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December 31, 2006

Table of Contents - 12/06

Table of Contents - 12/06

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12/31/06 – Governments Welcome SF Decision
BB 12/30/06 Governments Welcome SF Decision
IT 12/31/06 Brevity Wins Out After 6 Hours Behind Doors
IT 12/31/06 Leadership And Nerve Required For Policing Deal
SL 12/31/06 Dissidents Target DUP Man For Assassination
SL 12/31/06 I Will Reveal More UVF Touts: McCord
EE 12/31/06 Prison Files Destroyed
BB 12/31/06 Church Leaders In Tolerance Call
SB 12/31/06 30 Yrs Ago: British Misled Irish On SAS
UT 12/29/06 30 Yrs Ago: Paisley 'Threat' To Power-Sharing
IN 12/31/06 30 Yrs Ago: Security Couldn’t Defeat Provos
IN 12/31/06 30 Yrs Ago: Civil Rights/IRA Tag Was Wrong
IN 12/31/06 30 Yrs Ago: March Banned After Loyalist Threats
IN 12/31/06 30 Yrs Ago: RUC Rejected Ambush At Burntollet
IN 12/31/06 30 Yrs Ago: Fitt Shunned Dinner Over SAS Gaffe
IN 12/31/06 30 Yrs Ago: Suspect For Ambassador’s Murder
SB 12/31/06 30 Yrs Ago: Browne Warned Paisley & O’Brien
IT 12/31/06 Opin: Sinn Féin And NI Policing
BN 12/31/06 Hoax Bomb Threat Forces Jet To Land In Shannon
BN 12/31/06 Storms Batter Irish Coastline
IT 12/31/06 New Ross To Erect JFK Statue Next Year

12/29/06 - Adams Confident Of Police Outcome
BB 12/29/06 Adams Confident Of Police Outcome
BT 12/29/06 Assemblyman's Questions To MI5 Chief On Ulster Role
IT 12/29/06 Nationalists 'Back PSNI'
IN 12/29/06 Sinn Fein’s Stance On Policing Since SIGNING GFA
IN 12/29/06 30 Yrs Ago: Irish Soldier Harassed In Belfast
BT 12/29/06 30 Yrs Ago: 307 Killed In Troubles' 2nd Bloodiest Yr
IN 12/29/06 30 Yrs Ago: Hunger Striker’s Death Provoked Response
IN 12/29/06 30 Yrs Ago: Ambassador’s Murder Rocked Government
IN 12/29/06 30 Yrs Ago: IRA Leadership Faced Problems
IN 12/29/06 30 Yrs Ago: Govt ‘Considered An Independent North’
IN 12/29/06 30 Yrs Ago: Proscription Of UVF Highlighted
BT 12/29/06 Another Taste Of Gallagher's Blues
HC 12/29/06 IRL: JFK Was Target Of 3 Threats In His 1963 Visit

12/28/06 – SF: We Want A Fresh Start
BT 12/28/06 McGuinness: We Want A Fresh Start
IN 12/28/06 Tears As Father And Daughter Laid To Rest
IN 12/28/06 Ballymena Racist Crimes Go Unsolved
BT 12/28/06 Breakfast On Pluto Voted 1 Of Year's Worst Films

12/27/06 – SF Reports 'Considerable Progress' In Talks
IT 12/28/06 SF Reports 'Considerable Progress' In Talks
BB 12/27/06 Funerals For James McGuigan & Lorna
BT 12/27/06 Stone's Security Records 'Destroyed'
TO 12/27/06 Gangland Dublin: Deadly Spree Of Violence
BT 12/27/06 Van's Belfast Gigs Feature CD That Isn't In The Shops
RT 12/27/06 US Tourist Figures Reach Five-Year High

12/26/06 – Mid-January Earliest Date For Ard Fheis
BT 12/26/06 Mid-January Earliest Date For Ard Fheis
IT 12/26/06 Lack Of Agreement Puts NI Timetable In Doubt
IT 12/26/06 70 Catholic Recruits Have Quit PSNI
BT 12/26/06 Holy Cross Mum Hopeful Daughters Will Survive Crash
RT 12/25/06 SDLP Welcome For President's PSNI Remarks
BT 12/26/06 Irish Official EU Language
BT 12/26/06 Opin: Time To Learn A Lesson From Inquiry Costs
GD 12/26/06 Book: IRA-Bahrain Link Claimed
BN 12/25/06 Hardy Hundreds Take The Plunge For Charity
BN 12/26/06 4 Irish Remembered On Asian Tsunami Anniversary
IT 12/26/06 Natl Library Acquires Extensive Beckett Collection
BL 12/26/06 East Villagers Battle To Save Irish Famine Church

12/24/06 - Truth Will Out If We Help It
ST 12/24/06 Opin: Truth Will Out If We Help It
BB 12/23/06 Rights Body Warns Powers Diluted
BN 12/23/06 HR Commission 'Should Be Able To Question MI5'
SL 12/24/06 Ard Talking
BT 12/24/06 SF Talks With British Govt Making Progress
BT 12/23/06 Hain’s Vows: Stormont Will Be Restored
ST 12/24/06 Former RUC Officers For Hire In Hot Spots
BN 12/24/06 President McAleese Has Family In PSNI
BT 12/24/06 France Seeks Extradition In IRA Operation

