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August 03, 2007

UDA Should Take Responsibility For Riot

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BB 08/02/07 McGuinness: UDA Should Take Responsibility For Riot
BN 08/03/07 Paisley: No Concessions For Paramilitaries
BB 08/02/07 Orde Hits Out At UDA Over Rioting
BN 08/02/07 Police Under Pressure In North


McGuinness: UDA Should Take Responsibility After Loyalist Riot

02/08/2007 - 12:27:44

The Ulster Defence Association must shoulder the responsibility
to de-escalate tensions within its community, Martin McGuinness
said today.

After a night of violence on a loyalist housing estate in Bangor,
Co Down, resulted in police firing six plastic bullets, the
Stormont Deputy First Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs
Dermot Ahern expressed concern about the rioting.

As they opened a cross-border road link near Newry, Mr McGuinness
said: "I think it was utterly disgraceful and I think it has to
be unreservedly condemned by everyone.

"I think it is quite clear from the way in which events moved
forward that it was organised. So there is a responsibility here
on the UDA to recognise that this is unacceptable behaviour and
that they have a responsibility to de-escalate situations that
may occur within society.

"Of course, if people have complaints about the activities of the
PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) in terms of how they go
about searching houses for drugs and so forth, as appears to be
the case, then they should make those complaints to the Police

"Nuala O'Loan has an enormous credibility within society and I
would urge people who might feel they have justifiable complaints
about how raids take place to make those complaints to her.

"But what happened on the streets – using guns, using violence
against citizens and against policemen – is totally and utterly

"We are in a totally new dispensation and people here who are
involved in that sort of activity must join with the rest of us
in moving forward to build a better future for everyone."


Paisley: No Concessions For Paramilitaries

03/08/2007 - 15:10:58

All remnants of paramilitarism must disappear from the North's
society, First Minister Ian Paisley insisted today.

As the Ulster Defence Association faced mounting criticism over
recent riots, the Democratic Unionist leader said he would be
meeting the British government to ensure paramilitaries were
given no concessions .

The North Antrim MP claimed Wednesday's disturbances in the
loyalist Kilcooley estate in Bangor, involving up to 200 people,
was the work of thugs and gangsters.

"It is by God's mercy that no one was killed or very seriously
injured during the violence in Kilcooley," Mr Paisley said.

"I give the Chief Constable (Sir Hugh Orde) my full support as he
fights this terrible evil of paramilitarism.

"It is absolutely imperative that every step is taken to ensure
that all the remnants of paramilitarism are removed from society.

"I will be meeting with the government in the coming days to
reiterate that there must be no conceding to paramilitaries.

"We must not feed them. They must be faced down and met with the
full rigours of the law."

Stormont Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has also
condemned Wednesday night's attacks on the police in the
Kilcooley area.

Police had earlier raided around 14 homes as part of an operation
against organised crime in north Down linked to the Ulster
Defence Association.

Community workers on the housing estate said tensions spilled
over after one family burying a loved one were not allowed to
enter their homes and dress for the funeral.

The disturbances in Kilcooley and a recent feud within the UDA in
Carrickfergus has led to calls on the Stormont Social Development
Minister Margaret Ritchie to withdraw £1.2m pledged by her
Northern Ireland Office predecessor over four years to a loyalist
community regeneration scheme.

The plan was promoted by the Ulster Political Research Group
which provides political analysis to the UDA.

However UPRG spokesperson Frankie Gallagher has insisted the
£1.2m package is not going to the UDA and is being administered
by Farset Community Enterprises.

After Sir Hugh Orde said yesterday he would not give the UDA 50
pence, Ms Ritchie said last night she wanted to study police
reports on the Kilcooley riot.

The nationalist SDLP Social Development Minister said: "The
decent, law-abiding people in Kilcooley have the same right to be
free of violence and crime as the rest of us.

"I am also deeply disturbed at the apparent use of guns against
the police. The PSNI should be able to go about their duties
without fear of threat of violence against them. Guns have no
place in the peaceful society we are trying to create.

"I am very concerned at reports of UDA involvement in these
serious disturbances, and I will want to consider the PSNI's
assessment at the earliest opportunity."

Mr Paisley said today gangsters were destroying the communities
they lived in through a culture of drugs and racketeering.

"We must protect the law-abiding people in these communities and
free them from the grip of terrorism," the First Minister

"This is not a time for letting up in our determination to rid
Northern Ireland of every last vestige of terrorism."


Orde Hits Out At UDA Over Rioting

Northern Ireland's chief constable has said he believed the
Ulster Defence Association should not receive money.

Sir Hugh Orde was speaking after police officers were attacked
during rioting in Bangor, County Down.

He said he had evidence that the paramilitary group was behind
the disturbances during which officers came under fire in the
Kilcooley estate.

In March, the government pledged more than £1m to a project aimed
at moving the UDA away from violence.

Sir Hugh Orde said he believed the organisation should not be
given a penny.

"If you're looking for funding then you've got to deliver
something," Sir Hugh Orde said.

Six people were struck with baton rounds during the violence on

Officers also came under attack from petrol bombs, stones and
fireworks. A number of cars were also set alight.

"If that was value for money, then the people of Kilcooley got
very poor value for their money," said Sir Hugh.

"If you want my personal opinion, I wouldn't give them 50 pence."

Meanwhile, Lady Sylvia Hermon, UUP MP for North Down, said police
must be allowed to do their job.

"I don't think anything at all will justify opening fire on
police officers and for so-called loyalists to attack police
officers is in my mind just a completely non-acceptable thing to

There were no reports of any serious injuries following the
violence, which at one stage involved up to 200 people.

The disturbances followed searches linked to terrorist-related

It is believed that a number of people attending a funeral were
held up by the searches.

Chief superintendent Graham Shields, district commander for the
area, said he believed seven rounds were fired at his officers.

"Seven rounds were discharged in two separate incidents, the
first of which followed the police being lured onto the
Clandeboye Road following the report of a vehicle on fire," he

Earlier on Thursday, community worker Mark Gordon said: "We're
hoping today with the meeting that we'll be holding with PSNI and
other community representatives that we'll be able to get this
calmed back down again."

The meeting was also attended by the UDA's political
representatives, the Ulster Political Research Group.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/08/02 19:17:13 GMT


Police Under Pressure In North

02/08/2007 - 15:41:51

Representatives of a largely republican community in the North
today challenged police to offer them greater protection from

Residents in Crossmaglen, south Armagh are seeking face to face
talks with senior officers to discover how they plan to halt
crime in their area.

Sinn Fein MP Conor Murphy said: "The community, having been
confronted with serious incidents of anti-social violence and
criminality, firmly believe that the response to tackling what is
happening by the PSNI, has, at best, been totally inadequate."

The call comes on foot of news of attacks targeting members of
the PSNI as they carried out raids on homes in a loyalist estate
in Co Down last night.

It is believed they were looking for drugs.

A mob of about 100 people pelted police lines with petrol bombs,
fireworks, stones and other missiles.

At least one car was also set alight and 10 police vehicles were

There were no injuries reported and no arrests were made.

Meanwhile Conor Murphy told a meeting at Crossmaglen: "Sinn
Fein's focus in all of our engagements with the PSNI - indeed
with all of the policing structures – will be to ensure that it
carries out its duties and responsibilities in a fair and
impartial way, as an effective civic police service, which is
democratically accountable to the public."

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