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August 31, 2006

Table of Contents - 08/06

Table of Contents - 08/06

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08/31/06 - Board Rules Sean O'Cealleagh Can Be Deported
AP 08/31/06 Appeals Board Rules Man From Northern Ireland Can Be Deported
BB 08/31/06 Officers 'In Fear' Over Testimony
GU 08/31/06 Blair And Ahern In Last Attempt To End Power-Sharing Crisis
BB 08/31/06 UVF Considers Weapons Body Move
EE 08/31/06 Warning Over Real IRA 'Upsurge'
UT 08/31/06 Royal Irish Regiment Leaves Northern Ireland's Streets
EX 08/31/06 McDowell Defends Response To Loyalist Bomb Scare
SF 08/31/06 Sinn Fein Respond To Ard Fheis Bomb Claim
IT 09/01/06 GAA In Tickets Snub To SF Over Rally
IT 09/01/06 'Mistakes' Over Man's Prison Death
SF 08/31/06 Sinn Fein Launches State Wide Voter Registration Drive
CB 08/31/06 PSNI Could Join GAA League
IT 09/01/06 Opin: The Weapons Amnesty
IT 09/01/06 Opin: Our Political Debt To John Redmond Is Largely Unpaid
IT 09/01/06 Ban On Mobile Use By Drivers In Force
IT 09/01/06 Dublin Busker Stabbed As Crowd Looks On
IT 09/01/06 Cliff Buskers May Face Audition
IT 09/01/06 New Bridge Over Canal To Restrict Boat Access From Liffey
SM 09/01/06 Scrummy Murphy
FB 08/31/06 Murphy's Law', Filmed In Ireland, Scores Top`Audience Ratings
EW 08/30/06 `Odd Man Out' - Carol Reed (1946) Re-Issued 2006
BB 08/31/06 Diageo To Keep Pouring Guinness
PW 08/31/06 New York Band Plays Freedom Songs

08/31/06 - Coalition of US Groups Urge Senate to Reject UK Treaty

08/31/06 - UVF Sinn Fein Massacre Plot
BT 08/31/06 UVF Sinn Fein Massacre Plot
BT 08/31/06 Loyalists Claim Dublin Bomb Could Have Wiped Out SF
EX 08/31/06 Warning Of 25-Year-Old Bomb Sparks Mansion House Scare
IN 08/31/06 PSNI Silent On Loyalist Arms Finds Says UPRG
IN 08/31/06 Man Accused Of Loyalist Murder Bid Refused Bail
IN 08/31/06 Cost Of Bloody Sunday Inquiry Defended
IN 08/31/06 Death Threats To SF Councillors
IN 08/31/06 Republicans Blamed For Targeting DPP
BT 08/31/06 Prominent Estate Agent Cleared Of Money Laundering Charges
TC 08/31/06 Fr Troy Claims That Sectarian Crimes Are Not Being Punished
BT 08/31/06 Just What Do You Have To Do To Be Kept Locked Up In Ulster?
IN 08/31/06 Opin: DUP Is Beneficiary Of Daft Eejits’ Ramblings
BT 08/31/06 Opin: Hothouse Talks Must Be At Stormont
BT 08/31/06 Opin: McAleese Didn't Help The Cause Of Child Rights In Ulster
BN 08/31/06 NRA To Reveal Details Of Archaeological Digs On Road Sites
BT 08/31/06 Top US Judge Praises Children's Conference
IN 08/31/06 Gaybo Returns To Airwaves
IN 08/31/06 Last Supper Gift ‘Amazes’ Fr Troy
PV 08/31/06 Margaret R. 'Judy' O'Neill, 86 RIP

08/30/06 - DUP Blamed For Power-Sharing Failure
BN 08/30/06 DUP Blamed For Power-Sharing Failure
BT 08/30/06 DUP Dodds Rubbishes 'Grand Tour' Prospect Of Fresh Talks
BB 08/30/06 Devolution Talks 'Better In NI'
BN 08/30/06 SF: Government Plan To Play 'Race Card' In Election
UT 08/30/06 McCord Calls For PUP Sanctions
BT 08/30/06 Bloody Sunday Computer Bill: Œ34m
NO 08/30/06 SF: Fees Must Be Tackled, But Not At Expense Of Justice
BB 08/30/06 Probe After Shots Fired At House
IP 08/30/06 Uproar As TD Questions Role Of British Monarchy
UT 08/30/06 Brian Kenney Backs 'Troubles' Museum
MA 08/30/06 Too Many Memories

08/30/06 - Fax Senate on Sept 1st re: US UK Extrad Treaty


08/29/06 - Letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee re: Treaty

08/29/06 - North Parties May Face 'Hothouse' Talks
IT 08/30/06 North Parties May Face 'Hothouse' Talks
BB 08/29/06 Call For Single NI Economy Body
IN 08/29/06 British Had Dublin Bombers In Custody
BB 08/29/06 McIlveen Suspects 'Under Threat'
DI 08/29/06 Community Peace Work Is Praised By President
DI 08/29/06 PSNI GAA Game Is ‘Just A Match’
DI 08/29/06 Opin: Take Five: Lessons Of History
AS 08/29/06 Architects Imagine A "Super-Rural" Ireland In 2030
RO 08/29/06 New Online Map Archive Available
BN 08/29/06 Bishop Casey Cleared Of Sex Abuse Charges
IT 08/30/06 Call For Miners Who Are Ill To Get Benefit

