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March 31, 2005

Table of Contents - 03/05

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Overall Table of Contents

Monthly Table of Contents (by Subject Line):

03/31/05 – Irish Quality of Life Suffers As Wealth Rises
03/31/05 – Adair Taunts Ex Comrades
03/30/05 – Judge’s Statement Gives Colombia 3 New Hope
03/30/05 – UVF Blamed for McCord Death Threat
03/29/05 – Kelly: Next 6 Weeks Crucial For Peace Process
03/29/05 – Adams Risks US Ban After Kenney Attack
03/29/05 – Catholic Woman Attacked by Intruder
03/28/05 – SF Set To Face Difficult Decisions
03/28/05 – SF: Republicans Stronger Than Ever
03/27/05 – Adams Brands Killers As Cowards
03/27/05 – Irish Govt Fears Blair May Limit Inquiry
03/26/05 – Adams: Don’t Down-Grade Equality Commission
03/26/05 – New Plastic Bullet Plan Unjustified
03/26/05 – Irish Uprising Show – Sat, 03/26/05 – 6-7:30 PM

03/25/05 – Bulgarian Probe Finds No IRA Cash Laundering
03/24/05 – Inquiry To Check Army Links In Killing of Solicitors
03/24/05 – Secrecy Bill Set To Be Rushed Through
03/24/05 - Seizure of Loyalist's Assets Biggest Haul Yet
03/23/05 – Former RUC Man Stands For Sinn Fein
03/23/05 – Finucane Cover-Up Intolerable
03/22/05 – Inquiries Bill: The Wrong Answer
03/22/05 –
Human Rights Groups Slam British Public Inquiries
03/21/05 –
Loyalists Lured PSNI Into Riot
03/21/05 –
SDLP Set Out Unity Proposal
03/20/05 –
Finucane May Cause Anglo-Irish Rift
03/20/05 –
Sisters Back In Belfast
03/19/05 –
The Cory Collusion Inquiry Reports
03/19/05 – Rep Smith In Finucane Inquiries Appeal
03/19/05 – Court Rejects Nelson Murder Bid
03/19/05 – Murder Probe: UVF Man A Police Agent
03/18/05 – Bush To Press Blair on Finucane Inquiry
03/17/05 – Adams Confident SF & DUP Will Share Power
03/17/05 - Cory Criticises Finucane Inquiry Plans
03/16/05 – Human Rights 1st Oppposes Inquiry Bill
03/16/05 – Mallon Urges Full Finucane Inquiry
03/16/05 – Adams Turns to His Old Friends
03/15/05 – Saville Blasts Finucane Probe Rules
03/15/05 – How UVF Brought Wars to Edinburgh
03/14/05 - Cory Criticises Limited Finucane Inquiry
03/13/05 – Sinn Fein’s Vote Increases
03/12/05 – Loyalists Accused Over Murder
03/12/05 – SF Increases Vote in By-Elections
03/12/05 – Brits Resist Public Finucane Inquiry
03/11/05 - Flanigan Kidnapper Held In US Base
03/11/05 – MPs Remove SF’s Allowances
03/08/05 – We Don’t Want IRA Vengence
03/08/05 – IRA Shooting Killers Unacceptable to SF
03/08/05 - IRA Was Prepared to Shoot Killers
03/08/05 – Agency Can Seize LVF Assets
03/07/05 - SF Protests as PSNI Praised
03/06/05 – Curtain Down On SF Conference
03/06/05 - Adams Reiterates McCartney Appeal
03/05/05 – Adams Address to Ard Fheis
03/05/05 – McCartney Sisters Invited To SF Conference
03/04/05 – Lee Clegg Facing Court Martial
03/04/05 – Delevan’s Blog & Fr. McManus’s Reply
03/04/05 – Bush May Extend March 17 Ban
03/04/05 – Adams Says He Wants IRA To Cease To Exist
03/03/05 – Sinn Fein Suspends 7 Members
03/03/05 – Follow The Right Money
03/03/05 – Security Force Probes Must Be Improved
03/03/05 – Fine Could Give Illegal Irish Right To Stay in US
03/02/05 - Date Set For Inquiry Into Nelson Murder
03/02/05 – Deficiencies In Death Inquiries
03/01/05 – Adams Travels to US
03/01/05 - Finucane's Murderer Expects Freedom By May
03/01/05 - Anger At Patten’s Degree

Monthly Table of Contents (with Story Titles):

03/31/05 – Irish Quality of Life Suffers As Wealth Rises
IT 04/01/05 Irish Quality Of Life Suffers As Wealth Rises
IT 04/01/05 Garda Criticised In Human Rights Report
SF 03/31/05 SF On Verge Of Historic Breakthrough In Elections
IT 04/01/05 Colombia 3 Evidence Was Questionable
SF 03/31/05 Govt Must Intervene To Secure Release Of Colombia 3
SM 03/31/05 UVF Victim's Mother: We'll Go To Europe For Justice
LP 03/31/05 SF To Get Peace Process Back On Track Soon
SF 03/31/05 British Helicopter Crashes In South Armagh
UT 03/31/05 Gray Move 'A Con Job'
UT 03/31/05 Homes Of Loyalist Seized
SF 03/31/05 Minister To Bulldoze His Way Through Ireland's Past
EX 03/31/05 Why €2.7m Heist Blame Game Is A Major Cop-Out
GU 04/01/05 Sinn Féin 'Arrogance' Over Poll Pledge
IH 04/01/05 Musical Satire Takes Ireland To Task
IT 04/01/05 Jordan & McPherson Join Forces On New Film
IT 04/01/05 Asgard Finds Permanent Berth In Natl Museum
IT 04/01/05 Boat's Key Role In Events Leading To 1916 Rising

03/31/05 – Adair Taunts Ex Comrades
BT 03/31/05 Adair Taunts Ex-Comrades
BT 03/31/05 Cynicism Over UDA Move
BT 03/31/05 UDA Chief's Sacking 'Won't Lead To Feud'
BB 03/31/05 Pair Held After 'Racist' Attack
BT 03/31/05 Viewpoint: The Battle To Root Out The Racists
SM 03/31/05 Reject EU Constitution, Says Sinn Fein MEP
UT 03/31/05 New Twist In Colombia 3 Saga
NS 03/31/05 NS Interview - Catherine McCartney
BB 03/31/05 Council Reverse Marathon Decision
IO 03/31/05 2 Rescued From Drifting Vessel Off West Coast
IO 03/31/05 Decision Not Made On Tara Motorway
BB 03/31/05 Titanic's Crane Plans Uncovered

03/30/05 – Judge’s Statement Gives Colombia 3 New Hope
IO 03/30/05 Judge’s Statement Gives Colombia Three New Hope
BT 03/30/05 Dublin Behind 'Criminalising' Of Sinn Fein
IE 03/30/05 Analysis: Malaise Trumps Hope In North
DI 03/30/05 Gang Beats Up Asian At Home
DI 03/30/05 Fire Brigades: Attacks Under Fire
UT 03/30/05 Gray, No Longer In The Pink
ND 03/30/05 Parties Divided Over Forkhill Withdrawal
BT 03/30/05 Parties Engage In War Of Words Over MP Seat
SM 03/30/05 Bomb Made Safe At Tesco
BT 03/30/05 Teens To Quiz Parties Over Interface Attacks
IE 03/30/05 Suicide: Playing A Deadly Game
IO 03/30/05 Maze Favoured For New NI Sports Stadium
SM 03/30/05 BBC Accused Of Racial Bias By Targeting Celt Job

03/30/05 – UVF Blamed for McCord Death Threat
BT 03/30/05 UVF Blamed For McCord Death Threat
IO 03/30/05 UDA Ousts Leader
BT 03/30/05 Holy Cross Kids Facing Site Eviction
DI 03/30/05 Strengthen Hand Of Sinn Féin’
BT 03/30/05 Conference To Probe North-South Bodies
BT 03/30/05 Petrol Bomb Thrown At PSNI
BT 03/30/05 Terrified Show Kids Caught In Riot Hell
BT 03/30/05 A Mother's Struggle Over A Death Wall Of Silence
SP 03/30/05 Everyone Loves A Parade? Tell That To The Organizers
BB 03/30/05 Film Explores Bonfire Comradeship

03/29/05 – Kelly: Next 6 Weeks Crucial For Peace Process
SF 03/29/05 Kelly:Next 6 Wks Crucial For SF & Peace Process
SF 03/29/05 Anger Following Racist Attack In S Belfast
BT 03/29/05 Man Still Quizzed Over City Murder
BT 03/29/05 SF 'Up To Neck In Murder Cover-Up'
GU 03/29/05 Bloody Sunday: Fourteen Million Words Later
PT 03/28/05 God's Imperialists
IT 03/30/05 Race to get 'Dunbrody' ready for Tall Ships
IT 03/30/05 Catholics Back In Galway Church After 300 Years

03/29/05 –
Adams Risks US Ban After Kenney Attack
II 03/29/05 Adams Runs Risk Of US Ban After Kennedy Attack
DI 03/??/05
Danny Morrison: He Without Blame Cast The 1st Stone
DI 03/29/05
Opin: Take Five - What Price Peace?