12/24/06 - Holy Cross Auto Accident Tragedy

12/22/06 – Nothing Personal Peter; You Just Screwed Up (Again)
BT 12/22/06 Nothing Personal, Mr Hain, But It's Unlawful
BT 12/22/06 The £200m Costs of Inquiries
IN 12/22/06 Legal Victory Over Inquiry
BT 12/22/06 Father Of Billy Wright Wins Legal Challenge
BT 12/22/06 Ombudsman Report Extremely Critical of Special Branch
BN 12/22/06 Talks Continue Aimed At Breaking Deadlock
IT 12/22/06 All Eyes On Sinn Féin After Policing Talks
SF 12/22/06 Kelly - Welcome For SDLP U-Turn On MI5
UT 12/22/06 DUP Hardliner Says Deadlines Can Not Be Reached
UT 12/22/06 SDLP Slam DUP And SF For Playing Games
BT 12/22/06 Stone Remanded In Custody Over Stormont Incident
IN 12/22/06 SF McLaughlin Fights For Seat In Antrim
IN 12/22/06 McDougall’s Fate To Be Decided In New Year
BT 12/22/05 Role Of Ulster Cash In Exposure Of ‘The Boss’
BB 12/22/06 New Move In Nomadic's Restoration
UT 12/22/06 New TV Scheme For Ex-Pats

12/20/06 – Judge Rules Wright Inquiry Evidence Not Secret
UT 12/21/06 Judge Rules Wright Inquiry Evidence Not Secret
BB 12/12/06 Wright Father Wins Inquiry Ruling
BN 12/20/06 Talks To Break Policing Deadlock 'May Go To Wire'
BT 12/21/06 MI5 Is Seeking To Recruit Ex-RUC Officers: SDLP
BT 12/21/06 DUP Say No To Concessions For SF Over Police Deal
IT 12/21/06 It's All To Play For Yet In Deadlock On Policing
BT 12/21/06 Accused Murderer Claims Loyalists Made Him Flee
BB 12/20/06 Challenge To Loyalist's Acquittal
BB 12/20/06 Murderer's Early Release Revoked
BB 12/21/06 Judge Rules Omagh Trial To Go On
BN 12/20/06 New Integrated Schools For North
BB 12/21/06 Integrated School Set To Close
BT 12/21/06 Integrated Schools Policy 'Just Lip Service'
BN 12/20/06 Complaints To Human Rights Commission Double In Year
IT 12/21/06 Sinn Féin Candidates' Deselection Not Ratified
IT 12/21/06 Ahern May Have Opted Not To Delve Into Payment Facts
BT 12/21/06 Opin: Call That Art? Michael Stone Defends Himself
IN 12/21/06 103 Inmates Released On Christmas Home Leave
BN 12/21/06 Crowds Gather For Newgrange Solstice

12/19/06 - Bid To Break Stormont Policing Deadlock
BN 12/19/06 Bid To Break Stormont Policing Deadlock
BT 12/20/06 DUP Blames Attacks On Elderly On SF's Policing Stance
SF 12/20/06 SF Commits to Commissioner For Older People
BB 12/20/06 Report On Confidence In NI Police
BN 12/20/06 Catholic Confidence In PSNI Up To 79% In Survey
BB 12/19/06 Dropped MLA Wants Policing Debate
BB 12/20/06 Sinn Fein Drops Second Politician
BT 12/20/06 The £1m Stormont Advisers: Probe Call
PG 12/20/06 O'Hagan: Police Know Killers But Lack Evidence
RT 12/19/06 Inquest Confirms LVF Link To O'Hagan Murder
BN 12/20/06 Schools Meet Over Sectarian Hate Messages
BT 12/20/06 Opin: Stop Paying Salaries For The 'Advisers'
IM 12/20/06 Opin: Haughey, One Of Many
IM 12/20/06 Opin: What Is Haughey's Legacy?
BB 12/20/06 Ex-Irish PM Haughey 'Took Bribes'
SF 12/20/06 Response To Moriarty - Golden Circle Still Exists
BN 12/20/06 Minimum Wage Increases To €8.65/Hour ($11.24)
BN 12/20/06 Taoiseach Formally Opens New €750m Dublin Port
IT 12/20/06 Study Shows Decline In B&Bs
NW 12/20/06 Marking The Anniversary Of Two Irishmen's Deaths
BJ 12/20/06 Beaumont To Celebrate An O’Flaherty Celtic Christmas

