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April 30, 2005

Table of Contents - 04/05

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Monthly Table of Contents (by Subject Line):
04/30/04 – Dail Backs SDLP Makes It An All-Ireland Fight
04/29/05 – Sinn Fein’s Manifesto Challenges
04/28/05 - Charge People - Says IAUC
04/14/05 – Finances Call For Boycott
04/11/05 – Adams: Economic Recovery, Progress & Prosperity
04/10/05 – Peter King Predicts IRA Will Disband
04/10/05 – SF Member Told of Threat
04/09/05 – Final Salute to Pope
04/08/05 – State of Shock At Peace Appeal
04/07/05 – Finucane Inquiries Bill Passes
04/07/05 – Secrecy Law For Finucane Inquiry
04/06/05 – Adams: An Address to the IRA
04/05/05 – Bill Could Restrict Finucane Inquiry
04/04/05 – Ahern Criticised Over Day of Mouning
04/04/05 – What's the Patriot Act Doing in Belfast
04/04/05 – Durkan in Finucane Call

04/03/05 – SF’s Breakthrough in Elections
04/03/05 – Mark Thatcher Refused Visa
04/02/05 – Irish Remember ’79 Papal Visit
04/02/05 – Concern Over N Ireland Human Rights Commission
04/01/05 – Red Tape Robs 40,000 Of Right To Vote
04/01/05 - Coin of the Realm
04/01/05 – Michael Divine’s Sister Suddenly Dies

Monthly Table of Contents (with Story Titles):

04/30/04 – Dail Backs SDLP Makes It An All-Ireland Fight
BT 04/30/05
Dail Backing For SDLP 'Sign Of All-Ireland Fight'
BT 04/30/05 Mallon Sure SDLP Will Retain Seat
BB 04/30/05 Trimble Blasts Alliance 'Stunts'
BT 04/30/05 'Terror Chief' Shoukri Will Face Belfast Ban
BT 04/30/05 Church Of Ireland Welcomes Message From Pope Benedict
WP 04/30/05 Rebels Remembered At Kilkelly Banner Unveiling
BT 04/30/05 Last Chance To Fight For Our Lollipops
NW 04/29/05 Punchestown Festival Special -VO
QA 04/25/05
Question & Answer -VO

04/29/05 – Sinn Fein’s Manifesto Challenges
BB 04/29/05
Sinn Fein's Manifesto Challenges
SF 04/29/05
Real Peace Is Most Important Issue Facing Irish Today
DI 04/29/05
SF Hits Out At Orde
DJ 04/29/05
SDLP/SF Remove Info In Postal Row
IT 04/30/05
SDLP Hopes Of Keeping Hume's Seat Depend On High Turnout
BB 04/29/05
PSNI Probe Vote Fraud Allegation
BB 04/29/05
Republicans Heckle Sinn Fein
UT 04/29/05
Sinn Fein Leaders Face Fresh Demands Over McCartney Case
BT 04/29/05
Sectarian Attack On Integrated Pupils
BB 04/29/05
Durkan Hopes To Foil SF Advance
EX 04/29/05
Opin: Adams Joins Leaders Who Use Partition For Their Own Ends
BB 04/29/05
Profile: Gerry Adams
IE 04/29/05
Nelson Kin Optimistic At Start Of Inquiry
IT 04/30/05
Unionists Are Opting For Paisley's Bludgeon
IT 04/30/05
Work On Bewley's Granted An Exemption By Council
IT 04/30/05
Final Irish Tsunami Victim Found

