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July 31, 2006

Table of Contents - 07/06

Table of Contents - 07/06

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07/31/06 - SF: Locals Believe Loyalist Behind Tobermore Murder
NO 07/31/06 SF: Locals Believe Loyalist Behind Tobermore Murder
NO 07/31/06 SF: Hain Better Leading Rather Than Write Letters
NL 07/31/06 It's Time For Reality
IT 08/01/06 Brady Says Mixed Education Would Be A 'New Hurt'
UT 07/31/06 Bloody Sunday Inquiry Delay
NO 07/31/06 Adams Extends Condolences After The Death Of Sean Keenan
UT 07/31/06 Former SF Councillor Dies
GU 07/31/06 New Feud Rips Apart The UDA
UT 07/31/06 Man Questioned Over Weapons Find
BB 07/31/06 Killer 'Must Get Tough Sentence'
BM 07/31/06 Government 'Letting Developers Dictate Housing Market'
BT 07/31/06 No Alternative
HS 07/31/06 Opin: A War Crime Is Still A War Crime
IT 08/01/06 Bank Warns Of Private Sector Indebtedness
IO 07/31/06 July 'Warmest Month For 17 Years'
IT 08/01/06 Tornado Damages Homes, Cars
IT 08/01/06 OPW Urged To Publish Skellig Plan

07/31/06 - Sectarian Campaign Concerns
IN 07/31/06 Sectarian Campaign Concerns
BN 07/31/06 Talks Planned To Calm Loyalist Tensions In Belfast
DI 07/31/06 No Compensation After Conviction Quashed
IC 07/31/06 Hunger Strike: A March To Remember
IC 07/31/06 Kieran's Sacrifice Recalled 25 Years On
IC 07/31/06 Mala Poist: Painful Memories Of Hunger Strikes
DU 07/31/06 DUP: Peter Hain Won’t Bluff The DUP
IC 07/31/06 Weekend Of Craic Agus Ceol To Honour Culture
IN 07/31/06 Opin: Tribute To The Unsung Heroes Of Peace Process
IN 07/31/06 Opin: Loyalist Used His Past For A Better Future
DU 07/31/06 Opin: DUP - Republicans Still Have Distance To Travel
RT 07/31/06 Bnk Of Ireland: Average House Price To Hit €400,000
BN 07/31/06 Racing Fans Gather For Galway Races
IN 07/31/06 Pupils With Top Grades Rejected By Grammars

07/30/06 - Two Held In Connection With Nightclubber's Death
BN 07/30/06 Two Held In Connection With Nightclubber's Death
SF 07/30/06 Martin McGuinness Addresses Kevin Lynch Commemoration
IT 07/31/06 Opin: Fianna Fáil In Pre-Election Mode
RE 07/30/06 Irish Bog Bodies Help Unlock Secrets Of Iron Age
IT 07/31/06 Threat To B&Bs As Owners Near Retirement
IT 07/31/06 President Helps In Rescue Of Injured Jet-Skier On Shannon
IT 07/31/06 Cabinet Meets At Avondale
IT 07/31/06 Barefoot: Following In St Patrick's Footsteps

07/30/06 - Frazer (FAIR) Plans Garvaghy Road March
SL 07/30/06 Frazer (FAIR) Plans Garvaghy Road March
SL 07/30/06 Petition Push For Probe Into RIR Hero's Murder
UT 07/30/06 Loyalists Stage Rally In Belfast
BB 07/30/06 UDA In Talks On Internal Dispute
SL 07/30/06 Mavericks: Don't Underestimate Us
SL 07/30/06 Kidnap Bid On New 'Brigadier' Aborted
SL 07/30/06 Men Bringing UDA In From The Cold
SL 07/30/06 Expulsions Are Two-Fingers To Mainstream UDA
SL 07/30/06 Still Causing A Racket Despite Hain's Words...
TO 07/30/06 Orange Order Is Beating The Drum For Religious Tolerance
SL 07/30/06 Cleared Cop To Lift Lid On Omagh Tip-Off Row
SL 07/30/06 Opin: Minds Concentrate When Pockets Are Threatened
BB 07/30/06 Opin: IRA Cease Fire - Baby Steps Follow 'Giant Stride'
SL 07/30/06 Opin: Things HAVE Changed... Changed Utterly
TO 07/30/06 Opin: There Are Too Many TDs In There Already
TO 07/30/06 Opin: Nazi Hunters Must Move On, The Hunt Museum Is Clean
BN 07/30/06 Rpt Shows Dublin Has Highest Lung Cancer Rate In Ireland
HC 07/30/06 The Price Paid By Irish Nanny For Learning American
ND 07/30/06 Thomas Manton: 'Better At The Game'

