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January 02, 2007

Adams: Support Police For a United Ireland

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TH 01/02/07 Adams: Support Police For A United Ireland
BB 01/02/07 Paisley: Sinn Fein 'Must Act On Policing'
BN 01/02/07 DUP: 'On-The-Runs' A Potential Deal-Breaker
IM 01/02/07 Conway Mill Videos
OS 01/02/07 Blog: Women In Struggle Interview: Grace Lynch
BN 01/02/07 55 Million New Year Text Messages Sent
HC 01/02/07 Euro Opens 2007 Strong Against Dollar
BT 01/02/07 108th Birthday For Woman Who Saw The Titanic


Adams: Support Police For A United Ireland

Michael Settle January 02 2007

The restoration of devolved government in Northern Ireland
appeared to move a step closer last night when Gerry Adams
urged Republicans to consider supporting the police and
linked this to their ultimate goal of a united Ireland.

Given that accepting rule of law is a prerequisite for Ian
Paisley's Democratic Unionists (DUP) to share power with
Sinn Fein, Mr Adams's exhortation to his party was
significant and was underscored by the nature of the
commemoration at which he made it.

Speaking in County Fermanagh to mark the 50th anniversary
of the killing of two IRA members during a gun battle with
police at RUC barracks in Brookebrough, the Sinn Fein
president said:

"Be sure of this, getting our strategy right on this
(policing) is inevitably bound up with how we move forward
beyond partition to the republic."

Mr Adams stressed that, while his party had made political
advances in recent years, there remained a "huge battle for
hearts and minds" in order to increase popular support for
the Republican cause.

Last Friday in Dublin, the Sinn Fein leader persuaded his
party's national executive to call a special conference of
rank-and-file members later this month to debate their
policy on policing.

London and Dublin hailed the move as a landmark decision
while the DUP said it would be "churlish not to acknowledge
the potential" of the decision, yet warned it would have to
study Sinn Fein's subsequent words and actions carefully.

Mr Adams is intent to call for Republicans to back the
Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and the Garda
Siochana in the republic. He is likely to win the vote but
there will be strong elements within his party opposed to
the historic move.

If Mr Paisley and his colleagues react positively to a pro-
police vote by Sinn Fein, then, following spring elections,
there appears to be a growing chance of the restoration of
a power-sharing executive at Stormont. By May 2008, the
plan will be to have policing and justice devolved to
Northern Ireland with a dedicated ministry in Belfast.

In his address, Mr Adams linked the move on policing to the
Republicans strengthening their public appeal and achieving
a united Ireland.

"The party leadership believes this represents a
sustainable basis to deliver a new beginning to policing in
the context of our strategic objectives, the full
implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and moving the
struggle closer to our primary aim of Irish independence,
self-determination and sovereignty."

The West Belfast MP explained how Republicans had stayed
outside policing structures because that was the best way
to bring about change. However, he argued, getting involved
in those structures was the best way to maximise change.

"Sinn Fein representatives will robustly support the
demands for equality of treatment for all victims,
effective truce recovery mechanisms, acknowledgement by the
British state of its involvement in wrongdoing, including
collusion with loyalist paramilitaries, and to ensure that
there is no place in the PSNI for human rights abusers."


Sinn Fein 'Must Act On Policing'

Sinn Fein's "begrudging movement" on policing reduces the
prospect of any immediate action towards restoring
devolution, Ian Paisley has said.

However, in his new year message the DUP leader said his
party would "not be found wanting" if Sinn Fein honoured
its commitment "with actions".

Sinn Fein has voted for a conference on the issue of
supporting policing.

Mr Paisley said Sinn Fein support for policing and justice
would "break down unionist mistrust and suspicion".

"This year can be a year of delivery," he said.

"Quality support for the police, the courts and the rule of
law would do much to change the mistrust and suspicion held
by the unionist electorate and the sooner we have delivery,
the better for us all.

"Unionism has not been found wanting in its desire to see a
flourishing and full administration restored to Stormont
which will allow local men and women to run this country

"It is only with real, substantive and quality delivery
that this process can and will move forward in 2007."

Annual commemoration

Meanwhile, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has told
republicans that now is the time for them to get involved
with policing.

