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September 30, 2006

Table of Contents - 09/06

Table of Contents - 09/06

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09/30/06 - US Senate Approves US/UK Extradition Treaty


09/30/06 - Ombudsman's Damaging Report Into Loyalist Murders Delayed
IN 09/30/06 Ombudsman's Damaging Report Into Loyalist Murders Delayed
IN 09/30/06 Loyalists Blamed For Attack On Man
IN 09/30/06 Civil Servant Set Upon At Party Still In A Coma
IN 09/30/06 Political Deal Can Be Done: DUP Man
RT 09/30/06 US Senate Approves Mexican Border Fence
IN 09/30/06 Unionist's Concerns About Catholic School Closure
IN 09/30/06 Politicians Blamed For `Failing' Loyalist Community Volunteers
IN 09/30/06 Residents' Fury Over Low-Flying Copters
IN 09/30/06 Contentious March Heavily Restricted
NH 09/30/06 Opin: Irony Of DUP's Democratic View
BT 09/30/06 Opin: One In The Eye For Gerry Kelly?
IN 09/30/06 `Fitting Tribute' To Late MLA
TS 09/30/06 Ex-Political Prisoners Recount `The Troubles' During Tours

09/29/06 - Minister Ahern Reiterates Support For ILIR Campaign
IE 09/27/06 Minister Ahern Reiterates Support For ILIR Campaign
IT 09/30/06 Ahern Needs To Give 'Credible' Account
IT 09/30/06 Newspaper's Duty Was To Publish Story, Says Editor
IT 09/30/06 How Bertie Would Have Fared In Other Lands
IT 09/30/06 Days Of Reckoning
IT 09/30/06 Crafting The Bertie Brand
IT 09/30/06 100,000 Oysters To Meet Their Maker As Galway Festival Begins
IT 09/30/06 Going Wild For Mooney

09/29/06 - Spy Can Give Video Link Evidence
BB 09/29/06 Spy Can Give Video Link Evidence
BN 09/29/06 Ahern Crisis Divides Government
BN 09/29/06 PSNI Officer Foils Suicide Bid
EI 09/29/06 Wind That Shakes the Barley: Echoes Of Ireland In Palestine

09/29/06 - We'll Wait For Right Deal, Says DUP Chairman
BN 09/29/06 We'll Wait For Right Deal, Says DUP Chairman
BB 09/29/06 Ahern Under Fire In New Cash Row
IT 09/29/06 'Irish Times' Defends Non-Disclosure Of Ahern Leak Source
BN 09/29/06 Irish 50 Pound Note Breaks World Record Price

FINAL RESPECTS: A lone piper leads the funeral cortege as the remains of assembly member Michael Ferguson are taken to St Teresa’s chapel on the Glen Road, yesterday PICTURE: Hugh Russell

09/29/06 - Bishop In Plea Over Assembly
BT 09/29/06 Bishop In Plea Over Assembly
IN 09/29/06 Vandalism At Catholic Schools In City Doubles
BT 09/29/06 Assembly To Debate Return Of Devolution
IN 09/29/06 Sean O’Cealleagh Deported From US
BB 09/29/06 30-Year-Old Man Shot In The Knees
EX 09/29/06 Ex-Loyalist Cleared Of Bouncer Murder
IT 09/29/06 Loyalist's Trial Told Of `Paramilitary' Photos
BT 09/29/06 A Peaceful Spot Designed To Get Politicos Talking
BT 09/29/06 Opin: A Whiff Of Sleaze Hangs Over Dublin
IN 09/29/06 Opin: Religion Without Conflict A Dilemma For Paisley
IN 09/29/06 Opin: Irony Of DUP's Democratic View
IN 09/29/06 More Than 1,000 Mourners At Michael Ferguson's Funeral
IN 09/29/06 Film-Maker Lambasts Excesses Of Irish Life
IN 09/29/06 Museum Hosts `Farewell' Event
NT 09/29/06 A Pirate's Life For She

09/29/06 - Adams Confident Of NI Agreement
RT 09/29/06 Adams Confident Of NI Agreement
BB 09/29/06 PSNI Reforms 'May Be Undermined'
IT 09/29/06 Pressure On Ahern Builds As Pds Seek More Details
BN 09/29/06 Dáil To Hold Special Debate On Bertie Controversy Next Week
IT 09/29/06 Opin: Ahern's Political Survival Hangs In The Balance

09/28/06 - Hain Warns Of Deadline Failure
UT 09/28/06 Hain Warns Of Deadline Failure
JN 09/27/06 $198,000 Penalty Imposed On Woman In US Immigrant Scam
BB 09/28/06 PSNI Reforms 'May Be Undermined'
SF 09/28/06 Ferris Questions Shell's Motive For Dropping Legal Action
BT 09/28/06 Still The Teflon Taoiseach?
NH 09/27/06 Opin: Politics Here Remain Firmly Stuck In Allegiance
BT 09/28/06 Opin: We Can Safeguard The Union
EE 09/28/06 Sinn Féin Leaders To Attend Ferguson Funeral
ML 09/28/06 Cathie Ryan Embodies 'Celtic Intensity'

09/27/06 - Shadow 'Cast Over Scotland Deal'
BB 09/27/06 Shadow 'Cast Over Scotland Deal'
IT 09/27/06 Commissioner Calls On Sinn Féin To Back Police
BN 09/27/06 Ahern Urges Paisley To Talk To SF
IT 09/28/06 Gardaí Faced 'Brick Wall' In North Inquiry
CB 09/28/06 Former DUP Mayor To Face Disciplinary Action
RS 09/27/06 Spectre Of Martin O’Hagan’s Murder Refuses To Fade
EE 09/27/06 Justice Dept Rules Out Unsolved Murders Unit
IT 09/28/06 Controversy Over €10,000 Payment For Ahern Speech
IT 09/28/06 Green Book Of The Early 1990s Had No Legislative Force
IT 09/28/06 Joe Higgins: Ahern’s Personal Circumstances Are Irrelevant
BN 09/27/06 Ahern Defends 'Double Standards' Allegation
BN 09/27/06 Publican Rejected Taoiseach's Offers To Repay Loan
IT 09/28/06 Tánaiste’s Statement Helps To Stabilise Ahern's Position
BB 09/27/06 Work 'Set To Begin On Maze Site'
EE 09/27/06 Ombudsman Probe Policeman Was Himself Under Investigation
CO 09/27/06 Conflict Not Religious, But Fear Based: Irish RC Primate
IT 09/28/06 Opin: Ahern - An Error Of Judgment
IT 09/28/06 Opin: Opposition Explore Mysteries Left In Ahern's Wake
IT 09/28/06 Opin: Turning The Tables On McDowell
BN 09/28/06 Ahern To Meet Clinton
IT 09/28/06 Portumna Against Bridge Closure

