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December 31, 2004

Table of Contents - 12/04

Overall Table of Contents

Monthly Table of Contents (by Subject Line):
12/31/04 - Stolen Bank Notes in Circulation

12/31/04 - Farewell Tones & Kelly Memorial
12/31/04 - Influential Unionists Urged to Promote Power Sharing
12/31/04 – Concern Over Fate of Tyrone Man on Phi Phi
12/30/04 – PSNI Accused of Harassment
12/30/04 – Bishop Offers Weapons Breakthrough
12/29/04 – Ferry Deported
12/29/04 – 2004: Photographic Negatives
12/28/04 – Derry Families Feared The Worst
12/28/04 – Dublin Calls for Compromise on Talks
12/27/04 – Colombia’s Appalling Vista
12/27/04 – LVF Cocaine Coup
12/26/04 – Colombians Accused of Intimidation
12/26/04 - NI Couple Caught in Tidal Wave
12/25/04 - Omagh Police Refuse To Meet Human Rights Chief
12/25/04 – Adams’ Anger At Raids
12/25/04 – Poleglass Man’s Bank Heist Ordeal
12/24/04 – Ann Ivins Tuam Herald Memorial
12/24/04 – Police Raid Home of Leading Republican
12/24/04 – Jean McBride Pleads Over Spicer Contract
12/23/04 – Special Branch Link To Omagh
12/23/04 – Reiss Positive on Ireland Peace
12/23/04 – Ferry Gives Up Struggle
12/22/04 - Brits & Loyalist Involved in Heist?
12/22/04 - The €30m Inside Job
12/21/04 – Too Early To Speculate on Bank Robbery
12/21/04 – Dissident Link to Arson Attacks
12/20/04 – Colombia 3 Rule Out Domestic Appeal
12/20/04 – Pre Bogota Press Conference Remarks
12/20/04 – Archbishop Warns Of Ghettos For Immigrants
12/19/04 - Seize Spicer-Senate Moment
12/19/04 – Ahern To Look At Legal Aspects of Extradition
12/18/04 - Fugitive IRA Man Aided Colombian Escape
12/18/04 – Father McManus on Reiss Flip Flop
12/17/04 – Christmas Deal Unlikely - Ahern
12/17/04 - Colombia 3 On The Run
12/16/04 - Bloody Sunday Inquiry Reconvenes
12/16/04 – More on Colombia 3
12/16/04 - Acquittal of Colombia 3 Overturned
12/16/04 - PMs Weigh Up Talks Progress
12/16/04 – Finucanes To Meet US Envoy
12/15/04 – SF Raises Colombia 3 With EU
12/15/04 – Hopes For Deal Dwindling
12/14/04 - SF: Paisley Should Meet Adams
12/14/04 – Hoax Alert At Holy Cross School
12/13/04 – Paisley Ends Dublin Govt Boycott
12/13/04 - DUP Breaks Off Contact with Irish Government
12/13/04 - Collusion Vigil Disrupted By Off Duty PSNI Men
12/12/04 – Ahern Urges Final Effort
12/12/04 – Migrants Escape Racist Attack
12/12/04 – Ahern & Adams Meet To Save Talks
12/11/04 - Contact Mitchell Reiss
12/11/04 – Ciaran Ferry’s Attorney & An Fhirinne on Irish Aires Tonight
12/11/04 – Murphy Hints At New Elections
12/10/04 – Update on Peace From Ambassador Reiss
12/11/04 – IRA Had Ruled Out Criminality
12/10/04 – Human Rights Watchdog Attacks Ministers
12/09/04 – IRA Declares Peace
12/09/04 - Blame Game As Parties Given A Week
12/08/04 - PMs Put Positive Gloss On Progress Made
12/08/04 – IRA Statement Text
12/08/04 – Govts Fail In Power Sharing Talks
12/08/04 – Adams Responds to Govt’s Comprehensive Agreement
12/08/04 - Govt's Proposals For Comprehensive Agreement
12/08/04 – Paisley Rules Out Deal
12/07/04 - Resigned To Colapse of Peace Process
12/07/04 - Adams' Statement @ News Conference
12/07/04 - SF: Huge Prize On Offer
12/06/04 - Adams Can Accept Blueprint
12/06/04 - Adams Backs Proposals
12/06/04 - Paisley - Is It Yes or No?
12/05/04 - Tim Spicer Action Alert
12/05/04 - PMs Want Deal By Tomorrow
12/05/04 – Paisley Pressed For Deadline
12/05/04 – Row Over Arms Photo Threatens Peace
12/05/04 – Adams Issues Appeal to DUP
12/04/04 - Pressure Mounts On Paisley
12/03/04 - 4 Day Deadline Set
12/03/04 - Ball Back In Dup Court
12/02/04 - SF Week In Review
12/02/04 - Paisley Must Accept NI Plan
12/02/04 - Peace Deal Is Close
12/01/04 - Adams Urges Decision
12/01/04 - SF Final Representations to Govts
12/01/04 - Adams In Downing Street Talks

Monthly Table of Contents (with Story Titles):

12/31/04 - Stolen Bank Notes in Circulation
BB 12/31/04 Notes 'Legitimately In Circulation'
IE 12/31/04 Government Fears 30 Years Ago: A North 'Doomsday'
TP 12/31/04 Idi Amin Offered To Broker NIreland Peace: Records
IE 12/31/04 Debt Burden Continues To Surge
SM 12/31/04 Irish Govt Boosts Cash Aid For Quake Survivors

12/31/04 - Farewell Tones & Kelly Memorial
DJ 12/31/04 Come And Say Farewell To The Wolfe Tones
TS 12/31/04 Ahern Lends Support To Luke Kelly Memorial

12/31/04 - Influential Unionists Urged to Promote Power Sharing
IO 12/31/04 SF Urges Influential Unionists To Promote Power-Sharing
BB 12/31/04 Murphy: 'Disappointment' Over NI Devolution
SM 12/31/04 Stolen Bank Notes Found At Ice Rink
NS 12/31/04 The World Of Books
LT 12/31/04 Irish Priest Spent Ministry In Yorkshire
IO 12/31/04 Group Urges Publicans To End 'Cinderella' Price Hikes
IO 12/31/04 Average Irish Temperatures Up For 11th Year

12/31/04 – Concern Over Fate of Tyrone Man on Phi Phi
IT 12/31/04 Concern Over Fate Of Tyrone Man On Phi Phi
IT 12/31/04 Cork's Year Of Culture To Light Up City

12/30/04 – PSNI Accused of Harassment
UT 12/30/04 Police Accused Of Harassment Campaign
BT 12/30/04 Paisley In Fresh Attack On Parties
BT 12/30/04 Killers In Preferential Treatment Claim
UT 12/30/04 Dozens Of Irish Citizens Unaccounted For
BT 12/30/04 Minister's Tribute To A 'Gentle Giant'
BT 12/30/04 Funds Boost For Island
IO 12/30/04 Film-Maker Bids To Prove De Valera's Cuban Roots

12/30/04 – Bishop Offers Weapons Breakthrough
DJ 12/30/04 Former Bishop Of Derry Offers Weapons Breakthrough
IT 12/30/04 4 Murders Blamed On Paramilitaries- 3 Loyalist 1 INLA
IE 12/30/04 McAllister To Fight On
IE 12/30/04 FOSF Raised $600k
IE 12/30/04 Cork Woman Killed By Car In Philly
IO 12/30/04 Antrim Supermarket Bomb Fuels Fears Of New Campaign
IE 12/30/04 20 Irish Missing As Four Survivors Return -V(4)
IT 12/30/04 Exhibits Aim To Enhance Appreciation Of Pearse

12/29/04 – Ferry Deported
IE 12/29/04 Ferry Deported, But Not Before Airport Fiasco
IE 12/29/04 Echoes Of '04: The Year In Headlines
TA 12/29/04 Bank Loot May Fund Pensions For IRA
BT 12/29/04 Opin: Provos Fooling No One, Except (Perhaps) My Auntie Nora
BT 12/29/04 Apprentice Boys Receive Dublin Boost
IO 12/29/04 Tsunami Survivors Arrive Home

12/29/04 – 2004: Photographic Negatives
IT 12/29/04 Year in Review: Photographic Negatives
IT 12/29/04 100 People A Day Still Exchanging Old Irish Money
IT 12/29/04 Irish Actors Chosen For Gaelic Version Of Ford Movie
WP 12/29/04 Renowned Claremorris Artist Exhibits In Dublin
IT 12/29/04 Year in Review: My Odyssey, By Leopold Bloom

