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February 04, 2007

British Troops Colluded With Mad Dog

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GU 02/05/07 British Troops 'Colluded With Mad Dog'
IT 02/05/07 SF To Hold Collusion Conference
SL 02/04/07 I'll Aid O'Loan. But She Must Not Do A 'Jonty!'
SL 02/04/07 McCord Letter Not Passed To Flanagan
BB 02/04/07 Ahern And Hain In Deadline Threat
BB 02/04/07 Election Talks For Ahern And Hain
TC 02/05/07 Public Inquiry Called For Into Finucane Case
SL 02/04/07 Opin: Few DUP Big Guns To Lose Out Over SF Deal
BN 02/04/07 NY Mayor Hails Flight Link To The West
BT 02/04/07 Floodlights Switched On At Croke Park


Troops 'Colluded With Mad Dog'

Adair book claims he got tip-offs on republicans

Henry McDonald
Sunday February 4, 2007
The Observer

Johnny Adair, the exiled loyalist former terrorist, has
added to controversy over security force collusion by
claiming that British soldiers were a main source of
intelligence for his band of murderers.

In his autobiography Mad Dog, due out next month, Adair
says British troops were regularly in touch with him and
his 'C Company' - the Ulster Defence Association's main
death squad during his terrifying reign in the early

Adair says that on every patrol there would be at least
three or four soldiers who were friendly towards him. He
claims much of the information he received on republicans
was passed over when his car was stopped at army security
checkpoints. 'To make sure they [the squaddies] didn't get
caught out, I was walked to the back of the car to oversee
a dummy root about in the boot.

'I would get to know what type of cars the republicans were
driving, where they were being spotted hanging about, and
if they were using a safe house.'

The former UDA commander says there was no mention of
loyalists because the soldiers told him 'they knew we were
on their side'.

Adair says he ingratiated himself with the troops by
sending wreaths to army barracks after the IRA killed

But he says that he played no part in the 1989 killing of
Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane, blaming it instead on the
UDA's 'B Company', based in the middle stretch of the
Shankill Road. Adair was arrested after Finucane's murder,
but claims police officers treated him well because 'they
were delighted that the lawyer was dead. They detested

He alleges that one policeman came into an interrogation
room and congratulated him and the UDA. Others, Adair
claims, told him: 'It's the best hit the UFF [a cover name
for the UDA] has ever done.'

However, Adair also alleges the RUC Special Branch hated
him and may have provided republicans with intelligence on
his whereabouts. He survived at least six murder attempts
and still has fragments of bullets in his body.

He claims that during another interrogation in Castlereagh
barracks he was offered the sexual services of a female
Special Branch officer, plus œ45,000 in used notes, if he
agreed to work for the RUC in October 1993.

Adair, who was expelled from Northern Ireland at gunpoint
by the UDA, lives in exile in Troon, on the west coast of


SF To Hold Collusion Conference

Sat, Feb 03, 2007

Sinn F‚in is to hold a conference on collusion to step up
political pressure on the British government to establish
public inquiries, it emerged today.

Details of the one-day event, which will provide a forum
for campaign groups and victims' relatives, were announced
following today's Sinn F‚in ard chomhairle meeting in

Last week's report by Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman
Nuala O'Loan found collusion between RUC and Special Branch
officers and loyalist paramilitaries in at least 15

A Sinn F‚in delegation led by party leader Gerry Adams
raised the issue during a face-to-face meeting with British
Prime Minister Tony Blair in Downing Street last week.

The February 10th conference will be addressed by the
Justice for the Forgotten and Relatives for Justice
campaign groups.

Relatives of murder victims participating in the event
include Amanda Fullerton, daughter of murdered Co Donegal
Sinn Fein representative Eddie Fullerton; John Finucane,
son of slain Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane and relatives
of Dundalk forestry worker Seamus Ludlow.

Sinn F‚in TD and party justice spokesman, Aengus O Snodaigh
said: "The conference next weekend is part of a wider
campaign to step up pressure on the British government.

"It will also be putting pressure on the Irish Government.
They have known for many years about collusion but have yet
to support full independent inquiries to establish the real
truth about what happened in this city and elsewhere.

"The families of those who were killed as a result of
British-run death squads deserve the truth.

"And this should happen whether it was those killed in the
early 1970s in Dundalk, Dublin or Monaghan or those who
were killed by British agents in recent years."


c 2007


I'll Aid O'Loan... But She Must Not Do A 'Jonty!'