04/28/05 -
Charge People Says IAUC
IE 04/29/05
Charge People, Says IAUC
IO 04/25/05
Spicer Security Firm Criticised By US Auditors
BB 04/28/05
Bomb Attack 'Racist', Police Say
IO 04/28/05
Dublin And London Urged To Consider Power-Sharing
UT 04/28/05
McLaughlin Challenges SDLP
BT 04/28/05
Second Inquest Into 1976 Dundalk Killing
BT 04/28/05
2002 Riots: Three Arrested
UI 04/28/05
Family Offer Reward To Help Find Daughter's Body
SM 04/28/05
Gerry Adams Under Fire Over Debate No-Show
UT 04/28/05
Orde:'Policing Moving Quickly'
IO 04/28/05
Corkman Denies IRA Membership Charge
UT 04/28/05
DUP Claims Its 'Uniting Unionists'
TE 04/28/05
The IRA Is Still Recruiting And Targeting, Warns Police Chief
SM 04/28/05
Ministers Urged To Take Tougher Stance
BN 04/28/05
British Army Sniper's Death Investigated
SW 04/28/05
Bloody Sunday Play Holds State To Account
04/14/05 –
Finances Call For Boycott
IO 04/14/05
Finucane Widow Wants Judges To Boycott Inquiry
IT 04/14/05
McGuinness Meets Reiss In US Talks
IO 04/14/05
DUP 'Making It Harder For SF To Secure IRA Stand-Down'
SF 04/13/05
Sinn Féin Briefs Diplomatic Corps On Peace Process
SM 04/13/05
UDA Ruled Out of £1.2M Robbery Blame
BB 04/14/05
Pastor's Home Is Attacked By Gang
SM 04/14/05
Unionism Set For Major Shift - Burnside
BT 04/14/05
SF Couple Seek Coleraine Seats
SM 04/14/05
Northern Ireland Gears Up for Election
BB 04/13/05
Family 'Abused' Over Leaflet Drop
IE 04/13/05
Analysis: Call To IRA Has Whiff Of Politics
BT 04/13/05
SDLP Man Condemns Letters 'Dirty Tricks' Ruse
TE 04/14/05
Taming Of The Shrewd Inquirer
IE 04/13/05 Timeline:
The Long And Winding Road To Peace
BT 04/14/05
Candidates Elected - Three Weeks Early!
IT 04/14/05
O'Connell Street Statues To Be Cleaned In €300,000 Programme

04/11/05 –
Adams: Economic Recovery, Progress & Prosperity
SF 04/11/05
Adams - Economic Recovery, Progress & Prosperity
BT 04/11/05
Evidence 'Updated' In UVF Murders
BT 04/11/05
Pope Tribute Ruined By Football Fans
SF 04/11/05
SF To Raise Eddie Fullerton Case In Dáil
BT 04/11/05
Jim Gray's Assets Targeted
BT 04/11/05
Dodds Has Winning Piece In City Jigsaw
UT 04/11/05
Coup For Paisley As UUP Figures Back DUP Candidate
IO 04/11/05
McCartney Sisters To Meet Taoiseach
TE 04/11/05
Great Act, Mr Adams But Haven't We Seen It Before?
BT 04/11/05
Police Fire At Car After Street Fight
BT 04/11/05
US Cash For Sinn Féin Revealed
IO 04/11/05
Clinton Backs Suicide Prevention Programme

04/10/05 –
Peter King Predicts IRA Will Disband
KN 04/10/05
U.S. Legislator Predicts N.Irish IRA Will Disband:
IT 04/11/05
Harney Says Deal With FG, Labour Not Ruled Out
IT 04/11/05
McDowell Makes Stinging Attack On SF
IO 04/10/05
'Slap In Face' For Victims In EU Funding Refusal
IE 04/10/05
Murders In Dublin And Dundalk
IT 04/11/05
Leading Irish-American Has An Almighty Fall From Grace
IT 04/11/05
Woman Critically Ill After Falling Off Island Pier
IT 04/11/05
Plan To Convert Bewley's To Superpub Denied
IT 04/11/05
Gardaí Seize Four Gallons Of Poteen In Sligo

04/10/05 –
SF Member Told of Threat
BB 04/10/05
Sinn Fein Member Told Of 'Threat'
BB 04/10/05
Man Critical After Street Fight
TO 04/10/05
Sinn Fein, IRA 'Plotted Against Irish Democracy'
BB 04/10/05
Call To IRA Dominates Campaign Start
TO 04/10/05
Focus: Election 2005: Parties Of Peace Face Backlash At The Polls
TO 04/10/05
McCartney Sisters Plan Dublin Rally To Keep Up Pressure
GU 04/10/05
Comment: How The IRA Lost Its Mandate
IO 04/10/05
Murdered Aid Worker's Husband To Accept Peace Prize