12/19/06 – Stone’s Attack Was ‘Performance Art’
BB 12/19/06 Stone's Attack 'Performance Art'
BN 12/19/06 British Govt Warned Against Easing Pressure On SF
BB 12/19/06 Coroner Commends Reporter Bravery
BN 12/19/06 Daughters Weep As O’Hagan’s Inquest Hears Details
BB 12/19/06 Charge Dropped In Omagh Bomb Case
BB 12/19/06 McCabe Killers Lose Freedom Bid
IN 12/19/06 Police In Talks With Bebo To Beat Bigots
IN 12/19/06 25 Gangland Killings in Republic in 2006
DJ 12/19/06 DUP Sees "No Reason" For Remembrance Event
AD 12/19/06 Realpolitik: An Interview With John O'Sullivan
IT 12/19/06 Govt’s 20-Year Plans For Bilingual Society Unveiled
IT 12/19/06 Moriarty Finds Haughey Use Of Cash Unethical
UT 12/19/06 Haughey's Claims Of Innocence Drowned Out By Scandal
IT 12/19/06 Ahern 'Unknowingly Facilitated' Misuse Of Cash

12/18/06 – Macho Culture Blamed For Suicide Rate
BN 12/18/06 Macho Culture Blamed For Suicide Rate
BB 12/18/06 Omagh Calls 'Deliberately Vague'
IM 12/18/06 Vol. Feargal O'Hanlon 50th Anniversary Commemoration.
IM 12/18/06 Seán Sabhat 50th Anniversary Commemoration
PR 12/18/06 American Airlines Increases Flights to Ireland

12/18/06 - Orange Order NOT Willing To Hold Talks
BT 12/18/06 Orange Order NOT Willing To Hold Talks
BB 12/18/06 Orange Order 'Prepared To Talk'
EX 12/17/06 McDowell: IRA Gunmen Not Responsible For Gang Warfare
IN 12/18/06 Cleveland City Resolution Supports A United Ireland
BT 12/18/06 Donaldson Offered 'Get Out Of Jail Card'
BT 12/18/06 Special Branch Tried To Save Donaldson From Jail
BT 12/18/06 Committee Holds Talks On Transfer Of Policing Powers
BB 12/18/06 MI5 Transfer Dangerous Says SDLP
IN 12/18/06 McIlveen Murder Linked To Lack Of Faith In PSNI
BB 12/18/06 Paisley Daughter Wins DUP Apology
BB 12/18/06 Trimble Set To Quit Assembly Seat
EX 12/18/06 No Money-Laundering Charges Two Years After Bank Raid
IN 12/18/06 Opin: Anti-Catholic Collusion Must Not Happen Again
IN 12/18/06 Opin: Acceptance & Support For Devolution Is Crucial
IN 12/18/06 Opin: Nocturnal Wanderings A Timely Political Message
IN 12/18/06 Opin: Time For US To End Executions
TR 12/17/06 Record For Carol Singing Set In Kilkenny
WL 12/17/06 The Right-Wing IRA Of The 50s
TE 12/18/06 The Men Who Make Les Miracles
IN 12/18/06 Thousands Mourn The Death Of GAA Official
RT 12/18/06 Arts Council Announces Circus Grants
BT 12/18/06 PVL: New Strain Of MRSA Targets The Young

12/16/06 – Sinn Fein Reject DUP Justice Plan
BB 12/16/06 Sinn Fein Reject DUP Justice Plan
ST 12/17/06 Hopes Fade As SF Rejects DUP Compromise
BB 12/15/06 Sinn Fein Police Snub 'Temporary'
ST 12/17/06 Irish Illegals Hope For Visas
IE 09/27/06 Ahern Reiterates Support for ILIR
IT 12/15/06 NI Inquest Into O’Hagan's Death
IT 12/17/06 Concern At Failure To Recover No Bank Cash
BB 12/15/06 London Irish Lodge Racist Claim
BN 12/17/06 Armed Gardaí To Police Streets Over December
IT 12/16/06 Welcome To SNN. Weapons Must Remain On Board

12/16/06 – Publish In Full Stevens Reports Into Collusion
SF 12/14/06 Publish In Full Stevens Reports Into Collusion
BT 12/16/06 Minister Plan By DUP Fails
BN 12/15/06 SF: DUP Paper On Policing Crazy
BT 12/15/06 Police Federation In Call To Sinn Fein
IN 12/15/06 Appeal For ‘Ownership’ Of Policing
NW 12/16/06 Donaldson Says Sinn Fein Must Act
BT 12/16/06 Parties Blasted For Secrecy On Key Committee
BT 12/15/06 New Adams Murder Claims Sparks Ombudsman Call
IN 12/16/06 How Hamill Inquiry Witnesses Will Give Evidence
BT 12/15/06 McCord: Why Did Unionists Not Help Me?
IM 12/15/06 Sinn Féin Demands Release Of All IRA Prisoners
IN 12/16/06 Pain Of Paramilitary-Style ‘Justice’
BB 12/15/06 Defence In Call Over Omagh Case
BB 12/15/06 Convicted Killer's Assets Frozen
NW 12/16/06 Councillor Backs Undocumented Irish In USA
IN 12/16/06 Opin: Families Deserve Inquiry Into Collusion
IT 12/16/06 Opin: Showtime For North's Refuseniks
BT 12/15/06 Belfast's Finest Captured On Camera
SN 12/14/06 AOH Names Harringtons Irish Man & Woman Of Year