07/29/06 - Gerry Adams Looks Forward To Sensible Unionism Emerging
PO 07/29/06 Gerry Adams Looks Forward To Sensible Unionism Emerging
BT 07/29/06 'Ridiculous' UDA Told To Disband Once And For All
GU 07/29/06 New Feud Rips Apart The UDA
SB 07/30/06 McCain Keeps Cards Close To Chest
SB 07/30/06 Poll Points Kenny In The Right Direction
SB 07/30/06 Independents Baulk At Joining Fianna Fail
TO 07/30/06 Shell Set To Reroute Pipeline
SB 07/30/06 Opin: Instead Of Celebrating, Unionists Are Objecting
SB 07/30/06 Opin: Blair’s Political Impotence Is Brutally Exposed
TO 07/30/06 Opin: If Lawful Excuse Is A Defence, Then I’m A Banana
TO 07/30/06 Books: Can We Escape Our Old Divisions?
SB 07/30/06 Government Campaign To Entice Irish Emigrants Home

07/28/06 - PFC: MI5 Internet Bibliography

07/28/06 - ILIR Summer Campaign: Homeland Security Meeting in Houston Aug 17th

07/28/06 - One Year Later: IRA Has Gone Away, But Does Paisley Care?
BT 07/28/06 One Year Later: IRA Has Gone Away, But Does Paisley Care?
SF 07/28/06 Opportunity Can Still Be Grasped By British & Irish Governments
BT 07/28/06 Mystery Surrounding Donors Backing Our Political Parties
IN 07/28/06 ‘Right Conditions Needed For SF Coalition’
IN 07/28/06 Support For PSNI Not A Matter Of If But When
NI 07/28/06 SDLP: Paisley Should Come Clean On UVF - Dallat
BG 07/28/06 British Official Optimistic On Accord In N. Ireland
BT 07/28/06 SF And DUP Slammed For Failing To Attend Green Session
BT 07/28/06 Garda 'Failed To Act On Tip Off' About Omagh Bomb
BB 07/28/06 IRA 'Not Behind' Threat To Woman
BB 07/28/06 New UDA Leadership Is Appointed
BT 07/28/06 Breakaway Loyalists To Support Main UDA
BT 07/28/06 Opus Dei's Irish Role To Be Put Under Miscoscope
ZW 07/28/06 N.E. Teen Embraces Her Irish Heritage
HC 07/28/06 Dancer Flatley Gets Go-Ahead For Extortion Lawsuit
IO 07/28/06 Footballer Dies Of Match-Clash Injuries
IN 07/28/06 Mayor Forced To Cancel Irish Trip

07/27/06 - Hain Seeks Irish American Support
IA 07/27/06 Hain Seeks Irish American Support
IA 07/27/06 ILIR Road Trip Goes To Texas
IA 07/27/06 Snakes Alive In Dublin
DI 07/27/06 Freedom Of Dublin For Shannon Five
DI 07/27/06 Summer School To Celebrate Yeats’ Life And Work
DI 07/27/06 NY Mayor Visits To Unveil US Civil War Hero’s Memorial

07/27/06 - IAUC Battles Extradition Treaty

07/27/06 - Republican Parade In Ballymena Is Restricted
BT 07/27/06 Republican Parade In Ballymena Is Restricted
IN 07/27/06 Shoukri’s Home Is Attacked By UDA
IE 07/27/06 Larry Z Gets The Call
IE 07/27/06 Dublin Aid To U.S. Groups Tops $1m
IT 07/27/06 Shannon Five Hope Verdict 'Sends A Message'
IN 07/27/06 Opin: Unionists Still Refuse To Have Open Minds
BT 07/27/06 Opin: Criminality And Justice Left Spinning
IT 07/27/06 US Family Bequeaths Killarney Land To State

07/26/06 - UVF Men With Guns ‘Guarded Paisley’
IN 07/26/06 UVF Men With Guns ‘Guarded Paisley’
BT 07/26/06 DUP Sceptical On IRA Despite Hain's Upbeat Comments
DI 07/26/06 McIlveen Murder Witness Threats
DI 07/26/06 Security Gate Demanded To End Loyalist Attacks
IN 07/26/06 Loyalists Behind Arson Attack On Primary School
SF 07/26/06 SF: Fire At Primary School Is An Attack On Whole Community
DI 07/26/06 CIRA Shooting Attack Claims
DI 07/26/06 SDLP Is ‘Irrelevant’ Says Report
DI 07/26/06 Opin: Sectarian Hate Still Running Rampant
DI 07/26/06 Opin: Guarding The Guards
BT 07/26/06 Opin: Shut The Door On Housing Racket
BT 07/26/06 Opin: Getting Involved - With The PSNI
BT 07/26/06 Opin: Will The Truth Ever Emerge About Our Troubled Past?
IN 07/26/06 Opin: Extrad Treaty - Loaded Statement Fires Up IA Debate
BT 07/26/06 Hain In £11,000 Sporting 'Jollies' Row
BB 07/26/06 Whale Rescue Operation Resumes
UT 07/26/06 Airlines Cut Knock Routes