04/09/05 –
Final Salute to Pope
IT 04/09/05
Final Salute To A Charismatic Pope
IT 04/09/05
PSNI Criticised Over Handling Of Hate Crime
BB 04/09/05
Ex-UDA Leader Remanded In Custody
IT 04/09/05
$215k Spent On SF Leaders & Officials In US Last Yr
BB 04/09/05
SDLP Will Not Step Aside In Poll
BB 04/09/05
Q&A: Westminster Elections
BB 04/09/05
Traditional Battles Dominate Poll
NL 04/09/05
UUP Husband And Wife Back DUP Candidate
DJ 04/09/05
Is Gregory Now Pro-Agreement? - Asks Durkan
DJ 04/09/05
Derry Man Freed After Murder Quiz
DJ 04/09/05
Blair Acclaim For 'Peace Pioneer' Hume
IO 04/09/05
Ireland's Population To Reach 5.5 Million By 2050
TB 04/09/05
Irish-American Group (AOH) Seeking 'Lost Cousins'
IT 04/09/05
'Urban Myths' About Port Tunnel
IT 04/09/05
Plans For First Irish Eco-Village Are Now In Disarray
04/08/05 –
State of Shock At Peace Appeal
BT 04/08/05
'State Of Shock' At Peace Appeal
BT 04/08/05
Concern At Lack Of Evidence: Adams
BT 04/08/05
Viewpoint: IRA Must Respond Positively
IO 04/08/05
Rights Group Criticises Approval For New Plastic Bullets
BT 04/08/05
Deposed Gray Is Arrested
BT 04/08/05
'Heist' Notes Obsolete
BT 04/08/05
Next Pope Will Get Irish Invite
UT 04/08/05
Inflation Falls In The Republic
AL 04/08/05
Irish Author Says IRA May Disband
KE 04/08/05
``Bloody Sunday`` Play Has Lessons For Today
04/07/05 –
Finucane Inquiries Bill Passes
PF 04/07/05
Inquiries Bill Passed
RT 04/07/05
UK Govt Pushes Through Inquiries Bill
IT 04/08/05
Jim Gray & Six Others Member Of UDA Expelled
IO 04/07/05
Jim Gray Held In The North
SF 04/07/05
Nationalist & Republican Anger At Plastic Bullet Move
IV 04/07/05
Pope Would Have Returned

RT 04/07/05 Adams In Historic Appeal To IRA –VO(4)
04/07/05 –
Secrecy Law For Finucane Inquiry
BT 04/07/05
Secrecy Law For Finucane Inquiry
BT 04/07/05
Ex-UDR Man Is Held Over Murder
UT 04/07/05
IRA Still Capable : PSNI
BT 04/07/05
America Joins Calls For Peace
BT 04/07/05
Analysis: Credibility Of Sinn Fein Chief Is At Stake
BT 04/07/05
McGinley Talks Are Called Off
BT 04/07/05
Alderdice Hits Out At Minister For 'Pope Joke'

04/06/05 –
Adams: An Address to the IRA
SF 04/06/05
An Address To The IRA
NY 04/06/05
SF Leader Offers IRA Alternative To Violence
IT 04/07/05
Judge Statement By What IRA Does, Says Ahern
IT 04/07/05
Paisley Calls Speech An Insult
IT 04/07/05
Only Way Ahead Is IRA Disbandment
IT 04/07/05
Adams: Bringing IRA To 'Fork In The Road'
BB 04/06/05
IRA Peace Plea Response Awaited
BB 04/06/05
What Do You Think Of Sinn Fein's IRA Appeal?
IE 04/06/05
Charge People, Says IAUC
IT 04/07/05
McCartneys Meet MEPS And Barroso In Brussels
IT 04/07/05
£9,000 May Relate To Bank Raid
IT 04/07/05
Two Questioned Over 1974 Murder

04/05/05 –
Bill Could Restrict Finucane Inquiry
IT 04/06/05
Bill Could Restrict Finucane Inquiry
IT 04/06/05
Blair On 'Driving Mission' For Historic Third Term
IT 04/06/05
NI Parties Talk Up Chances Ahead Of May Poll
IT 04/06/05
UUP, SDLP Face Crux In Westminster, Local Polls
UT 04/05/05
Focus On NI Seats
BB 04/05/05
Brady Urges Pope's Canonisation
RE 04/05/05
Honour Pope With N.Ireland Says Archbishop
BT 04/05/05
Cleric Apologises In Pope Joke Row
SM 04/05/05
McCartneys Take Justice Campaign To Europe
IT 04/06/05
O'Dea Doubtful That McCartney Killers Will Be Brought To Book
NC 04/05/05
Divided Loyalties
IT 04/06/05
Full Wages Not Paid, Say Eyre Square Workers

