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February 15, 2007

Tim Spicer / Aegis Defense Contractor Action Alert from PFC

PFC ACTION ALERT...Please forward

US Congressional hearings are being held this week into
private contractors in Iraq . The hearings were announced
after audits conducted by the special inspector general
uncovered billions of dollars in Iraq reconstruction funds
that have been misspent or are simply unaccounted for.
Concerns about the use of private security companies in
Iraq have flourished in recent years. One private security
contractor in particular, warrants intense scrutiny.
Please contact your local Representatives and ask the
following questions about the award of a $293 million
contract to Aegis Defense Services as well as questions
about the use of private security contractors in general.

Contact the US Congressional Committee on Oversight and
Government Reform and ask the Committee to consider the TEN
Questions outlined below in relation to Aegis and ex
British Army LT Col Tim Spicer

U.S. House of Representatives
2157 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Tel (202) 225-5051
fax to 202-225-4784.

Send The Email Through

10 Questions about the Aegis contract.

1) How was a company with no prior experience in Iraq
awarded a $293 million dollar contract? Why was the
contract renewed after receiving poor performance ratings
from the GAO?

2) Has former British Army General James Ellery's
involvement in the award of the Aegis contract been
investigated? At the time the contract was awarded he was
a senior advisor to the Provisional Coalition Authority
(CPA). Soon after the contract was awarded Mr. Ellery left
this post and took up a position with Aegis managing the
RSSS contract in Iraq . Mr. Ellery currently serves on
the board of directors of Aegis.

3) What information about the background of Aegis CEO Tim
Spicer was evaluated when the $293 million contract was

4) At the time the contract was awarded, was the CPA aware
that Spicer had justified a human rights abuse, the murder
of 18 year old Peter McBride by soldiers under his command
in Belfast in 1992. In justifying the murder, Spicer
portrayed a version of the events in his sworn affidavit
and later in his autobiography that was dismissed by the
trial court as fictional.

5) Was the CPA aware that Spicer's statement in his
autobiography that his soldiers should not have been
convicted showed a blatant disregard for British and
International law? Do the CPA and the U.S. Military
consider it important for the head of a private security
company conducting military operations in Iraq to be able
to demonstrate that he understands under what circumstances
those under his command could use lethal force ?

6) Was the CPA aware that Spicer, as the head of his
previous company, Sandline International, had been
investigated for Sandline's activities in Sierra Leone and
in Papua New Guinea ?

7) Was the CPA aware that Sandline's activities in Papua
New Guinea led to Spicer's arrest and a coup against the
government ?

8) Was the allegation investigated that Spicer requested
and received blank end user certificates for small arms ?

9) Did the Pentagon investigation into the March 2006 Aegis
shoot-to-kill "trophy video" include evidence from all of
those present in the SUV from where the shootings occurred?

10) Did those who conducted the Pentagon investigation take
evidence from any of those fired upon or indeed from any
Iraqi civilians?

Last week US Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur made some
interesting comments on the Pentagon's contract with Tim
Spicer at a House Committee hearing on Friday:

"I will say this, both in closed door meetings and in
public, I have yet to find a person other than the auditor,
who is able to shed any light on how it was that Aegis, a
foreign corporation, was given a contract where now we have
the second-largest force in Iraq, larger than the Brits,
headed by someone named Tim Spicer.

Who signed that contract, and what are those 20,000 people
doing, many of whom are foreign mercenaries? What are they
doing? Why can't I get any answers out of our Government?
What is happening inside the Department of Defence? What
are those people doing over there?

The last answer I got was, well Congresswoman, you''ll have
to go over to Central Command over in Baghdad . OK, I'll
go, but why can't I get answers on that as a member of this
committee? "
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