RT 12/28/04 Row Over Access To Hills And Farmland -VO

12/28/04 – Derry Families Feared The Worst
BB 12/28/04 Derry Families 'Feared The Worst' –A
BB 12/28/04 Search Of Hostages' Homes Ends
BB 12/28/04 Recipe For Deal Leaves Bitter Taste
UT 12/28/04 Call For Help To Find 'Disappeared'

12/28/04 – Dublin Calls for Compromise on Talks
BT 12/28/04 Dublin Calls For Compromise On Talks
IO 12/28/04 SF To Mark Centenary With Recruitment Drive
UT 12/28/04 Shots Fired In West Belfast
BT 12/28/04 With Lifelines Used, Parties Switch To The Blame Game

RT 12/28/04 500 Irish People Believed To Be In South East Asia

12/27/04 – Colombia’s Appalling Vista
CP 12/27/04 Colombia's Appalling Vista
IO 12/27/04 Search Continues For Up To 500 Irish In Asia
BB 12/27/04 Police Return To Hostage's Home
AP 12/27/04 Review: Coward Musical Opens @ Irish Theatre

12/27/04 – LVF Cocaine Coup
SL 12/27/04 Blizzard Of 'Snow' Is Forecast After LVF Cocaine Coup
SL 12/27/04 Cop Sting Deals Blow To Loyalist Ecstasy Gang
BT 12/27/04 Adams Slams Police Raids On Homes
BT 12/27/04 Hunt For Gun Stolen In Searches
SL 12/27/04 'I Didn't Rob The Bank'- Republican
BT 12/27/04 DUP Accused Of Political Cowardice By UUP
SL 12/27/04 Real IRA To Step Up Attacks
SL 12/27/04 Army Spy Sues Andytown News
SL 12/27/04 Unionists Off Lord Mayor's Xmas Card List?
BT 12/27/04 Boy (3) Killed By Hit-And-Run Driver
BT 12/27/04 Olympic Cash To Help Needs Of Disabled
IO 12/27/04 Abbey Theatre Celebrates Centenary

12/26/04 – Colombians Accused of Intimidation
IT 12/27/04 Colombians Accused Of Intimidation By Campaigners
IT 12/27/04 More Than £20m Of Raid's Haul Yet To Be Identified
DR 12/26/04 Probe As Loyalist Gang Case Collapses
IT 12/27/04 New Group Aims To Wipe Out Grey Squirrels
IT 12/27/04 16,000 Attend Leopardstown December Racing Festival
EX 12/26/04 Wren Boys Outing Puts Tradition On Parade

12/26/04 - NI Couple Caught in Tidal Wave
BB 12/26/04 NI Couple Caught In Tidal Wave –V & A
IO 12/26/04 Two Recovering After Island Accident Drama
TO 12/26/04 Irish Outlook: Damien Kiberd: Target The Right Migrants
TO 12/26/04 Opin:: Gerry’s Angels Fall From Grace Re: Colombia 3
CN 12/26/04 Irish Sea Rail Tunnel Vision
EV 12/26/04 Irish To Shake Up Eurovision Song Search
PH 12/26/04 In Ireland, An Irish Language Comeback
CT 12/26/04 Cork Debuts As Cultural Capital

12/25/04 - Omagh Police Refuse To Meet Human Rights Chief
SM 12/25/04 Omagh Police Refuse To Meet Human Rights Chief
TO 12/25/04 Opin: Jan may be cruelest month for caring taoiseach
SB 12/26/04 Kenny, The Alternative Taoiseach?
SB 12/26/04 Rabbitte Needs To Reconnect
SB 12/26/04 PDs Still Cracking Down On The Vulnerable
SB 12/26/04 Final Straw For The Wrenboys

12/25/04 – Adams’ Anger At Raids
BB 12/25/04 Adams' Anger At Bank Probe Raids
IO 12/25/04 Power Cuts In Cork And Connemara
IO 12/25/04 White Christmas For Ireland

12/25/04 – Poleglass Man’s Bank Heist Ordeal
IC 12/24/04 Bank Heist: Poleglass Man's Ordeal
BB 12/24/04 Search Police Attacked By Mob
DJ 12/24/04 Derry Man 'Innocent Victim Of Loyalist Feud'
BT 12/24/04 Border Fox Let Out Of Prison For Christmas
BT 12/24/04 Blair Confirms No DUP Role In On-The-Run Talks
CN 12/24/07 Dublin Archbishop In Christmas Peace Plea

12/24/04 – Police Raid Home of Leading Republican
BT 12/24/04 Police Raid Home Of Leading Republican
BT 12/24/04 SF Is Warned Over Any IRA Link To Heist
DJ 12/24/04 Smoking Strategy Smacks Of Hypocrisy Claims Sinn Fein
BT 12/24/04 Parties Row Over Civic Picture Hots Up

12/24/04 – Jean McBride Pleads Over Spicer Contract
AW 12/24/04 Mother Pleads To Pentagon Over Spicer Contract
FT 12/24/04 Detectives Play Down Claims Of IRA Role In Robbery

TW 12/23/04 Irish-American Quintet Cherish The Ladies –AO

12/23/04 – Special Branch Link To Omagh
GU 12/24/04 Special Branch Link To Omagh Atrocity –V
GU 12/24/04 Provisional IRA Deny Role In Bank Robbery -V
BB 12/23/04 Police Deny 'Bank Robbery Botch'
BT 12/23/04 Police Officers Search Homes Of SF Michael Agnew
CS 12/23/04 Opin: N. Ireland's Lump Of Coal
IT 12/24/04 The President's Christmas Greeting

RT 12/23/04 Two Irishmen Detained In US Return Home –VO

12/23/04 – Reiss Positive on Ireland Peace
ML 12/23/04 U.S. Envoy Positive On Northern Ireland
BT 12/23/04 Police Draw Up List Of Organised Crime Gangs –A
SM 12/23/04 Firebomb Found At Department Store
BT 12/23/04 Loyalist Seeks Police Talks On Unrest
BT 12/23/04 Barron Report: Advert Seeks Public's Support
BT 12/23/04 Book Rev: RUC Records In The Book

RT 12/23/04 FG Concerned About Deportation Of Irish Citizens From US –AO

12/23/04 – Ferry Gives Up Struggle
IE 12/22/04 Ferry Gives Up 2-Year Struggle To Stay In U.S.
GU 12/22/04 Belfast Bank Robbers Posed As Police -V(3) -A(2)
IO 12/22/04 Bank Raiders May Have To Dump Cash
CP 12/22/04 The Politics Of Public Humiliation
IE 12/22/04 Analysis: Politicians Won't Relish Men's Return
BT 12/22/04 Bloody Sunday Trust Unveils Its New Centre
IO 12/22/04 Allen Urges US To Respect Emigrants In US
IT 12/23/04 Eames Calls For Determined Effort To End Sectarianism
IT 12/23/04 UCC Acquires Archive Of Sean O Riada For €500,000

12/22/04 The €30m Inside Job
BT 12/22/04 The €30m Inside Job –V(2)
BT 12/22/04 Robbery Casts Cloud Over Talks
BB 12/22/04 The Human Factor In Bank Robberies
BT 12/22/04 Attack On Catholic Youth Is Sectarian
WP 12/22/04 Emigrants ‘Trapped’ In U.S. At Christmas

TV 12/21/04 150 Years Of The National Gallery –VO

12/21/04 – Too Early To Speculate on Bank Robbery
IT 12/22/04 'Too Early' To Speculate On Bank Robbery -V(2)
IT 12/22/04 Latest In String Of Similar 'Tiger' Robberies
IT 12/22/04 Bank Raiders Are In International Company Of Thieves
IT 12/22/04 Gang 'Incredibly Well Organised', Says Ex-IRA Man
BT 12/21/04 Gearoid O'Heara: Call For More Investment
VV 12/21/04 Irish Folkies Saved Jesus's Birthday (This Year)
IT 12/22/04 Slow Farewell To Winter After A Dazzling Solstice -V
IT 12/22/04 Chances Increase Of A White Christmas
IT 12/22/04 Order Decrees Only Irish Names

RT 12/21/04 US Reports Drop In Irish Deportations –VO
NP 12/21/04 Dubliners Lament Loss Of Legendary Cafes -AO