09/27/06 – IRA Has Closed Down Terror Operations: IMC
BT 09/27/06 IRA Has Closed Down Terror Operations: IMC
BB 09/27/06 Irish PM Admits Receiving Loans
SF 09/27/06 SF: Taoiseach Has Been Let Off The Hook On Bigger Scandals
RT 09/27/06 Kenny Claims Ahern Situation Is 'Very Grave'
BN 09/27/06 Martin: Taoiseach 'Did Nothing Ethically Wrong'
IT 09/27/06 Four Of 12 Money Donors Have Served On Public Boards
IT 09/27/06 'Irish Times' Called Before Mahon Tribunal
IT 09/27/06 Dermot Ahern Pledges Support To Irish Illegals In US
IT 09/27/06 Showband Survivor Had No Doubt Checkpoint Officer British
BT 09/27/06 Blair Speaks Of 'Passion' For Peace In Conference Speech
IT 09/27/06 Assembly Outbursts Underline Obstacles To Progress
BN 09/27/06 Adams: Govnt Indifferent To Plight Of Rural Communities
IT 09/27/06 Adams Calls On British To Protect Irish Language
IT 09/27/06 Irishman In US Hospital As Wife Found Shot Dead
IT 09/27/06 Opin: Ahern: On Mature Reflection
IT 09/27/06 Opin: Ghosts Of Lowry & Haughey Haunt Taoiseach
BT 09/27/06 Opin: The UDA 'Reward'
NH 09/27/06 Opin: Slur So Symptomatic Of Problems Within UUP
FB 09/27/06 Irish Docs At Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Festival
OL 09/27/06 The First Night Feature: A Moon For The Misbegotten
IE 09/27/06 Interview : Scorsese, DiCaprio, Damon – The Departed

09/26/06 - Holy Cross School Dispute Appeal Dismissed
BB 09/26/06 Holy Cross School Dispute Appeal Dismissed
BT 09/26/06 Decommissioning: Beginning Of The End
BT 09/26/06 Pol Workers To Receive Job Termination Ltrs As Nov Nears
PT 09/26/06 Local Irish Bartender Sent Home
LA 09/26/06 O.C. Bartender Linked To N. Ireland Murders Deported
BT 09/26/06 Brown Stakes His Claim To Be Country's Next Prime Minister
BT 09/26/06 Opin: New PM Needed For Political Progress?
BT 09/26/06 Opin: Nationalism Goes Global
BT 09/26/06 School's Tribute To Beckett
ML 09/26/06 Irish Music Concert A Fund-Raiser For Africa
IT 09/26/06 Ireland Near Bottom Of European Road Safety Ranking
SF 09/26/06 Government Failing To Improve Road Safety - Crowe

09/25/06 – US Deports Sean O’Cealleagh
AP 09/25/06 US Deports Man Linked To Soldier Slayings In N Ireland
SF 09/25/06 Sinn Féin Members Comment On The Death Of Michael Ferguson
RT 09/25/06 Taoiseach To Make Statement On Payments
BC 09/25/06 Gaelic Roots Is Now More Than A Memory
IT 09/26/06 Crowe To Attend Kilkee Event In Memory Of Richard Harris

09/25/06 - Death Of Sinn Fein Assembly Man Michael Ferguson
BB 09/25/06 Death Of Sinn Fein Assembly Man
IN 09/25/06 Cancer Is Adversity, Not Tragedy Says MLA
IT 09/25/06 Cleric Says IRA Has Lived Up To Its Pledge On Arms
IT 09/25/06 Empathy Is Key To Peace, Says Bruton
IN 09/25/06 ‘Plan B’ Offer To Parties If Talks Fail
BT 09/25/06 Churchmen United On Devolution
BT 09/25/06 SF Can't 'Trade Off' Backing For Police
BB 09/25/06 Parties (SF & SDLP) Clash Angrily On Policing
BT 09/25/06 'Bloodbath' Could Hit Plans For Devolution, Warns Sir Reg
BT 09/25/06 PM's Supporters Back 'Dream Ticket' Of Johnson And Reid
BT 09/25/06 Ulster Not A Priority For Brown Warns Hain
IT 09/25/06 Orange Protest At Drumcree Attracts Small Crowd
IN 09/25/06 Calls For Action After Mocking Murdered Catholic Teen
BT 09/25/06 MLA Fears For His Family After Thugs Launch 15th Attack
UT 09/25/06 Rioters Clash With Police In Derry
BT 09/25/06 Delayed Omagh Trial Due To Start
TC 09/25/06 President's Praise For Catholic Lawyers Killed in NIreland
IT 09/25/06 Inquiry Into Ahern Funding Goes Beyond Legal Bill
IN 09/25/06 Two Sinn Fein Councillors Leave The Party
BT 09/25/06 Adams Visit to Mid-East: A Voice In The Desert?
NH 09/25/06 Opin: Learning From Past Mistakes
BT 09/25/06 Opin: Open Ltr UUP To Peter Hain
BT 09/25/06 Opin: Put Hain Back In The Tardis
IN 09/25/06 Opin: Religion Without Conflict A Dilemma For Paisley
IT 09/25/06 Release Of Irish Red Cross Worker Welcomed