03/29/05 – Catholic Woman Attacked by Intruder
BT 03/29/05 Catholic Woman Attacked By Intruder
IO 03/29/05 Asian Man Targeted In Loyalist Racist Attack
BT 03/29/05 Family Shocked At Knife Murder
BB 03/29/05 Omagh Father Hits Out At Adams
DJ 03/29/05 IRA Must Reveal Results Of Internal Probe
DJ 03/29/05 Policing Acit Test For Provos – 32 County Sovereignty
DJ 03/29/05 'Don't Buy From Travellers' Colr. Warns
BT 03/29/05 One Year On, Irish Smoking Ban Hailed A Success
BT 03/29/05 Will We Or Won't We? Smoke Ban Verdict Near
IO 03/29/05 High Prices More Detrimental To Pubs Than Smoking Ban

03/28/05 – SF Set To Face Difficult Decisions
IT 03/29/05 SF Set To Face Difficult Decisions - Ó Caoláin
DI 03/28/05 Pro-Loyalist Bail Bias Claim
DI 03/28/05 Adams Accuses Irish Govt of Incompetence
BT 03/28/05 Boys' Parades Mark Start Of March Season –V
IT 03/29/05
IRA Buying Property With Bank Raid Money
SM 03/28/05 McCartney Appeal May Fund Civil Action
BB 03/28/05 Dissidents Blamed For Firebombs
UT 03/28/05 Arrest After Fatal Belfast Stabbing
IT 03/29/05 Father And Son Drown In Clare Quarry Tragedy
IT 03/29/05 Project Proposed For Redundant IRA Men
IT 03/29/05 €10m Worth Of Assets Seized Or Frozen By Agency
IT 03/29/05 1916 Rising Divisions Not Evident, Says Ó Cuív
DI 03/28/05 Ex-PM Legacy Not So Sunny
IT 03/29/05 Unionist Saved IRA Leader From Firing Squad

03/28/05 – SF: Republicans Stronger Than Ever
BT 03/28/05 Sinn Fein: Republicans Stronger Than Ever
SF 03/28/05 Extracts of Deputy Ó Caoláin's address
BB 03/28/05 Parade 'Passes Without Incident'
BT 03/28/05 Viewpoint: Watershed Moment For Republicans
IO 03/28/05 Man Held Over Stab Death
IO 03/28/05 Incendiary Device Sparks New Alert
BT 03/28/05 Brian Walker Examines Impact of PM Callaghan

03/27/05 – Adams Brands Killers As Cowards
IT 03/28/05 Adams Brands Killers As Cowardly Individuals –V
IT 03/28/05
McGuinness: 'Pandering' To Unionists Criticised
IC 03/27/05 How Are Cops Going To Investigate 31-Year-Old Murder?
IC 03/27/05 SF Hartley Speaks Of His Decision To Quit Board
SM 03/27/05 SDLP: IRA 'Main Obstacle To United Ireland'
SM 03/27/05 SDLP Urged To Support Sinn Fein-Free Coalition
IT 03/28/05 O'Connor Stripped Of Gold Medal At Hearing In Zurich
IT 03/28/05 Irish-American Family Reunited In Tipperary After Holiday Mix-Up
IT 03/28/05 31 People Taken To Hospital After Bus Overturns In Laois
IT 03/28/05 Ken Loach Looking For Irish Actors
IT 03/28/05 Road Signs Go Irish In Gaeltacht

03/27/05 – Irish Govt Fears Blair May Limit Inquiry
BT 03/27/05 Irish Govt Fears Blair May Limit Finucane Inquiry
SF 03/27/05 Adams: Republicans Will Continue To Act For Change
SF 03/27/05 McGuinness - The Process Will Succeed
SM 03/27/05 Shooting Offer Was Mistake - McGuinness
MH 03/27/05 Opin: Shine A Spotlight On IRA Criminals
RT 03/27/05 Adams Responds To Call For Boycott
SL 03/27/05 Adams Urged To Make Omagh Bombers Appeal
SL 03/27/05 Shourki's away fixture with city crimelords
SL 03/27/05 Alleged Loyalist Drugs Baron Was To 'Retire'
SL 03/27/05 Another Loyalist Drugs Kingpin Has Cash Seized
SL 03/27/05 Wright Seeks No10 Minutes
SL 03/27/05 Ex Cops Told To Arm Themselves
BG 03/27/05 On Centennial, SF Weighs Cost Of IRA Violence
TO 03/27/05 Opin: Code Of Dishonour Trumps Calls For Truth
SB 03/27/05 Probe Into IRA Laundering Draws A Blank
SB 03/27/05 SDLP & Sinn Fein Prepare For Westminster Battle
TO 03/27/05 Trimble Plots Election Pact To Defeat Sinn Fein
TO 03/27/05 McCartneys Plan Election Poster Campaign
SL 03/27/05 McCartneys May Go For Omagh-Style Civil Action
SL 03/27/05 Movie Offers For McCartney Family
SB 03/27/05 McDowell Shows Human Side
SB 03/27/05 Opin: Hard To Understand McDowell's Mindset
SL 03/27/05 Former Premier Lord Callaghan Dies Aged 92 –V
BB 03/27/05
Tributes Paid To Lord Callaghan
SL 03/27/05 Car Magnate Paid Off IRA
GU 03/27/05 Comment: Fortnight Mag - A Puzzling Betrayal
SL 03/27/05 Life of IRA Spy Brought to book
SL 03/27/05 Film: Men Behind The Wire

03/26/05 – Adams: Don’t Down-Grade Equality Commission
SF 03/26/05 Adams: Brits To Down-Grade of Equality Commission
BB 03/26/05 SDLP Considers Tactical Sidestep
BT 03/26/05 American Indians: When Mister Big Pond Came To Derry
BB 03/26/05 Two Remanded On Extortion Charges
IO 03/26/05 'Border Fox' Given Temporary Release
BB 03/26/05 Teenage Boy Is Stabbed On Falls Road
BT 03/26/05 Bonfire: What It Means To One Loyalist Estate
IO 03/26/05 Sectarianism 'Being Driven Out Of International Soccer'
SF 03/26/05 McGuinness Addresses Easter Commemoration
BB 03/26/05 Belfast: Postcards Take Trip Into The Past
FT 03/26/05 Rev: Danny Morrison’s “The Wrong Man”

03/26/05 – Irish Uprising Show – Sat, 03/26/05 – 6-7:30 PM

03/26/05 –
New Plastic Bullet Plan Unjustified
BT 03/25/05 New plastic bullet plan 'unjustified'
IT 03/26/05 Use of new plastic bullet agreed in North
IO 03/25/05 McDonald Denies Short Strand 'Culture Of Fear'
EX 03/25/05 IRA Monument In Northern Town Pulled Down By Vandals
EX 03/25/05 O’Dea Calls For Boycott Of Sinn Féin’s Easter Events
LO 03/25/05 Sinn Féin Members Apologise After Manorhamilton 'Incident'
BB 03/25/05 Police To Transfer From Army Base
PB 03/25/05 Easter Reconciliation In Northern Ireland –V
IM 03/25/05
McCann Speaks On Republicanism
DJ 03/25/05 Josef Locke Sculpture Unveiled

03/25/05 – Bulgarian Probe Finds No IRA Cash Laundering
BN 03/02/05 Bulgarian Probe Finds No Trace Of IRA Cash Laundering
PD 03/25/05 Man Of Peace Says His PieceMan Of Peace Says His Piece
SF 03/25/05 BBC Challenged Over Attitude To Easter Lily
SF 03/25/05 SDLP Accused Over Plastic Bullet Move
IO 03/25/05 McGlone To Fight McGuinness For Seat
IO 03/25/05 McCartneys Say IRA Has Readmitted Murder Suspect
BT 03/25/05 Arms Cache Haul Linked To Dissidents
UT 03/25/05 227 Jobs To Go At Shelbourne
HC 03/25/05 Luckily, Folk-Song Expert's Career Is A Long Time Passing