08/29/06 - Ten Days to Stop the US UK Extradition Treaty

08/29/06 - Victims' Families Demand British Government Apology
UT 08/29/06 Victims' Families Demand British Government Apology
BN 08/29/06 Catholic Children To Be Allowed Use Protestant Bus Service
BT 08/29/06 Sinn Fein Set To Reveal Outcome Of Internal Review
NO 08/29/06 Ulster Terrorists To Invest In Bulgaria's Property Market -Report
IV 08/29/06 Barley Gets U.S. Release Date
BT 08/29/06 Opin: Parades Set The Mood For A New Deal
BT 08/29/06 Thatcher Judged Best Prime Minister (By A Left-Wing Historian)
BT 08/29/06 Sign Of The Cross By Celtic Goalkeeper 'Was Not An Offence'
BN 08/29/06 Student Garda Rescues Woman From River Corrib In Galway
N2 08/29/06 Clown Acrobat Crushed To Death

08/28/06 - Intelligence Services Link To Human Bomb Strategy
CB 08/29/06 Intelligence Services Link To Human Bomb Strategy
GU 08/29/06 Lennon Talks About Threats That Forced Him Out Of Int Football
IM 08/29/06 Opin: Irish Holocaust Denial & Campaign Against SF/IRA
DS 08/26/06 Filmmaker Ken Loach Joins Boycott Of Israel
RT 08/28/06 Man Dies In Co Clare Circus Accident
BG 08/29/06 Dark Days For Guinness
SM 08/29/06 'President Bartlet' To Study At Irish University
IT 08/29/06 Car Rental And Insurance Firms Warned About Ban On Elderly
IT 08/29/06 Great Book Of Gaelic Show Opens

08/28/06 - Sinn Fein And DUP Agree On Department
BT 08/28/06
Sinn Fein And DUP Agree On Department
BT 08/28/06
Bands 'Played On At Catholic Church'
IN 08/28/06
Marching Season Passes Off Without Major Trouble
IN 08/28/06
Disillusioned Republicans May Challenge SF At Polls
BT 08/28/06
McAleese Belfast Visit Takes In Home For Elderly
BT 08/28/06
Cameron: We Were Wrong To Call Mandela A Terrorist
IM 08/28/06
Ógra Shinn Féin Held A Successful Annual General Meeting
IN 08/28/06
Opin: Irish And British Becoming Increasingly Obscure Terms
IN 08/28/06
Opin: The Orangemen With Green Ballot Papers
IN 08/28/06
Opin: Plans For Post-Paisley Era Are Well Under Way
IN 08/28/06
Opin: Sectarian Attacks Get Usual Hot Air Response
IN 08/28/06
Opin: Injustice Must Always Be Opposed And Exposed
IN 08/28/06
Celtic Woman Record TV Show For US
RT 08/28/06
Lethal Snake Kept At Secret Location
MW 08/28/06
Film: Fr Mychal Judge: Saint Of 9/11

08/27/06 – Unionist: SF Should Lose Parliamentary Allowancds
EE 08/27/06
SF Should Lose Parliamentary Allowances, Says Unionist
IT 08/28/06 Loyalists Badly Treated, Says Ervine
IT 08/28/06 Meaning Of 1916 Hidden, School Told
IT 08/28/06 Man Dies After Being Struck By Amusement Park Ride

08/27/06 – McCord Loyalist Murder Suspect Freed at UVF Request
GU 08/26/06 Mo Freed McCord Loyalist Murder Suspect At Request Of UVF
SL 08/27/06 Sir Reg Calls On UVF To Lift McCord Threat
UT 08/26/06 SDLP: 'We Must Not Betray Voters'
SL 08/27/06 Peer Is Tipped To Be New Ornage Order Leader
TO 08/27/06 Informant Offers To Testify At Omagh Murder Trial
TO 08/27/06 Ministers Plan Blitz On Criminal Gangs Behind Puppy Abuse
TO 08/27/06 Sinn Fein Link 'Hit Bid For Oil Rights'
TO 08/27/06 IRA Split Adds To Violence Worries
BB 08/26/06 Celtic Rangers: Rivalry Tied Up In Religion
IT 08/26/06 Cab Recovered €16m From Criminals Last Year
BB 08/24/06 NI Population UK's Fastest Rising
SL 08/27/06 Sectarian Fire Attack Victims Blast Compo Body
SL 08/27/06 Belfast’s Terrible Image Problem
IA 08/27/06 Opin: The Old Lady And The Treaty
IT 08/26/06 Opin: Ahern Needs SF Votes To Be Next Taoiseach
TS 08/27/06 Opin: Dialogue Is The Quintessential Canadian Measured Response
IT 08/26/06 Opin: Officer Who Exposed Pacifist's Murder
SL 08/27/06 Opin: We Must Learn To LIVE TOGETHER...
IT 08/26/06
Deadly Horn-Nosed Viper Slips Into Ireland Under Cover
IT 08/26/06 Morrison Set To Acquire Windmill Lane Studios
IT 08/26/06 Windmill Lane: A Brief History
CC 08/26/06 Travellers Rediscover Northern Ireland As Troubles Subside
GT 08/27/06 Boom On Belfast Streets As City Starts To Flourish
HC 08/27/06 San Patricios: Driven To Desertion
TO 08/27/06 Review: Smelling Of Roses
DR 08/27/06 Nace Named Parade Grand Marshal
IT 08/26/06 An End To Farming As We Know It
IT 08/26/06 Dublin Suburbs Full Of Empty Promise
IT 08/26/06 Is Our Education System Putting Out Yeats's Fire?