09/24/06 - SF: Peace Funding Programme 'Widening Divides'
EE 09/24/06 SF: Peace Funding Programme 'Widening Divides'
TO 09/24/06 Hain Offers £1m In Bid To Disband UDA
SB 09/24/06 Three Northern Parties At Clinton Conference
BN 09/24/06 Haughey Portrait To Go Under The Hammer

09/24/06 - Parade Is Peaceful
SL 09/24/06 Parade Is Peaceful
BB 09/24/06 Councillor's Home Petrol Bombed
SL 09/24/06 Rev Harold Good: Farewell To Arms - A Year On
GU 09/24/06 Banned UDA Pleads To Win Legal Status
BB 09/24/06 Empey: Sinn Fein Must 'Endorse Policing'
NH 09/24/06 Veteran IRA Man Resigns From Army Council
TO 09/24/06 Don’t Believe Ballad, Pleads Descendant Of Athenry Villain

09/23/06 - Number Limit For Drumcree Parade
BB 09/23/06 Number Limit For Drumcree Parade
BT 09/23/06 Commissioner's 'Orange Links' Challenged In Drumcree Case
IN 09/23/06 Nationalists Told To ‘Throw Off Shackles’
BB 09/23/06 St Andrews Talks May Prove Vital
IN 09/23/06 Can Scottish Summit Seal Deal For North?
BT 09/22/06 Hain Under Fire After Outlining Plans To Dissolve Assembly
BT 09/22/06 Orde's Offer To Speak To Republicans Is Rejected
BN 09/22/06 2 Families Refused Compensation Following Arson Attacks
BT 09/22/06 Catholic Church Denies Integration Move
TO 09/23/06 How Do You Say Wine Lake, Butter Mountain & … In Irish?
IN 09/23/06 Hurricane Gordon Leaves Path Of Destruction In Wake
PL 09/23/06 Edward Patrick McManus, RIP
GU 09/23/06 West Side Stories: Quiet Man & The Field

09/22/06 – Drumcree Ruling Will Be Reviewed
BB 09/22/06 Drumcree Ruling Will Be Reviewed
SF 09/22/06 Progress Is Responsibility Of 2 Govnts - Adams
IT 09/23/06 Executive Will Be Re-Established, Says Adams
BT 09/23/06 Adams Endorses Paisley In Speech Delivered In The US
IT 09/23/06 Donors Refused Return Of Cash From Ahern - Report
IT 09/23/06 Pluralism Key To Education Now, Says Archbishop
IT 09/23/06 Storms Lead To Power Blackout

09/21/06 - Concentrate On Restoring Devolution – Adams
IT 09/21/06 Concentrate On Restoring Devolution - Adams
SF 09/21/06 Gerry Kelly Articles On Policing In Belfast Telegraph
IT 09/22/06 Key Role Of Scottish Meeting Stressed By Hain
BB 09/21/06 Ahern Confirms He Received Cash
IT 09/21/06 Belfast Court Told Politician Used Sectarian Abuse
IT 09/22/06 NI Soccer Teams Pull Out Aftersectarian Incident
BN 09/21/06 MI5 Involvement In Lawyer Murder Case Sparks Secrecy Fears
UT 09/21/06 NYC Comptroller To Use His Clout
LN 09/21/06 Large Crowd Marks 25th Anniversary Of Hunger Strikes
IT 09/22/06 Leas Cross Deaths 'Not Preventable'

09/21/06 - Special Status Given To MI5 At Nelson Inquiry
IN 09/21/06 Special Status Given To MI5 At Nelson Inquiry
SF 09/21/06 Concern Expressed At MI5 Interference In Nelson Inquiry
IN 09/21/06 Sinn Fein Aiming For A Deal
UT 09/21/06 DUP: 'Deadline Is Defining Moment'
IN 09/21/06 US Economic Figure Visits North To Look At Equality
IN 09/21/06 UUP Member Defects To Tories
IN 09/21/06 DUP Forks Out After Party Gaffe
NH 09/21/06 Americans Feel North's State Of Play Is Silly & Surreal
BT 09/21/06 Anger Over Government's Grant To 'Stop' UDA Thuggery
IN 09/21/06 Opin: CRC Article Relates More To Unionist Thinking
BT 09/21/06 Opin: Sinn Fein Prepares For A Seismic Shift
IN 09/21/06 Opin: Death Threat Despicable
IN 09/21/06 Opin: Hunger Strike Message Echoes Down The Years
IN 09/21/06 Pouring Some Cold Water On Cork Immigrant’s Tale
IN 09/21/06 Grief-Stricken Parents Tell Of Sons’ Suicides
IN 09/21/06 Film-Makers To Focus On Plight Of Protestants

09/20/06 – IAUC Convention in Chicago Sept 29&30

09/20/06 - Ignore DUP Power Sharing Demands SDLP
EE 09/20/06 Ignore DUP Power Sharing Demands SDLP
IH 09/20/06 Irish Diplomat Flees Death Threat From Loyalist Extremists
SF 09/20/06 Threat To Diplomat Exposes Folly Of DUP Position
SF 09/20/06 Commission Abdicates Responsibility Over Drumcree Rally
SF 09/20/06 Sinn Féin Renews Call For Ban On Plastic Bullets
BT 09/20/06 Deal On Policing Possible, Says SF
BT 09/20/06 Republicans Move Closer To Playing A Role In Policing
UT 09/20/06 Latest On Rosemary Nelson Inquiry
UT 09/20/06 McAleese Hails 'The Rule Of Law'
BB 09/20/06 Families View Omagh Case By Video
SF 09/20/06 SF To Discuss Equality Concerns With NYC Comptroller
GI 09/20/06 Sinn Fein Commemoration
EE 09/20/06 Teen Charged With Rioting At Love Ulster Rally
BT 09/20/06 Opin: Loyalists Must Show Ability To Reform
IT 09/21/06 Opin: Blair May Be Liability In Search For North Deal
IT 09/21/06 Opin: Muslims Could Learn From Orange Order
BT 09/20/06 Ulster Bracing Itself As Tropical Storm Looming
BN 09/20/06 Irish Childcare Costs 'Driving Women From Workforce'