03/24/05 – Inquiry To Check Army Links In Killing of Solicitors
GU 03/24/05 Inquiry To Check Army Links In Killing Of Ulster Solicitor
SF 03/24/05 Sinn Féin Launch Easter Lily Campaign
PW 03/24/05 Sinn Fein Leader Meets With NYC Transit Workers
ZW 03/24/05 A Couple Of Irish Titles In The Wake Of St. Patrick's Day
IT 03/25/05 Ó Cuív Rejects Claims Irish Language Is Dying
IT 03/25/05 Death Of Fiddler Sean McGuire

03/24/05 –
Secrecy Bill Set To Be Rushed Through
BT 03/24/05 Secrecy Bill Set To Be Rushed Through
BB 03/24/05 'Drugs Link' Man Is Ex-RUC Man
BB 03/24/05 Board Is Backing New Baton Round
BT 03/24/05 Nelson Inquiry To Have New Powers
BT 03/24/05 Plea For Trouble-Free Easter Parade
IO 03/24/05 Easter Rising Garrison Plaque Unveiled
DI 03/24/05 Family Of Hit-And-Run Victim Accuses Sinn Féin
BT 03/24/05 UVF Murder Appeal - One Year On
BT 03/24/05 Adams To Give Easter Rising Oration
BT 03/24/05 Belfast Student Dies In US Ski Accident
BB 03/24/05 Arms And Security Data Recovered
UT 03/24/05 Soccer: Police Operation For Eng V NI Game
BB 03/24/05 Resignations Over Education Cuts
BT 03/24/05 Historic Cup Dating Back To 1790 To Go Under Hammer
JN 03/24/05 Party Honors Historic Past
NP 03/24/05 “No Irish Need Apply”: A Myth Of Victimization By Richard Jensen

Hearts And Minds -VO
Architect David Grant -VO

03/24/05 - Seizure of Loyalist's Assets Biggest Haul Yet
BT 03/24/05 Assets Agency In Biggest Haul Yet
BB 03/24/05 McCartneys Will Not Stand In Poll
BT 03/24/05 Shopping Goes On: Junction Outlet To Open Over Twelfth
NH 03/24/05 Electorate To Become More Polarised
BT 03/24/05 Sinn Fein's $760,000 From US Backers
SF 03/24/05 TD & MLA Call For All-Ireland Anti-Racist Initiatives

03/23/05 – Former RUC Man Stands For Sinn Fein
IO 03/23/05 Former RUC Man To Stand For Sinn Féin
IT 03/24/05 DUP To Press For Excluding SF From Government
SW 03/23/05 Eamonn McCann on: What’s next in Northern Ireland?
IO 03/23/05 Sinn Féin Embroiled In New Row Over Man's Death
IT 03/24/05 Ahern Criticises Dearth Of Evidence
BB 03/23/05 More Resign Over Education Cuts
BT 03/23/05 Mayors Not To Stand In Poll
BT 03/23/05 Hume Bows Out Of Commons
BT 03/23/05 City Name Storm For Court
IT 03/24/05 SF Got $760,00 From US Supporters In 2004
DI 03/23/05 Fake £10 Notes Flood The North
DI 03/23/04 Father Calls For Inquest
IT 03/24/05 Pub With No Beer: Work Halted On 'Quiet Man' Bar Transformation

NW 03/23/05
Nationwide visits the Mind, Body, Spirit Exhibition

03/23/05 – Finucane Cover-Up Intolerable
IN 03/22/05 Finucane Cover-Up Act Creates Intolerable Situation
BT 03/23/05 Ten Rights Bodies Slam Probes Bill
BT 03/23/05 Easter Parade Leads To Fears Of Violence
NL 03/23/05 Plans To Cancel Republican Parade
SM 03/23/05 Minister Demands Republican Co-Operation Over Inquiry
IO 03/23/05 SDLP Man's Travel Agency Helped Arrange McCartneys’ US Visit
BT 03/23/05 DUP 'Regained Ground'
IO 03/23/05 Paisley Sceptical About IRA Willingness To End Criminality
BT 03/23/05 80% Of Catholic Applicants Join PSNI
UT 03/23/05 50/50 'Discriminatory' But Staying
BT 03/23/05 Gardai Warned Against Serving In Ulster
BT 03/23/05 Fury At Education Cutbacks
BT 03/23/05 The Tale Of Two Mayors
BT 03/23/05 Flu Bug: 36,000 May Die

03/22/05 –
Inquiries Bill: The Wrong Answer
AA 03/22/05
The Inquiries Bill: The Wrong Answer
IT 03/23/05
IRA Has 'Tried To Assist' McCartney Family
IT 03/23/05
Full Text Of The IRA Statement
IT 03/23/05
Belfast Accord 'Must Be Made To Work'
IT 03/23/05
Sinn Féin Selects Candidate For Belfast Council Seat
IO 03/22/05
Garda Sergeants Back Irish Language Requirement
IT 03/23/05
Study Finds 'Homogeneity In Cultures'
IT 03/23/05
Stark Division Over United Ireland
IT 03/23/05
Religions Differ Over Effects Of Belfast Agreement
IT 03/23/05
Survey Finds Irish Have Most In Common With UK
IT 03/23/05
'Unique Bond' Exists Between Britain And Ireland, Writes Blair
SM 03/22/05
Inquiry Call Over Murder Of Special Branch Duo
DJ 03/22/05
Derry's Name Row Heads To High Court
BT 03/22/05
Victim's Family Demand Adams Meeting
TE 03/22/05
Dominic Cavendish Reviews The Wrong Man At Pleasance, London
LD 03/22/05
Irish Channel To Launch On Cable And Satellite In U.S.

03/22/05 –
Human Rights Groups Slam British Public Inquiries
IO 03/22/05
Rights Groups Slam British Restrictions On Public Inquiries
BT 03/22/05
Garda Still To Link Cash To Ulster Raid
SF 03/22/05
Green Paper On Irish Unity Is Relevant & Long Overdue
BT 03/22/05
Fresh Material For McCartney Probe
BT 03/22/05
Council To Take Name Issue To Court
GT 03/22/05
Murder Hunt After Attack Outside Of AOH Club
UT 03/22/05
Administration Plans Unveiled For NI
SF 03/22/05
Local Govnt Change Must Be Based On Equality Checks & Balances
SF 03/22/05
Eamon Mac Thomais Book Relaunched For Rising Anniversary

03/21/05 –
Loyalists Lured PSNI Into Riot
IO 03/21/05
Loyalist Mob Lured PSNI Into Riot, Claims MP
BB 03/21/05
Seized Cash 'Linked To Bank Raid'
IT 03/22/05
IRA Has Echoes Of Nazi Brown Shirts, Says McDowell
IT 03/22/05
SF Urged To Press IRA Garda Killers To Surrender –V(2)
IO 03/21/05
McCartney Murder: Four Statements To Ombudsman
IT 03/22/05
McCartney Sisters Pass On Threatening Letter To PSNI
UT 03/21/05
SPED Scheme Costs Plunge
IT 03/22/05
Ahern Compares SF Plan To 'Snake-Oil Salesman'
IT 03/22/05
SDLP Document: Key Proposals SDLP Unity Document –V
IT 03/22/05
Connemara Events To Raise Funds For Lifeboat Station

QA 03/21/05
Are the IRA's days numbered? -VO

03/21/05 –
SDLP Set Out Unity Proposal
BT 03/21/05
SDLP Set Out Unity Proposals
SF 03/21/05
Do SDLP Proposals Mark Shift From Post Nationalism?
SM 03/21/05
Police Attacked, Cars Torched In Loyalist Rampage
BT 03/21/05
Residents Living In Fear As Trouble Flares
CT 03/21/05
IRA Still Needed, Say Some N. Ireland Catholics
UT 03/21/05
McCartney Sisters Accuse SF
BT 03/21/05
Viewpoint: DeLorean Debacle Still Relevant Today
WS 03/21/05
McCartney Murder Used To Increase Pressure On IRA To Disband
UT 03/21/05
Boy's Last Words Before Drowning
CH 03/21/05
BC's Irish Film Series Brings Culture To The Big Screen

