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December 31, 2004

12/31/04 - Farewell Tones & Kelly Memorial

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DJ 12/31/04 Come And Say Farewell To The Wolfe Tones
TS 12/31/04 Ahern Lends Support To Luke Kelly Memorial


Come And Say Farewell To The Wolfe Tones

Friday 31st December 2004

The Millennium Forum, extra date, Sunday, 9th January.

Brian Warfield, Noel Nagle and Tommy Byrne today comprise the world's
most popular Irish Folk Group, 'The Wolfe Tones' but the trio's story
wasn't one of overnight success. In fact, the bones of the group first
saw the light of day as far back as 1963.

It is ironic that in 2004 The Wolfe Tones have announced they are no
longer going to tour and are calling it a day.

Having travelled the world playing to folk enthusiasts, The Wolfe Tones
along with with The Clancy Brothers and The Dubliners held the name of
Ireland in high regard wherever they played.

Those of us who have travelled far and wide to see 'The Tones' can tell
you that they are getting better all the time. Fame throughout the years
has made them perhaps a little plumper and a little better dressed but
they still sing the best songs in the business and nothing is going to
out a damper on their spirits.

To see the last of these famous concerts and hear some of their world
wide hits, which include "The Spanish Lady", "the foggy Dew", "The Rights
of Man", "A Nation Once Again", "Let the People Sing", "The Helicopter
Song", "Across The Broad Atlantic" and loads more, be part of the huge
crowds to say farewell to the Wolfe Tones at The Millennium Forum on
Friday, 7th, Saturday, 8th and Sunday, 9th January, 2005.

Pay at the door.


Ahern Lends Support To Luke Kelly Memorial

Anthony Garvey

The decision to erect a statue in honour of former Dubliners singer Luke
Kelly in the Irish capital has been backed by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern,
while a proposed memorial to another former star, blues guitarist Rory
Gallagher, has run into trouble.

Dublin City Council has approved plans for the permanent tribute to
Kelly, who collapsed on stage and was subsequently discovered to have a
brain tumour. Despite several operations, the condition proved fatal and
he died 20 years ago next month. Ahern described the singer as "an
outstanding figure" and praised his "huge contribution to the cultural
and artistic life of Ireland" and added that it was fitting that there
should be a monument to commemorate him.

The cost and style of the statue, to be erected in Dublin's north inner
city, an area with which the singer was closely associated, is currently
being considered by the council's arts and culture committee. There have
been calls for a life size bronze statue of the charismatic performer,
best remembered for his distinctive voice, wild red hair and colourful

Meanwhile, plans to erect a bronze guitar-shaped memorial to Gallagher on
the National Photographic Archive building in Dublin's Temple Bar is
being opposed by the Irish National Library, which runs the archive. The
site, at Meeting House Square, was chosen because it has been officially
renamed Rory Gallagher Corner. But the library authority argues that to
allow a bronze replica Fender Stratocaster to be erected on a wall of the
archive, as planned, would suggest it had something to do with music,
when it hasn't.

More than 2,000 Gallagher fans and musicians, some from as far away as
Texas and Brazil, have inundated a website for the project with messages
protesting at the attitude of the National Library. Project director Mark
Walsh said funding for the memorial was already assured and that he is
hoping for a change of mind on the siting.

Gallagher, who had a formidable reputation as a blues and rock guitarist,
died unexpectedly nine years ago at the age of 47. Walsh said that there
is a street in Paris named after him and a memorial plaque at the site of
the Star Club in Hamburg, beside one for the Beatles. He said: "The last
gig Rory played was the Temple Bar Blues Festival. This replica guitar
will be a very simple tribute to him and it makes no sense to locate it
anywhere other than at Rory Gallagher Corner."

Friday 31 December 2004 01:15 P

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