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December 05, 2004

News 12/05/04 - Tim Spicer Action Alert

Urgent Action Alert to PFC subscribers-Email and phone calls

A one-day conference on the role of 'Private Military Companies in
the Current Global Order' is planned for Monday December 6 at
Rhodes House, Oxford University South Parks Road, Oxford

One of the speakers is Lt. Col. Tim Spicer, current CEO of Aegis
Defence Services and former Scots Guards CO in Belfast.

Two soldiers under his command, Mark Wright and James Fisher, were
convicted of the murder of Peter Mc Bride in Belfast in 1992.
Following the murder and the convictions Spicer sought to argue
that his soldiers did no wrong and should never have been
convicted. This is despite the accepted evidence at trial that they
had shot and injured the 18 year old knowing him to be unarmed and
then shot him dead as he attempted to pull himself upright.

Spicer, both in his autobiography and in a sworn affidavit, has
portrayed an entirely fictitious and untruthful version of the
murder. Recently he was awarded a major private security contract
in Iraq. This has led to protests from members of the US Senate and

The conference at which he has been invited to speak will discuss,
among other things, the ethical aspects of 'private security
companies.' His response to the murder of a teenager by soldiers
under his command was unethical and displayed an arrogant contempt
for the truth, the human rights of the victim and his family and
the rule of law.

Please email or call the organisers to protest at the invitation.
Cut and paste the paragraphs above.

Events Co-ordinator Clare Cowley Tel (from Monday
am onwards) +44 (0)20 77472640 (if you decide to call please be
polite and respect the dignity shown by the family - Spicer is due
to speak at 10am GMT so subscribers in different time zones should
email immediately) Oxford University Strategic Studies Group Royal United Services Institute Geneva University Strategic Studies Group Centre of International Studies
Cambridge University

see the PFC website at

for more details on Peter Mc Bride, Spicer and the Iraq contract.

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