12/21/04 – Dissident Link to Arson Attacks
BB 12/21/04 Dissident Link To Arson Attacks
BT 12/21/04 Legal Bid To Free Colombia Three Could Take Six Years
BT 12/21/04 Church Of Ireland: SF's IRA Links Obstacle To Peace
BT 12/21/04 Unionist Rivals Spar Over SF Role In New Stormont Deal
UT 12/21/04 Man Quizzed Over Postmaster Murder
UT 12/21/04 Millions Stolen From Belfast Bank
DJ 12/21/04 Memorial Quilt Unveiled To Bar Attack Victims
BT 12/21/04 First Step Towards Smoking Ban

12/20/04 – Colombia 3 Rule Out Domestic Appeal
EX 12/20/04 Colombia 3 Supporters Rule Out Domestic Appeal
IT 12/21/04 DUP To Resist Moves For EU Involvement
MS 12/20/04 Changing The Face Of Politics In Northern Ireland
IT 12/21/04 €250m Leisure Complex Planned For Athlone
CM 12/20/04 Neeson Plans Another Political Biopic (Paisley)

RT 12/20/04 Over 50,000 Irish Believed Living Illegally In US –VO
QA 12/20/04 Does Ireland Have World's Highest Quality Of Life? -VO
QA 12/20/04 Commerce Replaced Church At Heart Of Christmas? –VO
NW 12/20/04 Pantomime Queen Maureen Potter Is Remembered –VO

12/20/04 – Pre Bogota Press Conference Remarks
SF 12/20/04 Pre Bogota Press Conference Remarks-A
BT 12/20/04 Bogota Three Case For Europe
NL 12/20/04 Zero Tolerance Is Us Message To The Provos
NL 12/20/04 Demand For Inquiry Into Provo Calendar
BT 12/20/04 Sinn Fein Dismisses 'Hoax' IRA Weapons Calendar
IW 12/20/04 Call For IRA Apology Over Deaths
BT 12/20/04 SDLP's Disclosure Call
UT 12/20/04 Minister Unveils NI Spending Spree
IO 12/20/04 Double Shooting Deaths May Have Been Suicide Pact
ML 12/20/04 Radio Hosts Get Irish Parade Role
IC 12/20/04 £40,000 Funding Cut For An Chultúrlann

12/20/04 – Archbishop Warns Of Ghettos For Immigrants
IT 12/20/04 Archbishop Warns On 'Ghettos Of Fear' For Immigrants
IT 12/20/04 Cyclists Say Law Must Be Enforced
IT 12/20/04 Irish To Go To Beach For Christmas Day
BT 12/19/04 Books: When The Seat Of Power Moved From Stormont

RT 12/19/04 Colombia Decision Does No Favours For Deal -A
RT 12/19/04 Paisley Jr Overjoyed At Sentence For Irishmen -A
RT 12/19/04 Republican SF Still Opposed To Any New Deal In North -A
RT 12/19/04 SDLP Angry At Concessions To Unionists In NI Deal -A

12/19/04 – Ahern To Look At Legal Aspects of Extradition
IT 12/19/04 Ahern To Look At Legal Aspects Of Colombian Extradition
SL 12/19/04 'Blair Babe' Ruth's Family Fled From Loyalist Thugs
SL 12/19/04 Taxi Gun Horror Rocks Shankill
IO 12/19/04 McDowell: No Criminal Activity By IRA In The Republic
SL 12/19/04 De Chastelain Not To Return Until After Christmas
RT 12/19/04 Bishop Fears Emergence Of Ghettos

12/18/04 - Fugitive IRA Man Aided Colombian Escape
GU 12/18/04 Fugitive IRA Man 'Aided Colombia Escape'
TO 12/18/04 IRA Trio Vanished Last June
TO 12/18/04 How IRA Trio Were Able To Disappear
SM 12/18/04 Wanted Trio: Sinn Fein Officials Arrive In Colombia –V
BB 12/18/04 Gunmen Fire Shots Into Taxi In Loyalist Belfast
GU 12/18/04 Mad Dog Will Be Bolton Bound After His Release
NY 12/18/04 Beloved Queens Pub Closes
BT 12/18/04 Christmas Books: Graphic Tale Of Warring Ulstermen

RT 12/18/04 Envoy Suggested Publishing Photo Of Decommissioning -VO

12/18/04 – Father McManus on Reiss Flip Flop
IN 12/18/04 Father McManus On Reiss Flip Flop –A
BB 12/18/04 'Cunning Photo Plan Still On Agenda'
IP 12/18/04 Opin: No Photographs, No Humiliation
IC 12/18/04 Opin: Who Will Save The Doc From Himself?
BB 12/18/04 SF Meet Colombian Lawyers
NL 12/18/04 Opin: Evading Justice Will Not Help The Colombia Three
BT 12/18/04 US Backs Colombia Three Sentences
AU 12/18/04 Listen To Me
IP 12/18/04 Interview With Bernice Swift - An Fhirinne
BT 12/18/04 UUP Peer Hits Out At Loyalist 'Scum' For Threats
IO 12/18/04 Mass To Remember Pioneering Archbishop Fulton J Sheen
IP 12/18/04 Linda Coleman: Fenian Holiday Gift Guide

12/17/04 – Christmas Deal Unlikely - Ahern
BB 12/17/04 Christmas Deal 'Unlikely' - Ahern –V
DJ 12/17/04 'Get Down Off King Billy's White Horse'
GU 12/17/04 Irish Trio 'Have Fled Colombia' –V
IT 12/17/04 Ahern And Harney Avoid Criticising Sentence
SM 12/17/04 Human Rights Chief's Powers To Be Increased

NW 12/17/04 Priest Releases Album –VO
NW 12/17/04 Rare And Expensive Whiskey –VO

12/17/04 - Colombia 3 On The Run
BT 12/17/04 Colombia Three 'Are On The Run' -A(2)
BT 12/17/04 Whatever Happened To The Colombia Three?
BT 12/17/04 Colombia Three Move May Hit Peace Talks

12/16/04 - Bloody Sunday Inquiry Reconvenes
BB 12/16/04 Surprise Return For Bloody Sunday Inquiry
IT 12/17/04 Claims Of Flawed Evidence Dogged Colombian Trial –V(3)
SF 12/17/04 Colombia Three - Mammoth Miscarraige Of Justice
IT 12/17/04 Surprise At 17-Year Sentences For Three In Colombia
IT 12/17/04 Fine Gael Urges Investigation Of Verdict
IT 12/17/04 Ahern Raises Possibility Of Repatriating Men To Ireland
IT 12/17/04 Paisley Wants Deal On His Terms, Says Kelly
TL 12/16/04 Gioia Supports Street Renaming For Frank Carvill
IT 12/17/04 Tara Hill: Minister Says He Cannot 'Vary' M3 Route
BB 12/17/04 Pogues Track Wins Christmas Poll

12/16/04 – More on Colombia 3
SM 12/16/04 Court Orders Arrest Of IRA-Link Trio In Hiding –V(4)
SM 12/16/04 Marathon Saga Of 'The Colombia Three'
BB 12/16/04 Q&A: The Colombia Connection

12/16/04 - PMs Weigh Up Talks Progress
BT 12/16/04 Premiers Weigh Up Talks Progress
BT 12/16/04 McCabe Killers 'Denied Festive Parole'
BT 12/16/04 Cuts 'Could Leave Army Overstretched'
BT 12/16/04 Appeal For Civil Rights Artefacts
IO 12/16/04 Most Services More Expensive In Dublin, Says CSO

12/16/04 – Finucanes To Meet US Envoy
BB 12/16/04 Finucanes To Meet US Envoy
BT 12/16/04 Leaders Meeting Again But Deal 'Now Months Off'
BT 12/16/04 Secret Pact To Free Gunmen Is 'Attack On Democracy'
CB 12/16/04 Liam Neeson On Kinsey
IE 12/16/04 Nuns On Front Line Of World AIDS Fight
UT 12/16/04 Irish Road Signs Set To Change
YA 12/16/04 Ryanair "Falsifies Statistics" In New Ad Campaign