04/04/05 –
Ahern Criticised Over Day of Mouning
IT 04/05/05
Taoiseach Criticised Over Day Of Mourning –V(2)
EX 04/04/05
Day Of Mourning The Least We Can Do
IC 04/04/05
When Fr Troy Met The Pope
IC 04/04/05
Loyalist Pope Graffiti Outrage
DI 04/04/05
Primate Hails Papal Legacy
IT 04/05/05
SDLP Leader Says People Fed Up With Failed Peace Deals
IT 04/05/05
New Plastic Bullet Approved For Use By Police In The North
IT 04/05/05
Minister 'Deeply Honoured' To Receive UN Post
BB 04/04/05
McCartney Murder Police Free Man
IT 04/05/05
Adams To Meet McGinleys Over Fatal Stabbing
IC 04/04/05
Gray May Face Drugs Charges
IT 04/05/05
FF Takes More Than Half Údarás Board Seats After Recount
IT 04/05/05
New Initiative To Boost Tourism In West
IT 04/05/05
Council To Seek New Legal Advice On Preserving Bewley's

04/04/05 –
What's the Patriot Act Doing in Belfast


04/04/05 –
Durkan in Finucane Call
UT 04/04/05
Durkan In Finucane Call
IO 04/04/05
SDLP Stands Firm On Restored NI Assembly
IO 04/04/05
PSNI Removes Paramilitary Flags
BT 04/04/05
Knock Changed Forever That Day
BT 04/04/05
1979: A Triumphant Irish Trip
BT 04/04/05
Ulster Priest Served Mass To Pope
BB 04/04/05
Job Losses As CD Factory Closes

04/03/05 –
SF’s Breakthrough in Elections
SF 04/03/05
SF Makes Breakthrough In Elections
IT 04/04/05
FF Set To Retain Majority On Údarás Authority
EX 04/03/05
No National Day Of Mourning For Pope –V(2)A
IO 04/03/05
Pope Is Remembered At Knock Service –V
EX 04/03/05
Support Wanes For FG, Labour & Green Coalition
IO 04/03/05
Family To Tell Adams Of 'IRA Murder Trial Threats'
IO 04/03/05
Family To Challenge Restrictions To Inquest Evidence
SM 04/03/05
New Ulster Newspaper Vows To Ban Sectarian Politics
IT 04/04/05
Objections To Plan For 'Superpub' On St Stephen's Green
MA 04/03/05
Brian O'Byrne Finds Acclaim, Passion On NY Stage

04/03/05 –
Mark Thatcher Refused Visa
UT 04/03/05
Mark Thatcher Refused Visa
SL 04/03/05
Fears For Birth Of New Loyalist Crime Inc.
SL 04/03/05
LVF Could Be On Verge Of A Bloody Feud
SL 04/03/05
UDA Jim Gray: I Won't Be Put In The Shade
SL 04/03/05
LVF 'Would Have Stood Down If Deal Was Done'
SL 04/03/05
Dublin Must Guarantee My Safety: Fulton
BB 04/03/05
Man Beaten In 'Sectarian' Attack
RT 04/03/05
Poll Says Govt Ahead
SL 04/03/05
New Chief Exec For UUP
SL 04/03/05
Mural's Message To Terrorists: Up Against The Wall
SL 04/03/05
The Never To Be Forgotten Trip To Ireland
SL 04/03/05
Day The 'Boys In Green' Met Pontiff
SI 04/03/05
Bono Says Pope Was Church's "Best Front Man"
RE 04/03/05
Paisley Understands Grief Over Pope
MD 04/03/05
'Rising' Above The Mob/Thriller Genre
UT 04/03/05
Clinton To Make Irish Visit

04/02/05 –
Irish Remember ’79 Papal Visit
BB 04/02/05
Irish Remember 1979 Papal Visit
SM 04/02/05
Pope Drew Millions On Historic Visits
SF 04/02/05
Adams Expresses Sorrow At Death Of Pope
RT 04/02/05 Irish Parties Pay Tribute To Pope John Paul
BB 04/02/05
Northern Ireland Mourns Late Pope
IO 04/02/05
Priest Recalls Day He Polished Off Pope's Dinner
UT 04/02/05
Dozen Charged With Rioting
SB 04/03/05
Mary Lou Eyes Up Bertie's Turf
SB 04/03/05
Anger At McDowell Inaction On Garda Fallon Killing
GU 04/02/05
Comment: One Team? Dream On
SB 04/03/05
Celebrities Catch Up With 'Old Money' Irish
SB 04/03/05
Flatley: Lord Of Many Manors
SB 04/03/05
U2 Empire Worth About €630 Million
SB 04/03/05
'Useless' Bob Made Shrewd Investments
SB 04/03/05
Ups And Downs Of A Star's Life
PR 03/22/05
Irish Tenor, Josef Locke, Derry 2005.