[Published: Sunday 4, February 2007 - 11:09]

By Alan Murray and Stephen Gordon

Former Army spy 'Kevin Fulton' says he would like to assist
any inquiry by Nuala O'Loan into the IRA killing of
Portadown man John Dignam.

But Fulton will consult his lawyers first because he is
concerned over the treatment of former CID officer Johnston
Brown by the Police Ombudsman's office.

Dignam was shot dead along with fellow British spies
Gregory Burns and Aiden Starrs.

The three IRA members were abducted in the Republic,
interrogated and killed in June 1992 by the Provos'
infamous 'nutting squad'.

"I watched what happened to Johnston Brown with concern,"
said Fulton.

"He co-operated with her inquiry and then ended up getting
arrested himself. I'd have to have certain safeguards."

Fulton is ideally placed to tell all about the role of Army
agent Freddie Scappaticci in the 'nutting squad'.

He and his wife were interrogated by Scappaticci in 1994
after a number of IRA men - including Gerry Adams' cousin
David Adams - were arrested in a foiled murder bid on top
RUC man Derek Martindale.

Fulton had provided mobile phones for the IRA unit and
suspicion fell on him after the RUC operation.

He says 'Scap' grilled him twice but he fled Ulster fearing
he would be abducted if he attended a third interrogation.

He claims he asked the PSNI to investigate Scappaticci's
activities after he was exposed as an Army agent but heard
nothing further from the senior detectives who took up the

"It was about two years ago but I heard nothing and then
after about a year I complained to the Police Ombudsman.

"She said she couldn't process the complaint because it was
statute-barred due to the time delay, and also I wasn't
someone who had been bereaved by the actions of the agent I
complained about," he claimed.

c Belfast Telegraph


McCord Letter Not Passed To Flanagan

[Published: Sunday 4, February 2007 - 09:38]
By Alan Murray

Former RUC Chief Constable Sir Ronnie Flanagan may not have
seen a letter on the Raymond McCord jnr murder sent to Sir
John Stevens alleging police informer Mark Haddock was

McCord's father, Raymond McCord snr, claimed Sir Ronnie
must have known about his concerns that an RUC informer was
involved in his son's murder and other killings after he
contacted the Stevens inquiry team in 2000 - almost three
years after the brutal slaying.

Mr McCord has suggested that it is inconceivable that Sir
Ronnie - now head of Her Majesty's Inspectorate of
Constabulary - would not have seen his letter.

But Sunday Life understands that the PSNI has now
established that the letter was NOT passed to Sir Ronnie's
private office.

Instead, it - and a covering letter from the Stevens team -
was forwarded to the RUC's command secretariat.

It's believed it was then copied to the office of the
Assistant Chief Constable responsible for crime operations
and passed to the senior detective responsible for the
McCord murder investigation.

One former assistant chief constable independently
confirmed the procedure to Sunday Life yesterday.

He said: "Most communications of a serious nature were
processed in that way.

"They went to the command secretariat first, were examined
and then forwarded to the relevant department head's

"If it was something relating to a crime, my staff officer
would have reviewed the content and passed it to the
investigating officer responsible for the case. That's what
the staff officer was there for."

He added: "I would have had many meetings to attend and I
wouldn't have read correspondence unless my staff officer
felt I must deal with it.

"It would have been left to his judgment what I needed to

Sir Ronnie has denied the McCord letter was passed to him.

In a statement yesterday, the PSNI would only say: "A
letter was sent from the Stevens Team to the RUC in
September 2000 about a complaint it had from Mr Raymond

c Belfast Telegraph


Ahern And Hain In Deadline Threat

Northern Ireland must have devolution by the end of March
or its assembly will be dissolved, the British and Irish
governments have warned.

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and Northern Ireland Secretary Peter
Hain met in Cardiff ahead of the Six Nations rugby game
between Ireland and Wales.

Elections in Northern Ireland are scheduled for 7 March.

The governments said anyone who tries to delay devolution
beyond the 26 March deadline "will be left behind".

They said: "The election on 7 March must be about the
future of Northern Ireland, and that future lies in a
locally accountable, devolved power-sharing assembly and

"There is no future in basing a political strategy on
trying to delay devolution past 26 March, or trying to
prevent it altogether."

Speaking earlier, Mr Ahern said recent events, such as Sinn
Fein's endorsement of policing, offered hope for the

And Mr Hain told GMTV the path to power-sharing would not
be easy, but he still believed it would happen.