He told hundreds of people who gathered at a commemoration
in County Fermanagh on Sunday that he wanted a frank debate
before the party's special ard fheis on the issue later
this month.

Mr Adams was speaking near Roslea at an annual
commemoration for two IRA men who were shot dead during an
attack on an RUC station in nearby Brookeborough 50 years

"For years republicans stayed outside policing because that
was the best way to bring about change," he said.

"Now we want to move in because that's the best way to
maximise the change that has been secured," he said.

He said that if the special conference backed the
leadership's recommendations on policing they would ensure
that "political policing, collusion and the force within a
force" would be a thing of the past.

The Sinn Fein move on Friday to call for a special
conference on policing was welcomed by Downing Street and
Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

Sinn Fein support for policing would be viewed as removing
one of the main obstacles to restoring devolution.

More than two-thirds of the executive voted in favour of
the meeting.

The party has historically opposed recognising the Police
Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and its predecessor the
Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), because of what it sees as
a Protestant bias within the service.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/01/02 08:18:29 GMT


DUP: 'On-The-Runs' A Potential Deal-Breaker

02/01/2007 - 07:58:23

The DUP's deputy leader has said any move to allow IRA "on-
the-runs" to return to the North could scupper efforts to
restore power-sharing government in the North.

There is speculation that the British government may have
offered such a concession to Sinn Féin during negotiations
during the Christmas period.

Sinn Féin has agreed to hold a special ard fheis later this
month to vote on whether to end its opposition to the PSNI.

The DUP has demanded that the British government come clean
on the matter, with Peter Robinson describing it as a
potential deal-breaker.

He has also said the DUP will not accept any British
attempt to impose a justice minister at Stormont if there
is no cross-community agreement on the job.


Conway Mill Videos

Antrim Miscellaneous News Report
Tuesday January 02, 2007 05:06
By Reabhloid Dearg

Policing Debate Conway Mill 27/11/06,

'Policing - A Bridge Too Far'.

These videos, although not in their entirety are just a
small glimpse into the current debate raging on policing.

Should Republicans endorse the crown forces, the PSNI? This
endorsement will mean an active engagement and eventually
an acute enforcing of British parliamentarian law in
Ireland and the defence of capitalist interests. It gives
Sinn Féin the clearway to exert British law over the
Republicans they cannot silence through their broy

Sinn Féin have already endorsed the legal and ‘justice’
system which sent hunger strikers to their deaths and
thousands of Irishmen to prison. Martin McGuinness has
already called for the Tohill 4 to hand themselves in,
despite acting at the behest of their leadership. Today
Sinn Féin sit on the Policing Committee in Dublin, during
which the amount of time the Gardaí can now hold suspects
has doubled.

In the coming weeks, we hope to have full videos of the
Conway Mill and Toomebridge meetings available to download

Willie Gallagher - Francie Mackie - Questions

Jim 'Flash' McVeigh (Belfast Sinn Féin) - Audience

Related Link:


Women In Struggle Interview: Grace Lynch

17-Year-Old Grace Lynch from Castlederg in County Tyrone
joined Ógra in 2006. In her interview she reflects on what
she described as her first ‘hectic’ year in Ógra Shinn

Grace recalls her early encounters of Sinn Féin Ógra Shinn
Féin and her strong interest in politics

“I was always republican minded and believed that British
interference in Irish affairs were the root cause of
division and conflict in Ireland. I also saw first hand,
from living in Castlederg how nationalists were victims of
sectarian harassment carried out by the RUC, which
continues to this day under the guise of a ‘new police
service’, namely the PSNI!"

Also the fact that Orange marchers insist in parading
through nationalist areas of our town made me realise that
something had to be done to make sure that the rights of
nationalists in Castlederg are upheld. This led me to take
a strong interest in politics, which influenced me to study
it for A-level. Studying this subject opened my eyes to the
world of politics. I then negotiated a work placement with
Sinn Féin……….. this is what gave me an insight to the
workings of Ógra Shinn Féin!"