03/20/05 –
Finucane May Cause Anglo-Irish Rift
BB 03/20/05
Finucane 'May Cause Anglo-Irish Rift'
EX 03/20/05
Opin: McCartneys Fail To Capture American Media
VN 03/20/05
Irish Nationalist Leader Downplays White House Snub –A
BB 03/20/05
Shamed US Car Maker Delorean Dies
GU 03/20/05
Comment: We Have Been Here Before
TN 03/20/05
Composer Says Celtic Fans Should Feel Free To Sing Songs
JC 03/20/05
Riverdance Kicks Off Tour
IT 03/21/05
Taking The Floor In Olympics Of Irish Dance

03/20/05 –
Sisters Back In Belfast
IO 03/20/05
Sisters Arrive Back To Carry On Fight For Justice
SB 03/20/05
Why Kennedy Snubbed Adams
NP 03/20/05
McCartney: 'We Will Have Justice'
UT 03/20/05
Dissident Republican Threat
SB 03/20/05
Opin: Vincent Brown- Disbandment Only Option For IRA
SB 03/20/05
Opin: Tom McGurk- Decision Time For SF
BB 03/20/05
St Patrick's Day Message Of Peace
SL 03/20/05
UUP Row Over Fraud Charge Councillor
SB 03/20/05
Photo Of Tied-Up Family Used In Raid
SL 03/20/05
P O'Neill Whacked

03/19/05 –
The Cory Collusion Inquiry Reports
HR 03/19/05
Hearing: N Ireland Human Rights: The Cory Collusion Inquiry Reports –V
IR 03/19/05
After St. Patrick’s Day, Where Goes The Irish Peace-Process?
IN 03/19/05
America Loved Them- What Awaits McCartneys In Belfast?
TO 03/20/05 Opin:
Raw Truth Of Hunger Strike Fights Its Way Past Myths
TO 03/20/05 Opin:
Gerry Adams Is Brought To Book By The Lyrics Of Kenny Rogers
SH 03/20/05
Ed Moloney: The Death Of The IRA

03/19/05 – Rep Smith In Finucane Inquiries Appeal
BB 03/19/05
Rep Chris Smith In Finucane Inquiries Appeal
PD 03/19/05
'Peace Is Very Threatening,'Sinn Fein Head Says At JCU
BT 03/19/05
Derry Mayor Denies Snubbing The PSNI
IC 03/19/05
MLA Attacked At Bonfire Site
IO 03/19/05
Sinn Féin Supporters Protest In Dublin -V
BT 03/19/05
List Of Shame
BB 03/19/05
Family Targeted In Petrol Bombing
BT 03/19/05
Belfast Dad Was Victim Of Murder, Says Family
BT 03/19/05
US Meetings Have Bolstered McCartneys' Determination
DM 03/19/05
We Failed One Brother. We Will Not Fail Another
BT 03/19/05
Statue Tribute To Tenor Locke
IO 03/19/05
Legendary Irish Horseman Eddie Boylan Dies

RT 03/19/05
McCartney Family Visit -V
RE 03/19/05
Senate Motion To Condemn McCartney Killing -V

03/19/05 – Court Rejects Nelson Murder Bid
IO 03/18/05 Court Rejects Bid To See Files On Nelson's Murder
BG 03/19/05 Finucanes - 2d Belfast Family Seeks Justice
WT 03/18/05 Congressional Hearing On Finucane Slaying
IT 03/19/05 US Senate Resolution Condemns IRA Activities
WT 03/18/05 Analysis: Irish War Could Revive If IRA Disbands
BJ 03/18/05 Sinn Fein Leader Cheered
CT 03/18/05 Gerry Adams Puts Positive Spin On Snub By Bush
AF 03/18/05 Irish PM Hopes For Substantial Talks With Sinn Fein On N Ireland
NN 03/18/05 Sinn Fein Leader Gerry Adams Ends U.S. Swing At John Carroll
IT 03/19/05 SF Reputation Seriously Dented In US
WT 03/18/05 Alarm Over Use Of Control Orders On IRA
IT 03/19/05 Irish Could Be Minority Ethnic Group Here By 2050 – Professor
IT 03/19/05 SDLP Leader Warns Of Orchestrated Violence
BB 03/18/05 Pact Proposal Talks 'Break Down'
4N 03/18/05 Woman Sexually Assaulted In North Belfast
BB 03/18/05 SF Man's Son Jailed Over Robbery
VI 03/18/05 Acclaimed Poet Shares Irish Imagination
WF 03/18/05 A Moon For The Misbegotten At Triad Stage
NJ 03/18/05 Stained-Glass Windows Put Irish In A Good Light
HC 03/19/05 Shake-Up Planned At KPFT

NW 03/18/05 Longford-Born Showjumping Legend –VO
NW 03/18/05 Declan Nerney - Irish Country Music Star –VO
NW 03/18/05 Furniture Restoration Enterprise –VO

03/19/05 – Murder Probe: UVF Man A Police Agent
BT 03/17/05 O'Loan Team Probe Killing - UVF Man 'A Police Agent'
NL 03/17/05 UDA Statement On Death
BT 03/17/05 Family Of Dead Rioter May Meet Army Driver
GA 03/17/05 Gay Group Sidelined At NYC St Pat's Parade
ND 03/16/05 Firefighters May Back Out Of Parade
DN 03/17/05 Irish Peace Activists Protest U.S. Use Of Shannon Airport In Iraq War –V
WH 03/17/05 President Welcomes Irish Prime Minister Ahern For St. Patrick's Day
TE 03/15/05 Ireland's Siege Mentality
NP 03/17/05 Irish Immigrant Database Goes Online –A

CS 03/16/05 British House of Commons Prime Minister's Questions –VO
NP 03/17/05 Irish Pubs Go Global –AO
NP 03/17/05 Lúnasa: New Sounds In Celtic Music –AO
NP 03/17/05 The Chieftains CD: Live From Dublin –AO
NP 03/17/05 Black 47 CD: Elvis Murphy's Green Suede Shoes –AO

03/18/05 – Bush To Press Blair on Finucane Inquiry
BT 03/18/05 Bush To Press PM On Finucane Inquiry Legislation
BT 03/18/05 SF And Orde In War Of Words
DJ 03/18/05 Opin: PSNI Sincerity Questioned
ND 03/18/05 Questions For Sinn Fein Chief
SM 03/18/05 Peace Process 'Ball In Sinn Fein's Court'
BT 03/18/05 Murphy 'Pondering Control Orders'
UT 03/18/05 ARA Case Against Loyalist Portadown Duo
DJ 03/18/05 SF Need To Hear Voice Of Irish America – Durkan
DJ 03/18/05 McGuinness Warning Was 'Veiled Threat' - US Senator, John McCain
BT 03/18/05 McCartneys In Pledge To Extend Campaign
DJ 03/18/05 Derry Man's Death To Be Investigated By New Team
DJ 03/18/05 Focus On Lowry's Lane Issues
DJ 03/18/05 Derry Leads The Way
BT 03/18/05 Should The Soldier's Song Get Its Marching Orders?