08/26/06 - IAUC: US Senate Should Not Eliminate Our Right to a Fair Trail


08/26/06 - Parties 'Have No Common Purpose'
BB 08/26/06 Parties 'Have No Common Purpose'
BT 08/26/06 Sinn Fein Still Has Work To Do: DUP
BB 08/26/06 Workmanlike Exhanges In Assembly
BB 08/26/06 US-Irish Flight In Security Alert
BN 08/26/06 Cork-Based Garda In Channel Swim Challenge
RT 08/26/06 Kidnapped Irishman Returns Home Today

08/25/06 - SF Protesting Against Lisburn UDR Monument
BN 08/25/06 SF Protesting Against UDR Monument Planned For Lisburn
UT 08/25/06 UUP Attacked Over PUP Link In The Wake Of McCord Threats
VV 08/25/06 St. Brigid's Gets 2nd Reprieve

08/25/06 - Silence From Paisley On UVF Revelations Not An Option
SF 08/25/06 Silence From Paisley On Seawright Not An Option
BT 08/25/06 UVF Threaten To 'Silence' McCord
BT 08/25/06 40% Believe Agreement Needs To Be Renegotiated
IN 08/25/06 Restriction On Loyalist Parade’s Supporters
HC 08/25/06 Aer Lingus Flight Evacuated In Ireland
SF 08/25/06 SF Slams Failure To Include Farmers In New Pensions Scheme
IC 08/25/06 Peace Team Pay Tribute To Mo's Life Of Service
BT 08/25/06 Liffey Boardwalk: Where Tourists Fear To Tread

08/24/06 - Stopy Bush/Blair/Ashcroft Extradition Treaty

08/24/06 - SF Accuses DUP Of Hypocrisy
EE 08/24/06 SF Accuses DUP Of Hypocrisy
SF 08/24/06 DUP Need To Start Delivering On Unionist Paramilitaries
CB 08/25/06 UVF Death Threats
IA 08/24/06 ILIR Gears Up For Fall Fight
IT 08/25/06 Policy Issues To Determine SF Stance On Coalition
UT 08/24/06 DUP Demand Republicans 'Return' Bank Cash
IT 08/25/06 Tensions Rise As Two Men Die In Mountjoy Prison
IT 08/25/06 McDowell Accused Of Fascist Attitude To Jail Reform
IT 08/25/06 Prison Changes Dealt With - Minister
PR 08/24/06 Extradition Controversy Resurfaces
GU 08/24/06 Film: Caught In The Crossfire
BB 08/24/06 Keane's Massive Challenge
BB 08/24/06 Island 'Where Man First Set Foot'
IT 08/25/06 RTÉ Radio Still Losing Listeners To Independents
IT 08/25/06 Ideas Sought For NI Conflict Museum

08/23/06 – UVF Man Revealed as Top Paisley Aid
SF 08/23/06 Seawright Revelation Exposes Paisley Hypocrisy Once Again
IO 08/23/06 New York Mayor's Plea Over Irish Immigrants
NY 08/23/06 Bloomberg, On Ireland Trip, Rules Out White House Run
SF 08/23/06 British Govt Must Come Clean On Use Of CR Gas In Long Kesh
SF 08/23/06 UDR Monument Sends Out Message to Nationalists In Lisburn
KA 08/23/06 Ógra Sinn Fein Is 'Awaiting The Lark'
BT 08/23/06 Hamill Inquiry Start Held Up By Officers' Anonymity Case
BT 08/23/06 DUP's Price For Progress: IRA Must Go
BT 08/23/06 Scenes Like This Can Draw Kids To Violence, Says Expert
BT 08/23/06 Should Wall Come Down? Down Council: Yes, Police: No
BT 08/23/06 Growing Support For Integrated Schools, Says Survey
DN 08/23/06 Hibernians & Gays On Same Page

08/22/06 - Call For Calm After Belfast 'Hatchet And Hammers' Attack
BN 08/22/06 Call For Calm After Belfast 'Hatchet And Hammers' Attack
SF 08/22/06 SF To Meet Parades Commission On Ballymena Parades Issue
CP 08/22/06 Jean McBride Charges Aegis With Wanton Murder In Iraq
BB 08/22/06 60 Cars Targeted At Graveyards
IT 08/23/06 Things Get Heated In The Dome-& That's Just The Audience
IT 08/23/06 Ronnie Drew On Hand To Make Lasting Impression

08/22/06 - Robert Hamill Inquest Put on Hold

08/22/06 - Loyalist March 'Breached' Ruling By Parades Body
NH 08/22/06 Loyalist March 'Breached' Ruling By Parades Body
IN 08/22/06 McCartneys ‘Distressed’ As Bar Linked To Killing Reopens
IN 08/22/06 DUP Hits Out Over ‘Show Of Strength’
NY 08/22/06 Mayor Heads For Ireland, Like Kennedy
IN 08/22/06 Cliff Plunge Girl (17) Remains In ‘Critical’ Condition

08/21/06 - New Cross-Border Bodies Needed
BB 08/21/06 'New Cross-Border Bodies Needed'
IT 08/22/06 Two Terror Suspects Have Irish Links
IC 08/21/06 Family Calls For New Look At Massacre
DI 08/21/06 Son Proud Of Father’s Fight Against Injustice
GU 08/21/06 Row Over Anthem As Irish Rugby Match In Belfast
IN 08/21/06 Opin: Incisive Thinker Fought Sectarianism To The End
UT 08/21/06 Bull 'Gored Farmer To Death' Inquest Hears
BB 08/21/06 Tourism Dynamo Of Down

