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August 31, 2007

Table of Contents - 08/07

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08/28/07 – Dispelling Irish Language Myths
SF 08/28/07 Dispelling Irish Language Myths - Brolly MLA
IT 08/29/07 DUP Criticises 'Hierarchy Of Victims'
RT 08/28/07 Six E. Coli Cases Investigated In Co Sligo
AN 08/28/07 Opin: Bands Hit Sour Note
DJ 08/28/07 World Class Derry Men In New TV Series
BN 08/28/07 WW II Mine Safely Detonated Off Cork Coast

08/28/07 – UDA Accused of Tar & Feather Attack
BB 08/28/07 Man In 'Tar And Feather' Attack
DJ 08/28/07 SF Meet Police Over Boys' Parade
BB 08/28/07 Fresh Light On Sectarian Murder
BT 08/28/07 Opin: Mob Rule Indefensible

08/27/07 – Govt Accused Over Murder Probe Funding
UT 08/27/07 Government Accused Over Murder Probe Funding
IT 08/27/07 SF Calls For Crackdown On Drug Crime

08/26/07 – Reynolds To Chair Drumcree Talks
UT 08/26/07 Former Taoiseach To Chair Talks
SL 08/26/07 MP's Anger Over Garda 'Collusion' Tribunal Dithering
SB 08/26/07 Informer Claim Can Hurt Sinn Fein
SL 08/26/07 Rival UDA Factions Clash Inside Jail
SL 08/26/07 Hospital Leak Linked To Witness In LVF Case
SL 08/26/07 Adair's Son Back Behind Bars After High-Speed Chase
II 08/26/07 Opin: SF Is Back Playing 'Wind Up The Prods'
AN 08/25/07 Largest Mural Yet
TD 08/26/07 Celtic Tradition Alive On City's Waterfront

08/24/07 - Troubles Group Will Meet Public
BB 08/24/07 Troubles Group Will Meet Public
DJ 08/24/07 Shotgun Blast Through Bradley's Front Door
BT 08/24/07 Unity 'Not Unthinkable'
BT 08/24/07 £1.5 Billion: Price Paid For Sectarianism In Ulster
SF 08/24/07 UUP Have Nothing To Fear From Irish Language
SF 08/24/07 Parade Needs To Ensure No Repeat Of Breaches
IT 08/24/07 Pat Rabbitte: Career At A Glance (Timeline)
IM 08/24/07 Opin: Michael Collins - The Truth
IT 08/24/07 RTÉ Radio Is Holding Its Own
DN 08/24/07 A Dark Tale Of Crucifixtion In Ramelton Church
BN 08/24/07 'Time To Look After Donegal's B&B Sector'

08/24/07 – Pat Rabitte Resigns as Labour Party Leader
EX 08/24/07 Rabbitte’s Exit Leaves Leadership Race Wide Open
SF 08/24/07 Ó Caoláin Responds To Rabbitte’s Resignation
GU 08/24/07 Adams: Panic At Passport Control
SF 08/24/07 Govt Responsible For Water Crisis In Galway
BN 08/23/07 Ireland Among Most Indebted Societies In Europe

08/21/07 – Fresh Moves on 26 Killings
BT 08/21/07 Fresh Moves On 26 Controversial Troubles Killings
BB 08/21/07 NIO Has No Record Of Legal Bills
SF 08/21/07 NIO Judicial Reviews
SF 08/21/07 Tara Decision A Blow To National Heritage
BB 08/21/07 Denmark 0-4 Republic Of Ireland
BT 08/21/07 3,000 Birds' Eggs Stolen From Island
BT 08/21/07 New Ulster Movies At Major Film Festival
TD 08/21/07 Celtic Culture

08/22/07 – McAliskey Was in NI During Bomb
BB 08/22/07 McAliskey 'Was In NI During Bomb'
SF 08/22/07 SF Calls For McAliskey Extradition ToBe Dropped
FH 08/22/07 Hunger Strike Commemoration
ND 08/22/07 Loyalist Presence Is Blasted
TE 08/22/07 Michael Collins Was A Peace Icon, Says Puttnam
IN 08/22/07 Opin: Michael Collins Was A Cold-Blooded Killer
IT 08/22/07 Teen (16) Held In NI Murders Inquiry
BT 08/22/07 Robinson Challenges Coalition Critics
BT 08/22/07 Opin: Peter Robinson: Our Brave New World

08/22/07 – Civil Service Caught Up In Web Scandal
BT 08/21/07 Civil Service Caught Up In Web Scandal
NL 08/21/07 Identity Of Sinn Fein 'Spy' Revealed On Blogs
DJ 08/20/07 Canadian Student Told Derry 'Didn't Exist'
UT 08/21/07 Assets Recovery Agency Boss Bowing Out
BT 08/22/07 Terrorist Videos On YouTube
GU 08/22/07 Opin: Roisin McAliskey A Decade Of Injustice
BT 08/22/07 Opin: Get It Right, You Tubes!
BT 08/22/07 Opin: Now Gerry's On A Collusion Course ...
NL 08/21/07 Opin: The War's Over – But Who Won?
TU 08/21/07 Rev. Greg Brennan: Dedicated Priest, Troy Native Dies

08/19/07 – Nelson Report Critical of RUC Over Threats
SL 08/19/07 Nelson Report Critical Of RUC Over Threats
SF 08/19/07 Catholic Move Out As Loyalists Take Over Rasharkin
BB 08/18/07 UDA Guns Ultimatum 'Not Debated'
IT 08/19/07 DUP MP To Name Sinn Féin 'Spy'
II 08/19/07 Opin: Silent As The Grave While Killers Escape
BB 08/19/07 Aer Lingus Intervention Ruled Out
BN 08/19/07 Government Split On Shannon-Heathrow Decision
RT 08/19/07 Puttnam Delivers Collins Oration

