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October 01, 2007

IAUC Statement Regarding Deportation of McAllisters

IAUC Statement Regarding Deportation Proceedings Against
Malachy, Sean, And Nicola McAllister

October 1, 2007-The IAUC has dedicated itself to the idea
that peace can only occur in an atmosphere that promotes
frank and open dialogue amongst all parties to the conflict
in the North of Ireland. This includes the United States
of America , which acting as an "honest broker,"
facilitated a political atmosphere that allowed for the
birth of the current peace process. The end product of a
lasting peace based on enduring democratic principles is
now at hand. Recognizing this, the IAUC has wedded itself
to the role of identifying and speaking out against anyone
and anything which has the potential to thwart the
development of the peace and democracy in which so many
people and groups have invested so much commitment and

In this spirit, the IAUC must state forthrightly that the
United States Government, by actively pursuing the
deportation of former Irish Republican activists, is
markedly out of step with all other parties involved in
this political endeavor. The US policy is anachronistic
and undermines the concept of a "peace dividend." By
extension this policy will undermine the peace itself.

We urge our government, through our elected representatives
and appointed officials, to stand for peace in Ireland .
With all the conviction we can muster, we request that the
McAllister family be granted permanent resident status. To
deny this family legal status would be an affront to our
country's longstanding principles of justice and asylum.

Stop the deportation of the McAllister family.

John Fogarty
Irish American Unity Conference
Contact: John Fogarty (415) 244-3036

Well said. Irish America has always played a prominent in advancing the re-unification, great to see the fire still burns bright
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