07/25/06 - Hunger Strike Exhibiton H-Blocked
DP 07/25/06 Hunger Strike Exhibiton H-Blocked
EX 07/25/06 Move To Prevent Irish Funding Of Northern Parties Defeated
DJ 07/25/06 Help Track Down 'Potential Murder Gang' - Jim McCauley
EX 07/25/06 Smithwick Tribunal Hearings Delayed Until End Of Year
IT 07/26/06 IRA Bank Money Was For Investment In Bulgaria
IT 07/26/06 Not Guilty Verdict In Third Trial Of Anti-War Activists
UT 07/25/06 Population Drop In North Belfast 'Due To Tensions'
IT 07/26/06 State To Pursue Sellafield Plant Closure
PB 07/25/06 Trad Gets Free Public Reading At Irish Rep July 25
PR 07/25/06 Irish-American Leaders Honored At Wall Street 50 Ceremony
IT 07/26/06 Discovery In Midlands Bog 'Of Staggering Importance'
IT 07/26/06 Record Number Of Tourists Visiting Ireland
IT 07/26/06 Journalist Claims Descent From Jesus

07/25/06 - IRA 'Has Ceased Its Criminality'
BB 07/25/06 IRA 'Has Ceased Its Criminality'
BT 07/25/06 Former Terrorists Could Work For CRJ
BT 07/25/06 Ex-UVF Man Turned Peacemaker Dies
IN 07/25/06 Republicans To Attend Funeral Of UVF Founder
BT 07/25/06 Police Probe Malicious Primary School Fire
IN 07/25/06 Sectarian Attacks Increasing Despite Quiet March Season
IT 07/25/06 Ireland Faces Huge Kyoto Penalties
IT 07/25/06 Meehan Loses Case Against Guerin Conviction
SF 07/25/06 Ó Snodaigh Welcomes Ploughshares Vindication
IN 07/25/06 Opin: Brutal Attackers Again Dyed Ulster’s Bloody Hand

07/24/06 - O’Loan’s Son Tells Of Attack Ordeal
IN 07/24/06 O’Loan’s Son Tells Of Attack Ordeal
IN 07/24/06 ‘They Knew I Was A Catholic: I Was An Appropriate Target’
IN 07/24/06 Attacks On Church And Orange Hall Condemned
SF 07/24/06 Call For Unionist Leadership Following Sectarian Attacks
IN 07/24/06 Parties Hit Out At Sectarian Attack
NH 07/24/06 South Derry IRA Breaks From Leadership
DI 07/24/06 SF Slams McDowell As ‘Arrogant Thatcherite’
BT 07/24/06 Attwood Hits Out At Secrecy Over Cost Of MI5 Holywood Base
UT 07/24/06 SF Delegation Inspect Dublin Jail
SL 07/23/06 DNA From Suspect's Dog May Hold Key To Devlin’s Killing
SL 07/23/06 UDA Tension Rising After Cop Search
BT 07/24/06 McCord Killing Breakthrough Claimed
SL 07/23/06 Whistleblower Won't Meet O'Loan
SL 07/23/06 Failure To Probe Abduction Of Informer Shot By Provos
SL 07/23/06 Killer Stone Asked To Help Mo Drama
UT 07/24/06 'One In Five PSNI Officers Catholic'
IT 07/24/06 Policing Board Refuses To Vet Community Justice Scheme
DI 07/21/06 Opin: No Room At The Inn For Film Tourists
IN 07/24/06 Opin: Paisley Still Trading On Fears Of Gullible People
IN 07/24/06 Opin: History Provides Answer To Burning Question
IN 07/24/06 Opin: There’ll Be No Pushing Paisley Into Deadline
IN 07/24/06 Opin: UDA Plan For Ceasefire Is An Audacious One
IN 07/24/06 Opin: CRJ Typifies Inequality For The North’s Citizens
IN 07/24/06 Opin: Proof That People Do Need Alternatives
IN 07/24/06 Opin: Guessing Game Over Alternative Strategy
DI 07/21/06 Opin: Ex-Noraid Boss Still Gloomy On Peace Process
IN 07/24/06 Tributes To Former RTE Broadcaster
NY 07/24/06 Thomas J. Manton, 73, Influential Queens Democrat, Dies
DA 07/24/06 Last Molly Maguire Hanged Said He Wasn't The Killer
DI 07/21/06 Government Folds On Plans To Ban Casinos
IT 07/24/06 New Era Of Random Breath Testing Arrives
IT 07/24/06 Crew Of 'Asgard II' Sails To Success In Tall Ships Race

