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April 09, 2011

Today's Show: Easter Rising 1916/1922

(Full recording of this can be heard on YouTube.  Click here.) 

The Irish Uprising - 1916 - 1922

This week ( on KPFT-FM 90.1FM in Houston) we will play the second half of a documentary on the 1916 Uprising and the war that followed. April 9th 6-7PM CDT

This musical documentary was produced by CBS radio in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of 1916.

Charles Kurult is the host for this show. Remembering Charles Kurult
We will play it in two continual segments, so that it would be easy to tape.

Below is the playlist for this show. It is about 70% music and 30% documentary and reading of poetry. De Valera's speeches are rare to hear. Links related to songs and poems contain the lyrics & music for that music.

The first 1/2 of this documentary is on the KPFT archives, but will only be there for another week. Details regarding last weeks show are at the end of this email.

Postcards: Easter 1916
The images at this site are all from old unretouched postcards of the 1916 era. Click on any individual set to read commentary and see larger versions of the images.

23) Padraig Pearse's Surrender Order - April 1916
Read by Daniel Callahan
Fac-simile of Surrender Order & Text
24) The Fogg Dew
Pat Clancy, & Tommy MakemClancy Brothers
25) From the "16 Dead Men"
Read by Tom Clancy
26) The
Kay Hart
Read by Deidre O'Meara
The Mother by Patrick Pearse

I do not grudge them; Lord, I do not grudge
My two strong sons that I have seen go out
To break their strength and die, they and a few,
In bloody protest for a glorious thing,
They shall be spoken of amoung their people,
The generation shall remember them,
And call them Blessed:
But I will speak their names to my own heart
In the ;
The little names that were familiar once
Round my dead hearth.
Lord,thou art hard on mothers;
We suffer in their coming and their going;
And tho' I grudge them not, I weary, weary
Of the long sorrow - And yet I have my joy;
My sons were faithful, and they fought.

28) From Eamon De Valera's 40th Anniversary Speech
long nights
Eamon De Valera
The Mother
Dying Rebel

29) The Grand Old Dame Brittania
Tommy Makem
30) From An Interview with Sean O'Kelly
Sean O'Kelly
31) From an Interview with Joseph Clarke

32) From An Interview with Sean Harling

33) From An interview with Frank Sherwin

34) Johnson's Motor Car
Clancy Brothers && Tommy Makem
Liam Clancy
36) From De Valera's 40th Anniversary Speech

37) From an Interview with
38) From an Interview with Sean Harling

39) Off to Dublin in the Green
Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers
Sean Mooney
40) Boys from the County Cork
Tommy Makem and Clancy Brothers
Liam Clancy
42) The Manifesto of
Read by
43) From the de Valera's 40th Anniversary Speech

44) Shall my Soul Pass through Old Ireland
Anne Byrne
Eamon Kelly
45) From an Interview with Rory Brugha
Cathal Brugha
Sinn Fein
Kevin Barry
The Valley of Knockanure
46) From an Interview with

47) An Durd Fainne
Liam Clancy, Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem

48) From an interview with Sean Harling

49) From the "Fool"
Read by
50) Tommy Makem && The Clancy BrothersA Nation Once Again
Donal Donnelly
51) A Message by Eamon De Valera on the 50th Anniversary of the Uprising-

52) The Soldier's Song

Links for Additional Information
Liberation of Ireland
BBC War & Conflict – 1916
Grace Plunkett
Countess Markievicz
Kenny's Book Store - 1916 Books
Sean Mooney


Last weeks show (first half of documentary)

The Irish Uprising 1916-1922
01) The Soldiers Song
Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
Lyric (in Irish & English)

02) Padraig Pearse's Oration at the Grave of O'Donovan Rossa
Read by Donal Callahan
03) The Bold Fenian Men
Brendan O'Duill
04) From an Interview by Sean O'Kelly
Sean O'Kelly
05) From a speech by Eamon De Valera
Eamon De Valera
Kay Hart
07) From a speech by

08) From the Rebel
Tommy Makem

09) The Tricolor Ribbon
Anne Byrne
Tom Clancy
11) The Proclamation of 1916
Read by Donal Callahan
The Proclamation
12) Wrap the Round Us Boys
Tommy Makem and the Clancy Bros.
13) From an Interview with Mrs. Eileen O'Hanrahan Reilly
Postcard & Info on Michael O'Hanrahan
14) From an interview with Rory Brugha
Cathal Brugha
15) From and Interview with Sean Harling
Sean Harling, a one time republican who served on the Secretariat and was interned for his republican sympathies during the Civil War, had become an agent provocateur in the war against
republicans. He was responsible for the discovery of IRA arms dumps; setting up splinter groups; and carrying out actions which would discredit republicans.

He even managed to get himself a position within to further enhance his usefulness to the state. His handler was the infamous David Neligan who was involved in directing the campaign of state murders in Kerry during the Civil War.Fianna Fáil

16) Who Fears to Speak of
The Clancy Bros and Tommy Makem
Easter Week
First Dáil
Who Fears to Speak of Easter Week Poster
Read by Tom Clancy
18) Tipperary So Far Away
Tom Clancy
19) The Rose Tree
Read by Ed Golden
Yeats Poem
20) Down by the Glenside
Kay Hart
21) Before Can Go Free
Liam Clancy
In the battle's prologue

Many a common man, woman and child had said
Goodbye to work and love and play
A child surprised in the door way
An old man stretched in the street
A young man near a lamppost
Which he had clutched when the bullet struck him
And down which he had clip when he died
His curiously white face containing
Wide eyes staring upwards
As if asking the sky : why this had happened
A stiff arm still half-encircling the lamp standard
A young lassie in holiday attire
Lying on her face maybe When she heard the uproar
"But going too slow...
Or on the brilliant white blouse
A purple patch of death
Spreading over the middle of the back
You signed no proclamation
You invaded no building
You pulled no trigger
I know
I know but Ireland needed you all the same
Many will die like that
Before Ireland can go free.

22) The West's Awake
Anne Byrne, Brendan O'Duill & The Abby Tavern Singers
hurrying home
Easter 1916
Green Flag
The Rising of the Moon
Eamon De Valera
Lonely Banna Strand

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