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August 13, 2006

Jean McConville Was Failed By the RUC

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TO 08/13/06
Murdered Widow Was 'Failed By The RUC'
UT 08/13/06 Adams Urges Compromise
BB 08/13/06 Thousands At Hunger Strike Rally
IO 08/13/06 Youths Hurl Petrol Bombs At Police
IO 08/13/06 Trouble Flares On Belfast Streets


Murdered Widow Was 'Failed By The RUC'

By David Sharrock, Ireland Correspondent

A WIDOW with ten children whose kidnapping, murder and
secret burial by the Provisional IRA became the emblem of
the campaign of the so-called Disappeared of Northern
Ireland was badly served by the Royal Ulster Constabulary,
the Police Ombudsman for the province says in a report

Police did not conduct a proper investigation into the 1972
disappearance and murder of Jean McConville, a Protestant
woman who married a Catholic, for more than twenty years,
according to Nuala O’Loan.

Mrs O’Loan said this was despite intelligence that Mrs
McConville was still alive some time after being abducted
from her home in the Falls Road in Belfast in December

A complaint about the police investigation was brought by
two of Mrs McConville’s children. Her body was not found
until 2003, on Shelling Beach in Co Louth in the Irish
Republic. She had been shot in the head. No one has been
convicted of her murder.


Adams Urges Compromise

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has called for compromise
and confidence in dealing with unionists during a mass
rally in west Belfast.

By:Press Association

He was speaking during the 25th anniversary commemoration
of the deaths of ten IRA hunger strikers in 1981 in a
protest for political status.

Mr Adams said republicans needed to take power and said
positions needed to change if real progress was to be made.

"The challenge facing us is to be avowedly anti-sectarian,
to face up to the challenge of making peace with the
unionist section of our people and that means we should not
be afraid to make correct strategic compromises," he said.

Mr Adams was speaking ahead of intensive negotiations
expected this autumn in an effort to restore the devolved
Northern Ireland Assembly by November 24.

Unionists want assurances about the commitment of
republicans to policing and law and order.

Speaking at Casement Park in west Belfast, Mr Adams said
supporters of Sinn Fein needed to take courage from the
actions of the hunger strikers who died in cells in the H-
Blocks in Long Kesh, County Antrim.

"We need to achieve leadership, we need to continue to be
strategic, we need to have the confidence to take political
power," he said.

"We have a mandate, we are in a transitional phase. We are
about a new egalitarian society on this island, we are
Irish Republicans and we are proud to be republicans."

He added that supporters and leaders needed to remain

The West Belfast MP was speaking amid concerns about
renewed dissident Republican activity.

The Real IRA firebombed a number of business premises in
Newry in County Down, close to the border with the Irish
Republic this week and there has been a number of security
alerts in the area.

The mainstream IRA declared an end to its campaign last
summer and its behaviour is being monitored by the
Independent Monitoring Commission set up to advise the
British and Irish governments.

Its report this autumn is expected to be crucial to
Unionist willingness to go into power with Sinn Fein.

Mr Adams added: "We need, and this is essential, confidence
in ourselves and in our position.

"The hunger strikers knew exactly what they were doing, why
they were doing it, and the effect that actions would have.

"We also, friends, know exactly what we are doing, why we
are doing it and the effect our actions will have and that
is how are we are going to continue to build this

Singer Mary Black performed before the crowd who were
earlier addressed by Sinn Fein member of the European
Parliament Mary Lou Macdonald as well as relatives of the
hunger strikers and ex-prisoners.

The Sinn Fein leadership had fronted a parade up the Falls
Road involving supporters from across Ireland.

Men and women were wearing brown sacks representing rags
worn by protesters in 1981.

They also carried pictures of the dead men as well as Irish
flags and political slogans.


Thousands At Hunger Strike Rally

Thousands of people have lined the streets of west Belfast
for a parade marking the 25th anniversary of the republican
hunger strikes.

Ten IRA and INLA inmates died in the protest over political
status at the Maze prison in County Antrim.

Hundreds of former republican prisoners and supporters
gathered at a rally in the Casement Park GAA ground off the
Andersonstown Road.

Relatives of the hunger strikers were among the platform

Leading figures from the republican movement were also
among those at the rally.

There had been some criticism of the GAA in County Antrim
for allowing the event to take place at one of its sports

Casement Park comes under the jurisdiction of the GAA's
Antrim County Board and it is understood it did not object
to the rally.

However, the GAA's Central Council in Dublin had discussed
the matter and agreed that the Casement Park rally would
break the organisation's rules about staging political

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2006/08/13 16:45:19 GMT


Youths Hurl Petrol Bombs At Police

13/08/2006 - 23:08:37

Police had missiles and petrol bombs hurled at them during
a security alert in the North today.

Officers came under fire from youths as young as 10 while
they completed a security operation on the Newry bypass
close to the border.

Police arrested one youth and have now completed their

Dissident republican group the Real IRA claimed
responsibility for the alert. The security forces
discovered an exploded device in a lane in the area on
Wednesday and another spent explosive earlier this evening.

They were removed for forensic examination. A spokeswoman
for the police said they had been intended to injure


Trouble Flares On Belfast Streets

13/08/2006 - 22:25:16

There have been disturbances involving up to 100 people on
the streets of Belfast tonight.

A stand-off developed in the North Queen’s Street area of
north Belfast and is believed to have involved Protestants
and Catholics.

The road has been closed off by police.

A spokeswoman said up to 50 people on each side were
involved. The incident is understood to have started at
around 8.30pm tonight.

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