"I don't expect any handshakes for the cameras, what I
expect is a very scratchy election campaign and probably a
bit scratchy thereafter," he said.

"But the difference here, is not just the things I
described, it's that the conditions are in place for stable
government with support for policing and the rule of law
and a commitment to power-sharing on all sides."

The Northern Ireland Assembly was suspended in 2002 amid
allegations of a republican spying ring.

In October 2006, Ireland and the UK negotiated the St
Andrews Agreement - a road map towards the restoration of
the power-sharing government.

A new power-sharing executive is due to be formed on 26

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/02/04 18:01:31 GMT


Election Talks For Ahern And Hain

The Irish Taoiseach and the Northern Ireland Secretary have
been holding talks in Cardiff ahead of elections to the
Stormont Executive in Belfast.

Bertie Ahern and Peter Hain, also Welsh Secretary, were in
the city for the Six Nations rugby game between Ireland and
Wales at the Millennium Stadium.

Elections in Northern Ireland are scheduled for 7 March.

Mr Ahern said recent events, such as Sinn Fein's
endorsement of policing, offered hope for the future.

Mr Hain told GMTV the path to power-sharing would not be
easy, but he still believed it would happen.

"I don't expect any handshakes for the cameras, what I
expect is a very scratchy election campaign and probably a
bit scratchy thereafter," he said.

"But the difference here, is not just the things I
described, it's that the conditions are in place for stable
government with support for policing and the rule of law
and a commitment to power-sharing on all sides."

The Northern Ireland Assembly was suspended in 2002 amid
allegations of a republican spying ring.

In October 2006, Ireland and the UK negotiated the St
Andrews Agreement - a road map towards the restoration of
the power-sharing government.

A new power-sharing executive is due to be formed on 26

In a statement, Mr Ahern said: "If the parties adhere to
this agreement and timescale, the people of Northern
Ireland can look forward to the restoration of shared
government next month."

He added there was a "very great responsibility" on all
parties to rise to the challenges ahead.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/02/04 14:51:20 GMT


Public Inquiry Called For Into Finucane Case

Posted on February 04, 2007

The US House of Representatives has called on the British
Government to enact a full independent and public inquiry
into the 1989 murder of Catholic lawyer Pat Finucane.

The House made the appeal after the House Committee on
Foreign Affairs voted through a resolution from Republican
congressman Chris Smith.

"It is imperative that the questions surrounding Mr
Finucane's murder are answered in order to restore full
confidence in the rule of law in the north of Ireland,"
said Mr Smith.

"Any agents of the government who may have colluded in the
murder of a defence attorney must be held accountable."

Mr Finucane's son, Martin added: "The recent US
Congressional resolution has solidified opinion on the need
for a proper inquiry.

"It once again reminds the British Government that the
weight of international opinion stands against their
current dishonest and unethical position.

"The added pressure from the United States on this issue is
to be welcomed and it shows that the British Government are
internationally isolated on this matter."

Mr Finucane was shot dead in front of his wife and children
at his home in Belfast.

But allegations that collusion was involved in the murder
have never been satisfactorily answered.


Opin: A Few DUP Big Guns To Lose Out Over Any SF Deal

[Published: Sunday 4, February 2007 - 10:01]
By Alan Murray

One thing is certain: some of the DUP's biggest hitters are
going to be very disappointed if Ian Paisley actually forms
an Executive with Sinn Fein.

Cluttered with MPs, and many of the brightest and most
articulate minds and voices in unionism, some of the
party's top echelon are set for disappointment.

Peter Robinson, Nigel Dodds, Gregory Campbell, the Rev
William McCrea, Sammy Wilson and Jeffrey Donaldson can't
all be awarded ministerial posts - even if the DUP fared
exceptionally well in the Assembly poll and secured around
40 of the 108 seats.

And then there's Iris Robinson - another MP who would jump
at the health ministry formerly run by Sinn Fein's Bairbre
de Brun.

The word within the tightly-knit party is that Arlene
Foster has taken Paisley's eye of late, too.

The former thorn in David Trimble's side accompanied
Paisley to a meeting last week with Stormont Minister Paul

Then there's George Dawson, whom party sources say you
shouldn't ignore because of his sound grasp on economic

There are others in the DUP potentially in the frame for
ministerial posts but the best bet is Peter Robinson, Dodds
and two others if they are entitled to four posts and don't
rule out Foster emulating her uncle, Sam Foster, and
serving in the Executive.