09/19/06 - Nationalists Urge Drumcree Review
BB 09/19/06 Nationalists Urge Drumcree Review
SF 09/19/06 Parades Commission Failure Causing Anger In Portadown
BB 09/19/06 Can UDA Be Brought In From Cold?
SF 09/19/06 Adams To Meet Snr Politicos In US In Adv Of Peace Talks
IT 09/20/06 Paisley Attaches More Strings To SF Deal
BB 09/19/06 DUP Consult On SF Power-Sharing
4N 09/19/06 Sinn Fein Boycott Stormont Debate
SF 09/19/06 Meaningless Assembly Debate Will Not Adv Policing Issue
SB 09/19/06 Opin: Citizens Or Consumers?
IN 09/19/06 Opin: IMC’s Legitimising Of ‘Structures’ Creates Problems
IN 09/16/06 Opin: Paisleys Twist More Than ‘Biased Media’ Ever Could
UT 09/19/06 US Mayor Hails Belfast's Potential
IM 09/19/06 Hungerstrike Commemorative Mass
IT 09/20/06 'Magdalen' Author Challenged
IT 09/20/06 Dingle Port May Be Taken Over
IN 09/19/06 Hold Onto Your Drinks The Pogues Are Back
IN 09/19/06 ‘Sybil’ To Visit Spiritual Home Of Fawlty Towers

09/19/06 - Crucial Chance For Ulster Before PM's Departure
GU 09/19/06 Crucial Chance For Ulster Before PM's Departure
BT 09/19/06 SF Urged To Back Police To Secure A Deal
BT 09/19/06 DUP Reveals Letter
BT 09/19/06 Hain: McCord Report Will Be Difficult For British State
BT 09/19/06 Assembly Seeks Scrutiny In Wake Of Shoukri & Stormontgate
BT 09/19/06 20% Pay Rise For O'Loan
BT 09/19/06 Trust In Police And Politicians 'Is Lowest In Ulster'
RT 09/19/06 11 PSNI Officers Injured In Violence
SB 09/17/06 Britain’s New Man In Ireland
BT 09/19/06 Vatican Experts Say Pope 'Unrepentant'
JA 09/19/06 Cillian Murphy Gets History Lesson

09/18/06 - Britain Remains Object Of Suspicion And Mistrust
NH 09/18/06 Britain Remains Object Of Suspicion And Mistrust
UT 09/18/06 Hain: 'McCord Rpt Will Be Uncomfortable For Britishstate'
EE 09/18/06 Police Chiefs Defend Handling Of Belfast Violence
BT 09/18/06 Hain Meets 'Restoration Of Stormont' Committee
BB 09/18/06 Hain Backs Loyalist Project Grant
4N 09/18/06 Government Urges Sinn Fein To Support PSNI
4N 09/18/06 PSNI Pay Journalists 'Damages'
BB 09/18/06 Parties Work On Community Issues
EX 09/18/06 Fianna Fáil And Pds On Course For Third Term
BT 09/18/06 Opin: PUP Requires More Than A Makeover
UT 09/18/06 Washington Group Visit Belfast
SF 09/18/06 Adams Protests For Teacher Arrested For Speaking Irish
IT 09/18/06 JFK Sister Patricia Kennedy Lawford (82) Dies
BN 09/18/06 War Of Independence Veteran Dies Aged 105

09/17/06 - 'Dire' Warning Over Ni Deadline
BB 09/17/06 'Dire' Warning Over Ni Deadline
TO 09/17/06 Stormont To Stay In Limbo
SL 09/17/06 The Devolution Debate: Deal Will Happen Time Is Right
SL 09/17/06 PSNI Pipe Up Over Republic Anthem
TO 09/17/06 RUC Whistle-Blower Plans Life Abroad After Arrest
EX 09/18/06 A Vote For FF A Vote For SF, Warns Kenny
CB 09/18/06 6 Officers Hurt In Trouble
IT 09/17/06 Petrol Bombs Thrown At Belfast PSNI Base
SL 09/17/06 Guns Back On Streets
IM 09/17/06 Ógra Shinn Féin ‘Claim Victory’ On Demilitarisation
GU 09/17/06 Opin: Reporters 'Covered Up Truth' About Ira To Help Peace
IM 09/17/06 Opin: No One Should Play Their Propaganda Game!
VS 09/16/06 Law Of Deams Book Signing At Owl And Turtle
HD 09/17/06 Clonmacnoise: Crossroads Of Celtic Culture
BN 09/17/06 House Prices To Level Off As Interest Rates Rise
BB 09/17/06 Kerry 4-15 3-5 Mayo
IM 09/17/06 New Play To Commemorate The Hunger Strikes

09/16/06 - Drumcree Parade Go-Ahead Slammed
IN 09/16/06 Drumcree Parade Go-Ahead Slammed
BB 09/16/06 Drumcree Church Fire 'Malicious'
IN 09/16/06 Ervine ‘Never Resigned From UVF’
IN 09/16/06 Plaque For Veterans Of Spanish War
NH 09/16/06 Bobby Sands Biography For Bunscoil — Abridged Too Far?
IN 09/16/06 Opin: Paisley Can’t Stomach Salmond Home Truths
IT 09/16/06 A Big Bill For Dinner With Bill (Clinton)
WP 09/16/06 Mega-Pub: Daniel O'Connell's DC Pub Review
NY 09/16/06 Descendants Gather To Remember 1st Ellis Island Immigrant
GN 09/16/06 Irish Priest Begins Work In Galveston

09/15/06 - Hain 'Always Sucking' Up To DUP
DT 09/15/06 Hain 'Always Sucking' Up To DUP
TO 09/15/06 Ulster Endgame
IT 09/16/06 Opin: Paisley & DUP Appear To Be Holding All The Cards
IM 09/15/06 Mexico Salutes Irish Intl Brigade, Ireland Winks Back

