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May 19, 2006

Jean McBride Raises Iraq Contract w/ US Envoy

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TE 05/19/06 Jean Mc Bride To Raise Iraq Contract With US Envoy
SF 05/19/06 Republicans Mark Annvrsry Of McCreesh & O'Hara
RT 05/19/06 Soldiers Banned From Ballymena Bars


19 May 2006

Jean Mc Bride To Raise Iraq Contract With US Envoy

Jean Mc Bride is set to meet US Special Envoy Mitchell
Reiss and US Consul General Dean Pitman in Belfast tomorrow
(Saturday) in the Consul’s east Belfast residence at
10.30am. The purpose of the meeting is to raise concerns at
the ongoing relationship between the Pentagon and the
controversial British private security/mercenary company,
Aegis Defence Services. Aegis, which was set up by former
Scots Guards CO Tim Spicer, won a $293 million dollar US
government contract to coordinate all private security in
Iraq. The award of the contract to the former CO of the two
soldiers who murdered Belfast teenager Peter Mc Bride in
1992 has led to protests from elected representatives on
both sides of the Atlantic including Senators Kerry,
Clinton, Schumer, Kennedy, Obama and others.

Following the murder Spicer sought to excuse the actions of
his soldiers by defaming the victim, denying evidence that
was held to be fact by the court and demanding the release
of the two murderers on the basis that they ‘should never
have been charged’.

Jean Mc Bride said in advance of the meeting,

“Many many people in the US agree that this contract should
not have been awarded. recently a video has emerged that
shows Aegis employees shooting civilians who drive too
close to their vehicles in Iraq. I’m not at all surprised.
Spicer was involved in mercenary activities in Sierra
Leone, the ‘Arms to Africa’ scandal and was arrested in
Papua New Guinea where he was attempting to stage a coup.
Its madness that he is now in charge of a bunch of gung-ho
foreign fighters in Iraq. I am going to show this Iraq
video to Mitchell Reiss. I told the Consul General last
year and I will tell the Ambassador tomorrow-your
government would not take kindly to the Irish or British
governments doing business with someone who justified the
murder of a US citizen. I don’t take kindly to the US
government doing business with someone who has accused my
son of carrying a bomb and who has justified the shooting,
in the back, of my unarmed 18 year old son.”

Contact Paul O’Connor at the PFC for further details 07989

See extensive background on Peter Mc Bride and Spicer at click under Peter Mc Bride in the
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Republicans To Mark 25th Anniversary Of Raymond Mccreesh And Patsy O'Hara

Published: 19 May, 2006

Republicans throughout Ireland will this weekend mark the
25th Anniversary of the deaths on Hunger Strike of IRA
Volunteer Raymond McCreesh and INLA Volunteer Patsy O’Hara.

A weekend of commemorative events will take place in South
Armagh culminating in a parade on Sunday from Newry to
Raymond McCreesh’s graveside in Camlough. Sinn Féin
President Gerry Adams will address the commemoration.

In Derry a parade will make its way from the Bogside Inn to
Patsy O’Hara’s former home in Bishop Street were a mural
and plaque will be unveiled.

Sinn Féin MP for Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy today urged
people to attend the events.

Mr Murphy said:

“Raymond McCreesh was from my hometown of Camlough. This
weekend Republicans from South Armagh and beyond will come
together in Camlough for a weekend of events to remember
Raymond McCreesh and Patsy O’Hara who died 25 years ago in
the H-Blocks.

“In Derry Republican will gather to pay tribute to INLA
Volunteer Patsy O’Hara.

“I would encourage people to attend the events and send out
a clear message to those who still haven’t learnt the
lessons of 1981 and still seek to try and criminalise the
Republican struggle. The events of 1981 were a watershed
moment for the Republican struggle and the sacrifices made
by the men in Long Kesh and the women in Armagh Jail remain
with us to this day.”

Main commemorative events this weekend.

South Armagh

Hunger Strike exhibition in Shane O’Neills GAA Club
Camlough all weekend.

Friday 19th

7pm - Unveiling of plaque and mural at Raymond McCreesh’s
8pm - Lecture by former PoWs and DVD launch in Marquee,
Shane O’Neills club

Sunday 21st

1pm - parade to commence from Edward Street car park Newry
to make its way to Camlough
3pm - mass in Carrickcruppin Church followed by
commemoration at Raymond McCreesh’s graveside. Main speaker
Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams


Sunday 21st

Parade will leave the Bogside Inn at 2.30pm to parade to
Patsy O’Hara’s former home at Bishop Street were a mural
and plaque will be unveiled.


Friday 19th

7pm - Video launch and lecture involving former PoWs in

Saturday 20th

1pm - Raymond McCreesh/Patsy O’Hara Cup, O’Donnells GAA

Sunday 21st

3pm - St Mary‘s college - ‘Talk Back’ - the legacy of the
Hunger Strike. Involving Danny Morrison, former Hunger
Strikers Bernard Fox and Pat Sheehan and former Armagh
prisoner Mary McConville. Chaired by former Blanketman Fra

Black Flag Vigils will take place at 2pm across Belfast.


Friday 19th May

8.30pm - Vigil at the Tadhg an Astraa Monument in Cork City
7pm - Vigil Ballincolig


Sunday 21st May

Vigils 12 noon - Driminagh Road; Kylemore Roundabout and
Dolphins Barn Bridge


Friday 19th May

5.30pm - Vigil Drogheda Bridge.

Saturday 20th May

1pm - Vigil Market Square Dundalk.


Soldiers Banned From Ballymena Bars

19 May 2006 20:42

Off-duty British soldiers are reported to have been banned
from all bars in Ballymena, Co Antrim, where Catholic
schoolboy Michael McIlveen was murdered a fortnight ago.

British military chiefs imposed the night-time curfew in a
bid to ease sectarian tensions.

Local SDLP Councillor, Declan O'Loan, described the move as
a wise decision.

'Anyone caught in the pubs after 7pm will have the book
thrown at them,' one source said.

Michael, 15, was beaten to death in a gang assault which
has traumatised Ballymena.

Six local teenagers have been charged with the murder.

The St Patrick's College pupil was cornered and attacked
with baseball bats after being chased through the town
early on 7 May.

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