07/23/06 - Redundancy Letters Received By MLA's
SF 07/20/06 Redundancy Letters Received By MLA's
BB 07/22/06 Army Defuses 'Viable Pipe Bomb'
SF 07/21/06 Martin McGuinness Speech To MacGill Summer School
IE 07/23/06 Scientists Investigating Material Linked To McCord Murder
PR 07/21/06 No Peace Over US-UK Extradition Treaty
BB 07/21/06 Schemes 'Must Work With Police'
GU 07/23/06 McCartneys: You're Leaving Us At IRA Mercy, Blair Told
RT 07/23/06 Three Held After Attack On Orange Hall
IM 07/22/06 Irish Political Prison Protest (& How You Can Help)
SF 07/21/06 SF: Working With Foras Na Gaeilge New Chief Executive
SF 07/21/06 Minister Should Intervene In Cross-Border Fees Issue
BB 07/22/06 Hain's 'Interference' Criticised
BB 07/22/06 Opin: Hain's Carrot And Stick Approach
TO 07/22/06 Two Armies Set Out To Win Over Boyne Tourists
HC 07/23/06 Queens Democratic Chairman Manton Dies
BB 07/23/06 WW2 Grenade Is Blown Up By Army

07/22/06 – Irish-American Concern at Extradition Treaty
FT 07/21/06 Irish-American Concern at Extradition Treaty

07/20/06 - Linda Coleman's Extradition Treaty Testimony

07/20/06 - Trial A Test Case For The Irish Language
BT 07/20/06 Trial A Test Case For The Irish Language
BB 07/19/06 Man Convicted Of Loyalist Killing
NH 07/20/06 Seven-Minute Argument Enters Extradition Debate
BT 07/20/06 DUP Says No To Special Sub-Committees
IO 07/18/06 Spell Out Plan B On Devolution, Premiers Told
BT 07/20/06 O'Loan In Plea To Be Allowed To Probe MI5
SF 07/20/06 Police Ombudsman Concerned By MI5 Move
IE 07/20/06 T-Shirts Talk At D.C. Immigration Hearings
IT 07/20/06 FF Councillor Denies Bribe Claim
UT 07/19/06 McCartney Sister's Warning On CRJ
BT 07/20/06 Opin: What Kind Of Justice Is This, Mr Hain?
RT 07/19/06 Runaway Circus Kangaroo On The Loose In Ireland
HC 07/19/06 Ireland's Population Rises To Modern High
VV 07/19/06 Synge, Synge, Synge

07/19/06 - IAUC: Treaty is Dagger at Heart of Irish America

07/19/06 - Accusations Fly as Treaty Gets DC Hearing

07/18/06 - 'Shake-Up' Of NI Government Needed: Hain
UT 07/18/06 'Shake-Up' Of NI Government Needed: Hain
SF 07/18/06 Hain Challenged After S Armagh Reference In Speech
BT 07/18/06 Plea For Unity Over Sectarian Thuggery
BB 07/18/06 Three NI Parties Are 'In The Red'
UT 07/18/06 UDA 'Holding Treasury To Ransom'
BT 07/18/06 Court Bid To Stop Bombing Retrial
SF 07/18/06 SF’s Campaign To End Attacks On Fire Fighters & Ambulance Crews
BT 07/18/06 Opin: Loyalism On The Long Road Towards Change
BT 07/18/06 Opin: New Government Plan? Reward Bad Behaviour
BT 07/18/06 Opin: Home Truths We Need To Understand
UT 07/18/06 Heatwave Hits NI
UT 07/18/06 Irish Citizens Evacuated From Lebanon
BT 07/18/06 Ulster Group Urges Boycott Over Killing Of Greyhounds
BB 07/18/06 Mickey Spillane, Creator Of Mike Hammer, Dies At 88
SO 07/18/06 A War Movie With A Difference