12/15/04 – SF Raises Colombia 3 With EU
SF 12/15/04 McDonald Raises Colombia 3 Case With EU Commission
IT 12/16/04 Hill of Tara: Committee To View Motorway Route –V
SM 12/16/04 Premiers Renew Search For Elusive Ulster Deal –V(2)
PI 12/15/04 We Must Not Lose Sight Of Tremendous Progress – SF
SF 12/15/04 Paisley Agenda On Arms Absurd
BB 12/15/04 Paisley Arms Claims Rejected
UT 12/15/04 Sinn Fein Renew Paisley Appeal
BB 12/15/04 'Arms Photo Reasonable': Ahern
IT 12/16/04 McDowell Accuses IRA Of Campaign Of Criminality
IT 12/16/04 Only 10,000 Full-Time Farmers In A Decade, Says Report
BT 12/15/04 Sinn Fein Begins Its Postal Service

RT 12/15/04 McAleese Visits Irish Peacekeepers In Liberia –VO
RT 12/15/04 Details Of Kinsale Project Unveiled –VO
NW 12/15/04 Funding Boost For Shannon Region Tourist Projects-VO

12/15/04 – Hopes For Deal Dwindling
IH 12/15/04 Sign Tara Petition (Poster’s Note)

BT 12/15/04 Hopes For Progress Over Deal Dwindling -A(3)
BT 12/15/04 Photos Of Little Importance With Shift In Landscape
BT 12/15/04 Liverpool Man 'Had Arsenal For UVF'
BT 12/15/04 Loyalist Drug Dealer Freed By Judge
IO 12/15/04 Finucane Killer Renewing Fight For Early Release
BT 12/15/04 Daniel Pays Tribute To Music Legend
TN 12/15/04 Memory Of The Molly Maguires Kept Alive

TV 12/14/04 The Exhibition: Edward Delaney –VO
TV 12/14/04 The Magazine: The Village -VO

12/14/04 - SF: Paisley Should Meet Adams
SF 12/14/04 Ian Paisley Should Meet Gerry Adams
IO 12/14/04 Ahern Will Not Give Dáil Apology To Paisley -V
BB 12/14/04 DUP Leader Insists On Photographs
WT 12/14/04 Sinn Fein Leader Fears IRA Dissent
BB 12/14/04 'No Release' For Finucane Killer
BT 12/14/04 Trimble Reveals Part Of 'Deal' With IRA
IT 12/15/04 SF Raises Cavan Bombing Of 1972
SF 12/14/04 British Army Challenged Over Sinn Féin Remarks
DJ 12/14/04 McGuinness Foyle Claims 'Utter Rubbish' – SF
SF 12/14/04 Black Listing Case Goes To Heart Of Policing Arguement
BT 12/14/04 SF Attacks 'Art'
SF 12/14/04 Govnt Must Ensure No Shelving Of EU Irish Language

12/14/04 – Hoax Alert At Holy Cross School
BT 12/14/04 Hoax Alert At Holy Cross School
BT 12/14/04 Police Watchdog Criticises Pace Of Defortification
BT 12/14/04 Father Blames Loyalists For Brutal Assault On Girls
SF 12/14/04 Sinn Féin Slam Sectarian Attack On Young Girl
SF 12/14/04 Brún Calls For EU Support For PEACE II And IFI
BT 12/14/04 Chances Fading Of Deal By Christmas –A(2)
BT 12/14/04 Ahern Backs Down Over Photos 'Gaffe'
EX 12/14/04 Opin: Deadlock - Time For Clear Words And Leadership
BT 12/14/04 Viewpoint: Hopes For Deal Hinge On Transparency
BT 12/14/04 Devolution Blueprint 'Mis-Sold' Says SDLP
BT 12/14/04 Alliance Leader Hits At Blair On Talks
IO 12/14/04 Bail Granted To Alleged Dissident Republicans
NL 12/14/04 Hackers Target Apprentice Boys' Official Website
SF 12/14/04 Martin Ferris Addresses Liam Mellows Commemoration
BT 12/14/04 Annetta Kidnap Gang Suspect Quizzed
TS 12/14/04 Neeson Hosts New York Fundraiser For Belfast Lyric

NW 12/13/04 Philadelphia Craft Show With Irsh Craft Workers –VO
IA 12/11/04 Eamonn Dornan & Bernice Swift Interviews –AO

12/13/04 – Paisley Ends Dublin Govt Boycott
UT 12/13/04 Paisley Ends Dublin Government Boycott
IT 12/14/04 Governments Battling To Save Initiative
EX 12/13/04 Council Rows Break Out Over Release Of McCabe Killers
UT 12/13/04 Duo Lose High Court Actions
PI 12/13/04 E Voting Must Not Cloud EU Referendum Debate – SF
BB 12/13/04 NI Transport System Gets £50m
BB 12/13/04 'Fresh Start' For NI Hospice
IT 12/14/04 Councillors Urge Rejection Of Tower At Canal Basin
NA 12/14/04 NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe Resigns

QA 12/13/04 Does More Than Photos Separate Both Sides? –VO
QA 12/13/04 Will the IRA Disappear? –VO
RT 12/13/04 Neesom Gets Golden Globe Nomination -VO

12/13/04 - Collusion Vigil Disrupted By Off Duty PSNI Men
IC 12/13/04 Collusion Vigil Disrupted By 'Off-Duty PSNI Men'
BB 12/13/04 Sinn Fein Meet Premiers –A(4)
BT 12/13/04 DUP Want Clergyman Witness
IC 12/13/04 Political Fall Out Continues
GU 12/13/04 Opin: Paisley's Version Of Success Not Help NIreland
IC 12/13/04 Opin: Who Will Save The Doc From Himself?
BT 12/13/04 Opin: Humiliation Whinge The Only Escape For Rpblcns
BT 12/13/04 Opin: Rbt McCartney - The Deal That Never Was
BT 12/13/04 Police Hold Man In Hunt For INLA Kidnapping Gang
NL 12/13/04 Union Flag Is Hoisted Over Dublin Again

12/12/04 – Ahern Urges Final Effort
IT 12/13/04 Ahern Urges Final Effort On North Deal
IT 12/13/04 SF To Meet Taoiseach And Blair For Talks
SM 12/12/04 Peace Deal 'Just Hours Away', Says Ahern
BB 12/12/04 IRA 'Must End Criminal Activity' –V
IO 12/12/04 McGuinness Offers 'Sin' Meeting With Paisley
IT 12/14/04 New Archaeological Discovery Uncovered At Carrickmines

NP 12/14/04 Hopes Rest On Ambassador Bruton Of The E.U. –AO
TV 11/23/04 The Film: The Halo Effect -VO

12/12/04 – Migrants Escape Racist Attack
BB 12/12/04 Migrants Escape Racist Arson Attack
UT 12/12/04 Paisley On IRA Photos
BB 12/12/04 Churchman's Arms Move Call
SL 12/12/04 Blair Pictured Provo Consent
RT 12/12/04 Ahern Calls For IRA Statement On Criminality -A(2)
IO 12/12/04 Alliance Questions IRA Peace Commitment
SH 12/12/04 Picture This: Peace Could Be Reality … Even Without Photographs
SL 12/12/04 'Snap' Poll Backs Big Man
SL 12/12/04 Shinners In Megaphone Diplomacy After Talks Failure
IO 12/12/04 Council Considers McCabe Killers Controversy
SL 12/12/04 Bro Of Adair Crony Dies After UDA Beating
SL 12/12/04 Put Our Records Straight- Former Loyalist Prisoners Have Been "Forgotten"
SL 12/12/04 Garda's Omagh Mole Flees UK
SL 12/12/04 Armagh’s Bandit Couontry - No Go!