NP 04/03/05
Road Bowling, America's Latest Irish Import

04/02/05 –
Concern Over N Ireland Human Rights Commission
BT 04/02/05
Concern Over Work Of Rights Group
NL 04/02/05
Ex-Cops Face Off At Poll
BT 04/02/05
Orde Tells Of Recruitment Policy Risks
IO 04/02/05
Voting Underway In Udarás Na Gaelteachta Elections
IT 04/02/05
Opin: Sinn Féin May Prefer Divorce. Should We?
BT 04/02/05
Opin: Lindy McDowell: The Gaudy Mr Gray's Had His Day
NH 04/02/05
'Blame Everybody But Yourself' Is Our Mantra
BT 04/02/05
Viewpoint: A Pope Who Made His Mark
BT 04/02/05
Burning Issue To Be Investigated By Council
BT 04/02/05
Alert As Brutal Gang Chokes Swan To Death
BT 04/02/05
Boxing: Cooney Failed To Cash In Fully
BT 04/02/05
Award For Folk Park

04/01/05 –
Red Tape Robs 40,000 Of Right To Vote
DI 04/01/05
Red Tape Robs 40,000 Of Their Right To Vote
DI 04/01/05
LVF 'Must Come Clean' On Lisa Murder
DI 04/01/05
Chopper Controversy
RT 04/01/05
Orde Warns Over SF Opposition To PSNI
BB 04/01/05
Unionists Discuss Election Pact
BT 04/01/05
Textile Industry Loses Another 108 Jobs
IO 04/01/05
Údarás Candidates Linked To Parties

04/01/05 -
Coin of the Realm

04/01/05 –
Michael Divine’s Sister Suddenly Dies
DJ 04/01/04
Sudden Death Of Derry Hunger Striker's Sister
GU 04/01/05
New Doubts Over FARC Convictions
BT 04/01/05
SF Poised For Election Success In South- Adams
DJ 04/01/05
Holy Cross Families Caught Up In Caravan Crossfire
BB 04/01/05
Bishop Banned Over Violence Fears
TE 04/01/05
Opin: Anachronism Of Catholic Discrimination
DJ 04/01/05
Seized Assets Must Fund Victim Support - Durkan
BB 04/01/05
New Call Centre Brings Jobs Boost
BT 04/01/05
Shock Findings On Teens' Attitude To Terror
TE 04/01/05
Top Irish Peace Prize For Margaret Hassan
DJ 04/01/05
Derry Treasure Trove To Be Found On E-Bay
AT 04/01/05
Irish Night @ JCC - Celebration Of Diversity
PC 04/01/05
AOH: 'Quiet Crusade' Continues


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Dail Backs SDLP Makes It An All-Ireland Fight

News About Ireland & The Irish

BT 04/30/05
Dail Backing For SDLP 'Sign Of All-Ireland Fight'
BT 04/30/05 Mallon Sure SDLP Will Retain Seat
BB 04/30/05 Trimble Blasts Alliance 'Stunts'
BT 04/30/05 'Terror Chief' Shoukri Will Face Belfast Ban
BT 04/30/05 Church Of Ireland Welcomes Message From Pope Benedict
WP 04/30/05 Rebels Remembered At Kilkelly Banner Unveiling
BT 04/30/05 Last Chance To Fight For Our Lollipops
NW 04/29/05 Punchestown Festival Special -VO
QA 04/25/05
Question & Answer -VO

Punchestown Festival Special - A report on the people and attractions to be found at the
Punchestown Racing Festival and a look at the process of breeding a successful racehorse

Question & Answer - The Panel:
Mark Durkan, MLA, SDLP candidate, Foyle
Derek Hussey, MLA, Ulster Unionist Party candidate, West Tyrone
Gregory Campbell, MLA, DUP candidate, East Londonderry
Mitchel McLaughlin, MLA, Sinn Féin candidate, Foyle


Dail Backing For SDLP 'Sign Of All-Ireland Fight'

By Chris Thornton, Political Correspondent
30 April 2005

Irish Ministers campaigning for the SDLP are showing that the General Election is "an all-
Ireland election", Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams said yesterday.