07/17/06 - Gang Attack In Londonderry Leaves Victim Fighting For Life
BT 07/17/06 Gang Attack In Londonderry Leaves Victim Fighting For Life
IT 07/17/06 Arsonists Attack And Destroy Orange Hall
DI 07/17/06 Congressman Calls On Govnts To Stand Firm On Nov Deadline
DI 07/17/06 Burrows Resigns
BT 07/17/06 New Laws On Charities To Hit Terror Gangs
BT 07/17/06 Task Forces Will Tackle Barriers To Devolution
IN 07/17/06 Hain ‘Will Talk To SF About Policing’
SF 07/17/06 Gerry Kelly Responds To Hain Speech About Policing
DI 07/17/06 ‘Torture’ Conviction Quashed
BB 07/17/06 Challenge To Real IRA Conviction
MI 07/17/06 McConville: I'll Name Killers
IN 07/17/06 Opin: Fiery But Empty Words From Mr Paisley
IN 07/17/06 Opin: Money For Nothing And Their Kicks For Free...
BT 07/17/06 Opin: Soft Footfalls Testing Out Fresh Ground
IN 07/17/06 Irish To Be Evacuated From Lebanon Today
BT 07/17/06 Titanic Achievement: Nomadic Sails Into Belfast
BT 07/17/06 Ulster To Fry In Hottest Week Of The Year So Far
IN 07/17/06 North Left Out Of RTE Web Broadcast
FF 07/17/06 School To Award Sean Lemass Gold Medal For Leadership
IT 07/17/06 Steeple Of Landmark St George's Church Restored

07/16/06 - Treaty 'Unfair To Irish-Americans'
MC 07/16/06 Treaty 'Unfair To Irish-Americans'
FT 07/16/06 Hopes Rise For Quick Approval Of Extradition Treaty
SB 07/16/06 Natwest 3 Will Face An Uphill Battle In US Courts
EE 07/16/06 Sectarian Beating 'Carried Out By Loyalist Thugs'
SL 07/16/06 Messege Clear For Haddock
SL 07/16/06 Skull Thuggery
SL 07/16/06 I'll Fight Scap Ban
SL 07/16/06 Planning Row Over H Block Memorial
SL 07/16/06 McConville: IRA Shot Wrong Woman

07/16/06 – UDA Wants Handout Of £30m To Disband
GU 07/15/06 UDA Wants Handout Of £30m To Disband
TO 07/15/06 Paisley ‘Won’t Be Leader For Long’
BN 07/14/06 Hain Will Call For Cross-Party Co-Operation
SF 07/15/06 McDonald - Dialogue Is Key To Progress
TE 07/15/06 Peers And MPs Join Fight For Natwest Three
IC 07/15/06 ICAEW Statement On The UK-US Extradition Treaty
TO 07/15/06 NatWest 3: Poor Relations
BT 07/15/06 Catholic Church, School Attacked
BB 07/15/06 Arsonists Burn Down Orange Hall
DT 07/15/06 PSNI Accused Over Butcher Street Incidents
IN 07/15/06 NY Mayor To Meet North’s Politicos
BB 07/15/06 SF, DUP Will Share Power: Durkan
IN 07/15/06 Opin: Paisley Keeping His Options Open
TO 07/15/06 Opin: American Court Is Right Place For Natwest Three
BN 07/15/06 Gaybo Hits Back At Critics
IN 07/15/06 Durkan’s Nephew Is On The Mend
BT 07/15/06 Bundoran Happy To Be Passed By
GU 07/16/06 Orangemen 'Frightened Away Tourists'
TO 07/16/06 Leading Article: Mayo Will Lose Out

07/14/06 - Talk And Walk Go Hand-In-Hand: Adams
DI 07/14/06 Talk And Walk Go Hand-In-Hand: Adams
DI 07/14/06 Paisley ‘Rant’ Damaged Chances Of Any Progress
DI 07/14/06 Video Nasty
BT 07/14/06 Hunger Strike Sports Shirts Spark Fury
DI 07/14/06 UDA Statement On Its Future Expected Soon
DI 07/14/06 Opin: Ofcom Welcomes Sectarian Targeting Of Community Workers’
DI 07/14/06 Opin: Twelfth Virgin Gets A Noseful
IN 07/14/06 Opin: DUP Is The Thorn In The Side Of The GFA
IN 07/14/06 Opin: AOH - It’s A Brave New World
BB 07/14/06 Poet Nominated For Forward Prize