08/21/06 - Bigots Tried To Murder Our Baby
BT 08/21/06 Sectarian Bigots Tried To Murder Our Baby
SF 08/21/06 Tribute To Micky Devine As Commemorations End
SF 08/21/06 Collins Separatist Or Monetarist Monarchist?
BN 08/21/06 NI: New Drive To Register Voters
BB 08/21/06 Hope Over Missing Brother Mystery
RT 08/21/06 Quinn Joins New Historical Western
BB 08/21/06 NI Rider Is Killed During Event
UT 08/21/06 Big Day For Leaving Certificate Students

08/20/06 - Loyalists Blamed For Arson Attack
BB 08/20/06 Loyalists Blamed For Arson Attack
IN 07/27/06 DUP Must Come Clean On Alleged Paramilitary Links
IT 07/28/06 Councillor Says He Will Not Be Intimidated By Bombing
GU 07/28/06 IE: Land Of Charm, Humour & Delicious Homemade Mayonnaise?

08/20/06 - Adams To Visit Israel & Palestinian Authority
IT 08/20/06 Sinn Fein Leader To Visit Israel & Palestinian Authority
SL 08/20/06 McCord Story May Hit Big Screen
SL 08/20/06 Attwood's Plastic Bullet Fury
BB 08/20/06 Arsonists Target Couple And Baby
SM 08/20/06 Neil Lennon On The LVF Death Threats
SL 08/20/06 The Listening Game
SL 08/20/06 Opin: We Need Political Control Over Our Own Destiny
PL 08/20/06 Opin: 'The Troubles' Face A Deadline
SL 08/20/06 Dana On Song For Comeback
SL 08/20/06 New Start For Magennis's
JS 08/20/06 Celtic Culture: Scots, Irish & Welsh Thrive In Jackson

08/19/06 - Fr McManus’ Visit Not Part Of Policy Shift: SF
IN 08/19/06 Fr McManus’ Visit Not Part Of Policy Shift: SF
BT 08/19/06 Omagh Relative's Shock After Crime Is 'Cleared'
BD 08/19/06 Dispatches From The Edge: Deadly Tales We Tell Ourselves
IN 08/19/06 Opin: Fr Mcmanus Visit Positive
IN 08/19/06 Opin: Unionists Beating Wrong
BT 08/19/06 MRSA And Bedbugs Are Found In Hospital
IN 08/19/06 Hotel Closes After Bug Scare
IW 08/19/06 Remembering The Past
IN 08/19/06 Gallagher Museum May Close

08/18/06 - Paramilitary Stand Down Is Urged
BB 08/18/06 Paramilitary Stand Down Is Urged
UT 08/18/06 MEPs Clash Over Immigration
BB 08/18/06 Shape Of NI 'Super Councils' Emerging
TO 08/18/06 Galvin Hosts Irish Consul For Briefing On Irish Affairs
VG 08/18/06 Celtic Comeback: Carroll, Doyle In Toe-Tapping Revival
BN 08/18/06 Irish Stew: Buffalo Irish Festival
BN 08/18/06 Hibernian Highlights: Buffalo Irish Festival
BB 08/18/06 King Billy Painting A 'Mixed Blessing'
IT 08/19/06 Theatre World Mourns Death Of Rupert Murray
IT 08/19/06 Expanded Cable Car Service In Cork Sought
IT 08/19/06 Two Brothers Rescued From Waterford Cliff
IA 08/19/06 Bogside Artists - The People’s Gallery

08/18/06 - No Talk, No Walk: Parades Body
IN 08/18/06 No Talk, No Walk: Parades Body
SF 08/18/06 Catholics Move Out As Loyalists Take Over Rasharkin
BB 08/18/06 Family Told UVF Killed Teenager
MN 08/18/06 US Immigration Policies Arbitrary (Irish Welcome)
KC 08/18/06 Foreign Policy Often Dominates U.S. Immigration Policy
BT 08/18/06 Opin: Viewpoint: Police Need Power To Control Violence
BT 08/18/06 Opin: Seven Days That Proved Tribalism Is Still With Us
BT 08/18/06 Opin: Taxi Reform Heralds New Era For Transport
BB 08/18/06 City Honours VC Winner's Heroism
BT 08/18/06 Pardoned Soldier's Family In City Memorial Battle
IN 08/18/06 Playwright Welcomes Cowardice Pardons
IM 08/18/06 Rotunda Plaque For IRA Volunteers
BT 08/18/06 So What's Your Favourite View In The Province?
BT 08/18/06 We Love Your Beautiful Belfast, Say The Tourists

08/17/06 - Call For All-Ireland Currency
UT 08/17/06 Call For All-Ireland Currency
BT 08/17/06 Policing Role Still Keeps DUP And SF Far Apart
CB 08/17/06 US Priest (Sean McManus) Visits Garnerville
IN 08/17/06 Museum At Maze Won’t Be Shrine: Sinn Fein
UT 08/17/06 DUP Slammed Over Maze 'Shrine'
IN 08/17/06 Three Questioned Over Michael’s Murder Freed
IC 08/17/06 Fury Over UDR Honour In City
BT 08/17/06 Why It Wasn't Too Late To Talk To Billy
IN 08/17/06 Opin: Dissident Threat Must Be Halted
BT 08/17/06 Irish Were More Likely To Face Firing Squad
BT 08/17/06 Plan To Pardon Soldiers Shot At Dawn Welcomed
BT 08/17/06 Shellshocked Ulster Recruit Was Executed At Age Of 18
BT 08/17/06 One Dead, Another Is Badly Hurt In Cliff Fall
IN 08/17/06 Early Republicanism Opposed By Brits & The Catholic Church
IN 08/17/06 Festival Will Highlight Ulste-Scots 1798 Role