03/17/05 – Adams Confident SF & DUP Will Share Power
IT 03/18/05 Adams Confident SF And DUP Will Yet Share Power
IT 03/18/05 SF Risks US Exclusion Unless IRA Disbands, Says Ahern
IT 03/18/05 Bush Pays Tribute To Bravery Of McCartney Family
WH 03/17/05 White House Press Briefing
AP 03/17/05 Gerry Adams Restates Commitment To Peace
UT 03/18/05 Sun Shone The Right Way On Dublin Parade

03/17/05 - Cory Criticises Finucane Inquiry Plans
BB 03/17/05 Finucane Inquiry Plans Criticised
SF 03/17/05 Gerry Adams Holds Talks With Taoiseach In Washington DC
BT 03/17/05 Taoiseach To Raise Finucane Case With President -V(2)
BT 03/17/05 Ard Fheis Speech 'Partly Incorrect'
BT 03/17/05 Councillor Who Took Stand Against UDA Set To Quit
BB 03/17/05 Family Encouraged By Bush Talks
SM 03/17/05 Bush Praises Irish Premier
IO 03/17/05 SF Will Not Allow 'Rogue Elements To Criminalise Struggle'
BT 03/17/05 Senator In Blistering Attack On Sinn Fein
BT 03/17/05 Adams 'Must Tell The IRA To Disband'
WT 03/17/05 Control Orders Could Be Used On IRA
BT 03/17/05 Police Chief Hits Back At SF Over McCartney Probe
ZW 03/17/05 Ex-Belfast Mayor To Address Sons
FF 03/17/05 Films About The Irish Republican Movement

RT 03/17/05 The Best Of Today's Parades -V(3)

03/16/05 – Human Rights 1st Oppposes Inquiry Bill
HR 03/16/05 Human Rights 1st Opposes Inquiry Bill
IO 03/16/05 Transparency Urged In Finucane Inquiry
IT 03/17/05 Ahern Urges Irish-Americans To Stay Loyal -A
BB 03/16/05 McCartneys Prepare To Meet Bush
IT 03/17/05 Politicians Harden Demands On IRA To Disband
GU 03/17/05 Kennedy Backs Sisters & Accuses SF Of Cover-Up -V
SF 03/16/05 Sntr's Remarks Unhelpful To Re-Build The Peace Process
SF 03/16/05 Adams - Dialogue Is The Key To Progress
IC 03/16/05 Bridgeen Speaks Of Life Without Robert -A
IT 03/17/05 IRA Linked To British Gangs In Smuggling Racket
IT 03/17/05 North Quay Extension To Liffey Boardwalk Opens
BB 03/16/05 St Patrick's Day For New Ireland
IT 03/17/05 Case Brought By McCabe Killers Adjourned
EX 03/16/05 Loyalist Victim's Father Criticises Unionist MPs
IT 03/17/05 Parade In Dublin To Break With Tradition

NP 03/15/05 Future Of The IRA – AO

03/16/05 – Mallon Urges Full Finucane Inquiry
BT 03/16/05 Mallon Urges Full Finucane Inquiry
NY 03/16/05 Opin - Peter King: The War Is Over
SF 03/16/05 Adams - Dialogue Is The Key To Progress
SM 03/16/05 Unionists 'Are Hypocrites Over McCartney's Death'
PH 03/16/05 Gerry Adams Gets Warm Welcome, Liberty Bell Model
BT 03/16/05 Irish America Is Shedding Its Green-Tinted Spectacles
BT 03/16/05 Judge Solely On Merit . . .
HC 03/16/05 The Latest 'Irish Question' Finds Way To White House
SM 03/16/05 Republicans Must Reject Criminality To Join Government
BT 03/16/05 Derry Family Claim Killer Linked To IRA
TF 03/16/05 Toronto Mayor Attended "Sinn Fein Canada" Dinner
BT 03/16/05 Viewpoint: The Crime Culture Behind Statistics
BT 03/16/05 Almost 4,000 Children Are Now Learning Through Irish
BT 03/16/05 Province Gets Set For Big St Pat's Party

03/16/05 – Adams Turns to His Old Friends
IN 03/16/05 Adams Turns To His Old Friends In New York
IT 03/16/05 No Fundraising As Adams Meets US Supporters
IN 03/16/05 Niall O'Dowd: Irish-Americans Still Bank On Sinn Fein Leader
IT 03/16/05 Police Deny SF Claim Over Key Suspect
IT 03/16/05 McCartney Death To Dominate Irish Meetings In US –V(3)
BB 03/15/05 Has Gerry Lost Support In The US?
TO 03/15/05 How Murky Finances Keep Sinn Fein Afloat
NE 03/15/05 Irish Prime Minister Visits Syracuse –V
SM 03/15/05 Grieving Sisters Vow To Destroy 'Romantic' IRA Image
GU 03/15/05 Comment: After McCartney
WH 03/15/05 Press Briefing By Scott McClellan
IT 03/16/05 Chinese National Killed In Belfast
BB 03/16/05 On March 16, 1988: Three Shot Dead At Milltown Cemetery –V
IT 03/16/05 Drugs To Halt Alzheimer's Disease On The Way

BB 03/15/05 McGuinness on BBC Radio –AO

03/15/05 – Saville Blasts Finucane Probe Rules
BT 03/15/05 Lord Saville Blasts Finucane Probe Rules
ND 03/15/05 Peter King Set To Meet With Gerry Adams
BT 03/15/05 We're Under Pressure: Adams
US 03/15/05 U.S. State Department Briefing On Sinn Fein
SF 03/15/05 McGuinness Challenges Orde Over McCartney Investigation
IO 03/15/05 SF Man Not Contacted For Statement On McCartney Murder
NL 03/15/05 Police To Quiz McCartney Suspect At A Later Date
BT 03/15/05 McCartneys Fly To US As Sinn Fein Ups Ante
BB 03/15/05 McCartneys Reject Sinn Fein Claim
BT 03/15/05 Knife Attacks Now Three Every Day In Ulster
DJ 03/15/05 Republicans Have Damaged Irish Influence In US - Durkan
BT 03/15/05 Sinn Fein Trying To Dodge Flak, Says DUP
SM 03/15/05 Angry US Piles More Blame On Sinn Fein
NP 03/15/05 Opin: The Irrelevance Of The IRA
IS 03/15/05 Irish PM Connects Dublin Heist To Paramilitaries
TA 03/16/05 Dublin Kidnap Robbery 'Has IRA Stamp'
BT 03/15/05 IRA Smugglers Among World's Best, Claims Minister
DJ 03/15/05 Foyle Bridge Accident: Proper Procedures Were Followed
BT 03/15/05 Preview Of New Derry Museum

03/15/05 – How UVF Brought Wars to Edinburgh
DR 03/15/05 Crime Capital: How UVF Brought The Wars To Edinburgh
SF 03/14/05 PSNI Accused Of Manipulating McCartney Investigation
IO 03/14/05 'Stay Out Of Politics,' McGuinness Warns
EX 03/14/05 Sisters To Meet Hillary Clinton In Washington
IO 03/14/05 Second SF Candidate Denies Seeing McCartney Brawl
NY 03/14/05 SF President, In New York, Plays Down White House Snub
BB 03/14/05 US Snubs 'Send SF Vital Message'-V
TO 03/14/05 Sinn Fein Hit By $1m US Ban
WS 03/14/05 Rep. Walsh Calls For End Of IRA
SF 03/14/05 Council Hosts Reception For Families Of Collusion Victims
IT 03/15/05 Expert On Passage Graves Concerned About Emissions
KH 03/14/05 Centennial Celebration For Man Who Kept Houston Out Of Civil War

NW 03/14/05 Greyhound Racing In Galway - VO

03/14/05 - Cory Criticises Limited Finucane Inquiry
IT 03/14/05 Attempt To Limit Finucane Inquiry Criticised
IT 03/14/05 SF Increase Share In 'Critical' Poll
IT 03/14/05 McCabe Killing: Text Of Statement By Prisoners -V(2)
IT 03/14/05 Release Of McCabe Killers No Longer Part Of Deal - SF
IT 03/14/05 SF Members Give Statements On Murder
IT 03/14/05 McCabe Family Say Apology By Killers Is 'Disingenuous'
IT 03/14/05 Congressman King Urges IRA To Disband
UT 03/13/05 Adams Denounces McCartney Murder
IT 03/14/05 Alliance Calls For Devolution To Be Restored
SB 03/13/05 Money Laundering Suspect Burned Stg£1.5m, Say Gardai
SB 03/13/05 Sinn Fein Faces Split In Irish America
BB 03/13/05 Loyalist 'Link' May Hamper Probe
SB 03/13/05 Opin: IRA Insanity Hasn't Gone Away, You Know
IT 03/14/05 Bishops Highlights Plight Of Illegal Irish Living In US
IT 03/14/05 Ballymun Tower Reduced To Rubble - In Five Seconds
IT 03/14/05 Price Of A Pint

NP 03/13/05 Irish Politics: Sinn Fein And The IRA - VO
NP 03/13/05 Music - 'Bells Of Ireland' –VO
NP 03/13/05 Seeing Rare 'Beauty' In The World –VO
NP 03/13/99 John O'Donohue: 'Eternal Echoes' -VO

