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December 02, 2006

IAUC: State Sponsored Terrorism in N Ireland Needs Public Inquiry

The Justice Committee of the Republic of Ireland has
reported that successive British governments knew of and
encouraged the widespread collusion between its government
security forces and Unionist death squads. Based on this
and other reports* with similar conclusions, the Irish
American Unity Conference again calls on the British
government to hold a full independent, public inquiry into
these allegations.

The Justice Committee found that the Royal Ulster
Constabulary (RUC) Superintendent Harry Breen was complicit
in acts of collusion between his men and Unionist death
squads. The report further reveals that in 1975, British
Prime Minister Harold Wilson, and the then Conservative
Party Leader, Margaret Thatcher, were told that the RUC
could not to be trusted because many officers were close to
the loyalist paramilitaries. They were also informed that
the British military was heavily infiltrated by Unionist
paramilitaries who could not be relied upon in a crisis.

While there can be no hierarchy of victims, there are
degrees of guilt. Those who were sworn to uphold the law,
are still conspiring to cover-up these crimes by not
independently investigating them. Such violations of the
public trust by public servants needs a full, public
inquiry and those who are guilty need to suffer the

Any hope for reconciliation in Northern Ireland needs a
full, fair disclosure of public corruption at whatever
level it exists.

* Sir John Stevens (former Metropolitan Police Commissioner),
* Professor Douglass Cassel (Law professor at Notre Dame)
* John Stalker (Greater Manchester Deputy Chief Constable),
* Retired Canadian Judge Peter Cory (commissioned by the British Government),
* Several crown coroners
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Contact: Deanna Turner

Irish American Unity Conference
National Office
611 Pennsylvania Ave, SE #4150
Washington, D.C. 20003

National Press Officer: Jay Dooling

"Working for Justice and Peace in a Re-united Ireland"
nonpartisan, nonsectarian, chapter-based human rights
organization working for justice and peace in Ireland. We
are a wholly American 501(c)(4) organization that advocates
the end of British colonial occupation and the peaceful
reunification of Ireland. We endeavor to achieve these
goals by working through the American democratic process.
Individually, our members represent every occupational and
educational stratum in the United States.

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