“I am a strong-minded, highly opinionated woman, so my
interest in politics basically came naturally to me,
although the sectarian harassment of some family members
and family friends on numerous occasions again carried out
by the PSNI/RUC and loyalist band members obviously had
some influence in the way I was going to think.

“I had been aware of a number of active Ógra Shinn Féin
groups in the area. I had read numerous articles in local
newspapers about Ógra and saw pictures of some of the
protests, which had taken place, but I was never really
aware of what the party’s objectives were or the amount of
work that they actually do. But this was all made
comprehensible to me during a car journey home from an
Easter Commemoration in Stormont when I was lucky enough to
be in a car with our National Organiser ‘Sleepy!’ (aka
Barry McColgan) lol from Belfast to Omagh. He told me about
the workings of Ógra and explained in detail everything
about campaigns, protests, activities etc. He gave a
profound insight into Ógra Shinn Féin, which strongly
influenced me to join. And so I joined Ógra early in 2006,
taking part in protests and different vigils for the heroic
men of 1981. Then, on the 17th of June, we had a successful
Ógra launch in Castlederg, where we recruited new members
and discussed issues such as drugs awareness,
demilitarisation, collusion, suicide prevention and proper
policing, as well as the issue of orange marches in our

“I joined Ógra with the issue of ‘Brits Out’ in my head,
but also simply because of the fact that I want to be
involved in an organisation which is playing its part
greatly to witness the establishment of a 32 county
democratic socialist republic and Irish unity and

Currently Grace hold the Portfolio of Secretary for Ógra
Shinn Féin in Castledergs ‘James ‘Josie’ Connolly’ cumann.
She outlined her role and also her priorities in this role
and indeed within Ógra itself as

"My role basically entails working closely with our
Cathaoirleach managing correspondence, organising meetings
when they are needed, ensuring activism and generally
assist the other Ógra members in our cumann. In the past,
with my role, I have attended meetings with senior cumann
members, written articles for newspapers and writing to An
Taoiseach Bertie Ahern regarding the issue of the
unacceptability of the high number of Orange parades in our
town, asking him what he was going to do to make sure the
rights of Nationalists in Castlederg were upheld and
pressing his office to do more in regards this matter."

"In the upcoming year we will be focusing on the new
‘ARISE’ campaign, so I will do as much as possible to get
this campaign publicised in the Castlederg area. Also, I am
aiming to recruit a few more members in this area within
the upcoming year as it is extremely important to make the
youth of today aware of this youth movement, led by young
people, for the young people."

In the First Year of the ‘James ‘Josie’ Connolly’ Ógra
cumann in Castlederg it has worked hard to establish itself
as an active, vibrant and determined group

“Seeing as we only launched Ógra in our area this year, we
are just ‘getting on our feet. But in this time we have
made our presence known through numerous leaflet drops,
taking part in the ARISE campaign by Greening a number of
British colonial Red post-boxes in the area and along with
the senior cumann we held a vigil on the anniversary of
each of the ’81 hungerstrikers. We also have taken part in
numerous protests including ‘SMASH POLITICAL POLICING’,
demilitarisation and against sectarian triumphalist marches
in the Castlederg area amongst others."

“In the upcoming year we plan to recruit new members, its
always good to have new faces and new opinions. We will
also be taking part in and promoting the current Ógra
campaign as much as we can in our area. In the future, it
would be great to be able to host an enjoyable Ógra weekend
in our town…so hopefully if all goes well for our cumann in
the upcoming year then we can plan towards this!"

Asked on what shes likes most about Ógra Grace responded,

“I like the fact that there are so many dedicated members
promoting the socialist republican ideals among the youth
of Ireland. But the main reason would be the fact that
everyone can have the craic with each other and everyone
seems to enjoy being a member! Ógra events are always
enjoyable and theres always a bit of craic mixed with

I will remember the de-mil weekend 2006 in Omagh! It was
great craic and extremely successful!! Also, the Ógra
colour party making the front page of the herald
(UlsterHerald- A local Tyrone Paper) the following week,
with much controversy! We’re black shirted fascists and all
that (according to a local Unionist Councillor)

Outside of Politics Grace enjoys,

“Going out (when I can), working in a nightclub isn’t all
its cracked up to be! BEBO and playing Gaelic Football