03/13/05 – Sinn Fein’s Vote Increases
BB 03/13/05 Sinn Fein's Vote Increases By 3%
BB 03/13/05 Will Events Affect SF's Fortunes?
EN 03/13/05 Sinn Fein's Adams: Put Us Back On Peace Train
NP 03/13/05 Family Of Murder Victim Spurns IRA Offer –A
TO 03/13/05 Satellite Reveals Hideout Deep In The Jungle Used By IRA Fugitives
TE 03/13/05 Sinn Fein's Fitness For Government Questioned
ST 03/13/05 Opin: These Irish Eyes Are Smiling At White House Snub Of IRA
TU 03/13/05 For A Day, Saint Is Toast Of Town
NP 03/13/05 Stories By The Fire: Frank Delaney's 'Ireland' –A

03/12/05 – Loyalists Accused Over Murder
UT 03/12/05 Loyalist Paramilitaries Accused Over Murder
WT 03/12/05 Sinn Fein Leader Begins U-S Tour In Cincinnati
BH 03/13/05 IRA Atrocity Triggers Teddy's St. Pat's Snub
WP 03/13/05 Maybe Shame Will Disarm The IRA
AB 03/13/05 Sinn Fein's Adams Says IRA May Cease To Exist
BB 03/12/05 McCartneys Appeal To SF 'Witness'
IO 03/12/05 McGuinness Refuses To Comment On Groogan Revelation
BB 03/12/05 For The Love Of Robert
TO 03/12/05 Focus: Laundering Probe
TO 03/12/05 Focus: Republicans Feel Tide
TO 03/12/05 Focus: Turn On Every Front
MS 03/12/05 Fall From Grace
TO 03/12/05 Set To Take On Ahern In Dublin
TE 03/12/05 I'll Never Deal With Adams Again, Says Bush
IO 03/12/05 Royal Win For McEntee In By-Election

03/12/05 – SF Increases Vote in By-Elections
RT 03/12/05 Sinn Fein Shrugs Off Crime Charges In Vote
BB 03/09/05 Finucane Inquest 'Must Be Public'
IO 03/12/05 Loyalist Paramilitaries Accused Of Link To Dorrian Disappearance
BT 03/12/05 'UVF Top Boy' Rules By Intimidation In Loyalist Area, Court Is Told
IO 03/12/05 De Chastelain Meets UDA Representatives
BT 03/12/05 'Adair Pal' Fails In Home Snub Appeal
BT 03/12/05 Orange Order To Split From UUP
BT 03/12/05 Petrol Bomb Attack On Republic Of Ireland Lorry
BT 03/12/05 Opin: Are We On The Verge Of A New Political Ice Age?
BT 03/12/05 Opin: IRA Will Remain A Significant Player On The Political Landscape
IO 03/12/05 Inquiry Into RUC Officers’ Murder To Be Established Soon
BT 03/12/05 Disown The Provos, Ford Tells Sinn Fein
NY 03/12/05 Editorial: The Bullies Of Belfast
SM 03/12/05 The Sisters Who Took On The IRA And Won
IO 03/12/05 Sinn Féin Candidate In McCartney Murder Bar
BT 03/12/05 Republicanism Is Shaken To Its Roots By Sisters' Protest
GU 03/12/05 'We Are Not Afraid'
BT 03/12/05 IRA Urged To Act On 2001 Murder
BT 03/12/05 SF Silent As Family Call For Meeting
BT 03/12/05 DUP Man In Pledge To Residents
BT 03/12/05 Police May Move Illegal Travellers On
BT 03/12/05 Rotarians Make It 100 Not Out
HH 03/12/05 Ex-IRA Man (Danny Morrison) Stages A Troubling Story

03/12/05 – Brits Resist Public Finucane Inquiry
IT 03/12/05 Britain Resists Public Finucane Inquiry
IT 03/12/05 Adams Faces Task In US Of Restoring Faith In SF
SF 03/11/05 Adams - Re-Building The Peace Process Must Begin Now
NY 03/11/05 Sinn Fein Leader To Seek Support In U.S.
TO 03/11/05 Now The IRA Wall Of Silence Begins To Crumble
DJ 03/11/05 A Tale Of Two Inquiries
DJ 03/11/05 British Discriminating Against Those Who Vote Sinn Fein – Mclaughlin
DJ 03/11/05 Durkan Meets Garda McCabe's Widow
DJ 03/11/05 'Arrogant' IRA Indulged For Far Too Long – Durkan
UT 03/11/05 Loyalists Deny Threat To Worker
IT 03/12/05 Opin: Tim Pat Coogan: IRA Must Accept That The War Is Over
BH 03/11/05 IRA's Time Has Come, Gone
IT 03/12/05 Opin: Realism Of A Very High Order Needed On North
IT 03/12/05 Alliance Against McDowell Plan Formed
DJ 03/12/05 Museum Of Free Derry
ND 03/11/05 Country's Head Hibernian To March In Today's Parade

NW 03/11/05 Cheltenham Festival Preview –VO
NW 03/11/05 Search For A 'Song For Carlow' -VO

03/11/05 - Flanigan Kidnapper Held In US Base
BT 03/11/05 Flanigan Kidnapper Now Held In US Base
BT 03/11/05 Union Urges Loyalists To Lift Threat
SM 03/11/05 Alert As Northern Bank Swaps Cash
BT 03/11/05 Sinn Fein Motion Causes Council Row
BT 03/11/05 Poll Results: What Ulster Thinks Now
BT 03/11/05 Cash Windfall For Irish Language Day Centre
BT 03/11/05 Schoolgirls Off To See Bush
UT 03/11/05 McKevitt Challenge Court Latest
BT 03/11/05 Gay Student Forced From His Home In Londonderry
BT 03/11/05 One Small Step Down Road To Tolerance
NH 03/11/05 James P. Cozzens - RIP
BT 03/11/05 Letter: Demonisation Of Party Is Self-Inflicted

03/11/05 – MPs Remove SF’s Allowances
IT 03/11/05 MPs Back Motion Removing £440,000 Allowances From SF
SF 03/10/05 Decision Was “As Predictable As It Is Undemocratic'
IT 03/11/05 Two SF Men Held Over Pub Threats Claim -V
IT 03/11/05 Nationalists Want IRA To Disband, Survey Finds
IT 03/11/05 Still No Hard Evidence On McCartney
UT 03/10/05 McCartney Family In Fresh Witness Appeal
BT 03/10/05 Trimble Calls Off St Pat's Trip To US
SF 03/10/05 Adams - A Vote For Joe Reilly Is A Vote For Meath
DM 03/10/05 Trial Of Irish Peace Activists Begins In Dublin -V
BB 03/10/05 Job Cuts At Hosiery Firm Expected
IT 03/11/05 Irish Closer To Becoming An Official Language Of EU

PT 03/10/05 Families Voice Anger Over Alleged IRA Killings –VO
PT 03/10/05 McGuinness Defends SF Over Links to IRA Members –VO

03/08/05 – We Don’t Want IRA Vengence
SM 03/08/05 We Don't Want Vengeance From The IRA
IT 03/08/05 McDowell Says IRA Is Living In A Twilight Zone
BB 03/08/05 IRA Shooting Offer 'Unsurprising'

PT 03/08/05 Focus On Irish Language -VO
PT 03/08/05 Gaeltacht Affaires –VO

(Poster’s Note: I will be away from my computer until Thurs night (unless I wake up real early on Wed), so I won’t be posting any news until then. Jay)

03/08/05 – IRA Shooting Killers Unacceptable to SF
IO 03/08/05 IRA Shooting McCartney Killers 'Unacceptable' To SF –V(2)
SM 03/08/05 Outrage At IRA 'We'll Shoot Killers' Offer
SM 03/08/05 IRA's Identity Crisis Over McCartney Murder
NY 03/08/05 I.R.A. Says It Offered To Shoot Killers Of Belfast Man
HS 03/08/05 Bush Turns Back On Sinn Fein
BB 03/08/05 Raid Costing Sinn Fein £120,000
BB 03/08/05 Troubles Murder Review Announced
IO 03/08/05 Ahern Backs Troubles Truth Commission
IO 03/08/05 Adams Won't Attend Capitol Hill Lunch
RT 03/08/05 Govt May Take Case Over 1974 Bombings
BT 03/08/05 Decision Time On Plastic Bullets

