 10/01/06 Opin: The DUP Charm Offensive At Labour Party Conference
PD 10/01/06 Irish Northern Aid Dinner in Cleveland
DS 10/01/06 'Pirate Queen' About To Set Sail In Chicago

10/01/06 - Ahern Crisis Deals Blow To Plan For Power-Sharing
GU 10/01/06 Ahern Crisis Deals Blow To Plan For Power-Sharing
RT 09/30/06 Paisley To Meet With Catholic Primate
GU 10/01/06 Civil Servants On Alert - Plot To Seize Their Offices Is Exposed
BN 09/30/06 Poll: Ahern A Hypocrite For Accepting Payments
PC 09/30/06 Senate Ratifies US-UK Extradition Treaty
SB 10/01/06 McDowell's Judgment Calls
GU 10/01/06 Opin: Teflon Taoiseach's Brilliant Career Loses Polished Shine
TO 10/01/06 Opin: Irish-Language Version Of Google Throws A Googly
TO 10/01/06 Warship `Sent To Head Off IRA'

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