07/13/06 - Loyalists Warn DUP On Agreement
IT 07/14/06 Loyalists Warn DUP On Agreement
UT 07/13/06 Paisley's 'Offensive Rant' Slammed
BN 07/13/06 Loyalists: No Betrayal On Peace Process
BB 07/13/06 Ahern 'Allays Loyalist Concerns'
IC 07/13/06 Loyalists: A Law Unto Themselves
IT 07/14/06 SF Leaders Tell Of Contacts With PSNI
SF 07/13/06 Adams - Dialogue Is Key To Future Peaceful Parades
CB 07/13/06 Campbell Disputes Adams' Claims
MS 07/13/06 US-UK Extradition 'Distortions' Criticised
SM 07/13/06 NatWest 3 Bail Bid As Extradition Storm To US Intensifies
IR 07/13/06 Sister Of 9/11 Victim Condemns UK-US Extradition Treaty
IC 07/13/06 Shankill FM In Sectarian Song Row
BB 07/13/06 Lords Move On Irish Party Money
GU 07/13/06 He Is Bringing Common Sense To The Orange Order
SF 07/13/06 Dublin Marks 25th Ann Of Death Of Vol. Martin Hurson
UT 07/13/06 No Deal Reached Over Mayo Pipeline
SF 07/13/06 Morgan - SAS Revelations Raise Fundamental Questions
IT 07/14/06 Opin: Important Gestures That Show North Is Changing
UT 07/13/06 Ex-Priest (Neil Horan) Could Face Trial In Germany

07/13/06 - Adams Says Voters, Not DUP, Decide Who Is Fit For Govt
BN 07/13/06 Adams Says Voters, Not DUP, Decide Who Is Fit For Govt
UT 07/13/06 Paisley Promises No Compromise
DI 07/13/06 Twelfth Of July Address By Ian Paisley
EE 07/13/06 Tricolour Insulting Murder Victim Placed On Bonfire
TO 07/13/06 Extradition Treaty: One-Way Street
IE 07/13/06 Immigration:How Long Is Too Long?
UT 07/13/06 Hopes Raised After Peaceful Parades
UT 07/13/06 Ahern To Meet Loyalist Group
BT 07/13/06 Dialogue Wins The Day And Keeps Peace At Ulster Parades
BT 07/13/06 Ardoyne Keeps Lid On Violence
IE 07/13/06 IAUC Gives Low Marks To Hain
BB 07/13/06 Dissidents 'Behind Hoax Package'
BT 07/13/06 New Efforts To Recover Bodies Of Disappeared
UT 07/13/06 Loyalist Killed Over £140 Drug Debt
DI 07/13/06 Opin: Founded On And Fuelled By Bigotry
BT 07/13/06 Opin: Should The Orange Order End Its Annual Marches?
BT 07/13/06 Opin: Orangemen Play It Smart For Twelfth
DI 07/13/06 Opin: Hello, Anyone At Home?
CT 07/13/06 Bernard Hughes, Aged 90, RIP
HC 07/13/06 Inflation In Ireland Steady At 3.9 Percent

07/12/06 - UK Votes To Scrap Extradition Pact

07/12/06 - 12th Starts Peacefully

07/11/06 - DUP Is At Its ‘Blocking Best’
DI 07/11/06 DUP Is At Its ‘Blocking Best’
DI 07/11/06 Parades Body ‘Laughing Stock’ For Ruling
DI 07/11/06 Barron Inquiry Leaves More Questions Than Answers
BT 07/11/06 60,000 Expected To March At Twelfth Demonstrations
DT 07/11/06 Bloody Sunday Relative Rejects Newspaper Claims
EX 07/11/06 Orange Halls Attacked In Derry
BB 07/11/06 No Nuclear Stations For NI: Hain
SF 07/11/06 Opposition To 6 New British Nuclear Power Stations
BB 07/11/06 IRA 'Owe McConvilles An Apology'
IN 07/11/06 IRA’s McConville Statement ‘Scraping Bottom Of Barrel’
BT 07/11/06 Opin: McConville - The Grisly Gall Of The Guilty
IN 07/11/06 Opin: Imperfect Peace Is Taken For Granted
IT 07/11/06 Opin: Sectarian Tensions Continue To Poison The North
BT 07/11/06 Durkan's Nephew Fighting For His Life
BB 07/11/06 Belfast Survivor Set For Homecoming
IO 07/11/06 British Based Irish Groups Get €8m In Grants
IT 07/11/06 Druid Takes Synge Marathon To Appreciative New York

07/10/06 - Senate's Date For Extradition Treaty Hearing Cheers UK
MS 07/10/06 Senate's Date For Extradition Treaty Hearing Cheers UK
II 07/11/06 Minister Asks US To Honour Extradition Treaty
EX 07/10/06 Outrage At £3m Funding For Removing Murals
CP 07/10/06 Blog: La Migra
BB 07/10/06 Bid To Keep NI Selection Defeated
NH 07/10/06 Opin: IAUC Denounces Hain
II 07/10/06 Where The Wind Really Shakes The Barley
IN 07/10/06 Bothy Band Musician Dies At 54

