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July 28, 2006

ILIR Summer Campaign: Aug 17th Homeland Security Meeting in Houston

Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform
718 598 7530

Dear Friend of ILIR,

Week Two of the ILIR Summer Campaign! Help keep the heat on Congress!

:: Congratulations to every single ILIR volunteer who has taken the time off work to travel to the Senate and House hearings. Your presence has made a difference! We have been asked to send a delegation to the Homeland Security hearings in Houston, Texas on August 17. The pro-immigration politicians called us! Please email for more details.

:: This week's target is still Senator Jeff Sessions! No, we're not picking on him! We want to send him the actual statistics about Irish immigration. They're enough to make you cry. Please click
here for a pdf version of the statistics. Fax Senator Sessions at his Mobile District Office: 251 414-5845 or Washington DC: 202 224-3149.

:: As you know, the House Republican leadership is continuing its series of immigration “hearings”, instead of forming a conference committee with the Senate.

:: ILIR volunteers have so far attended every House hearing (and all of Senator Specter's Senate hearings). However, we will need more people to help out Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, California, Texas, Arizona, Michigan, New Mexico, Indiana and Iowa. Click
here for the AILIA list. (Please note the Texas August 17 Homeland Security hearing has been moved from Austin to Houston. More details next week)


:: Organizers are running weekly walk-in meetings with informal updates. Check the website for details. If you would like to set up a walk-in meeting, please email

:: Sign up for the hearings! If a hearing is taking place near you, put on your "Legalize the Irish" t-shirt and bring five friends. All we need is a small group of t-shirts to make our point. Please email for more details.

:: Whether or not the circus comes to your town, Congress — both Republican AND Democrat—needs to feel the heat from Irish America. Those who are on our side need to be thanked—repeatedly. Those who are against us need to hear it. 50,000 Undocumented Irish are counting on you.

Please forward this email to everyone who supports immigration reform.

Many thanks

Kelly Fincham
Executive Director

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