12/14/06 – SF O’Loan Investigage Adams 1984 Attack
SF 12/14/06 O’Loan Investigate Attack On Adams In 1984
BT 12/14/06 War Is Over & Nowhere To Go; Adams Meets Orde
BT 12/14/06 Opin: Time Is Ticking Away On Policing Issue
BT 12/14/06 Opin: Emotional Blackmail: The Big Stick
BT 12/14/06 Emigration From Ulster Continues To Increase
BN 12/14/06 Yoko Ono Peace Tree To Be Unveiled In Dublin
RT 12/14/06 IMSR Critical Of Rescued Surfers

12/13/06 – NI Soldiers Convictions Revealed
BB 12/13/06 NI Soldiers Convictions Revealed
SF 12/13/06 Figures Show Criminality Rife In British Army
PB 12/13/06 SDLP Protest Army Arrest And Entry Powers
PB 12/13/06 Adams Says N.Ireland Timetable Can Be Met
SF 12/13/06 Sinn Féin Meet Hugh Orde In Stormont
UT 12/13/06 Derry Watchtower To Be Demolished
BB 12/13/06 Committee Records 'Not Verbatim'
BB 12/13/06 Irish Language Future Is Raised
SF 12/13/06 Irish Language Act
BN 12/13/06 DUP Rail Against Irish Language Bill
BN 12/13/06 Paisley: Remove The Human Rights Commissioner
ND 12/13/06 Widow Opens Newry’s Pat Finucane Centre
IT 12/14/06 6 Days Murder Toll Rises To 5 After Shooting
WL 12/13/06 The Right-Wing IRA Of The 50s
RT 12/13/06 Athlone Under Alert As Shannon Rises
PJ 12/13/06 Peter Boyle Dead At 71; Tell Us Your Memories
BW 12/13/06 Irish Theatre Plans To Purchase Permanent Home
IA 12/13/06 IAUC NJ Meeting 12/13/2006

12/13/06 – Sinn Fein & Orde Held Talks
BB 12/13/06 Orde Holds Talks With Sinn Fein
BT 12/13/06 Loyalists Won't Try To Prevent Power-Sharing
BT 12/13/06 Talking & Watching, But Not Decommissioning
BN 12/13/06 Ahern Encouraged By Hain On Collusion Inquiry
BT 12/13/06 Plea For Progress On Policing By Next Month
BN 12/13/06 IRA Not Linked With Drug Baron Killing – Ahern
BB 12/13/06 UUP Veteran Nesbitt To Step Down
BT 12/13/06 Birmingham 6 Man Offers Help To Hunger Striker
IN 12/13/06 Ex-IRSP Man To Stand Again
IN 12/13/06 Opin: SF Right To Make Policing A Deal-Breaker
BT 12/13/06 Opin: So This Is Christmas?
IN 12/13/06 Opin: Shoppers A Sad Reminder of Illegal Irish
BB 12/13/06 MPs Criticise Museums 'Failures'
BN 12/13/06 Spectacular Meteor Show Expected
IT 12/13/06 TCD Launches Irish Studies Course

12/12/06 - SF To Meet Hugh Orde In Belfast On Wednesday
SF 12/12/06 SF To Meet Hugh Orde In Belfast On Wednesday
IT 12/12/06 Hain: 'Full Co-Operation' Over NI Collusion
CC 12/12/06 Judging A Dictator
SF 12/12/06 Morgan Attacks Government On Sellafield Issue
IT 12/13/06 Unionists Hail Meeting As Success
UT 12/12/06 Sinn Fein Slammed For Absence
UT 12/12/06 Sinn Fein Accuse IMC Of Bias In High Court
IV 12/12/06 ILIR - Boston Rally
LT 12/12/06 "No Legal Way For Irish To Emigrate Anymore"
BT 12/12/06 Sean Haughey Promoted To Minister Of State
PM 12/12/06 Flogging Molly Kicks Off St Patrick's Day Early
FD 12/12/06 Brian G. Callahan Sr., 55, 12/12/2006 RIP

12/12/06 - Fresh Push For Progress
BT 12/12/06 Fresh Push For Progress
BT 12/12/06 Threats Against SF Over Police Are Serious
BT 12/12/06 Court Hearing Sinn Fein Challenge To IMC
BT 12/12/06 No Full Inquiry Into Alleged NIO Cover-Up
BT 12/12/06 Mother Of Slain Soldier 'Accepts' Report
BT 12/12/06 Officials 'Using The Troubles As An Excuse'
BT 12/12/06 Cigarette Operation Brings Nine Arrests
BT 12/12/06 Opin: Parties Must All Support Law And Order
BT 12/12/06 Opin: In A Spin Over Too Many Deadline Changes
IN 12/12/06 Opin: DUP’s Credible Period Of Time Is Fantasy
NW 12/12/06 Stormont Unites to Oppose Fire Service Cuts