08/16/07 – Death Threats For Sinn Féin Councillor
EE 08/16/07 Death Threats For Sinn Féin Councillor
SF 08/16/07 Threat Caller Traumatises Council Official
AP 08/16/07 Paisley Position On Irish Language Slammed
IV 08/16/07 UDA Money On The Brink
BN 08/16/07 Academics To Discuss Easter Rising Legacy
BB 08/16/07 PSNI Officers 'Lack Forensic Basics'
BT 08/16/07 Irish-Speaking School Closure Is Backed By Ruane
IT 08/16/07 RTÉ Confirms Beverley Flynn Payment
BT 08/16/07 Trimble Has 'No Regrets' Over Assembly Absence
BB 08/16/07 NI 'Now More Popular Destination'
BN 08/16/07 Viking Ship To Be Hoisted Out Of Liffey
IT 08/16/07 Sea Eagle Reintroduced After 100 Years

08/15/07 – PSNI Plans To Decimate Vehicle Fleet
IT 08/15/07 PSNI Plans To Decimate Vehicle Fleet
BB 08/15/07 Wikipedia 'Shows CIA Page Edits'
DJ 08/15/07 Firefighters Endure Further Attacks By Youths
SF 08/15/07 Attacks On Fire Service Have To Stop
RT 08/15/07 E. Coli Contaminates Swords Water
BN 08/15/07 Leaving Cert Grades Down In Irish And Maths
IT 08/16/07 Oaks Planted In Glendalough Renew Irish-Viking Links

08/15/07 – Paisley To Block Irish Language Act
IT 08/15/07 Paisley To Block Irish Language Act
SF 08/15/07 Paisley' Views At Odds With New Political Arena
SM 08/12/07 Diplock Courts Ended July 31st
UT 08/15/07 Government Marks Its First 100 Days In Office
DJ 08/15/07 Half Paisley's Posse Approve Of McGuinness
BT 08/15/07 Football Row 'Shows Need To Tackle Yobs'
BT 08/15/07 Control US Marine Visits Call After City Sex Assaults
IC 08/14/07 Thousands Unite In Call For Truth
EE 08/05/07 Victims Relatives Vilified: Rosemary Nelson's Brother
TO 08/14/07 KPFT’s Close Call: Drive-by Shooting
TO 08/05/07 Opin: Sinn Fein Has Hijacked The History Of Ulster
TA 08/15/07 Diggers' Bloody Role In Irish Uprising
BN 08/14/07 Danes Say Sorry For 9th Century Viking Invasion
LS 08/14/07 Irish Spirits Stirred By The Lonely Stag
IW 08/05/07 Film: “The Lonely Stag” Starring Role
BB 08/08/07 Pensioner Rescued From Mountain
BB 08/08/07 Teams Rescue Man From Cliff Face
SL 08/12/07 Leonardo The Provo!

08/05/07 – McCord: New Revelations Must Spark Inquiry
SL 08/05/07 Explosive Revelations Must Spark Inquiry: McCord
SL 08/05/07 Agents Given 'Free Reign To Murder'
GU 08/05/07 UDA Should Disarm And 'Get Lost', Says Mad Dog
SL 08/05/07 UDA Leader: We've Shot Ourselves In The Foot
BT 08/03/07 Just Who Is In Control Of UDA?
SL 08/05/07 Ex-LVF Chief Blames UVF For Depot Blaze
II 08/04/07 Deputy Sings Out Praises For Leader Paisley
SL 08/05/07 Hardline Loyalist Planning Anti-DUP Protest
SL 08/05/07 Parents Demand Face-To-Face With Spymaster
BN 08/04/07 Protestant Homes Damaged In Sectarian Attack
BT 08/04/07 Opin: Police Protecting The Peace For Us All
IT 08/04/07 Opin: Bard Of Armagh
RO 08/04/07 Remembering Tommy Makem
TE 08/03/07 Tommy Makem
IT 08/04/07 US Musicians Pay Tribute To Makem
IT 08/03/07 A Musical Bridge Linking Tradition And Modernity
NY 08/03/07 Tommy Makem, 74, Hero Of Irish Folk Music, Dies
CP 08/04/07 Speaking In Irish Tongues

08/03/07 – Hamill Inquiry to Proceed at Earliest Opportunity
UT 08/01/07 Hamill Inquiry To Proceed 'At Earliest Opportunity'
DJ 08/03/07 Priests On Patrol 'A Stunt': Fr. Canny
CO 08/02/07 Priest: Irish Catholics Relieved Brits Military Left
AF 07/31/07 Timeline: British Army Role In N.Ireland
BT 08/03/07 Opin: What Will Become of UDA in Peace Process
BT 08/03/07 Opin: Just Who Is In Control Of UDA?
EX 08/03/07 Clancy Leads Tributes To Legend Makem

08/03/07 – UDA Should Take Responsibility For Riot
BB 08/02/07 McGuinness: UDA Should Take Responsibility For Riot
BN 08/03/07 Paisley: No Concessions For Paramilitaries
BB 08/02/07 Orde Hits Out At UDA Over Rioting
BN 08/02/07 Police Under Pressure In North

08/03/07 – Obituaries of Tommy Makem
FO 08/02/07 Music Icon Tommy Makem Dies
EX 08/03/07 Folk Hero Beloved Home And Abroad
BT 08/03/07 Obituary: Tommy Makem: A Musician With Many Guises
IT 08/03/07 Folk Music Legend Tommy Makem Dies In US
BB 08/02/07 Veteran Folk Singer Makem Dies

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