09/15/06 - Legal Inadequacies of US UK Extradition Treaty

09/15/06 - Blair Warning Over Devolution Deadline
BN 09/15/06 Blair Warning Over Devolution Deadline
BT 09/15/06 Virtual Politics 'Is The Future If Deadline Passes'
BB 09/15/06 Minds Focus On Devolution Deadine
NL 09/15/06 Paisley Anger After Remarks On Attacks
BT 09/15/06 Ervine: My Secret Past In The UVF
BT 09/15/06 Opin: Future Will Not Be Orange Or Green But Shared By All
BT 09/15/06 Opin: Turning Poachers Into Gamekeepers
BN 09/15/06 Haughey Estate May Face Massive Tribunal Costs Bill
BB 09/15/06 Sands Book Aimed At Children

09/14/06 - Blair To Meet Ahern For Talks
SM 09/14/06 Blair To Meet Ahern For Talks
BT 09/14/06 Call My Bluff
IE 09/08/06 Minister Ahern Addresses British-Irish Assoc
UT 09/14/06 Two Held Over Bangor Murder
BT 09/14/06 Church Attack Prompts United Clean-Up Effort
LN 09/14/06 Hunger Strike Remembered In Mountmellick 25 Years On
HC 09/14/06 British Exec Is Latest Extradited To US
BB 09/14/06 From Prisoner To Peace Officer?
IM 09/14/06 Ógra Shinn Féin Launch New Blog!

09/14/06 - NI Catholics Still Facing Inequality In Jobs & Housing
BN 09/14/06 NI Catholics Still Facing Inequality In Jobs & Housing
BN 09/14/06 Poorest 'Worse Off Despite Peace Process'
IN 09/14/06 Sectarian Attacks Hit Police Operation
BB 09/14/06 Catholic Home Attacks Were Self-Inflicted - DUP
IN 09/14/06 Anger As Paisley Says Attacks ‘Self-Inflicted’
IN 09/14/06 Difficult To Know Whether Dissidents Attacked Church
IN 09/14/06 Revelations Over Files ‘No Surprise’
BN 09/14/06 Ahern And Blair To Meet For Talks On North Stalemate
IN 09/14/06 DUP Says Deal Not On As Provos ‘Will Not Divvy Up’
IN 09/14/06 Row As Ratepayers’ Money Used For Loyal Order Buses
IN 09/14/06 Mural Paints A Brighter Picture
IN 09/14/06 Opin: Missed Deadline Need Not Be End
IN 09/14/06 Opin: Vision Needed For Ireland’s Mother Tongue
IN 09/14/06 Opin: Going From Bad...
IN 09/14/06 Opin: To Worse
BB 09/14/06 NI Has No Available Sperm Donors
BN 09/14/06 Economist Reiterates Concerns About Construction Reliance
IM 09/14/06 A Country Town In Modern Ireland
IT 09/14/06 Visits To Ireland Have Risen 17%, CSO Reports
RT 09/14/06 Death Of Seán Ó Tuama At 80

09/13/06 - McGuinness - SF Up For Political Institutions
SF 09/13/06 McGuinness - Sinn Féin Up For Political Institutions
BN 09/13/06 Paisley Gloomy On Devolution Deal Hopes
SF 09/13/06 Special Branch Files Theft - Planned Systematic Cover-Up
IT 09/14/06 O'Loan Rejects Police Leader's Fierce Criticism
UT 09/14/06 DUP MP Sparks Policing Row
SF 09/14/06 DUP All Over Place On Issue Of Unionist Paramilitaries
PG 09/14/06 Daily Ireland Closes, Blaming British Ad Boycott
BB 09/14/06 Ex-Soldier Sentenced Over Rioting
BT 09/14/06 Opin: 9/11, Omagh... Who Really Grieves
BB 09/14/06 Republican Leader Honour Proposal

09/13/06 - RUC Files Missing For 1,000 Murders
IN 09/13/06 RUC Files Missing For 1,000 Murders
IN 09/13/06 Group Claim Historical Enquiries Team ‘Flawed’
EX 09/13/06 Paisley Meets Blair To Discuss Devolution
EP 09/13/06 Durkan Rounds On 'Mistaken' Blair
BT 09/13/06 PUP Stays Quiet Over Talks With Arms Body
IN 09/13/06 Undercover Police Officer ‘Threatened’ By Loyalist
RT 09/13/06 Irish Justice Minister Appointed Tánaiste
BB 09/13/06 Northern Bank Accused Seeks Tapes
BB 09/13/06 DUP: Ex-Prisoners Can 'Join Police'
BB 09/13/06 Loyalist Gang Forces Halt To Youth Match
IN 09/13/06 Attack On Catholic Church Is Blamed On Republicans
IN 09/13/06 Hain Hopes To Be Bigger Fish In A Bigger Pond
IN 09/13/06 Brother Of UDA Attack Victim Dies Suddenly
IN 09/13/06 Opin: Concern Over Lost Police Files
IN 09/13/06 Opin: Leave Massgoers To Pray In Peace
IN 09/13/06 Opin: Britain Remains Object Of Suspicion And Mistrust
IN 09/13/06 Opin: Ministers Have Lost Interest In North-South Links
SM 09/13/06 Film Rev: The Wind That Shakes the Barley
IN 09/13/06 President To Attend Funeral Of Much Loved Monsignor

09/12/06 - New Date Set For Omagh Bomb Trial
BB 09/12/06 New Date Set For Omagh Bomb Trial
SF 09/12/06 Further Attacks On Harryville Chapel Condemned - McGuigan
IT 09/12/06 Parents Of Robert Holohan 'Seek Truth' At Inquest
IM 09/12/06 Opin: Renaissance Republicanism
BB 09/12/06 Opin: DUP Miss Partner For Political Dance
IT 09/13/06 Opin: 1926 Fire Tragedy Recalled
BN 09/12/06 Blix Hails Irish Efforts In Combating Nuclear Threat
BN 09/12/06 Strength Of Migration 'Underpins Property Demand'
RT 09/12/06 Aidan Quinn For Dublin Theatre Festival
IT 09/13/06 White House Architect To Be Celebrated