Launching his party's manifesto, Mr Adams said he was not concerned about the SDLP
endorsements from Dublin politicians like Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern and Justice
Minister Michael McDowell.

"What are they doing?" said Mr Adams during the launch at the Hilton hotel in Belfast.
"They're fighting the next 26 county election and the next Dail election."

Mr Adams highlighted one of the points in the manifesto - the pursuit of Dail speaking rights
for Northern Irleand MPs - by saying he would like to see Ian Paisley debating in the Irish

"Why hasn't the Taoiseach brought that in? Wouldn't it be good to see Ian Paisley in
Leinster House arguing issues which effect the Common Agricultural Policy, arguing issues
which affect small farmers in his constituency?" Mr Adams said.

Mr Adams said some republicans are "apprehensive" about his call for a "purely political"

But he said he hasn't received any criticism about his appeal while he's been out

"I know that some republicans will be apprehensive, maybe anxious," he said.

He said those republicans "realise this is a process".

"It's bigger than the IRA. It's the future," he said.

He said the manifesto is not "about dominating as far as we are concerned.

"This is about going out and engaging with people on the doorsteps and asking for their
support," he said.

"What's our party about? It's about harmony and neighbourliness on the basis of equality.
We have a particular vision. We want to see a national republic on the island of Ireland.

"If others have a better idea, if Ian Paisley or David Trimble think the Union is better, then let
them argue. We'll debate them with nothing more than those arguments and whatever
mandate we get in this election."


Mallon Sure SDLP Will Retain Seat

30 April 2005

After 19 years representing Newry and Armagh at Westminster, Seamus Mallon took a bow
of sorts in Belfast this week.

He came with a warning and a bright forecast. The warning was that if the middle ground is
lost to Sinn Fein and the DUP, then genuine engagement between nationalism and unionism
could be lost for some time.

But the outgoing MP exempted his anointed successor, Dominic Bradley MLA, from that
gloomy forecast. He said he expects Mr Bradley to retain the seat for the SDLP.

Whether he is right on the first point remains to be seen. The truth of the second prediction
will be decided a lot sooner.

Since Mr Mallon announced his retirement, Newry and Armagh has looked like Sinn Fein's
likeliest gain.

In 2001, Conor Murphy ran closer to Mr Mallon than had been predicted, cutting his majority
to 3,500.

By the 2003 Assembly election, Sinn Fein had established dominance in the overwhelmingly
nationalist constituency, taking one of the SDLP's seats and winning nearly 40% of the vote.

That election seemed to support the trend towards greater Sinn Fein support in the

Mr Mallon and Mr Bradley both insisted this week that voters are returning to the SDLP, but
the bookies remain unconvinced.

Mr Murphy opened as the runaway favourite to win, with Eastwoods quoting odds for his
victory at 25-1 on.

The unionist battle between the DUP's Paul Berry and Danny Kennedy really isn't about
Westminster at all, it's about the next round of Assembly elections which, if DUP deputy
leader Peter Robinson gets his way, would follow any settlement.

Both parties still have a seat each in the Assembly, but Paul Berry will be attempting to
build on a trend that has seen a greater share of unionist votes go to his party.


Trimble Blasts Alliance 'Stunts'

David Trimble has accused the Alliance Party of engaging in election "stunts" after it
referred a phony election leaflet in circulation to the police.

Alliance said the leaflet from a group calling itself Concerned Citizens for a Shared Future
may breach election law.

The leaflet, printed in Alliance colours, urged its supporters to vote for the UUP in seats the
DUP may win.

Mr Trimble said he was "astonished at the behaviour of the Alliance Party complaining
about leaflets".

'No idea'

He told BBC Radio Ulster's Inside Politics that he had "no idea" who had produced them.

"I've seen the content of them, and someone no doubt thinks they're being helpful to us,"
he added.

"I've got my doubts as to whether that's in fact helpful to us.

"But people are entitled to do this, and to complain to the police about it looks a bit like a

Alliance leader David Ford said the leaflet was party of a "dirty tricks campaign" which was
"clearly designed to confuse" his party's supporters.

"The publishers hide behind a PO Box number and urge Alliance supporters to vote for the
Ulster Unionists, wrongly claiming that the UUP supports Alliance ideals such as a shared
future," he said.

