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December 04, 2006

Adams & Paisley Direct Exchanges in Assembly

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BB 12/04/06 Adams & Paisley Direct Exchanges in Assembly
BN 12/04/06 NI 'Cannot Afford Election Delay'
SF 12/04/06 Taoiseach Raising Collusion With Blair Welcomed
RT 12/04/06 Taoiseach In Talks With Blair In London
BB 12/04/06 Hain Court Inquiry Terms Set Out
IT 12/04/06 McAleese Hopeful On NI Process
BT 12/04/06 Opin: Praise For Boys After Peaceful Lundy Parade
YH 12/04/06 Morrison: Collection of 19 Cinematic Music Gems


Direct Exchanges In NI Assembly

Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams and the DUP's Ian Paisley have had
direct exchanges across the floor of the Northern Ireland

The party leaders first debated the religious composition
of the United Irishmen before moving onto wider political

The debate was being held to discuss how proceedings on 24
November were handled by NI Secretary Peter Hain.

The motion had been tabled by Ulster Unionist leader Sir
Reg Empey.

Sir Reg's motion, which was passed by the assembly, said Mr
Hain had interfered in proceedings on that day when the DUP
and Sinn Fein were asked to indicate their choices for
first and deputy first minister.

During the debate, Mr Adams moved things on to the role
played by Presbyterians and the rising of the United

'IRA/Sinn Fein'

The exchanges then moved to politics when Mr Adams objected
to Mr Paisley using the term IRA/Sinn Fein.

"There is no party here called IRA/Sinn Fein, the party is
Sinn Fein," he said.

But, Mr Paisley said the term IRA/Sinn Fein was used by
more than his party.

"Evidently the members of the British government don't know
it, the members of the Tory party don't know it - for that
is how they refer to them."

BBC Northern Ireland political editor Mark Devenport said
the exchanges were "feisty but fascinating" given the long-
standing refusal by the DUP to exchange in any direct
dialogue with republicans.

Monday's meeting was the first substantive debate of the
transitional assembly, designed to deliver devolution by 26

The DUP is seeking delivery from Mr Hain on his economic
package and other issues and from Sinn Fein on policing.

On Sunday, Ian Paisley Jr of the DUP said his party was not
bothered about any power-sharing deadline or dates for
devolving policing.

Mr Paisley said it was up to Sinn Fein to prove republican
credentials and build confidence before any restoration of
devolved government at Stormont.

He insisted Gerry Adams would not get a date from the DUP
for the transfer of policing powers to Stormont.

The DUP leadership held a one-day meeting near
Templepatrick on Friday to agree the party's strategy
regarding power-sharing.

It followed claims of discontent among the ranks about
aspects of the St Andrews Agreement which surfaced at the
assembly on 24 November when the DUP and Sinn Fein were
asked for ministerial nominations.

Proceedings were adjourned that day after an attack by
loyalist Michael Stone.

After the adjournment, DUP leader Ian Paisley said that if
all his conditions were fulfilled he would accept the first
minister's post after a spring election.

Sinn Fein had nominated Martin McGuinness as deputy first

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2006/12/04 17:16:42 GMT


NI 'Cannot Afford Election Delay'

04/12/2006 - 15:15:10

Northern Ireland cannot afford a postponement of Assembly
Elections next March, the leader of the Irish Republic's
Green Party Trevor Sargent insisted today.

As he launched a formal link-up between Green parties on
both sides of the Irish border, the Dublin North TD
insisted the Reverend Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams had to
deliver power sharing together by next March at Stormont.

He also expressed alarm at suggestions that the St Andrews
power sharing timetable could slip, with Assembly Elections
postponed because of the Democratic Unionists and Sinn
F‚in's stand-off over policing and justice.

"Not for one moment should there be any slippage in the
timetable for devolution," Mr Sargent said.

"March has been set as the date for an election. If that is
postponed that would send out the signal that hope had been
lost and create a feeling of despair.

"That would allow the extremists to come out of the
woodwork and tell us that they told us so."

He continued: "I think the time is up. The people of
Northern Ireland need to be given the devolved
administration which they voted for.

"We require Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams to take the steps
together in a choreographed way.