09/12/06 - Paint Bombs Thrown At Harryville Church
BB 09/12/06 Paint Bombs Thrown At Harryville Church
NH 09/12/06 Change Of Opinion For Anti-PSNI Priest (Sean Mc Manus)
TB 09/09/06 Opin: Peelers Give You Trouble
NH 09/12/06 Opin: Injured Officers Deserve Apology
IT 09/12/06 Infamous NI Court May Be Turned Into Hotel
BB 09/12/06 Boyne Battle Plans Get Go-Ahead

09/11/06 - UUP-PUP Link 'Against The Rules'
BB 09/11/06 UUP-PUP Link 'Against The Rules'
SF 09/11/06 Sinn Féin Comment On PUP/UUP Ruling
SF 09/11/06 Sectarian Campaign Against Catholics Intensifies
BN 09/11/06 Restore Devolution Or Face Irrelevance, Hain Tells Parties
SF 09/11/06 McGuinness: SF Ready And Willing To Enter Exec With DUP
BB 09/11/06 Welsh Leader Praises Devolution
IT 09/11/06 Irish Activist Interrupts Blair Press Conference
SF 09/11/06 McGuinness To Address Meeting At TUC Annual Conference
4N 09/11/06 Stone Throwers Damage Loyalist Memorial
BB 09/11/06 Orange Hall Targeted By Arsonists
IT 09/11/06 Political Friends, Foes Congratulate PD Leader
SF 09/11/06 "SF Will Oppose Right-Wing PD Policies" - Ó Caoláin
TC 09/11/06 PSNI Need More Help From Catholic Community
SF 09/11/06 Qualified Welcome For Castlederg Parade Decision
IM 09/11/06 Adams In Middle East Peace Mission
IM 09/11/06 Interview With Martin McGuinness
IT 09/11/06 Opin: US Five Years On
AP 09/11/06 Opin: Bye-Bye Daily Lies
IM 09/11/06 Launch Of New Book On Bobby Sands
BB 09/11/06 Memorial Unveiled To Ship Victims
IT 09/11/06 Belfast Gets A 'Gaeltacht' Quarter
IM 09/11/06 Anniversary Of The Saint Patrick's Battalion, Mexico.
GU 09/11/06 Sean O'Casey's Lost Play Resurfaces After 80 Years

09/10/06 - Man Beaten By Loyalists After Schoolgirl's Abuse Claim
SL 09/10/06 Man Beaten By Loyalists After Schoolgirl's Abuse Claim
SL 09/10/06 Loyalist Battered Warder Was 'Trapped By Key Chain'
SL 09/10/06 Partner Of Loyalist Feud Victim Speaks Out For 1st Time
SL 09/10/06 Getting Away With Sectarian Murder
II 09/10/06 Ahern's 'Bullish' Comments An Excuse For Loyalist Violence
RT 09/10/06 McDowell To Take Over PD Leadership
RT 09/10/06 Poll: 50% Want Ahern To Remain Taoiseach

09/10/06 - UK Agents 'Did Have Role In IRA Bomb Atrocities'
GU 09/10/06 UK Agents 'Did Have Role In IRA Bomb Atrocities'
SM 09/10/06 Other Groups Push For Immigration Reform
TO 09/10/06 Hain Tells DUP 'The Siege Has Been Lifted'
IH 09/09/06 UK:No Chance For Power-Sharing Until 09 If Deadline Missed
GU 09/10/06 Paisley Woos Britain With Labour Conference Speech
TO 09/10/06 Opin: DUP Holds A Strong Hand, But Will It Gamble?
TS 09/10/06 Movie Rev: Wind That Shakes.. Putting Some Cork In It
CT 09/09/06 Acclaimed 'Wind That Shakes The Barley' Hits Toronto

09/09/06 - Controversy Over Falls Road Gaeltacht
RT 09/09/06 Controversy Over Falls Road Gaeltacht
IN 09/09/06 Leniency Called For In Case Of Rioter
IN 09/09/06 Opin: Nightmarish Time Lies Ahead At No 10 Bunker
IN 09/09/06 Opin: Sentences Raise Valid Concerns
BT 09/08/06 Opin: September 11: The Price We've Paid
BT 09/09/06 Saddam Had No Link With Al-Qa'ida, US Senate Concludes
IT 09/09/06 How America Changed Forever
IT 09/09/06 Profile: Gordon Brown - The Man Who Would Be King
NT 09/09/06 Festival Offers Taste Of Irish Culture
IN 09/09/06 Easter Rising Fighters Are Remembered In Memorial
BN 09/09/06 Ireland To Become Leader In Alzheimer’s Research

09/08/06 - Blair And Ahern Expected To Meet
BB 09/08/06 Blair And Ahern Expected To Meet
IT 09/08/06 Ahern Believes NI Parties Will Meet Deadline
IT 09/09/06 Price Sister Acquitted Of Taking Part In Illegal Parade
BN 09/08/06 SDLP: Patten Scheme Causing Shortfall In Detectives
BB 09/08/06 Victim Was Murdered 'In Revenge'
SF 09/08/06 SF Seeking Mandate To Deliver Real Change
BN 09/08/06 SF Confident Of Winning 10 Dáil Seats At Next Election
IM 09/08/06 Intrvw:Barry McColgan, National Organiser, Ógra Shinn Féin
IT 09/09/06 McDowell Candidacy Gathers Strong Support
FN 09/08/06 Terrell’s Tune-Up - Progeny Of The Pogues
CA 09/08/06 Cillian Murphy Brings Acclaimed To Toronto Fest

09/08/06 - DUP: SF Stance On PSNI 'Main Blockage'
IT 09/08/06 DUP: SF Stance On PSNI 'Main Blockage'
BB 09/08/06 Teenage IRA Conviction Overturned
BN 09/08/06 Adams: Health Will Be Major Election Issue
BN 09/08/06 Coalition Rocked By Harney Resignation
NH 09/08/06 Opin: Inquiry Lesson We Can All Learn, Now, For Free
BT 09/08/06 Opin: The Trouble About Command Structures
TJ 09/08/06 Opin: Gerry Adams
IT 09/08/06 Paraglider (50) Dies After Crashing Into Sea
IT 09/08/06 Ploughing Contest Biggest Ever