03/08/05 - IRA Was Prepared to Shoot Killers

03/08/05 – Agency Can Seize LVF Assets
BB 03/08/05 Agency Can Seize LVF Man's Assets
UT 03/08/05 Tell All About McCartney Murder, Adams Urges
BB 03/08/05 £30m For Unsolved Murders Review
BT 03/08/05 Loyalists Reject Plan For A 'Truth Process'
BG 03/08/05 Congress Shuns Sinn Fein Leader -A
UT 03/08/05 McDowell Criticises Sinn Fein In UL Speech
BT 03/08/05 Viewpoint: Murders Review Is A Welcome Move
BT 03/08/05 MEP Urges McCartney Tribute
SF 03/08/05 International Women's Day: Sinn Féin Backs New Women's Political Caucus
BB 03/08/05 What The Papers Say

03/07/05 SF Protests as PSNI Praised
IT 03/08/05 Sinn Féin Protests As PSNI Praised
BB 03/07/05 BBC Told To Hand Over Raid Tapes
IT 03/08/05 Dublin, London See Signs Of Hope In SF's Words
BB 03/07/05 Key Questions Remain For Sinn Fein
AP 03/07/05 Congress, Like Bush, Avoids Gerry Adams
MY 03/07/05 Adams At John Carroll Univ In University Heights Ohio
BB 03/07/05 McCartney Family Get Bush Invite
BT 03/07/05 Father Slams Unionist Stance
SF 03/07/05 McGuinness: Peace Process Needs A Collective Effort
SF 03/07/05 Adams: Constructive Engagement Is Way To Get A Deal
SF 03/07/05 McDonald: EU Ambassador Abused Position To Attack SF
SF 03/07/05 TD Assaulted By Joyriders
IT 03/08/05 SF TD Compares Ahern To Poodle
UT 03/07/05 Orde Unmoved By SF Protest
BB 03/07/05 Prison Wing Measures Criticised
4N 03/07/05 Family Escape Injury In Gun Attack
IO 03/07/05 Irish Woman: I Suffered Racist Abuse At Fire UK Service
BT 03/07/05 Neeson Hate Mail Lashed
IT 03/07/05 U2 Tour Puts Paid To Rumours Of Bank Job For Bono

QA 03/07/05 Did McCartney’s Sister Appearance Help? –VO
QA 03/07/05 Are We Obsessed with Archaeology? -VO
QA 03/07/05 Does Meath Deserve To Be Rubbbish Capital? -VO
QA 03/07/05 By-Election in Meath –VO
NW 03/07/05 Bird Watching In Skerries -VO

03/06/05 – Curtain Down On SF Conference
UT 03/06/05 Curtain Down On SF Conference -V(2)
BB 03/06/05 IRA Claims 'Will Not Hit SF Vote'
IT 03/07/05 SF Likely To Miss Lunch On Capitol Hill
SM 03/06/05 Bank Robbery & Murder Stack Cards In Adams Favour
IT 03/07/05 'Can't Have A Moral Vacuum At The Heart Of The Process'
SM 03/06/05 Back Our Fight For Justice, Omagh Victims Urge Adams
II 03/07/05 Adams: Not IRA Attack Or Plan, Was Stupidity Fuelled By Alcohol'
IT 03/07/05 North's Version Of 'Butch Cassidy' Out This Month

03/06/05 - Adams Reiterates McCartney Appeal
BB 03/06/05 Adams Reiterates McCartney Appeal -V
BG 03/06/05 Band Of Sisters Confronts IRA's Long Rule Of Silence
UT 03/06/05 Feature On SF Conference
SF 03/06/05 McLaughlin Delivers Negotiations Report To Ard Fheis
SF 03/06/05 Gerry Kelly Opens Session On Policing At Ard Fheis
PJ 03/06/05 Pawtucket Parades The Green
SF 03/06/05 McCartney Demands No Ambiguity On Plastic Bullets
ZW 03/06/05 Northern Ireland Official To Deliver March 17 Remarks
SL 03/06/05 Scap File Bombshell Revealed
TO 03/06/05 Ronan Bennet: Troubles Are Never Far Away For Author
TO 03/06/05 Judge To Head Inquiry Into RUC Murders
DN 03/06/05 A Towering Tale: Empire State Construction
SM 03/06/05 Heroism And Hell On Earth
WH 03/06/05 March Declared Irish-American Heritage Month In U.S.

03/05/05 – Adams Address to Ard Fheis
SF 03/05/05 Presidential Address To The 2005 Ard Fheis
SF 03/05/05 Martin McGuinness Supports All-Ireland Program
SL 03/06/05 Vote For Paula McCartney Says Paisley Man
NY 03/06/05 Leader Distances Sinn Fein From Crimes –V
SB 03/06/05 SF Bloodied But Unbowed –V
SS 03/06/05 McCartney's Sisters Challenge Sinn Fein
BB 03/05/05 Trimble Rules Out SF Powersharing -V
TO 03/06/05 Bid By Castlerea Prisoner To Attend Ard Fheis Rejected
SB 03/06/05 Short Shrift For The Strand
SB 03/06/05 SF Holds Its Support But Public Is Uneasy
GU 03/06/05 Opin: Sinn Fein On The Edge Of The Abyss
SB 03/06/05 McDowell Should Learn Lessons From History
SL 03/06/05 Jim Spence 'The Untouchable'
TO 03/06/05 ‘Boycotted’ Morrison Play Opens In London

03/05/05 – McCartney Sisters Invited To SF Conference
IO 03/05/05 McCartney Sisters Invited To SF Conference
BT 03/05/05 Sinn Fein Moves To Isolate The McCartney Killers
BT 03/05/05 Robert McCartney: The Family Man
SF 03/05/05 McLaughlin - Resolving Crisis In Process Challenges All Of Us
DS 03/03/05 Senate To Consider National ID Bill
DS 03/03/05 Save Your Radio Shows
BT 03/05/05 Opin: South's Hard Cop, Soft Cop, Routine Fails To Impress
BT 03/03/05 Viewpoint: Learning The Lessons Of The Last Century
BB 03/03/05 Trimble Rules Out SF Powersharing
SF 03/05/05 Alex Maskey: Unionist Outreach
SF 03/05/05 Sinn Féin Prepared To Enter Into Meaningful Dialogue
BT 03/05/05 Delegates Launch Attack On 'Minister Of Injustice'
BT 03/05/05 McGinley Death: I'm No IRA Man, Insists Stab Killer
JN 03/05/05 Nanuet Man To Lead St. Patrick's Parade
JN 03/05/05 50th St. Patrick's Day Parade To Kick Off In Yonkers

03/04/05 – Lee Clegg Facing Court Martial
IO 03/04/05 Clegg Facing Court Martial Over Assault
SF 03/04/05 Opening Address To 2005 Ard Fheis -Martin McGuinness MP –V(3)
IT 03/05/05 Ardfheis Deplores McCartney Killing
IT 03/05/05 McCartney Family Welcomes Decision To Give Names –V(2)
GU 03/04/05 Visa For Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams Up In Air
IT 03/05/05 SF Loses Credibility, But Voters Still Want Deal Done
IT 03/05/05 Ahern To Wait For SF To Deal With Questions
IT 03/05/05 McDowell Calls On IRA To End 'Regime Of Fear'
IT 03/05/05 Two-Thirds Of Voters Believe Sinn Féin Must Split From IRA
SM 03/04/05 Gerry Adams Facing Intense Pressure
GU 03/04/05 Are Irish Republicans Really Committed To Peace? Charles Moore And Danny Morrison Thrash It Out
EX 03/04/05 Cost Of Flynn’s Government Jobs: At Least €182,635
IT 03/05/05 Hunger Strikers Wanted More Than Vague Promises
IT 03/05/05 Call For Body To Protect Interests Of Young People In The Workforce
IT 03/05/05 Man Said He Stole Car For Omagh Blast, Court Told
IT 03/05/05 Shelbourne Hotel To Close For 18 Months For Major Refurbishment –V
IT 03/05/05 Man Who Refused To Pay His TV Licence Fee For 21 Years Jailed

03/04/05 – Delevan’s Blog & Fr. McManus’s Reply

03/04/05 – Bush May Extend March 17 Ban
BT 03/04/05 President May Extend St Patrick's Day Ban
DJ 03/04/05 Opin: Fr McManus: Robbery Used To Sabotage Peace Process
BT 03/04/05 IRA Under Pressure To Claim Killer
BT 03/04/05 Justice Call Echoed In Loyalist Areas: Eames
DJ 03/04/05 Campbell Hits Out At Derry 'Discrimination'
BB 03/04/05 Sinn Fein On Horns Of Policing Dilemma –A
IO 03/04/05 IRA Patriots, Not Gangsters: McLaughlin –A
BT 03/04/05 Pressure Growing As Sinn Fein Meets
BT 03/04/05 SF Hit By New Poll Blow In South
BT 03/04/05 Ahern Tones It Down During London Talk
UT 03/04/05 McCartney Family Statement In Full
IO 03/04/05 Number Of People Make Statements About McCartney Murder
BT 03/04/05 Ex-Sinn Fein Chief In Police Base Purchase
BT 03/04/05 Racist Tag 'Is Unjustified'
BT 03/04/05 DNA Test May Prove McSorley Is More Viking Than Celt