As for Ian Paisley jnr, expect the North Antrim Assemblyman
to be appointed as a junior minister in the First
Minister's office.

"[Paisley] Junior will do the day-to-day running of the
office," one DUP strategist predicted.

For Sinn Fein, the mathematics may not stack up as well
this time round if the dissidents in their ranks stay at
home on polling day or use their votes to bad mouth Adams
and McGuinness.

If they only achieve two ministries beyond the Deputy First
Minister's Office, then a few will be disappointed.

Will Gerry Kelly get a reward for his unstinting support
for Gerry Adams. Or will Alex Maskey, whose republican
career was much less pronounced, nip in and snatch it?

And will Connor Murphy take a Ministry to south Armagh to
cement the seeds of democracy in what used to be called
'Bandit Country?

If they only secure two seats because of a huge performance
by the DUP will Pat Doherty lose out?

Former minister de Bruin has all but faded from the
limelight, but Michelle Gildernew could become Sinn Fein's
ministerial woman scuppering the Kelly and Maskey

Within the SDLP, party leader Mark Durkan is tipped to
nominate himself for a ministry.

Sir Reg Empey is the most likely Ulster Unionist minister,
with Alan McFarlane in North Down a possibility if he
retains his Assembly seat. Esmond Birnie is another

So that means the ministerial line-up, if the DUP bags four
ministries and beyond the certainty of Paisley and
McGuinness, could read: Robinson, Dodds, Foster, Campbell,
Murphy, Gildernew, Durkan, Maginness, Empey and Birnie.

c Belfast Telegraph


NY Mayor Hails Flight Link To The West

04/02/2007 - 14:30:55

The New York mayor today visited Co Mayo to hail the first
direct flights between Knock Airport and the Big Apple.

The thrice-weekly service by Scotland-based low-cost
carrier, Flyglobespan, will begin in May.

It is believed the routes will open access to the western
counties of Ireland to US visitors and also help to boost
Irish tourism in New York.

During Mayor Michael Bloomberg's last visit to Ireland in
August, he promised to lobby the US government to approve
flights between the Co Mayo hub and the US. The flights,
which also include two weekly routes into Boston's Logan
Airport were announced last month.

Mr Bloomberg today met officials of Ireland West Airport in
Co Mayo.

He said: "New York has been referred to as Ireland's 33rd
county and we will grow even closer with the start of these

"It is also fitting that JFK airport is named after former
president John F Kennedy whose great-grandparents left
Ireland during the Famine.

"Not only will these flights make it easier for Americans
to get to the west of Ireland, it will enable even more
Irish residents to visit New York.

Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs Minister Eamon O
Cuiv, whose grandfather Eamon de Valera was born in New
York in 1882, also welcomed the service.

"I have no doubt that many New Yorkers will take the
opportunity to renew their links with the places and people
of their ancestry," he added.

Last August Mayor Bloomberg visited Co Sligo to dedicate a
memorial to the Fighting 69th Infantry Regiment of the New
York National Guard.

Scotland-based Flyglobespan will operate three flights per
week between Ireland West Knock and JFK, along with two
flights weekly to Boston's Logan Airport. Currently, direct
flights from Ireland to the US are only operated out of
Shannon, Dublin and Belfast.

It is believed the flights could draw an additional 2,500
to 3,000 Irish visitors to New York this year resulting in
an estimated $4.5m (?3.47m) spend.

The Government was represented at today's event by
Agriculture Minister Mary Coughlan who formally welcomed Mr
Bloomberg to the Republic.

Ms Coughlan will also travel to New York next month for St
Patrick's Day celebrations.

Ms Coughlan said: "Ireland West Airport Knock has grown to
such an extent over the past 21 years that it is now the
first choice airport for people throughout the west and

"The addition of direct flights to the United States is a
major achievement for its board, management and staff and
one that will open up many new opportunities for tourism
and business in the region."


Floodlights Switched On At Croke Park

[Published: Saturday 3, February 2007 - 19:12]

The floodlights have been switched on at Croke Park

The new lighting system was officially launched at a
ceremony earlier this evening, ahead of the Allianz
Football League meeting of Dublin and Tyrone.

GAA President Nickey Brennan flicked the switch in front of
a sell-out crowd at the association's headquarters.

It's the first time in the 123 year history of the venue
that a game will be played under lights.

c Belfast Telegraph

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