"There is currently a political vacuum which is likely to
be filled by disruption at best and violence at worst.

"If that happens, the responsibility will lie at the feet
of Northern Ireland's two largest parties."


Welcome For Taoiseach Raising Collusion Issue With British
Prime Minster

Published: 4 December, 2006

Sinn F‚in TD Aengus O'Snodaigh has welcomed the fact that
the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is to raise with the British
Prime Minster Tony Blair British State involvement in the
murder of citizens through their policy of collusion during
their talks in London today.

The Dublin South-Central TD said: "Last week's Oireachtas
report into the role of the British State in the murder of
citizens, through their policy of controlling and directing
the activities of unionist paramilitary gangs, was the
latest in a long succession of irrefutable evidence, which
has recently emerged about the extent of the British State
involvement in the murder of citizens across the island of

"I welcome the fact that the Taoiseach is finally to raise
these issues with the British Prime Minister during their
talks in London today. Bertie Ahern needs to make it very
clear to the Tony Blair that the policy of concealment and
cover-up, which has marked their approach so far to this
issue, had to end. It is no longer an option for the
British government to ignore inquires like that established
by Justice Barron.

"The families of those killed by the British State through
collusion have long demanded an independent, international
inquiry into these matters as the only way in which the
truth can be revealed. Sinn F‚in absolutely supports these
families in their campaign. It is now vital that the

Taoiseach adds his voice to this call and ensures that the
British government will be required to co-operate with such
an inquiry in the future."



Taoiseach In Talks With Blair In London

04 December 2006 19:38

The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, has said that a plan to
devolve policing in Northern Ireland has yet to be agreed,
but that difficulties over the future role of MI5 can be

Mr Ahern also conceded that Dr Ian Paisley was facing
difficulties and tensions within the DUP, but he insisted
that every party faced its own problems that had to be
managed by the leadership.

He was speaking ahead of talks with British Prime Minister
Tony Blair. The St Andrews timetable for restored power-
sharing in Northern Ireland will be among the topics being

Mr Ahern was also expected to raise concerns about
allegations of security force collusion in loyalist
terrorist attacks.

Separately, Mr Blair has announced his plans for a new
generation of nuclear weapons.

Retention of Britain's nuclear deterrent is 'crucial' to
national security, he said, and the risk of a 'major
nuclear threat' to the UK meant it was essential to replace
the Vanguard class submarines.

The estimated cost of replacing the fleet, which carries
the Trident nuclear missiles, is œ20bn.

In a move to placate critics in the Labour Party, Mr Blair
announced that Britain's stockpile of nuclear warheads
would be cut by a fifth from around 200 to fewer than 160.

A White Paper published today also left open the option of
reducing the submarine fleet from four to three.

MPs will be allowed to vote on the issue in the New Year
with opponents predicting a substantial rebellion by
backbench Labour MPs.


Hain Court Inquiry Terms Set Out

A senior QC has been appointed to investigate whether Peter
Hain misled the High Court over the interim victims
commissioner appointment.

Peter Scott was appointed after Mr Justice Girvan asked the
Attorney General to investigate the case.

The judge ruled that Mr Hain acted "for an improper
political purpose" in appointing Bertha McDougall.

He sent Attorney General Lord Goldsmith questions to see if
Mr Hain or his staff perverted the course of justice.

On Monday, Lord Goldsmith set out the terms of reference of
the inquiry.

Mr Scott will examine Mr Justice Girvan's concerns - in
particular the way in which the government carried out its
obligation of candour in the judicial review procedure.

The Attorney General's office said Lord Goldsmith had asked
that Mr Scott report to him as soon as is possible
"consistent with the need to conduct a thorough review".

The secretary of state said he and his department would
cooperate fully with the review.

He said: "I welcome this review. I appointed Bertha
McDougall to prepare a report for me as important
preparatory work ahead of the appointment of a permanent
victims commissioner.

"This is to ensure the crucial work on behalf of victims
can have the best possible start.

"I make no apology for that. There is absolutely no
question of any deliberate attempt to mislead the court or
anyone else."

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2006/12/04 19:08:12 GMT


McAleese Hopeful On NI Process

Northern Ireland is close to devolution and a new dawn, the
president Mary McAleese claimed tonight.