12/12/04 – Ahern & Adams Meet To Save Talks
TO 12/12/04 Ahern And Adams Meet To Save Talks
TO 12/12/04 Comment: Liam Clarke: Paisley And The IRA Must Both Accept 'Humiliation'
TO 12/12/04 Leading Article: Prepare For Purgatory
TE 12/12/04 No, No, No, No... NO!
DJ 12/12/04 No Londonderry On New City Street Map
SM 12/12/04 Book Review: Delirium Of The Brave

TV 11/16/04 The Play: Pilgrims In The Park –VO
TV 11/16/04 The Book: Sean O'Casey: Writer At Work -VO

12/11/04 – Murphy Hints At New Elections
BT 12/11/04 Murphy Hints At Need For New Election
IP 12/09/04 Opin: Linda Coleman - Repent, Sinner!
IP 12/09/04 Opin: Why The DUP Walked Away
IP 12/09/04 European Parliament Pledges Examination Of British State Collusion
BT 12/11/04 Pleasantly Surprised At The Compromises Made To Date
BT 12/11/04 Many Questions Still Unanswered
SM 12/11/04 English Unionist MP Rejects By-Election Call
BT 12/11/04 Man Charged Over UVF Shirt
IO 12/11/04 Annetta Flanigan: Pakistan Arrests Afghan Kidnap Suspect
RT 12/11/04 Funeral Mass For Irish Aid Worker Margaret Hassan –V
GM 12/11/04 Book: History Of Ireland - Ireland, Mon Amour
NP 12/09/04 Irish Republican Army: No Photos Of Disarming –AO
TV 12/07/04 Bewley's: The Artist: Harry Clarke –VO
TV 12/07/04 The Shows: Pantomime In Ireland –VO
TV 12/07/04 The Book: Only Say The Word –VO
TV 12/07/04 The Show: Silver - Irish Modern Dance Theatre -VO
TV 12/07/04 The Book: Nell –VO
TV 12/07/04 The Play: Dublin By Lamplight –VO

12/11/04 – IRA Had Ruled Out Criminality
IT 12/11/04 Adams Claims IRA Had Ruled Out Criminality –V(3)
IT 12/11/04 Photo Evidence Can Never Prove Full Decommissioning
BB 12/10/04 Paisley To Give Blair 'Ultimatum'
IT 12/11/04 Durkan Challenges Adams To Debate
EX 12/11/04 1 Thing Paisley, Haughey & DeValera Have In Common
IT 12/11/04 McCabe Commitment Made, Says Adams
GU 12/11/04 Freedom Under Fire: Paisley's Honour As Deal Unravels
TO 12/10/04 Dr No Is Disarming, When He Fails To Disarm His Enemy
BB 12/10/04 Trimble Attacks DUP Over Deal
BT 12/10/04 Day Of Reflection Not Poppy Day Substitute Says SF –V
BT 12/10/04 Why We've No Need For This Day Of Reflection
IT 12/11/04 €4m Garda Bill For Bush Visit

NW 12/10/04 Kilkenny Craft Trail Continuing To Draw Crowds –VO
NW 12/10/04 CEOfficer Of The Crafts Council Of Ireland -VO
NW 12/10/04 Graiguenamanagh Celebrates 800th Anniversary -VO

12/10/04 – Human Rights Watchdog Attacks Ministers
EP 12/10/04 Rights Watchdog Attacks 'Immoral' Ministers
BT 12/10/04 North Set For A Painful Peace Without Reconciliation
GU 12/10/04 Comment: Infantilising The Irish
BT 12/10/04 Smokescreen Over Photos Obscures Real North Issues
BT 12/10/04 Secret Pledge On Release Of Garda Killers -V(2)
BT 12/10/04 SF Pressed Dublin For Peace Dividend
BB 12/10/04 US Envoy To Join NI Talks
BT 12/10/04 MLAs Are To Keep Salaries
BT 12/10/04 Bomber Awaits Fate As Judges Reserve Their Decision
NL 12/10/04 Ex-Army Man Was 'Used By The UDA'
SF 12/10/04 Providing Civic Leadership - A Day Of Reflection
BB 12/10/04 Controversy Over 'War Dead'
DJ 12/10/04 Last West Bank Army Base To Go
IO 12/10/04 SF & Equality Body Disagree Over Discrimination
BB 12/10/04 Neeson In Bid To Revive Theatre

12/09/04 – IRA Declares Peace
BB 12/09/04 IRA Statement 'Declaration Of Peace' -V(2) –A
IT 12/10/04 Archbishop: Humility Is Needed, Not Humiliation
IT 12/10/04 Adams Says Talks With Paisley Could Break Deadlock
IT 12/10/04 Murphy Thinks Deal Is 'Not Far Off'
BB 12/10/04 Ambiguity 'Part And Parcel Of Process'
IT 12/10/04 SF Praise For IRA Role Draws Protests In House
IT 12/10/04 O Caolain Heckled For Praising IRA
IT 12/10/04 PDs Will Block Any North Deal Without IRA Pledge
IT 12/10/04 Paisley Says IRA Had No Notion Of Disarming
EX 12/10/04 Paisley Happy To Make Most Of Missed Photo Opportunity
BB 12/09/04 Man Joined UDA To Be 'Wanted'
IT 12/10/04 'Farmers Journal' Ends Lonely Hearts Column
IT 12/10/04 Sotheby's To Auction Another Copy Of 1916 Proclamation

12/09/04 - Blame Game As Parties Given A Week
BT 12/09/04 Blame Game As SF And DUP Given Week To Work
EX 12/09/04 Historic 'Yes' Sticks In Dr No's Throat
NY 12/09/04 Peace Effort In Northern Ireland Falls Short
IO 12/09/04 Weapon Pictures Not Entirely Ruled Out – Ahern
CN 12/09/04 N. Ireland: 'Intellect' Required
CH 12/10/04 Robin Eames: The Eternal Optimist, Part 2

12/08/04 - PMs Put Positive Gloss On Progress Made
IT 12/09/04 Ahern, Blair Put Positive Gloss On Progress Made-V(4)
IT 12/09/04 Governments' Document Is A Good Deal, Says Adams
IT 12/09/04 Republicans Pulled Plug On Deal, DUP Leader Insists
IT 12/09/04 DUP Now Accepts Belfast Agreement, Says Trimble
IT 12/09/04 Failure To See Big Picture Brings Deal Down
IT 12/09/04 Governments Have A Lot Done, But A Lot More To Do
GU 12/08/04 Comment: Castrate The Younger Men
SF 12/08/04 Gerry Adams Letter To An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern
TE 12/08/04 Timeline: Troubled Path Of Peace Process
UT 12/08/04 Irish Officials Are To Get Access To Sellafield
IT 12/09/04 O'Donoghue Urges Tourist Industry To Review Prices
IT 12/09/04 Tara Protection Plan Abandoned
IT 12/09/04 Internet Campaign: More Than 2,000 Pro-Tara Signatures

12/08/04 – Govts Fail In Power Sharing Talks
NY 12/08/04 Govt Fail In Talks On Power-Sharing –V(6)
BT 12/08/04 Premiers Propose Deal Over Pictures
WT 12/08/04 Analysis: Paisley Flourishes

NW 12/08/04 NIreland Seeing Influx Of Tourists From South -VO
NW 12/08/04 History Of Queen's University Belfast -VO
NW 12/08/04 Tradition Thriving At Belfast Shoemaker's -VO

12/08/04 – Adams Responds to Govt’s Comprehensive Agreement
SF 12/08/04 Adams Responds To Govts Comprehensive Agreement
BB 12/08/04 Progress But No Deal Says Blair
BB 12/08/04 'Changing The NI Landscape'
TL 12/08/04 IRA Deal Proposed Full Disarmament
BB 12/08/04 Ask John Hume: Will Power Sharing Return To NIreland?-V
BB 12/08/04 Arrest In Omagh Bomb Inquiry

12/08/04 – Paisley Rules Out Deal
BB 12/08/04 Paisley Rules Out Devolution Deal –V(5) –A
BT 12/08/04 IRA Will Make Position Clear – Adams
BB 12/08/04 NI Plan Details Emerge
BB 12/08/04 Q&A: NI Stumbling Block
BT 12/08/04 Narrowing The Gap Was Always Going To Be Difficult
IO 12/08/04 Harney Warns Over IRA Photograph Issue
BT 12/08/04 Photo Finish: Devolution Will Remain Suspended.For Now
IO 12/08/04 Photographer Was Ready For Disarmament Pictures
SW 12/08/04 A Divided Society
IO 12/08/04 TD May Quit Party Over McCabe Issue
BB 12/08/04 Will A Compromised Be Reached?
BT 12/08/04 Protestant Community Lost Out On EU Funding
BT 12/08/04 Omagh's Tribute To All Victims Of Conflict
BT 12/08/04 Sculpture To Mark Women's Role In Shirt Industry
TO 12/08/04 Irish Activities Heighten Boston's Holiday Season

