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December 24, 2006

Holy Cross Auto Accident Tradegy

(See below to see how you can help.)

Sisters Critical After Fatal Road Accident

Two sisters were critically ill in hospital today, after a
car accident which left their father and older sister dead.

James Joseph McGuigan, 30, and his daughter Lorna, eight,
died instantly when the car he was driving hit a tree on
the Ballyhill Road, on the outskirts of north Belfast

His two other daughters, aged four and five, are in
intensive care in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

Ardoyne Priest Father Aidan Troy said Mr McGuigan had been
taking the girls to their grandmother's house in Lenadoon
when the accident happened .

"The girls go to Holy Cross Primary School in Ardoyne and
the father was at the nativity play on Wednesday and the
youngest one was with him. The other two are at the school
as well," he said.

"It is an unbelievable tragedy this close to Christmas and
the two little girls were in intensive care last time I saw
them, which is a tragedy.

"I just hope the other two get through this. It is a
terrible experience for any family and I am going to the
hospital to visit them this morning."

Mr McGuigan, originally from Lenadoon, had been living in
Ardoyne in north Belfast with his partner and their

Lorna was believed to have been a front seat passenger, who
died after her father lost control of the car and may have
clipped a lorry.

Emergency crews had to cut the roof off the vehicle's
remains. Police are appealing for information about the


Hello Friends:

I know this is a poor time to bring this to your attention,
with Christmas and all. But I'm trying to see if we can
give this family some financial help. Please read the below

I just finished speaking with Father Troy. Below is the
address to send any donations. Father Aidan says he will
make sure the family receives them. The little girls are
still in intensive care. Father Aidan will be visiting them
later today. Luckily the mother was at work, and not in the

I'm hoping that we all could show our Christmas spirit and
help this family through this horrific tragedy.

It may be a good idea to write that your donation is for
the McGuigan family to avoid any problems of where the
donation is directed.

Please consider helping the McGuigan Family. God Bless and
Merry Christmas,

George Trainor
IAUC San Francisco Chapter

Send donations to:

Father Aidan Troy CP
Holy Cross Monastery
432 Crumlin Road Belfast, BT14 7GE
N. Ireland

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The family has been uplifted in prayer. I lost my father recently in a car accident and understand some of what they are going through. God bless. ~Karyn~
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