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August 28, 2007

UDA Accused of Tar & Feather Attack

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The attack is believed to have been carried out by two men

BB 08/28/07 Man In 'Tar And Feather' Attack
DJ 08/28/07 SF Meet Police Over Boys' Parade
BB 08/28/07 Fresh Light On Sectarian Murder
BT 08/28/07 Opin: Mob Rule Indefensible


Man In 'Tar And Feather' Attack

A man was subjected to a so-called 'tarring and feathering'
attack in south Belfast on Sunday.

It is thought the attack was carried out by two men wearing
balaclavas as a crowd including women and children looked

The victim was made to wear a placard reading 'I'm a drug
dealing scum bag'.

Frankie Gallagher of the UPRG, the political wing of the
UDA, said the paramilitary grouping was not involved in the

Mr Gallagher said that "local people had gone to the UDA to
ask them to sort it out", but that it told them to go to
the police.

He claims that the police then failed to act on information
passed on and that people in the area decided to take the
matter into their own hands.

However, Alliance leader David Ford said: "Despite denials
from the UPRG, most people will find it very hard to
believe that the UDA was not involved in this despicable

Northern Ireland's Social Development Margaret Ritchie said
that this type of incident had "no place in a civilised

"If the UDA is involved it is a stark demonstration of the
thuggery and violence which I made clear has to end if the
funding to the CTI (Conflict Transformation Initiative)
project is to continue," she continued.

Ms Ritchie's direct rule predecessor initiated the £1.2m
scheme which aimed to encourage redevelopment in loyalist
communities through the UDA aligned UPRG.

On 10 August, Ms Ritchie said she would withdraw support
from the project unless there was clear evidence of
decommissioning and reduced criminality.

No trace

Although the police were made aware of the incident, by the
time officers arrived in the loyalist estate, neither the
victim nor his attackers could be found.

"A report of an incident in Finwood Park, Taughmonagh, was
received shortly after 10.10pm on Sunday evening," a
spokesman said.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/08/28 09:38:42 GMT


SF Meet Police Over Boys' Parade

By Staff reporter

Sinn Fein have met police in Derry to raise "key concerns"
over the recent Apprentice Boys' Parade in the city.

The meeting was a follow-up to the republican party’s
historic first meeting with police in Derry on August 7 to
discuss the August 12 parades in Derry.

The Sinn Fein delegation included Raymond McCartney MLA and
Waterside Councillor Lynn Fleming while the police team was
led by Area Commander Richard Russell.

Mr. McCartney said the meeting focussed primarily on
“accessibility and movement of citizens” in the city on the
day of the Apprentice Boys’ parade.

“We also raised issues about the behaviour of several bands
and supporters, on street drinking and incidents which took
place around the Memorial Hall on the night prior to the

“These engagements are part of a process to ensure that the
rights of everyone in this city are protected.

“Sinn Fein's focus in all of our engagements with the PSNI
- indeed with all of the policing structures - will be to
ensure that it carries out its duties and responsibilities
in a fair and impartial way, as a civic police service,
which is democratically accountable to the public.”

Mr. Russell described the meeting as “highly positive”.

“The debriefing process is useful in that it allows us to
look at areas where we have been successful and equally
highlights any concerns or issues that can be improved upon
for next year,” he said.

Last Updated: 27 August 2007 4:43 PM


Fresh Light On Sectarian Murder

The son of a man murdered in the early Troubles has said a
fresh investigation has helped his family understand more
about their father's death.

Benny Moane, a Catholic father of six, was a sales
representative for the Irish Bonding Company.

In May 1972, he was abducted by three men from the loyalist
Shankill area and taken to the Knockagh Monument, a war
memorial in County Antrim.

His captors sat and drank whiskey and beer samples from his
car at the scene.

They warned visitors to the monument to stay away because
they said Mr Moane was an IRA man, an allegation
subsequently refuted by the police.

During his abduction, Mr Moane pleaded with his captors to
save his life as he was an innocent person with a wife and
six young children. But he was shot dead.

His son, also called Bernard, who was 15 when his father
was murdered, said: "Daddy was a great family man and he
worked long hours.

"There are six of us - I'm the oldest, I've a brother and
four sisters - and we were leading a normal family life.

"Then suddenly, our father was taken away from my mother
and us and our family life was destroyed forever. We still
miss him so much."

When the Historical Enquiries Team - a police investigative
unit set up to re-examine murders from Northern Ireland's
Troubles - contacted the family last October to say they
were re-examining the murder, Bernard said his family had
no hesitation about getting involved.

"It was a matter of presenting questions to the HET that
would be penetrative enough so they could find the answers
to the questions which had been on our minds over the
years," Mr Moane said.

He said his father had been in a bar just days after a
Protestant teenager from the Shankill was murdered.

The family got more from the re-investigation than any
publication or any newspaper article ever could have
because it went into a deeper process

Bernard Moane

It is believed the perpetrators overheard a conversation
between Benny and the owner saying he should leave as he
was a Catholic and did not want to cause any offence to
mourners from the boy's funeral in the bar.

"The perpetrators obviously overheard their conversation
and decided they were going to do something. Unfortunately
and with deep regret they decided to murder my father.

"In a sense we received some answers to our questions from
the HET and the family got more from the re-investigation
than any publication or any newspaper article ever could
have because it went into a deeper process.

"They investigated all avenues in the case and were able to
obtain copy transcript reports, interview notes from the
officers who interviewed the murderers and spoke to
detectives (now retired) who investigated the case," he

"The final resolution report provided us with a greater
understanding of why my father was killed on a particular
day. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

However, Mr Moane said only the perpetrators know all the
facts and his family will never have all the information
unless two of the three - one is now dead - confess on
their death beds.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/08/28 05:46:22 GMT


Opin: Mob Rule Indefensible

[Published: Tuesday 28, August 2007 - 10:48]

Shocking, disgusting and completely indefensible. That will
be the reaction to the return of so-called tarring and
feathering to the streets of Belfast.

Now a practice that all rational people had thought
consigned to the dustbin of history has suddenly reared its
ugly head again.

Once common in the 1970s, it resurfaced briefly in 2003
when two teenagers were attacked in Ardoyne by republicans
and again a year later in attacks by loyalists.

The UPRG, which lends 'political advice' to the UDA, has
said that the weekend attack was not carried out by the
paramilitary organisation. Nevertheless, it is clear from
comments made to the media that the UPRG supports
'community action' of this kind.

The only principle that the URPG should be supporting is
the principle of the rule of law. If an accusation is made
against any person, it should be investigated by the police
and, if evidence exists, he or she should be brought before
the courts.

The man attacked at the weekend is innocent until proven
guilty, whether members of the local community accept that
or not.

'Community action' is a completely misleading phrase.
Tarring and feathering is simply the rule of the mob - and
that is unacceptable in any society.

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