12/07/04 - Resigned To Colapse of Peace Process
IT 12/08/04 Ahern & Blair Resigned To Collapse Of Peace Plan –V(5)
BB 12/07/04 PMs To Publish Devolution Plan
CN 12/07/04 IRA Meets With Decommissioning Body
SF 12/07/04 SF Call For Peace Dividend With No Strings Attached
BB 12/07/04 Could Power-Sharing In Northern Ireland Work?
TH 12/08/04 Series Of Issues Must Be Overcome Before Deal Is Agreed
TH 12/08/04 Reasons To Welcome The Rev Paisley's Grim Return
TO 12/08/04 Deal, What Deal? People Believe Prosperity Will Deliver
IT 12/08/04 SF Accused Of 'Dishonesty' On McCabe Ruling
IT 12/08/04 Newry Man Is Convicted Of Being In IRA
SF 12/07/04 de Brún Welcomes Families Of Collusion To EU Parliament
SF 12/07/04 Relatives Search For "Justice, Truth & Closure"
SF 12/07/04 Families Disappointed Allister Did Not Answering Qustns
CD 12/07/04 Red Hand Defenders (RHD)
EX 12/07/04 Opin: Media Ignores Tribute To The Boys Of Kilmichael
IT 12/08/04 Health Depart Policy On Transsexuals Urged By Report
IT 12/08/04 Case Study: A Transsexual's Story
IT 12/08/04 Offer To Immigrants 'Impossible'
IT 12/08/04 47 Awarded Medals For 'Courage, Determination' –V

RT 12/08/04 AIB Report Points To Concealment Of Wrongdoing –VO(3)

12/07/04 - SF: Huge Prize On Offer
UT 12/07/04 Sinn Fein: 'Huge Prize On Offer' -A(5)
BT 12/07/04 IRA Vital To Closing The Deal
TS 12/07/04 Satire: IRA Refuse Paisley Photograph Demand
BT 12/07/04 Officers Prepare File On Foiled Bombing Plot
BT 12/07/04 SF Leaders Visited Adare Gunman When He Was On Run
IC 12/07/04 Opin: The Way I See It: Whenever, Whenever...
IC 12/07/04 Bringing The Truth To European Parliament
BT 12/07/04 Unionist MEPs Slam De Brun Over Collusion Conference
IC 12/07/04 Excommunication
BT 12/07/04 Council Offers Annetta Special Honour
DS 12/07/04 American Adds Flights To Ireland
QA 12/06/04 80% Do Not Want The Killers Of McCabe Released -VO
QA 12/06/04 Does Paisley Have Courage To Go Into Govnt With SF?-VO

12/06/04 - Adams Can Accept Blueprint
IT 12/07/04 Adams Says SF Can Accept Anglo-Irish Blueprint –V
GU 12/06/04 48 Hrs To Go, Paisley Allows Deal Could Be Near -V(2)
EX 12/06/04 GRA Seeks Meeting With Taoiseach –V
IP 12/06/04 Opin: Of Sterner Stuff You're Not, Mr. Paisley
IP 12/06/04 Opin: Linda Coleman: Everything I Know About Politics
UT 12/06/04 Three Arrested In Bid To Stop Bomb Campaign
GU 12/06/04 Tensions Rise On Ulster's Newsstands
IT 12/07/04 Big Increase In Numbers With Syphilis And HIV
IT 12/07/04 Council Urges Ministers To Save Bewley's
IT 12/07/04 MacBride Memoirs To Be Published In 2005

PT 12/06/04 Irish Emigrants In Britain Revisited –VO
NW 12/06/04 Quakers Celebrate 350 Years In Ireland –VO
RT 12/06/04 Original Copy Of 1916 Proclamation –VO

12/06/04 - Paisley - Is It Yes or No?
SF 12/06/04 Is It To Be Yes Or No Mr. Paisley? –V
BT 12/06/04 Final Bid To Close Talks Gap
BT 12/06/04 Paisley Born Again
BT 12/06/04 Parties Play Blame Game Over Arms Deal
BT 12/06/04 Opin: Dreary Dance Of Deadlines Drags On
SF 12/06/04 Northern Representation Key Sinn Féin Demand
SF 12/06/04 Sinn Féin Receive Confirmation Of Peace Dividend
BT 12/06/04 Foiled: Renegade IRA Bomb Outrage To Spoil Deal
NL 12/06/04 Police Investigate Multiple Stabbing
BT 12/06/04 Irish Hostage's Heroism Helped To Save Lives Of Others
BT 12/06/04 Home Soil At Last For Annetta –V
BT 12/06/04 North's Athletes To Compete For Ireland

12/05/04 - PMs Want Deal By Tomorrow
IT 12/06/04 Ahern And Blair Want North Deal Agreed By Tomorrow
IT 12/06/04 Paisley Prepares For Critical London Meeting With Blair
IT 12/06/04 McCabe Widow Says SF And IRA Are Unjust To Her -V(2)
IT 12/06/04 Meeting With McCabe Unlikely Without Deal
CN 12/05/04 DUP Criticised Over Photo Demand
SM 12/05/04 When A Swallowing & Lip Biting Is Worth The Effort
BB 12/05/04 CS Spray Used To Quell Brawl
SF 12/05/04 Ballymena Nationalists Protest At PSNI Barracks
IO 12/05/04 Reunion Joy For Freed Hostage Annetta Flanigan
IT 12/06/04 Tara Alternative Outlined In 2000 Study
IT 12/06/04 Americans Involved In Collision Flown Back To US
IT 12/06/04 Swords Named Dirtiest Of 30 Irish Towns
IT 12/06/04 Officers Discover Illegal Vodka Distilling Plant –V

12/05/04 – Paisley Pressed For Deadline
SL 12/05/04 Paisley Pressed To Give Deadline
AN 12/05/04 For Paisley & Sinn Fein, Peace At Last
UT 12/05/04 Garda's Widow Calls For Justice
BB 12/05/04 DUP 'Impatient' Over IRA Weapons
SL 12/05/04 Provide Pics Says Attwood
SL 12/05/04 Sunday Life Comment: Peace - It's All About Guns
IO 12/05/04 Adams Wants Dáil Representation For NI Parties
SL 12/05/04 The UDA Ceasefire?
SL 12/05/04 Loyalist Info Requested
SL 12/05/04 Loyalist Killer 'Confessed Role'
SL 12/05/04 Loyalist Feud Fears Follow Shooting
SL 12/05/04 Ulster Alert Over Real IRA Threat
SL 12/05/04 Dissident Drive To Lure Provos
SL 12/05/04 Semtex Fears At Jail
IC 12/05/04 Finucanes' Search For Justice Continues
IO 12/05/04 Students Cause Havoc In Sligo
DP 12/05/04 Review: Doyle's Smart Follow-Up

12/05/04 – Row Over Arms Photo Threatens Peace
GU 12/05/04 Row Over Arms Photos Threatens Ulster Peace Deal
GU 12/05/04 When Two Tribes End A War
ST 12/05/04 Opin: Oddest Couple May Find A Common Cause In Power
ST 12/05/04 Irish 'Terror' Relatives To Visit Brussels
ST 12/05/04 Opin: American Embassy Makes Irish More Warlike
ST 12/05/04 Liam Neeson: Hollywood Seduced By Boy From Ballymena
ST 12/05/04 Cafe Culture Still Buzzing In Dublin

12/05/04 – Adams Issues Appeal to DUP
RT 12/04/04 Adams Issues Appeal To DUP Leader -V
BT 12/04/04 Paisley Frustrating Deal: Adams
BB 12/04/04 Blurred Deal On Arms Move
IO 12/04/04 PSNI: Loyalist Parade 'Largely Peaceful'
BT 12/04/04 Failed Attempt To Make Sense Of Holy Cross
IA 12/04/04 Bush Taps Dubliner For Judgeship
NP 12/04/04 Kinvara And The New Ireland -AO

12/04/04 - Pressure Mounts On Paisley
UT 12/04/04 Pressure Mounts As Paisley Talks To Disarmament Body
BB 12/04/04 IRA 'Must Photograph Arms'
BB 12/04/04 Will They, Won't They?
SF 12/04/04 Sinn Féin Receives Confirmation Of Peace Dividend
BB 12/04/04 High Hopes For Peaceful Parade
DJ 12/04/04 Derry Man In MI5 Spanish Sting Operation
DJ 12/04/04 Derry Loyalist To Be Laid To Rest
HL 12/04/04 Kinvara: A Spirit Of Place
UT 12/04/04 Fire At Bessbrook School
UT 12/04/04 Irish Are Prosperous, Says Survey