"There is also a graph that gives the wrong figures for party support at the assembly

He said the leaflet had been distributed in at least six constituencies, adding that the party
had made a formal complaint to the Electoral Commission and had asked the police to

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2005/04/30 08:14:29 GMT


Opin: Still Clinging To Middle Of Road, No Matter How Narrow The Path

By Barry White

30 April 2005

IN Great Britain, the election is about "education, education, education", they say. Here it's
all about negotiation, that's all, and who will do the best job as a negotiator.

That's the reason why David Trimble and the UUP are in such difficulties. They dared, they
gambled and they were let down, time and again.

They're right, that we're far better off today for their gamble on devolution than we would
have been if we'd sat tight, like the DUP. The Government threw in resources to get us
going and businesses were attracted on the assumption that Northern Ireland was
permanently on the mend.

Just look at the development along the Lagan. That was part of the peace dividend we
earned by signing up to the Belfast Agreement and deciding to work together, unionists and

It's all gone pear-shaped, now but the physical improvements will remain. That's the legacy
of David (Lord?) Trimble and his hope-for-the-best supporters, and we should thank them
for it.

But now we're in a different scenario, with the politics in ruins - because Sinn Fein failed to
deliver - and the voters looking for new and better negotiators. They saw how hard the DUP
pushed Sinn Fein in December, only for the IRA to opt out, and they want more of the same
tough talk.

For talk there will be, even if it looks unlikely at the moment. The British and Irish
Governments are stuck with the Agreement and won't ever let it go, because it gives the
impression that something may be happening, even if it isn't.

They'll keep on trying to convene negotiations, after every election, and that's why the
parties with the tough-guy image are always going to do well. You want representation? Do
you want the undefeated champions or the has-beens?

If you were a radical republican, wanting to show how unviable Northern Ireland is as a
political entity, things are going perfectly. Even if the DUP and Sinn Fein had agreed before
Christmas, and the IRA hadn't staged the Northern Bank heist or covered up the McCartney
murder or been accused of attempting to set up a state within a state in the Republic, the
prospect was for "a battle a day" in the coalition executive.

Now we're even wiser about the underhand nature of the Republican Movement and its
present unfitness for government. It may yet change, under pressure from all sides -
including Gerry Adams itself - but it would be safer to believe it won't change enough, while
it's winning electoral support.

So that's where the need for superb negotiators comes in. The republicans already have
them - though Martin McGuinness didn't impress with his cold refusal to respond to
Paxman's questions about IRA membership on Newsnight - but the unionist choice is
between the UUP and DUP. Thanks to Gerry, Bertie and Tony - letting Sinn Fein triumph
over the SDLP - it's not much of a contest.

Yes, it seems to me we're headed for another bad election, from the point of view of the
"decent" people who want results, not more windbaggery. In a nasty scrap, the "difficult"
people come out on top.

We're down to the nitty gritty, and however much governments might want to construct a
devolved administration, taking devolved decisions, there isn't enough agreement to make
it work. Stalemate is our natural state, now that we've chosen parties with diametrically
different aims, so we'll have to ignore it, which most of us will.

Never mind, there'll always be a middle of the road, however narrow. Some of us will cling
to it, dodging the traffic for as long as we can.


'Terror Chief' Shoukri Will Face Belfast Ban

30 April 2005

ALLEGED terrorist chief Ihab Shoukri will be released from jail when he finds a suitable
address, a judge said.

Belfast Crown Court Judge Derick Rodgers barred Shoukri from Belfast, Bangor or
Newtownabbey and being with his brother Andre.

Earlier, prosecuting lawyer Geoffrey Millar told him that while the Crown opposed bail, "we
have to take a reflective view" that he had been in custody for a year with little prospect of
getting to trial before September.

Shoukri (31), from Alliance Road in north Belfast, denies being a member of the outlawed
UDA and UFF.

Detective Sergeant Irvine said police believe Shoukri "is a high ranking member of the
UDA", and if allowed back into Belfast "it could lead to the intimidation of witnesses".

He said police would list people Shoukri would be barred from contact


Church Of Ireland Welcomes Message From Pope Benedict

By Alf McCreary
30 April 2005

POPE Benedict XVI has given a "very significant commitment" to ecumenical relations in
his recent statements since his election, according to the Church of Ireland Gazette.