08/16/06 - GAA 'Bashed For Political Gain'
BB 08/16/06 GAA 'Bashed For Political Gain'
BB 08/16/06 Bomb Defused At UUP Peer's House
SW 08/16/06 Stalemate In N Ireland
BT 08/16/06 Opin: Gerry Laundering?
BT 08/16/06 Opin: The Questions Unasked
BT 08/16/06 Sammy Wilson: Policing The Twelfth
BT 08/16/06 Why Martin McGuinness Is Bowled Over By Cricket
UT 08/16/06 Fires At Separate Dublin Hotels

08/15/06 - UUP 'To Clarify' Links With PUP
BB 08/15/06 UUP 'To Clarify' Links With PUP
IT 08/16/06 IRA Dissidents Wedded To Use Of Violence
BB 08/15/06 Memorial Call For IRA Bomb Victim
BB 08/15/06 Robbers Target Bank Security Van
PS 08/15/06 Leonard Peltier's Commemorates Irish Hunger Strike
OF 08/15/06 Thousands In Donegal Town For Hibernian's Parade
IT 08/16/06 Opin: Worrying Trends In Leaving Cert
BB 08/15/06 Daniel Selling His Donegal Home
IT 08/16/06 Poor Marks In Science, Maths In Leaving Cert Results
IT 08/16/06 On Radio 1's Dial: Presenters On Their New Programmes

08/14/06 - DUP Response ‘Sign’ Of Times
IC 08/14/06 DUP Response ‘Sign’ Of Times
DI 08/14/06 Church Of Ireland Minister Debunks Orange Tradition
BT 08/15/06 Mystery Remains Over McConville Abduction
BB 08/14/06 Woman 'In Fear' Following Attacks
BT 08/15/06 The Residents Too Afraid To Turn On Their Lights At Night
BT 08/15/06 Teenager's Race Hate Hijack Horror
IT 08/15/06 Swimmer Killed In Water Accident Was Noted Irish Author
BT 08/15/06 David McWilliams: Unsung Hero
BT 08/15/06 To Google Or Not To Google? It's A Legal Question

08/14/06 - Family Targeted In ‘Sectarian’ Petrol Attack
BB 08/14/06 Family Targeted In ‘Sectarian’ Petrol Attack
BT 08/14/06 Rail Link Re-Opens As Newry Suffers
IC 08/14/06 20,000 Attend Hunger Strike Rally At Casement Park
IT 08/14/06 Adams Tells Rally To Be Proud Of Hunger Strikers
BB 08/14/06 DUP: Stadium Rally 'Politicised Sport'
BT 08/14/06 Hunger Strike Memorial Row Gets Heated
DH 08/14/06 N. Ireland Marks Terror Blast
BB 08/14/06 Police Murder Probe 'Inadequate'
BT 08/14/06 Band Moves To Quell Concerns Over Parade
IT 08/14/06 Rossport Protesters End Walk In Dublin
BM 08/14/06 Community Law Centres 'Needed To Aid Vulnerable People'
BT 08/14/06 Schools Become Integrated In A Bid To Avoid Being Closed
IC 08/14/06 Opin: Accepting Evidence From Paid Informants Very Serious
BT 08/14/06 Equality Body Lauds The BBC's Diversity
LW 08/14/06 Siblings Keep Culture Alive At Family's Irish Dance Studio
RH 08/13/06 First Fridays Features Irish Musician O’Flaherty

08/13/06 - Murdered Widow Was 'Failed By The RUC'
TO 08/13/06 Murdered Widow Was 'Failed By The RUC'
UT 08/13/06 Adams Urges Compromise
BB 08/13/06 Thousands At Hunger Strike Rally
IO 08/13/06 Youths Hurl Petrol Bombs At Police
IO 08/13/06 Trouble Flares On Belfast Streets


08/13/06 – Damning Evidence Of State Collusion In Murder
SB 08/13/06 ‘Damning’ Evidence Of State Collusion In Murder
SB 08/13/06 Police Ombudsman To Recommend Charges Against Officers
UT 08/13/06 Tribute To Hunger Strikers In Belfast
UT 08/13/06 Co Antrim Petrol Bomb Attack
UT 08/13/06 Six Held After Loyalist Parade
BB 08/13/06 Tourists Caught In City Violence
SL 08/13/06 O'Loan's Son Cautioned For 'Torrent Of Abuse To Cops'
TO 08/13/06 Striker’s Son Attacks ‘Event’
SB 08/13/06 Massive Cost Of RIRA Bombs
SL 08/13/06 IRA Ups Propaganda Campaign Against Jean's Daughter
BB 08/13/06 Ireland 'A Fundamentalist Haven'
SL 08/13/06 Opin: Straight Talking: What About The Witness?
SL 08/13/06 Opin: Straight Talking: Bald Statement Of Fact
SB 08/13/06 Opin: US Has Stoked The Fire Of Muslim Anger Since 9/11
UT 08/13/06 Irish Duty-Free Sales Hit Hard
SB 08/13/06 Brokers Predict Major Slowdown In Housing Market