NP 07/05/04 Hebrides Economic Revolution & Gaelic Culture -AO
NP 08/17/04 Lunasa Hotest - IT: Irish Acoustic Band -AO
NP 04/19/04 Irish Cheeses -AO

12/03/04 - 4 Day Deadline Set
IO 12/03/04 Four-Day Deadline Set For Power-Sharing Deal
SF 12/03/04 Discussions Cannot Be Drawn On Interminably
SM 12/03/04 Paisley Issues Fresh 'Ultimatum' To Sinn Fein -V
IT 12/04/04 Paisley Signals He Could Compromise -V
FT 12/03/04 Paisley: Ulster's Mood-Maker
EX 12/03/04 Opin: Reputation Of Gardaí Battered By Tribunals
BT 12/03/04 SF Mayor Turns On The Derry Lights
IM 12/03/04 What Is Dispute About Kilmichael & Dunmanway About?
IT 12/04/04 Family's Lucky Find Could Fetch €150,000

RT 12/03/04 Military Re-Enactment In Kinsale -VO

12/03/04 - Ball Back In Dup Court
BT 12/03/04 Ball Back In DUP Court As Latest Draft Handed Over
BT 12/03/04 Film Footage Of PSNI Officers Leads To Row
SF 12/03/04 Suspected UDA Armed Robber Receives Bail
DJ 12/03/04 Editorial: Peaceful Weekend In Derry A Must
DJ 12/03/04 Shops To Open As 'Lundy' Police Operation Relaxed
NL 12/03/04 Apprentice Boy Riddle Solved
DJ 12/03/04 Derry 4 In Witness Appeal
BT 12/03/04 SF Claims Victory As Export Ban Is Lifted
BT 12/03/04 Killyleagh Residents Win Battle Over Wall
BT 12/03/04 Plan Launched For Integrated School
IO 12/03/04 €2.3m Donated To Cross-Border Initiatives
IO 12/03/04 PSNI Controversial Registration Process
BT 12/03/04 Ulster War Hero Hits Out At Death Camp Ignorance
BT 12/03/04 Chernobyl Children's Trips Under Threat
IO 12/03/04 Poll Shows Rise In Popularity Of Taoiseach And FF
UT 12/03/04 Council Bid To Save Bewley's -V
BT 12/03/04 Ireland's Oldest Woman Dies At The Age Of 111
RN 12/03/04 Margaret Hassan: A Martyr's Death
SM 12/03/04 The Famous Mr Ed (Sullivan)
PI 12/03/04 Irish Language Enjoying Renaissance

12/02/04 - SF Week In Review

12/02/04 - Paisley Must Accept NI Plan
BB 12/02/04 Paisley 'Must Accept' NI Plan
IT 12/03/04 DUP Gets Clarification On Key Issues
UT 12/02/04 Loyalist Charged Over Kidnap Bid Freed On Bail
IT 12/03/04 Early Release Option Defended
IO 12/02/04 McCabe Family Hits Out At Taoiseach -V
SF 12/02/04 Gerry Kelly Briefs US Senators McCain And Graham
IO 12/02/04 Adams Criticises IRA Membership Convictions
IT 12/03/04 SF TD Denies Allegation He Took Part In 'Horrific Act'
SF 12/02/04 DUP Have Reason To Prevent Truth On Collusion From Appearing
IT 12/03/04 Drunk-Driver Pleads Guilty To Killing Clare Teenager
IT 12/03/04 Rival Ferry Gets Aran Islands Contract
ST 12/02/04 Cherish The Ladies Bring Celtic Christmas To Opera House

12/02/04 - Peace Deal Is Close
BT 12/02/04 Peace Deal 'Tantalisingly Close' For Northern Ireland
BT 12/02/04 Viewpoint: McCabe Move Is A Hint All Is Not Well
IO 12/02/04 DUP Friday Meeting At Downing St Postponed To Monday
IO 12/02/04 Orde Predicts UDA Could Split
BT 12/02/04 Milnes Set To Enjoy Christmas At Home
UT 12/02/04 Belfast Councillors Vote For Smoking Ban
RT 12/02/04 Independent Spirit Looks To Neeson

12/01/04 - Adams Urges Decision
BB 12/01/04 Adams Urges Devolution Decision -V
IT 12/02/04 Blair Set To Ask Paisley To Soften His Demands
TC 12/01/04 It's The Guns, Stupid
UT 12/01/04 Freedom For IRA Killers Could Face Legal Challenge -V
BB 12/01/04 UDA Ceasefire 'Will Lead To Split'
IO 12/01/04 SDLP Alarmed At UDA 'Ceasefire' Recognition
BB 12/01/04 Man Cleared Of Police Bomb Plot
UT 12/01/04 West Belfast Police Barracks Set To Close
UT 12/01/04 Kidnappers 'Apologised' Before Release Of UN Workers
UT 12/01/04 Sceptism Reigns In Shadow Of Watchtowers
IT 12/02/04 Irish Men Afraid To Attend Doctor, Survey Finds
IT 12/02/04 Dublin Approves Plans For IRL's Tallest Building

RT 12/02/04 O'Dwyer Charged With Clare Murder -VO

12/01/04 - SF Final Representations to Govts
SF 12/01/04 SF Mades Final Representations On Govts' Text
SF 12/01/04 Gerry Adams Keynote Speech: Decision Time

12/01/04 - Adams In Downing Street Talks
BB 12/01/04 Adams In Downing Street Talks
BT 12/01/04 Progress Slows But Ulster Agreement May Be Days Away
NL 12/01/04 PSNI Is Ready To Lead Way
BT 12/01/04 Viewpoint: Support For Police Vital To A New Deal
BT 12/01/04 Adams Slams Paisley 'Insult To IRA'
BT 12/01/04 Alliance In Plea Over Peace Deal
BT 12/01/04 Loyalist Hits Out At Alliance Chief Claims
BT 12/01/04 Five Loyalists Facing Kidnap Bid Charges
IO 12/01/04 London Expected To Confront UDA Over Ceasefire
NL 12/01/04 MEP Allister Slams 'Brazen Hypocrisy' Of Sinn Fein
BT 12/01/04 DNA Tests Show Mutilated Body Not Margaret Hassan
BT 12/01/04 Sinn Fein Claims Electoral Change Credit
SF 12/01/04 SF Proposes New Electoral Registration System
BT 12/01/04 SF Plea To Reopen Canal
FT 12/01/04 Ahern Buffs His Halo As He Rides The Celtic Tiger
BT 12/01/04 Nostalgia Is Order Of The Day As Bewley's Cafe Closes
BT 12/01/04 New Face Of Ireland Bono, Brosnan .Or Bad Boy Farrell?
IO 12/01/04 Govt To Provide €2m Grant To Struggling Abbey Theatre
IO 12/01/04 Men Regard 25 Pints A Week As 'Moderate' - Survey
BT 12/01/04 Banner Of US Irish Infantry Up For Sale

Overall Table of Contents

12/31/04 - Stolen Bank Notes in Circulation

Monthly Table of Contents 12/04

BB 12/31/04 Notes 'Legitimately In Circulation'
IE 12/31/04 Government Fears 30 Years Ago: A North 'Doomsday'
TP 12/31/04 Idi Amin Offered To Broker NIreland Peace: Records
IE 12/31/04 Debt Burden Continues To Surge
SM 12/31/04 Irish Govt Boosts Cash Aid For Quake Survivors


Notes 'Legitimately In Circulation'

Thousands of notes thought to have been stolen in last week's
Northern Bank robbery are legitimately in circulation.

Police investigating the raid had issued serial numbers of the
notes and urged the public to contact them if they came across

However, they confirmed 50,000 £20 notes listed as stolen may
in fact be legitimately held by the public.

Detectives now have a full list of all the stolen notes.

Robbers stole £22m from the bank's city centre vaults on 20

Police investigating the robbery have searched a number of
areas in west Belfast.

On Thursday, commercial premises in the west of the city were
also searched.

Nothing was found during the search at the Blackstaff complex
off the Springfield Road.

Held hostage

Earlier this week, detectives finished searching the homes of
two bank officials.

The two families had to spend Christmas away from their houses
in Poleglass and Loughinisland after they were preserved as
crime scenes.

The robbers stole millions from the vaults of the bank in
Donegall Square West as the families of the two bank officials
were held hostage.

The bank officials are Kevin McMullan from Downpatrick and
Chris Warde from Colinmill in Poleglass.

