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March 09, 2008

Paisley: I Smashed Sinn Fein

(Poster’s Note: What kind of LOYALIST/UNIONIST is Paisley? He agreed
to participate in ALL-IRELAND governmental bodies; he agreed to the
Good Friday Agreement which has the mechanism to UNITED the 32
counties into ONE country. His references to not shaking hands are
similar to Pontius Pilot who thought he could cleanse his soul by
washing his hands. Ian, you can’t make deals with “Sinn Fein/IRA” and

claim to be an innocent just because you don’t shake hands. These
comments show how UGLY his TWO faces are!! Jay)


Northern Ireland's outgoing First Minister Ian Paisley today
provocatively asserted that Sinn Féin were no longer "true
republicans" because they had 'accepted' Britain's right to
govern in Northern Ireland.

Mr Paisley (81) who will retire as First Minister in May,
said he had achieved his aim and "smashed" Sinn Féin because
they were now involved in the political process.

"I did smash them, because I took away their main plank.
Their main plank was that the would not recognise the
British Government. Now they are in part of the British

He added: "They can't be true republicans when they now
accept the right of Britain to govern this country and to
take part in that government."

He also dismissed suggestions he had been forced out by an
internal Democratic Unionist Party coup. He said the reason
he stepped down was because it was time for a "new
generation" to shape the country's future.

"There's a new thinking in Ulster today, not only that there
is a new generation. There are people now coming out of
their teens, they didn't know the troubles. They were never
there - that's the sort of country they want to live in.
They should be given the opportunity to help to mould that
country and how they feel it should be run."

There has been speculation that Mr Paisley was forced to
quit after coming under pressure from his party over the
activities of his son, Ian Paisley Jnr.

But Mr Paisley said: "There's always people in every party
who, for reasons best known to themselves, will take
different attitudes. But that's politics and I think people
know that I wouldn't budge very easily if I didn't want to."

On his relationship with Mr McGuiness, Mr Paisley said
despite their good working relationship the pair had never
shaken hands as to do so would be a "farce".

Mr Paisley, who will remain as the MP and Assembly member
for North Antrim, described himself as a "sinner saved by
the grace of God".

He continued: "I have my faults, which are many, which I
lament. I want to do the best for my country and I want to
say that I believed that when I helped to get a settlement
of the Northern Ireland situation - and I was only a helper,
I don't deserve all the praise."

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