08/12/06 - Irish Aires Needs Your Support

08/12/06 - Bomb Alerts Close Railway Line
BB 08/12/06 Bomb Alerts Close Railway Line
BB 08/12/06 Petrol Bombs Thrown At Officers In Bogside
IN 08/12/06 Bogside Group Will Not Protest Apprentice March
SF 08/12/06 Calls To Mobilise For 25th Anniversary Of Hunger Strikes
SF 08/12/06 Adams: Harney Refuses To Meet SF re: Suicide Prevention
BB 08/12/06 'Don't Dwell On Past' Urges Police Chief
IN 08/12/06 Ex-Detectives Fear Probe Has Put Them In Danger
IN 08/12/06 Retention Of Diplock Trials Is Questioned
IN 08/12/06 Opin: Close Watch On Court System
IN 08/12/06 Opin: History Holds Answer To Britain’s Love Of Mayhem

08/11/06 - Nationalists To Protest Apprentice Boys' March
IT 08/12/06 Nationalists To Protest Apprentice Boys' March
IT 08/12/06 Adams Call For Information On 'Disappeared' Angers DUP
IO 08/11/06 Sellafield Owners Fined For Leak
UT 08/11/06 Real IRA Admits Firebomb Attacks
BN 08/11/06 Paisley Accuses Police Ombudsman Of Publicity Seeking
RG 08/11/06 Opin: Tips For Peace From Northern Ireland
IT 08/12/06 Opin: Tackling Inflation
IT 08/12/06 Opin: Creating A Language Of Hope In A Jagged Place
IO 08/11/06 Fire Damages Trinity College
IO 08/11/06 €60,000 Yacht Stolen From Pier On Aran Islands
IT 08/12/06 Fewer Irish Homeless In London

08/11/06 - Hain Backs Jury Trials With Diplock Courts ‘The Exception’
IN 08/11/06 Hain Backs Jury Trials With Diplock Courts ‘The Exception’
SF 08/11/06 Special Criminal Court Must Follow Diplock Into Extinction
SF 08/11/06 British Must Move Quickly To Abolish Diplock Courts
UT 08/11/06 Soldiers To Be Quizzed In 'Troubles' Probe
BB 08/11/06 Two Freed In Boy's Murder Inquiry
DI 08/11/06 Thomas’ Killers Could Easily Kill Again Say Parents
DI 08/11/06 Fresh Investigation Into UVF Murder Of Teenager
IO 08/11/06 Belfast: PSNI Officers Attacked With Petrol Bombs
DI 08/11/06 Riots Blamed On Loyalist Gang
IN 08/11/06 Apprentice Boys And Residents Reach Agreement
DI 08/11/06 Republican Parade Prompts PSNI Siege Of Event
DI 08/11/06 Shameful Desecration Condemned By Family
BB 08/11/06 Legacy Of NI Peace Movement
BT 08/11/06 Ulster's Hottest Daytrip... A Once-Inaccessible Island
IN 08/11/06 Ancient Place Names Bring Old Meaning To Townlands
DI 08/11/06 Rush-Hour Travel Limits To Be Abolished

08/10/06 - Ex-Detective Freed Without Charge
BB 08/10/06 Ex-Detective Freed Without Charge
IO 08/10/06 Terror Plot Posed 'No Direct Threat' To Ireland
UT 08/10/06 Banks' Overdraft Charges Slammed
IT 08/11/06 Bleak Picture Of Men's Lives In Border Counties

08/10/06 - 'Plot To Blow Up Planes' Foiled
BT 08/10/06 'Plot To Blow Up Planes' Foiled
IO 08/10/06 Flights From Ireland To UK Cancelled
UT 08/10/06 Third Detective Held In Probe
IN 08/10/06 DC INA To Hold Second 25th Anniversary Hunger Strike Vigil
IC 08/10/06 West Prepares For Memorial Rally
SF 08/10/06 Adams Appeals For Information On Charlie Armstrong
IN 08/10/06 Bobby Sands Comment ‘Insulting’
IN 08/10/06 Mother Lives In Fear After Death Threat
BT 08/10/06 Nine Anti-War Activists Held After Arms Firm Raid
GU 08/10/06 Police Stop IRA Dissidents From Marching
BT 08/10/06 Opin: Time To Stamp Out Diehard Dissidents
IN 08/10/06 Opin: Firebombers Offer Nothing
PG 08/10/06 Ireland Contest Winners To Create Podcasts
SN 08/10/06 AOH Division 51 – Fishtown, PA
JN 08/10/06 Malachy McCourt Brings Wit To Campaign
TO 08/10/06 The Black Velvet Band
IO 08/10/06 Packed Programme For Puck Fair

08/09/06 - Former RUC Men Held Over Inquiry Released
IT 08/09/06 Former RUC Men Held Over Inquiry Released
SF 08/09/06 DUP Setting New Preconditions On Policing Issue
IO 08/09/06 Dublin Eighth Most Expensive City In World
IT 08/09/06 Dumped Black & Tan Body Believed To Be RIC Constable
IT 08/09/06 Car Park Fee Over Top For Cliff Visitors