Other parts of the world where there was only fear, hatred
and no end in sight to the violence were looking on she
said, to see if the politics of partnership and peace would
make it across the line.

She said: "But this is the most liberated and the best
educated generation ever to inhabit the island. It has the
brain-power to know the past as a mess and the skill to
clean the mess up effectively.

"It has the heart power to recognise the loss and waste
that come out of conflict and the passion to heal and

President McAleese's remarks came as she delivered the
annual Tip O'Neill lecture at the University of Ulster's
Magee campus in Derry.

Earlier on the city's road to Strabane, army explosives
experts defused a device found outside a pub, the Coach Inn
at Cloughcor, between Bready and Ballymagorry. Police said
they didn't know the intended target, but the device caused
an hour's traffic disruption, delaying people keeping
hospital appointments, and could have caused injury had it

Last week in Coleraine, a device was found near the town's
courthouse, an incident linked to dissident republicans who
have already firebombed stores in Belfast and Newry causing
nearly œ30 million worth of damage.

President McAleese said Northern Ireland had a strong
entrepreneurial tradition, a rich multifaceted culture
drawing on the deep wells of Irish, British and Scottish
tradition. But just at the point where its most educated
generation ever appeared, it slid into the troubles, and
never had until now,the chance to reveal its fullest
potential and harness all its talent in a unified,
civic society.


Opin: Praise For Boys After Peaceful Lundy Parade

04 December 2006

The Apprentice Boys of Derry have been congratulated after
Saturday's peaceful parade.

A total of 23 bands took part in the Lundy Day
commemoration on Saturday and the PSNI reported just five
arrests for minor public order offences.

Negotiations between the Apprentice Boys, business people
and community workers have eased tensions in recent years.

Londonderry's top policeman paid tribute to those involved
in organising the procession.

The order's general secretary said the calm scenes were a
sign that nationalists were prepared to accept the marching
tradition of Protestant people.

Most shops remained open during the day, with traffic
restrictions kept to a minimum.

Foyle Chief Superintendent Richard Russell, who last week
warned parade supporters and marchers to avoid wearing
illegal emblems or consume alcohol, today said he was "very
pleased" with Saturday's proceedings.

"We were very pleased with how the parade went.

"There was virtually no evidence of people carrying
alcohol, although a small number of people did consume too
much and were moved on."

Mr Russell added: "I want to stress that the organisers of
this parade acted in a tremendously responsible fashion and
it was largely due to their efforts that the day went so

"I also want to thank the community representatives who
also put in a superb effort."

Billy Moore, general secretary of the Apprentice Boys said:
"The hard work over the last ten years is starting to bear
fruit and it appears that the wider community is starting
to accept that the Apprentice Boys are a part of the city."


Van Morrison At The Movies: The Soundtrack Hits Collects 19
Cinematic Music Gems

Monday December 4, 1:34 pm ET
CD to Be Released February 13, 2007 by Manhattan/EMI

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Van Morrison's
music plays a role in many of modern cinema's most
cherished films. Van Morrison At The Movies: The Soundtrack
Hits, to be released February 13 by Manhattan/EMI Music
Catalog Marketing, collects, for the first time, 19 of
Morrison's best-known songs, presented as they've been
featured in films. In addition to favorites including
"Gloria" from The Outsiders, "Wild Night" from Thelma &
Louise, and "Brown Eyed Girl" from Born On The Fourth Of
July, the new collection includes a previously unreleased
live version of "Moondance" from An American Werewolf In
London, recorded live with strings in 1986 at Los Angeles'
Greek Theatre.

The cinematic qualities of Van Morrison's songs make it no
surprise that he is one of the most popular choices for
movie music. His compositions have graced the soundtrack of
many box office hits over the years.

That Martin Scorsese is a Van Morrison fan is unsurprising:
the connection was made when Robbie Robertson's former
roommate directed The Last Waltz, The Band's historic
farewell performance in San Francisco on Thanksgiving Day,
1976. Rock writer and spectator Greil Marcus described
Morrison's entrance as the catalyst that "turned the show
round... There he was on stage, in a maroon suit and a
green top, singing to the rafters. They cut into 'Caravan'
(with John Simon waving The Band's volume up and down), and
the horns at their most effective -- while Van burned holes
in the floor... It was a triumph, and as the song ended Van
began to kick his leg in sheer exuberance, and he kicked
his way right offstage like a Rockette. The crowd had given
him a fine welcome and they cheered wildly when he left."