The weekly newspaper in its current edition notes that the new pope was closely associated
with a Vatican document of 2000 titled "Dominus Iejus" which suggested that the Church of
Ireland and others were "not churches in the proper sense".

The Gazette also states that recent comments by the pope "give rise to some hope that
things may not turn out to be as difficult for ecumenical relations as one might have

The paper draws attention to the pope's comments a few days ago that his primary task
would be aimed at "the unity of all Christ's followers".

The Gazette concludes: "Precisely what this actually implies only time will tell, but it is
nonetheless a very significant commitment."


Rebels Remembered At Kilkelly Banner Unveiling

By Marian Harrison

It was an emotional day for the people of Kilkelly as the struggle of 1918 was remembered at
the unveiling of the Thomas Ashe Banner last week.

The National Anthem rang out around Kilkelly on Friday last as the refurbished Thomas
Ashe Banner was officially unveiled in the local library. Young and old, all with connections
to the struggle of 1918, gathered to see the banner take its place in the community.

George Harrison died just months before the banner was completed but his role in having it
restored was not forgotten on Friday last.

Frank Durcan, a close acquaintance of Harrison’s travelled from the U.S. for the unveiling.

“I’m here by the virtue of long associations with a man named George Harrison from
Shammer, who supported the cause of Irish freedom. Once he heard that the banner was in
danger of decay he got down to work. George’s dedicating covered wide including the
church on the hill, which he helped to build. I’m privileged to be here today on this

Mr Durcan went on to compliment the committee on their tremendous work and the chief
instigator Jimmy Duffy, who had the original inspiration to restore the banner, before
County Manager, Des Mahon, unveiled the splendid work.

“Everyone here has an association with the struggle of 1918. One thing that we can’t get
away from is the total commitment and total dedication people had for the cause. I’d like to
pay tribute to those people who gave us an Ireland I think we can be proud of,” said Mr

The refurbished banner, stored in a temperature/humidity controlled display cabinet, is
almost unrecognisable from the flag, which was sent to the conservationist.

“I’d like to commend the people who refurbished the banner; I think they did a great job,”
enthused Mr Mahon and his sentiments were expressed by Jimmy Duffy, who remembers
the banner at various marches he attended as a boy.

The banner, which was originally commissioned by the people of Kilkelly to honour the
memory of Thomas Ashe who died on hunger strike in Mountjoy Jail in 1917, was in
safekeeping in a number of local households before it was given a home in Knock Heritage
Museum. Despite the good care it received there Mr Duffy became concerned at its
condition and established a committee to deal with the raggy banner.

The fundraising kicked in with George Harrison playing no small part in collecting the
€8,000 needed for the banner’s restoration.

Committee members agreed that their hard work was worthwhile as locals, who hadn’t seen
the banner since the late 40’s, were amazed by the transformation.

Following the unveiling a reception was held in Kilkelly Community Centre, where the
elderly remised about 1918 and the youngsters listened with enthusiasm.


Last Chance To Fight For Our Lollipops

By Claire Regan, Education Correspondent
30 April 2005

THE Belfast Telegraph today renews its appeal to readers to get behind our campaign to try
to save the threatened lollipop service.

There's still time left for readers to make their concerns heard after the Belfast Education
and Library Board (BELB) deferred a decision on the future of city lollipop services.

Members will meet on Friday to again face the difficult decision on whether to downsize the
service to cope with budget shortfalls enforced by the Department of Education.

They had been due to vote on the matter on Thursday before the meeting was abandoned
after the board's elected representatives walked out in protest when it looked like members
would endorse the proposals.

The Belfast Telegraph handed over 2,630 signatures at that meeting but the total now sits at
over 3,000. We will present the board with the remaining signatures on Friday.

The office of the Northern Ireland Children's Commissioner has become the latest to voice
concerns over the plans, which would see cuts at 54 lunch-time patrols, 14 at post-primary
schools and 38 on roads where there is also a pelican crossing or traffic lights.

The plans were drawn up by the board's general purposes and finance committee in a bid to
save almost £300,000 as part of a package of cuts of almost £7m reluctantly passed by
BELB. The total stripped from services across the five education boards hit £30m.

Politicians, road safety experts, leading trade unions, school leaders, lollipop people and
parents' groups have joined our campaign.

Please cut out the coupon printed in the Belfast Telegraph newspaper today, get it signed
by as many people as you can and send it in to us. You can use a separate sheet for names.

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