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May 03, 2007

AOH Meehan Appeals For Help With Disappeared


Quincy, MA May 3rd The National President of the Ancient Order of
Hibernians (AOH) Jack Meehan appealed for any information that
may help recover the remains of 9 individuals that disappeared
during the conflict in Ireland so their families can have closure
and provide a Christian burial.

“The loss of a loved one is difficult enough,” explained
President Meehan, “but that pain grows because there has been no
closure. I urge all the paramilitaries to continue their
cooperation with the Commission and help close this sad chapter
of the conflict.”

Meehan continued: “America became a sanctuary for so many Irish
victimized by the conflict it is possible that someone here could
be helpful. I urge anyone here with any information regarding
these individuals (see attached list), no matter how
insignificant it might seem, to contact The Commission or Ms Ann
Morgan or Ciaran McGraw, spokespeople for the families.”

“This is a mission of mercy by Irish and English statute”
concluded the Quincy native, “and any information provided as
part of this appeal is completely confidential and barred from
being used to prosecute cases.”

The Disappeared group is searching for the remains of 9 men all
killed between the late 70’s and early 80’s. The youngest is
Columba Mc Veigh (17) from Donaghmore, Co Tyrone and the oldest
is Charlie Armstrong (51) from So Armagh.

For further information contact please contact Jack Meehan at
617-285-5113 or Mike Cummings at 518-482-0349



1. Seamus Wright 1972 Belfast
2. Columba Mc Veigh 1973 Donaghmore, Co Tyrone
3. Kevin McKee Oct, 1972 Belfast
4. Robert Nairac* May, 1977 So Armagh
5. Brendan McGraw 1978 Belfast
6. Gerard Evans 1979 Crossmaglen, Co Armagh
7. Daniel McIlhone 1981 Belfast
8. Charlie Armstrong Aug, 1981 So. Armagh
9. Seamus Ruddy 1985 Newry

Those with any information are asked to contact either the
Independent Commission for Location of Victims Remains (ICLVR),
Box 10827, Dublin 2, Ireland or Confidential Telephone Line 011-
353-1-4758002 or website link at

Also, Ms Anne Morgan at 011-44-28-302-65804 or

Callers are asked to leave some contact number only for
clarification purposes and not for identification.

*British Army Captain


Michael J. Cummings
12 Marion Avenue
Albany, New York 12203-1814
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