12/11/06 – SF Welcomes EU Initiative On Peace Process
SF 12/11/06 SF Welcomes EU Initiative On Peace Process
BB 12/11/06 Assembly Clashes Over Gay Rights
BB 12/11/06 Sinn Fein Using Ministerial Suite
SF 12/11/06 SF Plays Down Significance Of Office Allocation
SF 12/11/06 Sinn Féin Case Against IMC Reaches High Court
UT 12/11/06 Dermot Ahern To Raise Collusion Issue
IT 12/12/06 O'Loan Finds Murder Of Soldier Not Preventable
BT 12/11/06 DUP: McCartney Could Fracture The Unionist Vote
BB 12/11/06 Trial Told Of Forensic 'Errors'
MS 12/10/06 Blog: Irish Times Ltr Today British Collusion.
FA 12/11/06 Bill Establishing Irish-American Heritage Mth
EE 12/11/06 Sheen‘s Studies An Extraordinary Adventure
IT 12/12/06 'Bidding Up' Of Properties Claim Made
IT 12/12/06 Fermoy Pips Dundalk To Take Cleanest Town Title
IT 12/12/06 Litter Rankings: How Your Town Fared
IT 12/12/06 Cliffs Of Moher Buskers Win Approval

12/11/06 – EC President To Offer Talks On Power Sharing
IT 12/11/06 Barroso To Offer Talks On Power Sharing
IT 12/11/06 Conservatives Push Adams On Policing
BB 12/11/06 Adams Gets Dissident Death Threat
BT 12/11/06 Sectarian Attack Victim: I'm Lucky To Be Alive
SF 12/11/06 Sectarian Attacks Continue In Ballymena
BT 12/11/06 Santa With Machine-Gun: Season Of Good Will?
BN 12/11/06 DUP Opposes Brits Giving Gays Equal Rights
SF 12/11/06 Sinn Féin Challenge DUP Homophobia
IM 12/11/06 Govt Terrified By Brits-Unionist Bombs In 1974
IM 12/11/06 Report From Save Tara Campaign Meeting
BB 12/11/06 GAA Decides To Scrap 2007 Series
BN 12/11/06 Dublin Behind In Moves To Tackle Litter Problem
BT 12/11/06 Another Drink-Sodden Saturday Night In Belfast

12/10/06 - Plot To Kill Adams 'Aborted'
BN 12/10/06 Plot To Kill Adams 'Aborted'
IT 12/11/06 Pastor Accuses Paisley, DUP Of U-Turn
IT 12/11/06 Dodds: DUP Will Not Take SF's Word On Policing
AT 12/10/06 How Green Was My Rally
IT 12/11/06 Moore Street Building To Be National Monument
PB 12/11/06 Opin: Andersonstown News On Threat To Gerry Adams
BN 12/11/06 Runners Complete Course Under Dublin
IR 12/11/06 15th-Century Castle Goes On Sale In Tipperary

12/10/06 – Bigotry In DUP Blocking Progress: Rev Good
SB 12/10/06 Bigotry In DUP Blocking Progress: Rev Good
BN 12/10/06 Dublin/Monaghan Bombs Report Passes 6th Deadline
RT 12/10/06 Man Held Over Suspected Sectarian Assault
SL 12/10/06 LVF Killer (Jim Fulton) & His Rogue Cop Helper
SB 12/10/06 Smithwick Tribunal To Ask Ingram To Testify
SL 12/10/06 Government Funding Is Targeted By Loyalists
SL 12/10/06 PSNI Backtracks On Ballykinler
SL 12/10/06 DUP In New O'Loan Inquiry Demand
RT 12/10/06 Ahern Urges SF To Hold Ard Fheis
TO 12/10/06 Republicans & Unionists To Derail Power Sharing
SL 12/10/06 Stone Broke My Hand
SB 12/10/06 Opin: Shock & Awe Comes Home For Bushs Neo-Cons
CL 12/10/06 Opin: Neo-Cons In Disarray
TO 12/10/06 Opin: Hain Needs To Tackle Unionist Homophobia
MI 12/10/06 Blog: Martin Ingram - The Maze
GU 12/10/06 Lennon Offered To Sing For The IRA
TO 12/10/06 Irish In Radioactive Alert
SB 12/10/06 Haughey Is Named In US Court Proceedings
SB 12/10/06 Friel Classic Goes Back To Broadway

