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September 16, 2007

Immediate Action Needed to Help McAllister Family

Malachy McAllister

(Poster’s Note: If you are not a member of the IAUC,
please HELP Malachy and his family by making a similar
plea to Senator Menendez. Without the Senator’s help
the McAllister’s will be deported SOON! For more info:


A Charde

Lets network this information by sending it to all your
friends. We need to let Senator Menendez (Democrat, NJ)

understand that Irish America wishes to

The department of home land security will deport Malachy
McAllister and his young family in two weeks from now if we
do not act. This is their last chance so please help this
deserving family.

Pól Ó hEarcáin
National Vice President,
Irish American Unity Conference

From: Margaret Townsend

The McAllisters are a Catholic family from Northern Ireland
who have been seeking political asylum in the United States
since 1996.

On October 2, 1988, two masked loyalist gunmen smashed the
front window of the McAllister home and fired 26 shots into
the house narrowly missing three of the McAllister children
and their grandmother, who was minding them. Malachy and
his wife, Bernadette (who has since died of cancer in
2004), were not home at the time.

They were later notified by the Royal Ulster Constabulary
that Malachy's security information was found in a loyalist
'safe house' along with the guns used in the shooting.

This information confirmed that the McAllisters were being
deliberately targeted and that the loyalist attack had been
planned in collusion with the security forces. Other
members of the McAllister's family had also been targeted.
Theresa Clinton, a relative, was murdered when loyalists
fired shots into her living room. Bernadette's family
members had been warned by the RUC to take security
precautions because, like Malachy, their personal details
were in the hands of paramilitary organizations.

The threats have followed the McAllisters even here to the
United States. In 2005, a loyalist terror group called the
Red Hand Defenders emailed a threat against the McAllisters
to the Irish Echo newspaper stating that, "We won't miss
next time."

It is not clear why the government has chosen to proceed in
the McAllister case, while suspending action on many of the
other Irish 'deportee' cases. The McAllisters have had the
constant support of a number of our Congressmen and
Senators, whose intervention resulted in a 'suspension of
order of removal'.

Unfortunately, that stay expires in early September.
Congressman Steven Rothman introduced a private bill in the

Now the McAllisters only hope may be if Senator Menendez
will introduce legislation in the Senate to delay or
suspend the McAllister's deportation.

It is URGENT that we contact Sen. Menendez NOW and we can
do that in any, or all, of the following ways:

1. There is a letter below that can be printed and mailed
to the senator's office.

2. Print the letter and fax it to him at 202-228-2197. (If
you would like to mail or fax the letter please remember to
sign it with your name and full address).

3. You can call his Washington office at 202-224-4744 and
use the following script as a guide if you like.

My name is ______. I live in _________, and I am a
member of the Irish American Unity Conference.

I'm calling on behalf of Malachy McAllister and his family.

I'm urging Senator Menendez to introduce legislation in the
Senate immediately to protect the McAllister family from


(There are other Irish American organizations who will also
be contacting the Senator's office. Even so, you'll
sometimes get an aide on the phone who doesn't know
anything about the issue so you may have to spell names for
them and repeat the message so they get it down clearly).

Let's do all we can to keep Malachy and his children here
in the U.S. so they can live in the peace and safety they

Margaret Townsend


September 1, 2007

The Honorable Robert Menendez
317 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Menendez,

As a member of the Irish American Unity Conference I am
well aware of the invaluable support you have given to many
important Irish issues and express my gratitude for your
constancy and courage. I am particularly grateful for the
leadership role you assumed in defending Malachy McAllister
and his family when they were first threatened with
deportation some years ago. Sadly, that threat still looms
over the McAllister family.

Malachy and his two youngest children are facing
deportation when the suspension of their order of removal
expires in early September. They have been advised by
Congressman Steven Rothman that a private bill in the
Senate, similar to one attempted by Mr. Rothman in the
House, would be their only hope to remain in New Jersey
with the older McAllister children and their families.
This legislation is crucial to secure the safety of Malachy
and his children.

The blatant threats of violence that have been made against
the McAllister family still stands. Despite the many
welcome improvements brought about by the Peace Process,
the reality is that loyalist paramilitaries have refused to
decommission and are still armed and threatening. Many
believe that if forced to return to Northern Ireland the
McAllisters will once again be the targets of violence.

I respectfully request that you give this matter your
immediate attention and introduce legislation in the Senate
as soon as possible. Again, I thank you for the courage
and leadership you have shown over the years in addressing
many vital Irish issues.


Full Contact info for the Senator

317 Senate Hart Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
202.228.2197 fax

One Gateway Center,
Suite 1100
Newark, New Jersey 07102
973.645.0502 fax

208 White Horse Pike, Suite 18
Barrington, New Jersey 08007
856.546.1526 fax

Email form page at:

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