03/04/05 – Adams Says He Wants IRA To Cease To Exist
IT 03/04/05 Adams Says He Wants IRA To Cease To Exist –V(2)
IT 03/04/05 Ahern Signals Willingness To Resume Talks With SF –V(2)
BT 03/03/05 I'm Not After Humiliation, Insists Ahern
IT 03/04/05 Poll Shows A Further Drop In Support For Sinn Féin –V
NL 03/03/05 Colombia 3 Traced
BT 03/03/05 Opin: McManus Doesn't Speak For All Irish Americans
TL 03/03/05 N. Ireland's Castlereagh To Be Razed
IT 03/04/05 SF Suspends Seven Over McCartney
IT 03/04/05 SF Denies Crisis Over Controversies
IT 03/04/05 Senior Republican Denies Ordering McCartney Murder
IT 03/04/05 Washington Reception Will Not Include Party Leaders From North
IT 03/04/05 Dr Brady Calls On Northern Catholics To Work With The PSNI
IT 03/04/05 Bill Being Finalised In US Could Assist Illegal Irish Workers –V
EX 03/03/05 Support For Sinn Féin Falls 2% In Latest Poll
GU 03/03/05 Press Review: The Irish Public Shrugs Off Sinn Féin's Sins
IT 03/04/05 Cafe Bar Set For Bewley's Grafton Street
IT 03/04/05 Miss Meredith's School To Close Down In June
IT 03/04/05 Third Level Needs More Investment, Says US Envoy

03/03/05 – Sinn Fein Suspends 7 Members

03/03/05 – Follow The Right Money

03/03/05 – Security Force Probes Must Be Improved
BT 03/03/05 Security Force Probes 'Must Be Improved'
BT 03/03/05 IRA Never Intended To Melt Away: McDowell
BT 03/03/05 'I Didn't Order Fatal Pub Attack'
BT 03/03/05 McCartney Killers Sully The Cause: Adams
BT 03/03/05 What Is Taoiseach Doing On Sanctions?
BT 03/03/05 Governments Discuss The Options
UT 03/03/05 Sinn Fein Dismisses 'Crisis' Talk
BT 03/03/05 Ahern Is 'Certain' Cork Cash Was From Bank Raid
BT 03/03/05 Viewpoint: Democracy Must Prevail In The End
BT 03/03/05 Cross-Border Plan Unveiled

03/03/05 – Fine Could Give Illegal Irish Right To Stay in US
IT 03/03/05 Fine Could Give Illegal Irish Right To Stay In US – Envoy
SM 03/03/05 Blair And Ahern Assess Peace Process
RT 03/02/05 North Leaders Not To Attend White House
IT 03/03/05 SF Cancels Fundraising In US During Holiday Week
IT 03/03/05 SF Fails To Amend FG Motion On Murder
IT 03/03/05 O'Loan Intervenes In Murder Inquiry
IO 03/02/05 Fine Gael Motion Carried As McDowell Denounces IRA
BT 03/02/05 2,427 Non-Catholics Rejected For PSNI Jobs
IT 03/03/05 IRA Not In Control Of Castlerea – Ahern
EX 03/02/05 Ahern Convinced Cork Haul Linked To North Bank Heist

03/02/05 - Date Set For Inquiry Into Nelson Murder
SM 03/02/05 Date Set For Inquiry Into Nelson Murder
SF 03/02/05 Adams - Whoever Killed McCartney Should Come Forward
SF 03/02/05 All Avenues Of Info Should Be Kept Open - Ó Caoláin
SF 03/02/05 Sinn Féin Welcome For Ombudsman Move
BT 03/02/05 Mag Brands Belfast Most Racist City – Blames On Loyalists
IE 03/02/05 U.S. Group Tells Irish Officials Of North Concerns
RE 03/02/05 Sinn Fein's EU Cash Comes Under Scrutiny
SM 03/02/05 McDowell Denounces IRA/Sinn Fein 'Threat To Democracy'
IE 03/02/05 McGuinness Backs Out Of U.S. Tour
SM 03/02/05 'Don't Invite Sinn Fein To White House'
IE 03/02/05 Analysis: Sinn Fein Feels The Heat
SF 03/02/05 Reilly Challenges Cassells To Debate On Irish Unity

03/02/05 – Deficiencies In Death Inquiries
BB 03/02/05 'Deficiencies' In Death Inquiries
UT 03/02/05 No Adams Fundraising In US; McGuinness Stays Home
BT 03/02/05 McCartney Sisters In Irish American Plea
BT 03/02/05 UVF Must Also Bow To People Power- Father Of Victim
BT 03/02/05 Provos Are Shielding My Son's Killer- McGinley
BT 03/02/05 IRA Killers Lay Down Law In Jail
IO 03/02/05 Ahern: 'Govt Awaiting Peace Moves From Republicans'
SO 03/02/05 The Choice: Republicanism Or Provisionalism?
BT 03/02/05 Orde Reveals SF Do Talk With PSNI
SF 03/02/05 SF Reject McCartney Police Motion
BT 03/02/05 Short Strand Residents Sick Of Sinn Fein Spin
IS 03/02/05 Secrecy Shrouds Arrest Of IRA Murder Suspect
WP 03/02/05 War Of Words At Ballina Council Meeting
BT 03/02/05 Sinn Fein Holding Talks With EU Officials

03/01/05 – Adams Travels to US
SF 03/01/05 Gerry Adams To Travel To The US
IT 03/02/05 Opin: Poll Shows SF Survives Bashing By Media
SF 03/01/05 Response To Hugh Orde Comments On McCartney Killing
SM 03/01/05 Police Release Man In Hunt For McCartney Killer
SF 03/01/05 Sinn Féin Seeks To Ensure McCartney Council Motion Helps Justice Demand
SM 03/01/05 SDLP: Sinn Fein Words 'Hollow'
SM 03/01/05 Peace Process 'Will Stand Firm'
IO 03/01/05 McCartney Murder 'A Case Of Collusion' Says Ahern
IT 03/02/05 Motion On McCartney Killing Isolates SF
SF 03/01/05 Sinn Féin Challenge Murphy Over Sanctions
UT 03/01/05 'Victims Commissioner Is Waste Of Money'
SM 03/01/05 Failed Devolution Deal 'Bad For Nationalists'
IN 03/01/05 The Women Who Changed The Course Of Irish History
IW 03/01/05 "Boys And Girl From County Clare" To Debut Annual Film Fleadh
IT 03/02/05 Fahey To Face UN On Race Issues

03/01/05 - Finucane's Murderer Expects Freedom By May
IO 03/01/05 - Finucane's Murderer Expects Freedom By May

03/01/05 – Anger At Patten’s Degree
UT 03/01/05 Anger At Patten Degree
DJ 03/01/05 CRJ Boycott Restorative Justice Conference
IO 03/01/05 Commissioner To Help Victims Of Troubles
BT 03/01/05 Australian Bank Finds Suspect Northern Bank Cash
BT 03/01/05 Unravelling The Threads Of Phil Flynn's Tangled Life
IO 03/01/05 DUP Welcomes Govt Antagonism Towards SF
BB 03/01/05 IRA Expulsions Are 'Unimpressive'
BT 03/01/05 Web Shows Murdered Man's Last Movements
DJ 03/01/05 McCann Compares Murder Cover-Up To 'Sunday' Whitewash
BT 03/01/05 Rebel DUP Councillor Reconciles With Party
DJ 03/01/05 Cross Border Projects 'In Limbo'
BB 03/01/05 Priest Describes Hammer Robbery
DJ 03/01/05 John Hume Hailed As 'Profile In Courage'
NY 03/01/05 St. Pat's Fete Goes Beyond Green Beer
IO 03/01/05 Keane Cleared In Assault Trial

BB 03/01/05 IRA Hunger Strike -AO

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