12/09/06 - Thatcher Congressional Medal Award Blocked
IT 12/09/06 Thatcher Congressional Medal Award Blocked
BB 12/09/06 No Agreement At Policing Meeting
BN 12/08/06 SF 'Could Contaminate Justice If Given Control'
IT 12/09/06 DUP Casts Doubt Devolution Timetable
UT 12/09/06 Paisley Urges Members Not To Split
BB 12/09/06 Dodds Denies Internal DUP Split
BB 12/08/06 Murmurs Of 'Betrayal' Over Power-Sharing
BT 12/08/06 Paisley Hits Back At 'Joke' Attack By Mccartney
UT 12/09/06 Education System Failing Protestants
BT 12/08/06 Loyalists & Priest Tackle Conflict In Colombia
BB 12/08/06 Fresh Criticism Of Omagh Evidence
IT 12/09/06 Killing Of Postmaster Condemned As Cowardly
IT 12/09/06 Shock As Kilkenny Man Shot Dead
BT 12/08/06 £300,000 For Blank Screens
SF 12/08/06 SF Welcomes Support For Registration Action
LJ 12/07/06 One In Four Voters Not On The Register
UT 12/08/06 SF Slam McFarlane Trial As "Nonsensical"
IT 12/09/06 'Obscene' System To Blame For MRSA Deaths
BT 12/09/06 Opin: Lost In The Maze?
BT 12/09/06 Opin: The Relief Of Derry?
GB 12/09/06 Blog: Paisley’s Word Games Won't Work!
IT 12/09/06 Boy Died In Bedroom Accident
II 12/09/06 Profile: John Stevens: The Guv'nor
BT 12/09/06 Stone's Art Pulled From eBay
RT 12/08/06 Commemorative Statue Installed In Bantry Bay
BT 12/06/06 Walk Of The Week: Causeway Coast Way

12/08/06 - Talks For Healing Policing Divide Start Today
BB 12/08/06 Talks For Healing Policing Divide Start Today
BB 12/08/06 Police Warn Kelly Of Death Threat
BN 12/08/06 Three Quizzed In Relation To Bomb Finds
IN 12/08/06 Fulton Trial Insight Into LVF Violence & Crime
IN 12/08/06 Family Links To Notorious Loyalist Killers
BB 12/08/06 Go Ahead Given For McFarlane Kidnap Trial
UT 12/08/06 DUP To Get Free Vote On Gay Rights
IN 12/08/06 Opin: Fulton Jail Term Well Deserved
BT 12/08/06 Opin: Tough Decisions- How Best To Run Ulster
RT 12/08/06 Taoiseach Welcomes Catholic Bishops' Input
BT 12/08/06 More Droughts As Summers Get Drier & Drier
BB 12/08/06 Martin Sheen's Tribute To NI Journalist
BT 12/08/06 Playing Abe Lincoln Not A Tall Order For Liam
BT 12/08/06 Waiter Who Helped A Penniless Gabriel Byrne
MA 12/08/06 Bras: Big Business At Castlebar’s Bella Lusso

12/07/06 - Bail Refused To Mcilveen Accused
BB 12/07/06 Bail Refused To Mcilveen Accused
IT 12/08/06 LVF Terrorist Fulton Jailed For Life
BN 12/07/06 Paramilitary Groups 'Must Go Out Of Business'
BT 12/07/06 Blair Urged To Reveal SF 'Human Bomb Mastermind'
BT 12/07/06 Opin: What Wolfe Tone & Ian Paisley Have In Common
IT 12/08/06 Opin: Perpetual Opposition Haunts DUP
IT 12/08/06 De Valera Looks Forward To New Phase In Her Life

12/07/06 - Loyalist Found Guilty Of Murder
BB 12/07/06 Loyalist Found Guilty Of Murder
IN 12/07/06 Michael McIlveen’s Family Still Taunted
BB 12/07/06 Threatened Diplomat Back At Work
NW 12/07/06 Suspect Device Traps Children
NW 12/07/06 Condemn Explosives In Newtown & Strabane
IN 12/07/06 Family Ask Adams To ‘Stick To His Word’
IN 12/07/06 Loyalist Vandals Scupper City Parking Crackdown
IN 12/07/06 Stone’s Painting On eBay With Tag Of £10,000
IN 12/07/06 Opin: DUP Stormont Is A Dead Duck
IN 12/07/06 Opin: Political Policing Has To Go
BB 12/07/06 Profile: General Sir Mike Jackson
BN 12/07/06 Council Farewell To 'Mentor' Mervyn
IT 12/07/06 Beckett Letters Go Up For Auction
BG 12/07/06 Jane McDonough, 60, Social Worker – RIP

12/06/06 - Action Alert: Contact Representatives re: Collusion

12/06/06 - SF Has No Plans To Call Ardfheis On Policing
IT 12/07/06 SF Has No Plans To Call Ardfheis On Policing
UT 12/06/06 DUP And SF Set To Lock Horns Over Legislation
UU 12/06/06 Empey: On Partition Annvrsry Unionist Proud
GB 12/06/06 Blog: Bigots Raise Ugly Head Again
BB 12/06/06 Bishops Attack Schools Proposals
SF 12/06/06 Gerry Adams Meets Family Of Charlie Armstrong
IE 12/06/06 Victory In Sight: Schumer Commits To Reform
IT 12/07/06 Taxes Dominate Budget;Pensions & Welfare Rise
RS 12/06/06 The Irish And Their Pubs - A Dangerous Liaison
BC 12/06/06 DVD Review: Destroy All Rational Thought
NW 12/06/06 'The Brookeborough Raid' Recalled
IE 12/06/06 Ray Flynn To Lead New York Parade
TM 12/06/06 Jim Coogan – RIP

