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October 18, 2006

Election News - Irish America Demands Answers

Contact: Jim Cullen (212-278-1565 or


New York City, NY – Oct 18, 2006 - Irish Americans Request
Clarification of Positions on Irish Issues from Candidates for
Election to Public Office.

On September 27, 2006 the Irish American Unity Committee
sent a questionnaire to all candidates for election to the
US Senator and the US House of Representatives.

In light of the upcoming elections, this committee, made up
of representatives from Irish American politically active
groups, wants to know where their candidates for election
stand on the following issues:

:: The restoration of the elected devolved assembly in

:: The full implementation of the recommendations of the
Independent Commission on Policing in the North of Ireland.

:: Full, independent inquiry into the murder of Patrick

:: Legislation, which would exempt Irish nationals from
deportation for convictions relating to the conflict, who
demonstrably present no threat to the safety and security
of the United States

:: As to the illegal Immigrants issue, support for the type
of compromise legislation voted out of the Senate Judiciary
Committee, namely the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act
of 2006 (S.2611.PCS)

As Irish Americans make their decisions in the days before
the upcoming elections they want clarification from their
potential elected officials on these issues.

Their responses to this questionnaire, or lack of same,
will be reported widely in the Irish American press so that
their constituents can make intelligent decisions on the
issues on Election Day.

The Irish American Unity Committee is made up of members
from The Americans for a New Irish Agenda, The Ancient
Order of Hibernians, The Brehon Law Society, The Irish
American Unity Conference, The Irish Deportees of America
Committee, Irish Northern Aid Committee, and the Irish
Parades Emergency Committee.

Irish American Unity Committee
c/o Jim Cullen
Anderson Kill & Olick, P.C.
1251 Avenue of the Americas New York ,
New York 10020-1182 Telephone: 212-278-1565
Fax: 212-278-1733 E-mail:
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