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December 11, 2004

News 12/11/04 - Contact Mitchell Reiss

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To: Unit Chairs, Regional Directors, Board Members
From: Gerry Coleman
Re: US Envoy Mitchell Reiss A "Mediator" To Multi-Party Talks

Political Action REQUEST: Contact Mitchell Reiss

I. Background

US president George Bush's special envoy to the Irish peace
process, Mitchell Reiss, will join a new round of multi-party talks
next week as a "mediator" -- clearly an upgrade. This will likely
happen on Wednesday at Hillsborough Castle, near Belfast.

Reiss recently commented after the deal that was put forward by the
two governments broke down when Paisley's DUP insisted that
independently verified putting IRA arms beyond use be further
verified by photographs:

"I of course support the deal that the two (UK and Irish)
governments put forward. It's unfortunate we could not get complete
agreement. It's easy to focus on the negative and on the

He added: "It's understandable but let's focus on the big picture
there's been enormous movement, enormous progress forward in the
past few months. And if you compare it to where we were last year,
it's really quite remarkable we've come this close in just a year's

II. Talking points

When you contact Reiss, tell him:

1] How much we appreciate his interest and support his efforts!

2] To stick literally to the GFA at all costs.

3] To realize that Republicans are doing all the forward movement,
making all the difficult/painful decisions, and all the

III. Contact details

Dr. Mitchell Reiss, Director of Policy Planning
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520
:: Main Switchboard @ Policy Planning [202] 647-5225
:: E-mail direct to Dr Reiss:
:: Send a message using State Dept web site:
Click on "Foreign Policy Opinions,"
"Send a Message to the Secretary of State"; "Suggestions and

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