08/09/06 - Ex-Terror Cops Arrested In McCord Murder
BT 08/09/06 Ex-Terror Cops Arrested
SF 08/09/06 Arrests Are Tip Of Collusion Iceberg
DI 08/09/06 UDA To Oust Jim Spence
IN 08/09/06 Appeal For ‘Final Jigsaw Pieces’ In Murder Hunt
IN 08/09/06 Murder Of Schoolboy Was ‘Carefully Planned’ Attack
IN 08/09/06 Catholic Victim Still Critical After Attack
IN 08/09/06 Find Raises Questions About UVF Ceasefire
HR 08/09/06 Cunningham Family Told UVF Was Involved In Henry Murder
DI 08/09/06 Questions Asked As Saville Is Delayed
DI 08/09/06 Speculation BS Report Being Delayed For Political Reasons
DI 08/09/06 Bombings Inquiry Report Extended
BB 08/09/06 Dissidents Linked To Shop Fires
SF 08/09/06 Newry Attacks - Wrong And Unacceptable
IN 08/09/06 Dissident Republican Parade Set To Go Ahead
BT 08/09/06 Rasharkin Residents Bid To Halt Parade
BT 08/09/06 Unionist Gardiner Digs Up A Nationalist Plot
BT 08/09/06 I Didn't Help UDA Rebel, Says Former Adair Friend
BN 08/09/06 SF Protests Against Private Hospitals On Public Grounds
DI 08/09/06 DUP Vetoes Irish Street Signs
DI 08/09/06 McRandal Family: Sack PSNI Officer
DI 08/09/06 Opin: Dealing With The Remnants Of Fear And Loathing
DI 08/09/06 Opin: Lord Saville, Why Are We Waiting?
IN 08/09/06 Opin: Nothing Is True Until It’s Officially Denied
IN 08/09/06 Opin: Lessons Drawn From Larne Case
IN 08/09/06 Opin: Decommissioning Double Standards
IA 08/09/06 Irish Pilot Cleared
NW 08/09/06 Bk Rev: Omagh Bomb Informant Writes About His Double Life
IN 08/09/06 Allegiance - Churchill & Collins, Assembly Rooms
DI 08/09/06 Irish In Argentina To Receive Funding

08/08/06 - Crowe Pays Tribute To Thomas McElwee
SF 08/08/06 Crowe Pays Tribute To Thomas McElwee
BT 08/08/06 UDA Denies Families Forced To Move Out
SF 08/08/06 40 Loyalist Bands Into Rasharkin Is "Pure & Utter Madness"
CO 08/08/06 Scottish Cardinal Decries State-Sponsored Sectarian
BB 08/08/06 Man Seriously Injured In Attack
BB 08/08/06 New Appeal Over Schoolboy Murder
BT 08/08/06 What Stormont Body Kept Working Despite Political Impasse?
EX 08/08/06 Burial Of Black And Tan A Bogland Mystery
IT 08/08/06 RTÉ Denies Duffy Set For Rival Station

08/08/06 - O'Loan Urges Action Over Bungled Sectarian Police Probe
UT 08/08/06 O'Loan Urges Action Against Officer Over Police Probe

08/07/06 - UUP Pressed Over Ervine Comments
DI 08/07/06 UUP Pressed Over Ervine Comments
SF 08/07/06 SF Launches Postcards Highlighting British State Collusion
HR 08/07/06 Ireland’s Next Step
DI 08/07/06 ‘Orange Change Needed’
BB 08/07/06 Bomber Given Dinner Party Invite
IN 08/07/06 Opin: Hopes Of Cherishing Orange And Green
IN 08/07/06 Opin: Casement No Place For Political Propaganda
TE 08/07/06 U2 Move Their Assets Out Of Ireland
IT 08/08/06 Prop Repr & Single Transferable Vote: Its Use In Ireland
IT 08/08/06 Alaskan Retraces Sledding Route Of Irish Woman (79)

08/06/06 - SF Criticises UK Attitude To Dublin & Monaghan Bombings
BN 08/04/06 SF Criticises UK Attitude To Dublin & Monaghan Bombings
BN 08/04/06 SF Call On Shell To Clarify Legal Position
SF 08/05/06 Gerry Adams Addresses - Vision For The Future
GU 08/06/06 Stone Braces Himself For A Return To Jail
SL 08/06/06 Ex-Army Man Considers Going Public Over Spy Bomb Claims
GU 08/06/06 Omagh Bomb Families Back Whistleblower
BN 08/06/06 Provisionals Using Cover To Mask Violence, Says Unionist
SL 08/06/06 Dozy Hain Caught Napping
TO 08/06/06 Ervine Warns Of Violence Over Cross-Border Co-Operation
SL 08/06/06 UDA: Divided They Stand
SL 08/06/06 McClean Break
BB 08/06/06 Eighth Arrest In Murder Inquiry
BG 08/04/06 Opin: Hot Air On Immigration
SL 08/06/06 Opin: Let's Have One Big Carnival
SL 08/06/06 Opin: It May Be Radical, But It'll 'Payoff' In Long Run
GU 08/06/06 Review: Home Truths Hurt Most
IO 08/06/06 Internet 15 Years Old Today
SL 08/06/06 JFK Library Online
IT 08/07/06 Survey Charts The Future For Croagh Patrick

08/04/06 - British 1974 Bombing Claims Are False
SF 08/04/06 British 1974 Bombing Claims Are False -- Ó Caoláin
BN 08/04/06 Eldon Defends British Stance On 1974 Bombings Inquiry
BT 08/04/06 'Brigadier Of Bling' To Blame For Killing Of My George
BT 08/04/06 Blair Admits To Cabinet Splits Over Israel
BT 08/04/06 Viewpoint: UDA Is Putting Its House In Order
BT 08/04/06 Feile: Bunnies Hop Into The West
BT 08/04/06 Republic Roads Are Amongst The Most Deadly In Europe
IO 08/04/06 New Mullingar Bypass Officially Opened To Traffic