12/06/06 - George Mitchell To Be US Ambassador?
BT 12/06/06 George Mitchell To Be US Ambassador?
BT 12/06/06 DUP Describe Talks With PM As 'Useful'
NH 12/06/06 Post–Paisley Battles Begin
IN 12/06/06 Bomb Had ‘Potential To Kill’
NH 12/06/06 Man's Death To Be Raised At Capitol Hill
IN 12/06/06 Opin: Time To Break Free From Shackles Of Past
BT 12/06/06 Opin: Violence Will Not Derail Political Deal
IM 12/06/06 Opin: Policing – Reform Or Revolution
CI 12/06/06 Blog: Times, They Are A Changing Or Are They?
WT 12/06/06 Blog: Omagh Hopes For Inclusive Day Of Reflection
OS 12/06/06 Blog: Ógra Sfmeet With South African Leader
RT 12/06/06 Judge To Decide Derry Name Issue
NW 12/06/06 Books: All About The Gunrunning Fad
KA 12/06/06 Books: While Mem'ry Brings Us Back Again
UT 12/06/06 Long Lost Paul Henry Painting Sold
UT 12/06/06 Pacino To Honour Van The Man

12/05/06 - 1974 Bombings Inquiry To Seek Further Time
IT 12/06/06 1974 Bombings Inquiry To Seek Further Time
IT 12/06/06 Blair Meets DUP; Moves To Ease SFs MI5 Concerns
BN 12/05/06 Committee Given Deadline To Solve Policing Row
RT 12/05/06 DUP Has One Voice On Policing, Says Dodds
BN 12/05/06 Dissidents Blamed As Bomb Is Defused In Tyrone
NW 12/05/06 Trying To Clear Killer's Name
IT 12/06/06 Call For Travellers Recognised As Ethnic Group
BL 12/05/06 Belfast’s Murder Legacy Curbs Peacetime Boom
AH 12/05/06 Microsoft Releases Windows Vista In Ireland
GU 12/05/06 Derry City Gets Its Day In Court

12/05/06 - Quarter Of Police Reforms Not Yet Implemented
BN 12/05/06 Quarter Of Police Reforms Not Yet Implemented
BN 12/05/06 Strict Rules To Guide Community Justice Schemes
UT 12/05/06 Committee Must Resolved Policing Dispute
BB 12/05/06 Funding Urged For Police College
IT 12/05/06 Adams/Paisley:Eye Contact But No Mind Meeting
IT 12/05/06 Paisley Makes 'Plea' To Adams On Police
IT 12/05/06 Ahern Meets Blair In London
BB 12/05/06 DUP Delegation To Meet Tony Blair
BT 12/05/06 Confusion Over Burnt Wright Files
NH 12/05/06 Opin: Parties Should Combine Forces
BT 12/05/06 Opin: Why Sir Reg Does Not Relish A Split
BT 12/05/06 Opin: The Apostles Who Would Be Paisley
GU 12/05/06 Healing Old Wounds
BB 12/05/06 NI House Prices Rising By A Third
IT 12/05/06 Irish Happier But More Tired, Says EU Survey
IT 12/05/06 US Businessman Disputes $70,000 For Irish Party
ND 12/04/06 Springsteen: Born To Run Around The World
ND 12/04/06 Irish Immigrants Tell Their Stories

12/04/06 – Adams & Paisley Direct Exchanges in Assembly
BB 12/04/06 Adams & Paisley Direct Exchanges in Assembly
BN 12/04/06 NI 'Cannot Afford Election Delay'
SF 12/04/06 Taoiseach Raising Collusion With Blair Welcomed
RT 12/04/06 Taoiseach In Talks With Blair In London
BB 12/04/06 Hain Court Inquiry Terms Set Out
IT 12/04/06 McAleese Hopeful On NI Process
BT 12/04/06 Opin: Praise For Boys After Peaceful Lundy Parade
YH 12/04/06 Morrison: Collection of 19 Cinematic Music Gems

12/04/06 - 1,100 Irish Turn Out To Support Schumer
IL 12/04/06 1,100 Irish Turn Out To Support Schumer
IN 12/04/06 Loyalists Force Three Families From Homes
IN 12/04/06 Relatives Mark Anniversary Of McGurk Bombing
IT 12/04/06 Ahern To Raise Collusion Concerns With Blair
EX 12/04/06 Deadlock Over Policing Threatens Election
NH 12/04/06 DUP Rocked By Dissension
IN 12/04/06 Sinn Fein Veteran Quits Over Policing
EX 12/04/06 Concerns On Restorative Justice To Be Heard
IN 12/04/06 Opin: Negotiation Key To Resolution
IN 12/04/06 TV Interest In Sunken Secrets
BN 12/04/06 Record 9 Million Tourists Visit Ireland Last Yr