07/10/06 - Drumcree's Handful Of Police
BT 07/10/06 Drumcree's Handful Of Police
BT 07/10/06 IRA Statement On Murder 'Rubs Salt In Wounds'
BT 07/10/06 Fears Justice Groups Are Own 'Police'
BT 07/10/06 £3.3m Aid To Replace Loyalist Murals
OF 07/10/06 Family Of Joe McDonnell Attend Drumkeeran Ceremony
BT 07/10/06 Opin: Clean Up And Lighten Up The Bonfires

07/09/06 - Scaled Down Security For Drumcree
BB 07/09/06 Scaled Down Security For Drumcree
SL 07/09/06 UVF Force Mum To Flee Ulster
SL 07/09/06 UVF Must Come Clean: McCord
TO 07/09/06 Two Thirds In North Now Oppose Peace Deal
SL 07/09/06 O'Loan Expected To Criticise RUC Probe
SL 07/09/06 Prove My Mum Was An Informer
SF 07/09/06 25th Anniversary Of Death Of IRA Volunteer Joe McDonnell
SL 07/09/06 Opin: We Can't Let 11th Night Become An Annual Hate-Fest
TO 07/09/06 Opin: History Is Key For Orangemen For Road Map To Change
SL 07/09/06 Opin: The IRA's Still Dealing With Its Past
ND 07/09/06 Opin: Rep. King Tries To Terrorize The Press
SL 07/09/06 Twelfth Cancelled (In 1916) - Republicans Blamed
IO 07/09/06 Three New Priests To Be Ordained In Dublin

07/08/06- IRA Insists McConville Was Informer Despite O’Loan’s Report
BB 07/08/06 IRA Insists Victim Was Informer
IT 07/08/06 O'Loan Censures Police On McConville Murder Inquiry
IT 07/08/06 Vindication Comes Late After Awful End For Mother Of 10
IN 07/08/06 Opin: IRA Must Admit Fully To Injustice
BB 07/08/06 Sinn Fein Warns On Deal Deadline
IT 07/08/06 Kenny And Rabbitte Say North Talks Need New 'Momentum'
IN 07/08/06 Ardoyne Parade Talks Urged
IT 07/08/06 Drumcree Parade Expected To Pass Off Peacefully
IT 07/08/06 Assembly Parties Criticise Hain
IT 07/08/06 Rise In Practical Border Links Praised
EE 07/08/06 Rabitte: 'Paramilitaries ‘Not About To Abandon Crime'
BB 07/07/06 SF Man Denies Assaulting Police
IN 07/08/06 Opin: Sinn Fein Is As Fit For Government As DUP
IT 07/08/06 Opin: Dáil Recess Provides Calm After Bruising Few Months
IT 07/08/06 Opin: Ahern Will Have Much To Ponder On His Summer Break
IT 07/08/06 Man Dies As Car Plunges Into Cobh Harbour
IT 07/08/06 Record Numbers Of US Troops Use Shannon
IT 07/08/06 Éamon Casey Recalls Years Until His Appointment As Bishop

07/07/06 - King Snubs Sinn Fein

07/06/06 – The Secret Terror Army Operating In Liverpool
LE 07/06/06 The Secret Terror Army Operating In Liverpool
BT 07/06/06 DUP Meets Hugh Orde
BT 07/06/06 Family In Shock As Remains Of Crash Victim Exhumed
NL 07/06/06 Opin: A Culture Of Crime That Threatens Normality
SP 07/06/06 The Irish Civil War 1922-1923
SP 07/06/06 The Wind That Shakes The Barley

07/06/06 Loyalists Had Licence To Kill Catholics, Finds Inquiry
EX 07/06/06 Loyalists Had Licence To Kill Catholics, Finds Inquiry
IO 07/06/06 Pub Bombers 'Treated Better Than Victims' Families'
OF 07/06/06 Blanketmen In Sligo To Commemorate Death Of Joe McDonnell
WT 07/06/06 Irish Crusade
IE 07/06/06 ILIR Girds For Longer Haul With Upbeat D.C. Rally
ND 07/06/06 Crossmaglen Uproar After PSNI Land U-Turn
EE 07/06/06 UUP MP Voices Discomfort Over PUP Link-Up
BT 07/06/06 Whiterock Riots: Army Cleared On Baton Round Use
BT 07/06/06 Sinn Fein Has 'Made It Easy For Criminals'
BM 07/06/06 Rasharkin Riots 'A Disgrace'
HT 07/06/06 Sinn Fein Leader Mediates Between LTTE, Lanka
ML 07/06/06 Opin: Moving The Goal Posts In Northern Ireland
IN 07/06/06 Opin: Fresh Eyes Revisit Battle Of The Somme
IN 07/06/06 Opin: West Versus The Rest Over ‘Bigotfest’ Event
ND 07/06/06 Somme Exhibition Opens In Kilkeel
BT 07/06/06 Ulster House Prices Up By 25%
LS 07/06/06 Northern Ireland To Allow Gay Partners To Adopt

