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September 23, 2007

Sunday Life: McAllister Story & Action Alert Correction

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SL 09/23/07 McAllister May Be Boot Out in 2 Weeks

(A suggestion I have received from the Malachy campaign:

If you have the most recent action alert on your web page
OR if you are planning to further share it with others, please

REPLACE the initial wording:

Just hours ago Malachy was contacted by Congressman Rothman's
office regarding interest from Senator FrankLautenberg's office
about introducing a private bill.

with the following wording:

Last week, Malachy was apprised that Senator Frank
Lautenberg's office may be willing to introduce a private
bill on his behalf.



US 'may boot ex-INLA man out in 2 weeks'

Sunday, September 23, 2007

By Stephen Breen

A former republican prisoner facing deportation from the
United States could be home within two weeks.

Speaking to Sunday Life from his New Jersey home, Malachy
McAllister told how US senators will give a decision on his
battle to remain in the States before the end of the month.

The father-of-four - who fled Belfast in 1988 after a Red
Hand Commando gang came within inches of killing his family
- hopes the politicians will support his campaign to stay.

McAllister (50) spoke after the Irish American Unity
Conference lobby group claimed his deportation was

He said: "I have exhausted the judicial process and it's
now just a case of waiting to see if the senators can get
legislation through which will allow my family to remain in
the United States.

"We have a strong body of support here because people know
that this is a humanitarian issue.

"My kids grew up in America and they don't know anything
different. They are being affected by a circumstance which
is completely out of their control.

"The case has obviously caused a considerable amount of
concern to my family and I can only pray there will be a
successful outcome to it."

McAllister, who has been backed by US congressmen Joe
Crawley and Steve Rothman, is facing expulsion from his
adopted country because of a conviction in the 1980s.

He was jailed when he signed a police statement after being
implicated by republican supergrass Harry Kirkpatrick.

The weapons used in the attack on his home were later found
- along with McAllister's personal details - in a loyalist
arms dump.

McAllister's mother Ellen said her son's family would be
"ripped apart" if he was forced to return to Belfast. She
admitted: "My son and his two kids are no threat to anyone.

" What crimes have my two grandchildren committed?

"If he is such a threat why did they let him tour the White

She added: "He hasn't even been able to scatter his wife's
ashes because he doesn't know where he's going to be in a
few weeks' time.

"It will break his heart to bring his children back to
Belfast because he will have to start all over again.

"He is making a positive contribution to America and should
be allowed to continue the life that he has led there for
the last 20 years."

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