Morrison's live version of the Pink Floyd classic
"Comfortably Numb," featured by Scorsese in his 2006
blockbuster The Departed, was cut in Berlin some 16 years
earlier when Roger Waters put on a live production of "The
Wall." There was a Band connection again, with Levon Helm
and Rick Danko contributing background vocals.

Departed star Jack Nicholson also appeared in James L
Brooks's As Good As It Gets, which used the title track
from Days Like This, Van's latest album at the time of
release (1997). But it's the earlier classics that have
inevitably attracted the most attention from directors,
even if some have been performed by others.

Not one but two Vietnam movies have featured his music,
and, as befits the timescale, they have chosen 1960s
vintage material. "Brown Eyed Girl," Morrison's first U.S.
solo hit from 1967, was Oliver Stone's choice in 1989 for
the Born On The Fourth Of July soundtrack, while the
earlier "Baby, Please Don't Go" from Morrison's Them days
appeared in 1987's Good Morning Vietnam. Continuing the
military theme but moving forward a musical decade, Taylor
Hackford's An Officer And A Gentleman visited the often
overlooked Wavelength album for "Hungry For Your Love" -- a
fine addition to a well above average soundtrack.

At the other end of the musical spectrum, the tender
"Someone Like You" was not only a highlight of Lawrence
Kasdan's French Kiss but also Bridget Jones' Diary. And
Michael Hoffmann's One Fine Day, the George
Clooney/Michelle Pfeiffer film from 1996, included
Morrison's classic "Have I Told You Lately?"

Mark Joffe's The Matchmaker reflected Morrison's Irish
heritage by telling the story of an election campaigner
(Marcy Tizard, played by Janeane Garofalo) who visits an
Irish village to track down the ancestral roots of the U.S.
senator she works for, only to find romance. Suitably, the
track selected was "Irish Heartbeat," Morrison's 1983
creation with The Chieftains.

With An American Werewolf In London, John Landis created
the classic horror movie. Typical of his witty style was
his use of music, and he incorporated a number of different
'moon-themed' pop songs including "Moondance," which,
because of the contrast in mood this created, echoed the
comedy/tragedy juxtaposition.

Van Morrison has announced several upcoming concert dates.
For more information and updates, visit

Van Morrison At The Movies: The Soundtrack Hits

1. Gloria (performed by Them) -- The Outsiders
2. Baby, Please Don't Go (performed by Them) – Wild At Heart
3. Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile) -
- Pope Of Greenwich Village
4. Domino (live) -- Clean & Sober
5. Moondance (live)* -- An American Werewolf In London
6. Queen Of The Slipstream -- Extreme Close-Up
7. Wild Night -- Thelma & Louise
8. Caravan (live) -- The Last Waltz
9. Wonderful Remark -- King Of Comedy
10. Brown Eyed Girl -- Born On The Fourth Of July
11. Days Like This -- As Good As It Gets
12. Into The Mystic (live) -- Patch Adams
13. Hungry For Your Love -- An Officer And A Gentleman
14. Someone Like You -- French Kiss
15. Bright Side Of The Road -- Fever Pitch
16. Have I Told You Lately? -- One Fine Day
17. Real Real Gone -- Donovan Quick
18. Irish Heartbeat (with Chieftains) -- The Matchmaker
19. Comfortably Numb (live) -- The Departed

* previously unreleased

Confirmed Van Morrison concert dates:

December 2006
30 Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay
January 2007
2 Kissimmee, Silver Spurs Arena
26 Brighton, Dome
27 Brighton, Dome
February 2007
7 Belfast, Waterfront
8 Belfast, Waterfront
21 Los Angeles, Gibson Amphitheatre
23 San Rafael, Marin Center
April 2007
6 Manchester, Bridgewater Hall
7 Manchester, Bridgewater Hall
13 Oxford, New Theatre
14 Cardiff, Millennium Centre

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