09/07/06 - Extradition Treaty Closer To Senate Approval
MS 09/07/06 Extradition Treaty Closer To Senate Approval
IH 09/07/06 Senate Panel Approves Extradition Treaty With Britain
DC 09/07/06 Ombudsman's Collusion Report Delayed
IT 09/07/06 Harney To Step Down As PD Leader After 13 Years
IT 09/07/06 Harney First Woman To Lead Irish Political Party
SF 09/07/06 FF/PD Govt Should Resign & Call General Election
BN 09/07/06 Fine Gael: Without Harney PDs Are 'Finished'
IN 09/07/06 Fr. Mc Manus On Visit To Garnerville PSNI Training Center
IM 09/07/06 Opin: Daily Ireland....Alas Goodbye. But Why!!
IM 09/07/06 Armagh Ógra Shinn Féin Remember The Hunger Strikes
UT 09/07/06 Belfast To Get Gaeltacht Quarter
HC 09/07/06 Inflation In Ireland Jumps To 4.5 Pct.
SB 09/07/06 Truthiness: Real Story Of 1st Ellis Island Immigrant
BN 09/07/06 Travellers A 'Distinct Ethnic Group'

09/07/06 - Daily Ireland To Cease Publication In Print
IT 09/07/06 Belfast's Daily Ireland To Cease Publication
BN 09/07/06 Ahern Hopes Blair Will Be Present For North Talks
BT 09/07/06 Ceasefire Holding Firm As IRA Gives Peace A Chance
IT 09/07/06 US Envoy Says IMC Report A Sign Of Progress
BT 09/07/06 DUP Still Wary Of Provisionals Despite IMC Reports
TJ 09/07/06 Adams Calls For Hamas Talks
BT 09/07/06 Savings 'Will Be Ploughed Back Into Public Services'
BT 09/07/06 Opin: Northern Ireland And A Lame-Duck PM
BT 09/07/06 Opin: Honestly, You Do Want To Keep Us
BT 09/07/06 Opin: Hain's Approach Will Take Some Beating
IM 09/07/06 Opin: When One Doesn't Mind Being Called A Provo
BT 09/07/06 A Sign Of The Times As Church Marks 75 Years
PD 09/07/06 75 Years At Cleveland West Side Irish American Club
II 09/07/06 Rave Reviews For Film About Priest In 9/11 Horror
ST 09/07/06 'Pirate Queen' Crew Eager To Sail
IM 09/07/06 Bob Doyle To Speak At Spanish Civil War Meeting In Sligo

09/06/06 - Senators Gearing Up To Vote On Extradition Treaty
IE 09/06/06 Senators Gearing Up To Vote On Extradition Treaty
SF 09/06/06 Clear IRA Have Delivered On Commitments
IE 09/06/06 Irish Imigrants: Fear Lingers
BB 09/06/06 VIP Treatment For Sinn Fein Leader
HC 09/06/06 Sinn Fein Leader Meets Hamas Lawmaker
YN 09/06/06 Tibi Tells SF Leader Of Discrimination Against Arabs
EE 09/06/06 IRA Structure 'Key To Peace Efforts'
CB 09/06/06 Swift Reaction To IMC Report
IT 09/07/06 Besieged Blair Clings To Office As Rift With Brown Deepens
GU 09/07/06 Opin: Time's Up

09/06/06 - Omagh Bomb Trial Adjourned
BN 09/06/06 Omagh Bomb Trial Adjourned
BT 09/06/06 UVF 'Left Bombs In Graves'
SF 09/06/06 People Judge Demilitarisation Programme - Not The IMC
BT 09/06/06 MPs Tell Blair To Come Clean On Date Of Departure
BB 09/06/06 Sinn Fein President Meets Hamas
BT 09/06/06 Opin: Gerry And The Peacemakers
NJ 09/06/06 The Last Rites Of Father Mychal

09/05/06 - Power-Sharing Talks In Scotland Next Month
BN 09/05/06 Power-Sharing Talks In Scotland Next Month
SF 09/05/06 Sinn Fein Comment On Negotiations Proposal
IT 09/05/06 IMC To Publish Positive Report On IRA
SF 09/05/06 DUP Must Explain Party Link To Right Wing Neo Nazi Group
IH 09/05/06 Brits Review Of Catholic Recruitment To N Ireland Police
SF 09/05/06 Gerry Adams Press Conference In Jerusalem
SF 09/05/06 Gerry Adams Itinerary For Middle East Trip
SF 09/05/06 Unanimous Motion On Irish Unity At Waterford City Council
SF 09/05/06 Victory For 1916 Campaign - Cllr. Doolan
UT 09/05/06 Omagh Bomb Accused Face Trial
GU 09/05/06 Judge Awards $3M To Mob Victim Family
IT 09/06/06 Opin: Summer Has Thawed The Dialogue Of The Deaf
BT 09/05/06 Opin: Who Cares If Apathy Wins On November 24?
IT 09/06/06 Pest Discovered In Lough Conn Poses Threat To Fish Stocks
IT 09/06/06 Ireland Spared As Intel Cuts 10,500 Jobs
IT 09/06/06 Clare Dogs Beach Ban Has No Bite
TE 09/06/06 Clash Over Cash Looms At Venue Of 'Bloody Sunday'

09/05/06 - Irish Americans Expose Constitutional Issues in US/UK Treaty

09/05/06 - NI Parties Face Challenge – Hain
BB 09/05/06 NI Parties Face Challenge - Hain
BB 09/05/06 Seven Years For Loyalist Killing
BB 09/05/06 PUP To Re-Engage With Arms Body
BB 09/05/06 Cleared Man 'Financially Ruined'
IH 09/05/06 Israel Shuns SF After Pledge To Meet Hamas Lawmakers
CL 09/05/06 Armed Re-Enactors Present Irish-Flavored History Lesson