07/05/06 - Emerald Diamond - Irish Baseball Movie on DVD

07/05/06 - Two Men Admit Paramilitary Links
BB 07/05/06 Two Men Admit Paramilitary Links
IN 07/05/06 Orangemen Admit Being In UVF After Arms Seized
IN 07/05/06 Orange Link With Loyalist Killers
SF 07/05/06 Hansen Challenged Over Orange Order Paramilitary Links
SF 07/05/06 Police Ombudsman Investigation Into Lurgan PSNI Conduct
SF 07/05/06 Unionism Wake Up To Reality Of Equality After Flags Ruling
BB 07/05/06 Sectarianism 'Must Be Eradicated'
IN 07/05/06 Judge Refuses Shoukri’s Bail Bid
SF 07/05/06 SF Welcome British Retreat From Last Hilltop Spypost
BB 07/05/06 NI Progress 'Threatened By Crime'
SF 07/05/06 NI Affairs Com Has About As Much Credibility As The IMC
BT 07/05/06 Bloody Sunday Inquiry Has Cost £400m, Claims Minister
BT 07/05/06 Doherty Attends New York Rally
BT 07/05/06 McGuinness On Peace Mission To Sri Lanka
BT 07/05/06 PSNI Appoints Scottish ACC For Public Inquiries
BT 07/05/06 BBC Apologises Over Gerry's On-Air Blast At Bush
BB 07/05/06 Council 'Broke Equality Policy'
WP 07/05/06 Campbell Boycotts Election Of New Mayor In Castlebar
AA 07/05/06 Will Sinn Fein Hogan Be Next Athlone Mayor?
SW 07/05/06 Forum On Irish Freedom Struggle
IN 07/05/06 Opin: Undocumented Have Lots Of Friends In High Places
DU 07/05/06 Opin: Pressure Must Be Kept On Republicans – DUP Dawson
BT 07/05/06 Opin: Terrorism Is Now A Global Franchise
BT 07/05/06 Opin: Somme Lines Re-Drawn
RC 07/05/06 Irish American Arts Awards Shortlist
IN 07/05/06 New Nature Reserve Opens In Belfast Hills
IN 07/05/06 Cancer ‘Most Likely In Dublin’
BN 07/05/06 MRSA Infections Up 7% To 592 Last Year

07/04/06 - McAllister Plea
IE 07/04/06 IAUC: McAllister Plea
SL 06/18/06 Ellen McAllister: Show My Son Some Clemency
DI 07/04/06 PSNI Logo On Cross Sparks Church Anger
DI 07/04/06 ‘I’m Not A Terrorist Threat,’ Says Pilot
BT 07/04/06 Assembly Meeting Will Discuss Lack Of Progress
BB 07/04/06 PSNI Appoint Assistant Chief To Deal With Inquiries
BN 07/04/06 TD Hits Out At New Defence Force Legislastion
BB 07/04/06 McGuinness: Disappeared Issue 'Can Be Solved'
BB 07/04/06 Call To Halt US Extradition Laws
EX 07/03/06 McGuinness Urges Peace In Sri Lanka
BG 07/02/06 Fighting For Their Voice
IN 07/04/06 Sectarian Attacks Condemned
IN 07/04/06 Unionists Fail In Attempt To Block Parade Funding
IN 07/04/06 Dissident Republicans Blamed For ‘Viable’ Nail Bomb
ND 07/04/06 Three IRA Members Were 'Special Branch Agents'
IE 07/04/06 U.S. Clears Iraq Shooters But Were Key Witnesses Ignored?
SL 07/02/06 Booklet Claims Terror Chief Was Framed
IN 07/04/06 Opin: Collusion Issue Is Now An Undisputed Fact
BT 07/04/06 Opin: Future Is As Clear As The Past, As Usual
IN 07/04/06 Opin: Blame Game Is Hitting The Headlines Again
IN 07/03/06 Opin: Display Of Maturity At Commemoration
IN 07/04/06 Opin: Death Brings Fr Faul
BT 06/28/06 Opin: Fr McManus: Why Priest Was Never Made A Bishop
IN 07/04/06 Opin: Irish Brigade In Spain Were Victims Of Friendly Fire
IN 07/04/06 New Book Describes Legacy Of Tears Left By IRA Violence
DN 07/04/06 ‘I’m Not A Terrorist Threat,’ Says Pilot
HC 07/04/06 Genealogists Discover Royal Roots For All
SF 07/04/06 Féile An Phobail - A Winning Formula: Adams

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