Concluding bizarrely Grace commented,

“Without Ógra my life would most likely merely consist of
washing my hair and spending my time on bebo!!ha

Quickfire Round

Favourite Drink : water (don’t want to sound the alco)lol
Favourite Music / Artist: Snow patrol, Westlife,
Wolfetones, Uisce Beatha, The Feeling, Paolo Nutini etc
Anything with words in it!lol
Favourite Film: Dirty dancing, Some Mothers Son, Zoolander,
H3, In The Name Of The Father, The Green Mile, The Little
Mermaid, Borat etc
Favourite Book: Awaiting the Lark
Favourite Holiday resort: Marbella

Most memorable moment in Ógra: Commemoration in Belfast for
the 25th anniversary of the hunger strikers, proudly
carrying the best banner there that day … our ‘James
‘Josie’ Connolly’ Castlederg Ógra banner!!lol

Person most influential in your life: Maire Drumm !

When the age-old fight is done,
And we put away the gun –
When Ireland’s freedom’s won –
We’ll remember Maire Drumm.

Person you would like to meet (living) : Nelson Mandela

Person you would like to meet (deceased) : Ché Guevara

If you were president of Ireland or Taoiseach what 3 things
would you do to change Ireland?

1.) Try to establish a sovereign 32 county democratic
socialist republic
2.) Release all the remaining IRA prisoners
3.) Do my best to ensure that all sectarian harassment is
eliminated and that the rights of nationalists in the 32
counties are upheld!


55 Million New Year Text Messages Sent

02/01/2007 - 08:28:32

Up to 55 million text messages were reportedly sent from
Irish mobile phones over the New Year.

The figure is based on a prediction by a mobile messaging
company and amounts to around 14 messages for each of
Ireland's four million mobile users.

It is also more than three times the number of text
messages sent on Irish phones on New Year's Eve in 2003.

Reports this morning say one independent Galway TD got in
on the act by texting all his constituents to wish them a
"happy, healthy and prosperous New Year".


Euro Opens 2007 Strong Against Dollar

© 2007 The Associated Press

BERLIN — The euro welcomed in new member Slovenia by
climbing against the dollar in early European trading on
Tuesday, amid indications the European Central Bank will
continue to raise interest rates.

The now 13-nation European currency bought US$1.3277, up
from US$1.3163 in late Friday trading in New York.
Exchanges were closed on Monday due to the New Year's Day

The dollar also slipped against the British pound, which
bought US$1.9715, up from US$1.9613 on Friday. Against the
Japanese currency, the dollar also slipped to 118.72 yen
from 118.90 yen on Friday.

Expectations that the gap between European and U.S.
interest rates will continue to narrow have helped bolster
the euro. Higher interest rates, a weapon against
inflation, support a currency by making assets denominated
in that currency more attractive to investors.

The euro was introduced into circulation on Jan. 1, 2002,
in EU member states Austria, Belgium, Finland, France,
Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the
Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Slovenia, formerly a Yugoslav republic and one of 10 mostly
ex-communist countries to join the EU in 2004, adopted the
currency on Monday.


108th Birthday For Woman Who Saw The Titanic

[Published: Tuesday 2, January 2007 - 09:09]
By Ben Lowry

An east Belfast woman who remembers seeing the Titanic
being built has celebrated her 108th birthday.

Lilian Spence, who still lives next door to the famous
Spence's chip shop that her late husband Eddie founded on
the Beersbridge Road in 1921, was born on New Year's Eve

The mother of eight is one of only two woman in Northern
Ireland who reached the 108 milestone in 2006.

Her father worked on the ill- fated Titanic, which was
built by Harland and Wolff shipyard and sank in 1912 on its
maiden voyage across the Atlantic.

"I do recall he took us down to see it," Lilian recalled.
"It was huge."

Mrs Spence's husband died in 1979 aged 90 and the youngest
of her surviving children is in their seventies.

Lilian, who was born long before the partition of Ireland,
is one of a handful of people on the island - all women -
who were born in the 19th century and are still alive well
into the 21st.

In September, Nellie Thompson from south Belfast also
celebrated her 108th birthday.

© Belfast Telegraph

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