08/03/06 - Faction 'Back In UDA Mainstream'
BB 08/03/06 Faction 'Back In UDA Mainstream'
SF 08/03/06 Sinn Féin Comment As Unionist Paramilitaries Flee Westland
NO 08/03/06 Sinn Féin Comfortably Win Fews By-Election
BB 08/03/06 Move On NI 'Disappeared' Graves
NO 08/03/06 Sinn Féin Comment On Statement On Disappeared
IT 08/04/06 Sinn Féin Calls For No Vote On National Pay Agreement
EE 08/03/06 Call To Destroy 'Fake' Casement Diaries
ZW 08/03/06 Notables Remember Manton At Funeral
IT 08/04/06 Talks To Try And Avert Hospital Overtime Ban

08/03/06 - PSNI Allow UDA Mob To Congregate In Ardoyne Area
SF 08/03/06 PSNI Allow UDA Mob To Congregate In Ardoyne Area
BB 08/03/06 Hopes Over Averting Loyalist Feud
UT 08/03/06 Loyalists Blocked By Police In North Belfast
CN 08/03/06 Bishops Appeal To The Orange Order
BT 08/03/06 Ballymena SF Councillor Receives Death Threat
DU 08/03/06 Paisley Meets Secretary Of State
UT 08/03/06 Phoneline Set Up For Information On Disappeared
UU 08/03/06 UUP: Direct Rule Has Not Served Us Well - McNarry
IC 08/03/06 Casement Rally Is Set To Go Ahead
IN 08/03/06 Priest Calls On Nationalists To Let Police Probe Crimes
IN 08/03/06 Opin: Nationalists Have A Right To Proper Policing
IN 08/03/06 Opin: Venue Ought To Be Changed
IN 08/03/06 Opin: Politicians’ Silence On UDA Feud Is Deafening
IO 08/03/06 Dublin Airport Prepares For Busy Bank Holiday

08/02/06 - Sinn Fein Councillor Defiant Over Threat
CB 08/03/06 Sinn Fein Councillor Defiant Over Threat
BB 08/02/06 Nationalist Concern Over Marches
SF 08/02/06 11 Year Old Terrorised By PSNI
SF 08/02/06 Gerry Adams Launches Community Off-Sales Initiative
CB 08/03/06 Eleven Year Old DNA Tested By Police
IE 08/02/06 Irish In America Are 'Under Siege'
BB 08/02/06 Third Suspect Charged With Murder
BB 08/02/06 Row Over 'Leisure Centre Rally'
DI 08/02/06 Opin: GAA Must Stand Firm On Rally Plans
DI 08/02/06 Opin: Put An End To This Aggression
IT 08/03/06 Opin: The Decline Of The B&B
IT 08/03/06 Opin: Saga Of The Diaries Has Clouded Legacy Of Casement
BB 08/02/06 Casement: Traitor Or Patriot?
IO 08/02/06 Ahern Confident Of Winning Next Year’s Election
IT 08/03/06 Waterford Coast Bonfires To Mark 200 Yrs Of Signal Towers

08/02/06 - Crossmaglen Land Due To Be Returned
NH 08/02/06 Crossmaglen Land Due To Be Returned
SF 08/02/06 SF To Hold Dáil Vigil In Remembrance Of Kieran Doherty TD
IN 08/02/06 Feud Fears Grow As Shoukri Faction Heckles UDA Leaders
BN 08/02/06 Three Arrested In Dissident Republican Probes
BN 08/02/06 DUP Criticises Planned Hunger-Strike Event At GAA Ground
BB 08/02/06 Voting Under Way In By-Election
BB 08/02/06 Protest Over Town 'Jobs Plight'
WT 08/02/06 Opin: Senator Jeff Sessions: Reform The Immigration Debate
BT 08/02/06 Opin: Peaceful Persuasion Must Sway UDA
IN 08/02/06 Opin: ‘Rope-A-Dope’ Strategy Has One Little Snag
IN 08/02/06 Opin: Our Lifesavers Deserve Safety
IN 08/02/06 Opin: Defending The Indefensible
BT 08/02/06 Opin: Brotherly Love In The UDA
BT 08/02/06 Opin: Feel The Pain, Hain
BT 08/02/06 A Twister In Tyrone (Picture)
BT 08/02/06 Outrage As Camper Admits He Ate 'Pet' Swan
IN 08/02/06 Fr Dan Tells Of Life With Opus Dei’s Founder
IN 08/02/06 Top Tourist Site Is To Remain Closed

08/01/06 - Father Of UVF Victim To Hold Talks With Hain Today
BN 08/01/06 Father Of UVF Victim To Hold Talks With Hain Today
IT 08/02/06 H-Block Rally May Defy GAA Edict
BB 08/01/06 GAA Accused Over Rally At Ground
BB 08/01/06 Hundreds Attend UDA 'Discussion'
BT 08/01/06 UDA And Future Of Its Two 'Brigades'
BN 08/01/06 Loyalist Murder 'As Barbaric As Shankill Butchers'
DI 08/01/06 Tributes Pour In For Former SF Councillor
IN 08/01/06 Opin: Worth Crossing The Divide
IO 08/01/06 Passengers Stranded After Dublin Swift Ferry Hits Whale
IT 08/02/06 Death Of Claddagh Swan Being Investigated
IT 08/02/06 Féile Focus: What To See

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