12/03/06 - RUC Killing To Become Issue In New Congress
IN 12/03/06 RUC Killing To Become Issue In New Congress
IN 12/03/06 Irish National Caucus Ltr to Police Ombudsman
IN 12/03/06 Irish National Caucus Ltr to Mitchell Reiss
IT 12/04/06 SDLP Urges SF To Moderate Policing Stance
BN 12/03/06 Hain 'Must Stop Meddling In Assembly Business'
BN 12/03/06 Neighbourhood Justice Could Be Law Of Jungle
IE 12/03/06 British Colluded In Loyalist Murders
IT 12/04/06 Sudden Storms Cause Disruption & Serious Damage

12/03/06 - Adams Condemns Electoral Registration
IT 12/03/06 Adams Condemns Electoral Registration
BB 12/03/06 DUP 'Not Bothered Over Deadlines'
SL 12/03/06 DUP United On Policing
SL 12/03/06 SF Braced For Resignations
UT 12/03/06 SF Slam SDLP's 'Unholy Alliance'
SL 12/03/06 NIO's Refusal To Protect Journalist Under Rvw
SL 12/03/06 Acid Blitz Linked To UDA Feud
SL 12/03/06 Taxing Times For Ex-UDA Thug
SL 12/03/06 Cops Quiz Journos Over Stone Attack
SL 12/03/06 Stone: A Dangerous Deluded Man...
SL 12/03/06 Price Soars In USA For Stone's Art
SL 12/03/06 Opin: At Long Last, The DUP Split Beckons
IM 12/03/06 Women In Struggle Interview: Andrea O Kane
BB 12/03/06 Fisherman Father In Wave Tragedy
BN 12/03/06 Antiques Roadshow Find For Sale In Dublin
SL 12/03/06 John's Cottage Industry

12/03/06 - Collusion Inquiry Needed To Protect Sovereignty
SB 12/03/06 Collusion Inquiry Needed To Protect Sovereignty
TO 12/03/06 Time To Call A Truce
UT 12/02/06 Empey: 'DUP Split Is Bad For Unionism'
SB 12/02/06 Eamonn Dornan’s Firm To Defend Makers Of Borat
GU 12/03/06 Stone Made Plans Before Attack On Stormont
GU 12/03/06 Sinn Fein Urged To Aid McCartney Inquiry
GU 12/03/06 Radio: Troubles In Paradise
TO 12/03/06 Witnesses To IRA Murder Intimidated
SB 12/03/06 Opin: Caught Between Two Powers
TO 12/03/06 Opin: A Danger SF Could Share Power In Republic
SB 12/03/06 The Facts Behind Gaidar ‘Poisoning’
IT 12/03/06 Book: Chronology Of A Conflict

12/02/06 - Doubts Persist On Assembly Restoration Deadline
IT 12/02/06 Doubts Persist On Assembly Restoration Deadline
IT 12/02/06 Adams Meets Blair As Policing Moves Continue
BN 12/02/06 UUP: DUP Split Over St Andrew's Agreement
BN 12/01/06 DUP's Day-Long Meeting Bids To Quell Dissent
BT 12/02/06 We've Have Been Through Too Much For Quick Fix
AP 12/01/06 Bush Endorses Irish Power-Sharing Government
WH 12/01/06 Full Text Of White House Statement
BB 12/01/06 Gaelic Player Arrested In House
IT 12/02/06 Concern At Shortfall In North's Electoral Roll
UT 12/02/06 Lundy Parade In Derry
NH 12/01/06 Inquiry Call Over 1st Garda Killed In Troubles
WS 12/01/06 Arrest Of Kevin Fulton & Omagh Bombing
BB 12/02/06 Opin: 'UUP Pleasure From DUP Pain'
WL 12/02/06 Green Above Red! Markievicz Sclst & Ntnlst
GU 12/02/06 Film: The Dead - 'I Think He Died For Me'
UT 12/02/06 Spirit Named Michael Collins Sparks Debate
TO 12/01/06 Boston's Irish Community Honors Local Achievers

12/01/06 - Ban Aegis From Foreign Office Contracts
GR 11/30/06 Blog: Ban Aegis From Foreign Office Contracts
BB 12/01/06 Equal Support For PSNI Ombudsman
BB 12/01/06 DUP Meeting To Ensure Party Unity
JN 12/01/06 Lobby To Host Schumer re: Immigration Reform
GA 11/30/06 Blog: Collusion Is Not An Illusion!
EX 11/30/06 Government Backs Report On Collusion In North
BB 12/01/06 New Register Drops 82,000 Voters
BT 12/01/06 £71m Campus Collapse Inquiry On The Cards
BT 12/01/06 Ulster's Policing Goes Global
RT 12/01/06 Judge Asked To Order Sacking Of McDougall
BT 12/01/06 Opin: Ready, Steady... But Who Will Go First?
DR 12/01/06 Opin: Mad Dogs & Irishmen In Cold Light Of Day
CM 12/01/06 What Terrorists Want By Louise Richardson
BB 12/01/06 Russian Ex-PM Has Mystery Illness
PB 12/01/06 Blog: Belfast Pupils Irish College Among Top 3%
NW 12/01/06 Parish Creates Special New Chapel

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