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October 12, 2007

Baby Targeted in UDA Gun Attack

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BB 10/11/07 Baby Targeted In UDA Gun Attack
BB 10/12/07 Love Ulster Dropping Dublin Rally
BB 10/11/07 Fianna Fail Discusses NI Strategy
BB 10/12/07 Trimble Portrait Set For Stormont


Baby Targeted In UDA Gun Attack

A couple and their baby have been targeted in a gun attack on
their Carrickfergus home.

The family were asleep when three shots were fired through a
window of their house at Drumhoy Drive, in Sunnylands estate. No-
one was injured.

Wednesday night's attack is being linked to a feud between the
mainstream Ulster Defence Association and a breakaway faction in
south-east Antrim.

Mayor David Hilditch said police were carrying out searches in
the area.

"Fortunately no-one has been hurt here tonight. It could have
been very much different.

"It is of grave concern that this incident which we would be
linking to the loyalist feud in Carrickfergus, the UDA feud, that
someone hasn't been seriously hurt tonight."


He said there had been an "ongoing situation" since a policeman
was shot in the nearby Castlemara estate in July.

"We have had a catalogue of incidents ranging from low-level
intimidation to shootings and pipe bombings throughout that
three-month period. We are getting sick of it here in
Carrickfergus," he said.

In August, Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie gave the
UDA 60 days to begin decommissioning or she threatened to stop
funding for a loyalist initiative.

That deadline passed on Tuesday night.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/11 06:27:08 GMT


Love Ulster Dropping Dublin Rally

The organisers of a Love Ulster rally in Dublin have withdrawn a
request to hold another event in autumn after meeting Ireland's
foreign minister.

Willie Frazer, of victims' group Fair, said he did not imagine
any more requests for a parade would be made.

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson said an Irish foreign affairs official
would liaise with representatives of victims of Republican
violence in border areas.

Last year the rally was abandoned after rioting in the Republic's

The decision was announced after a meeting in Dundalk involving
Mr Frazer, of Families Acting for Innocent Relatives, and the
Republic's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dermot Ahern brokered by
Mr Donaldson.

The Lagan Valley MP said that Mr Ahern was asked to consider
providing Irish diplomatic pressure to seek compensation from the
Libyan government for supplying weapons used in hundreds of IRA

Forty-one people were arrested and a number of people - including
police officers - were injured during last year's violence which
forced the rally to be cancelled.

Disturbances broke out in O'Connell Street, where the rally was
to start.

Stones and fireworks were thrown after republican demonstrators
mounted a counter-march.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/11 20:40:22 GMT


Fianna Fail Discusses NI Strategy

Bertie Ahern's Fianna Fail party has set up a committee to
discuss how it should organise in Northern Ireland.

The party has already said it does not plan to contest
Westminster seats.

Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern said the committee would "set out
practical plans and a timescale to deliver on this historic

Mr Ahern, who will chair the committee said "an extensive party
consultation process across all units of the organisation" would
run until Easter.

It is the first time in Fianna Fail's 81-year history that
efforts have been made to mobilise on an all-Ireland basis.

He said the magnitude of the move demanded "the gradual and
strategic approach we are now embarking on".

The party is inviting submissions on its cross-border expansion,
and Mr Ahern said they will "engage with interested parties north
and south".

The decision to organise on a 32-county basis has led to debate
within the nationalist SDLP about its relationship with Fianna

Among those appointed to the committee is Donegal TD Niall
Blaney, a nephew of Neil Blaney who was sacked from the Cabinet
during the 1970 arms crisis.

The 33-year-old had been a member of Independent Fianna Fail,
established by his uncle, but led the party back into the
mainstream parliamentary fold last year.

Also on the taskforce is Eamon de Valera's grandson Eamon O Cuiv
and key peace process negotiator Martin Mansergh.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/11 16:03:51 GMT


Trimble Portrait Set For Stormont

A portrait of former First Minister David Trimble could soon be
hanging on the walls of Stormont.

The Assembly Commission has agreed in principle to pursue the

A portrait of the SDLP's Seamus Mallon, the former deputy first
minister, is already in the member's dining room.

The commission is expected to write to Lord Trimble about having
the portrait.

The former NI first minister joined the Conservative Party
earlier this year.

Lord Trimble, who led the Ulster Unionists for 10 years from
1995, said the move was part of a "long-term ambition".

Lord Trimble won a Nobel Peace Prize, along with the SDLP's John
Hume, for his part in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

However, he stepped down as leader of the Ulster Unionist Party,
after losing his Westminster seat in Upper Bann in the 2005
general election.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/12 10:50:09 GMT

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