On Monday, detectives carried out a fresh search of the Warde
family home in the Poleglass area of Belfast.

On Christmas Eve, a search team took a number of items away
for forensic examination.

The bank raid is thought to have been one of the UK's biggest
cash robberies.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has said the possible
involvement of paramilitaries is a "key line of inquiry".

But the IRA has denied involvement in the robbery.

Meanwhile, Northern Bank bosses may withdraw all the bank's

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2004/12/31 16:17:12 GMT


Government Fears 30 Years Ago: A North 'Doomsday'

By Caroline O'Doherty

THE prospect of "doomsday" in the North was contemplated by
the Irish Government 30 years ago as they considered the
likelihood of a loyalist uprising leading to British
withdrawal and full-scale civil war spreading to the south.

But the Fine Gael and Labour coalition feared raising the
issue with Britain in case it precipitated a pullout.

The worst-case scenario, referred to as "doomsday" by future
SDLP leader John Hume was discussed at a meeting between
Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave, senior Cabinet members and an SDLP
delegation the day after the IRA killed 21 people in the
Birmingham pub bombings in November 1974.

State papers released today reveal the extent of fears that a
series of deadly bomb attacks in Britain would make it
impossible for British Prime Minister Harold Wilson to
withstand pressure from the British public to leave the North.
An Irish Government record of the meeting notes Hume's
eagerness to discover what Cosgrave knew of Wilson's
contingency plans in the event of doomsday but Cosgrave said
there "seemed to be no clear plans of action".

Hume, whose party predicted 70,000 Catholics would flee south
if the worst came to pass, said Cosgrave had a right to insist
on a plan but Foreign Affairs Minister Garrett FitzGerald
warned it "could be very dangerous" to confront Britain about

"If the Irish Government were to indicate it was facing up to
the possibility of British withdrawal, this might certainly
give the British Government the alibi they almost certainly
wanted to get out; in this way we would be letting them off the
hook," he is recorded as saying.

Justice Minister Patrick Cooney said: "it had to be admitted
that it was also only too possible that any overt planning or
recognition of this possibility might encourage the British to
proceed with withdrawal."

Hume retorted: "it seemed to him the Government's position was
simply to rely on the British."

The record is among tens of thousands of pages of records,
documents, letters and memos released by the National Archives

Papers released in Britain today reveal Ugandan President Idi
Amin Dada offered to help broker a peace deal in the North, butMr Wilson declined.


Ugandan Dictator Idi Amin Offered To Broker N. Ireland Peace:

AFP: 12/31/2004

LONDON, Jan 1 (AFP) - In one of the more unlikely and
misjudged diplomatic interventions of modern times, brutal
Ugandan dictator Idi Amin offered in 1974 to act as a peace
broker in Northern Ireland, official British records showed

The offer, while privately dismissed as "preposterous" by
officials in London, was nonetheless thought to be serious,
meriting a formal reply to the negative, according to the
newly-released files.

The move by Amin, whose rule over Uganda from 1971 to 1979 saw
an estimated 400,000 deaths as well as the expulsion of the
country's entire Asian population, came in mid-1974.

At the time, the sectarian conflict between Northern Ireland's
Catholic and Protestant communities, with British troops
caught in the middle, had entered one of its bloodiest

"It appears that the political and security situation in
Northern Ireland is becoming worse every passing day without
any apparent feasible solution to it in sight," Amin wrote in
a letter, now released by the National Archives.

"This serious and regrettable development calls for Britain's
best and sincere friends to come to her assistance.
Consequently, I avail my good offices at the disposal of the
opposing sides in Northern Ireland.

"I suggest that representatives of your Catholic and
Protestant communities in Northern Ireland as well as
representatives of your government come to Uganda, far away
from the site of battle and antagonism, for a conference on
how to bring peace to their Province."

The letter was signed "General Idi Amin Dada", followed by a
series of top British military honours the dictator had
conferred on himself.

In a covering note, the British High Commission in Kampala
said that while the offer showed Amin's "naive view of world
affairs", it was nevertheless "a genuine and sincere effort to
be helpful".

In London, Foreign Office officials noted that while they did
not wish to spur Amin's "delusions of statesmanship", a polite
reply would be necessary.

"As the general's messages go, this is one of his more lucid
and, although it is as preposterous as one might expect, the
acting high commissioner believes that it was sent with the
best of intentions," one official informed Downing Street.

"It would therefore seem appropriate and courteous to return
some acknowledgement."


Debt Burden Continues To Surge

By David Clerkin

BORROWING by consumers and businesses continued its record-
breaking surge during November, according to new figures from
the Central Bank.

The debt burden faced by private sector borrowers stood at
almost €195 billion at the end of the month, which was 26%
higher than in November 2003. This compared with a rise of
less than 18% in the previous year.

The bank said in its monthly bulletin that demand for
residential mortgages remained strong, with home owners
borrowing another €1.5bn during the month.

Banks are owed more than €70bn by Irish homeowners, 27% more
than last year. But the mortgage market continued to show
signs of easing, with the underlying growth rate of mortgage
lending falling for the fourth month in a row.

The main driver of Irish credit was non-mortgage borrowing,
which the bank said saw "a sharp jump" year-on-year. Non-
mortgage borrowing now accounts for almost half of the growth
in lending here, up from 40% in 2003 and 36% in 2002.

Business lending was "by far the most important" driver of the
increase in lending, with non-financial corporations borrowing
a further €2.5bn during the month.

Financial companies, on the other hand, saw their total
borrowings fall by €800 million.

Loans to companies based in Dublin's International Financial
Services Centre (IFSC) fell €532m, which the bank described as

Household borrowing excluding mortgages, such as credit card
debt and overdrafts, increased by €450m during the month.

The bank also said contributions to the Government's Special
Savings Incentive Account (SSIA) scheme picked up slightly.
Savers squirrelled away €148m during November, up from €142m
the previous month.

Total funds held in SSIA accounts, which are boosted by the
Government to the tune of €1 for every €4 saved, now exceed
€4.7bn. Economists expect SSIA holders to go on a €14bn
spending spree when the scheme matures between May 2006 and
April 2007. Those who save the maximum €254 per month over
five years will have almost €20,000 at their disposal, but the
average contribution is less than €170.

The bank also noted the continuing slide in the value of the
dollar, which tumbled 4.4% against the euro during the month.
This hurt exporters further after a 2.6% fall in October. But
exporters to Britain and Asia escaped the pain, as the euro
remained broadly stable against sterling and the Japanese yen.


Irish Government Boosts Cash Aid For Quake Survivors

By Ed Carty, PA

The Irish Government tonight pledged 10 million euro (£7
million) in aid relief for the thousands of communities
destroyed by the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Irish Premier Bertie Ahern announced the cash boost – 10 times
the original offering – after a meeting with officials in

The government was severely criticised by leading charities
and aid agencies for failing to offer a substantial package to
help the millions of people threatened by disease.

Initially they had offered a one million Euro package
(£700,000 pounds), but later increased this to two million
Euro (£1.4million pounds).

Irish Labour Party leader Pat Rabbitte had criticised the
funding as modest and called for an increase.

"This is a disaster virtually unprecedented in recent times
and it will require an unprecedented response from the
developed world if further death and suffering is to be kept
to the minimum possible," Mr Rabbitte said.

"Ireland should set an example for the rest of the world to

Charities collecting nationwide are understood to have raised
more than three million Euro (£2.1million pounds). Concern
received a single anonymous donation of 500,000 Euro (£350,000
pounds), while the Irish Red Cross is thought to have raised
more than one million Euro (£700,000 pounds).

Pubs, restaurants and hotels around the country are being
urged to collect from revellers over the New Year weekend on
behalf of the Red Cross.

It is estimated the World Bank, individual countries and
private citizens have so far pledged more than 300million Euro
(£210million pounds) in relief.

With the death toll believed to have passed 120,000 the UN
warned up to five million people around the Indian Ocean
lacked access to basic supplies needed to stay alive.

The World Health Organisation described the Tsunami as the
worst natural disaster in South East Asia for decades and
appealed for tens of millions in aid.

Meanwhile, Ireland's Ambassador to Thailand Don Mulhall
revealed the number of Irish nationals missing in the region
continued to fall. He said as few as 24 Irish people were
unaccounted for.

The Ambassador also said he had received assurances from Thai
government officials that no Irish people would be cremated or
buried in mass graves.

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