09/04/06 - Ahern Warns Of 'Alternatives' To NI Impasse
IT 09/04/06 Ahern Warns Of 'Alternatives' To NI Impasse
SF 09/04/06 SF Seeks 12 Wk Plan From Govts To Restore Power Sharing
SF 09/04/06 Hamill Tribunal Deliberately Delayed By Former RUC Men
TH 09/04/06 Praise For Murray And Rangers Over Sectarianism Stance
WT 09/04/06 Celebrities Go To Belfast To Sue For Libel

09/04/06 - Demolition Begins On Symbolic Base
BB 09/04/06 Demolition Begins On Symbolic Base
BB 09/04/06 Blair Says Genuine Progress Made
BT 09/04/06 SF To Discuss Stormont And Next Elections
SF 09/04/06 Ferris - Fianna Fail Needs To Reject PDism
BT 09/04/06 Paisley 'Not Quitting Politics'
IN 09/04/06 SF Dismisses Defections Reports As `Balderdash'
BT 09/04/06 Adams Risks US Ties In Palestine 'Peace Mission'
BB 09/04/06 Israel Talks Snub For Sinn Fein
BT 09/04/06 Cemetery Sunday Passes Off Peacefully
BT 09/04/06 McCord Wants To Meet UVF Face To Face
BT 09/04/06 'Love Ulster' Riots Not Organised, Says Top Garda
UT 09/04/06 RIR Soldiers Launch Complaints
IN 09/04/06 Opin: Nothing New In Using Law In Pursuit Of The Political
IN 09/04/06 Opin: High Time For UVF To Disarm
CN 09/04/06 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin Dead
IN 09/04/06 Last Passenger On Fateful JFK Journey Dies
BN 09/04/06 Westport Wins Tidy Towns Award
CS 09/04/06 Saint Of 9/11

09/03/06 - Adams Embarks On Peace Mission To Middle East
SF 09/03/06 Gerry Adams To Embark On Peace Mission To Middle East
CB 09/04/06 UDA Denies Disbandment Claims
SL 09/03/06 AK47s To P45s?
SL 09/03/06 Sun, Sea, Sand And Sectarian Abuse
SL 09/03/06 Dealing With The Horror
SL 09/03/06 Loyalist Beating Victim Defies 'Beast'
PT 09/03/06 Bartender Taken Into Custody
SF 09/03/06 Ballymena Parade Ends With Sectarian Chanting Outside Chapel
CT 09/03/06 Opin: Mr. Blair, It's OK To Disagree With Bush
SL 09/03/06 Legal Fight Left Nothing In Playwright's Pockets
HC 09/03/06 Labor Day: An Irish Toast
PL 09/03/06 Teacher Helped Preserve Local Irish Dancing

09/03/06 - Sean O'Cealleagh Alert - Contact Congressman King

09/02/06 - Empey Warns Of DUP 'Stalling'
ST 09/03/06 Empey Warns Of DUP 'Stalling'
ST 09/03/06 Ethics Code Bans Police From Joining Orange Order
BN 09/02/06 SF To Take Part In Next Session Of Northern Assembly
ST 09/03/06 Paisley Prepares To Retire In Style
IT 09/02/06 President Warns Of Binge Drinking 'Blight'
SF 09/03/06 Life, No Matter How Simple, Always Fraught With Danger
ST 09/03/06 You Really Think Your Name Is Irish?

09/02/06 - McGuinness Calls For Intensification Of Peace Efforts
SF 09/02/06 McGuinness Calls For Intensification Of Peace Efforts
BT 09/02/06 NIO Is Diverting Money Away From Historical Inquiry Team
BB 09/02/06 Empey Heralds Possible UVF Move
BT 09/02/06 GAA 'Snub' To Sinn Fein After Defiance On Rally
BB 09/02/06 Welsh Leader To Address Stormont
MR 09/02/06 Irish J/24s Gives Royal Cork Yacht Club Support For Nations Cup
BN 09/02/06 Irish Obesity 'Could Be As Bad As In US In 10 Years Time'
IT 09/02/06 Rebelling Against The Confederate Flag
IT 09/02/06 Black Days For The Black Stuff

09/01/06 - Stormont Parties To 'Move Forward'
BT 09/01/06 Stormont Parties To 'Move Forward'
SF 09/01/06 SF To Decide On Future Participation In The Hain Assembly
BB 09/01/06 GAA Tickets Refusal Is 'Childish'
CB 09/01/06 PSNI Sanction Use Of Child Informers
AN 09/01/06 Man Faces Deportation For Killing 2 British Soldiers
DT 09/01/06 Derry's Views Sought On 'Troubles' Museum
IT 09/02/06 Intel Set To Cut Jobs Globally By At Least 10,000
IT 09/02/06 If UVF Bomb Had Gone Off It Might Have Altered History
BB 09/01/06 Opin: Empey May Accentuate The Positive
SN 09/01/06 Deejay Brings Love Of Irish Music To WTBQ
IT 09/02/06 Sunniest And Driest Summer In 11 Years, Says Met Eireann
IT 09/02/06 Musicians Protest At Expulsions

09/01/06 - Morrison Rubbishes UVF Claims Of 1981 Bomb Bid
BT 09/01/06 Morrison Rubbishes UVF Claims Of 1981 Bomb Bid
BT 09/01/06 Second Claim Of Failed Attack
IT 09/01/06 Two Escape Injury In Latest Ballymena Attack
BT 09/01/06 Loyalist Feuds Are Blighting Children's Lives: Cherie Blair
DI 09/01/06 Loyalist Graves Protest `Disgusting'
UT 09/01/06 Ministers Receive NI Security Report
LA 09/01/06 Singing Irish Bartender Loses Deportation Ruling
DI 09/01/06 Opin: Hamill Anonymity Request Nonsense
BT 09/01/06 Maze Memories
DI 09/01/06 Irish Language Advert Returns
DI 09/01/06 Irish Lose Taste For Black Stuff

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