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April 22, 2006

No News & Easter Rising Link

Not Necessarily! It ain’t necessarily so!

This weekend (and next) we are moving from a house & an
apartment (totally 2,700 sq ft) to an apartment with 1,200
sq ft. We have had the house for 26 years and the
apartment for 15 years. They are full of 33 years worth of
junk we have accumulated. (Anybody want 20 different
editions of the B&B guides for Ireland?)

Anyway that’s why Paddy’s not at work today! OR why Jay
isn’t posting any news this weekend (and maybe next weekend

Sorry about that! This too shall pass.

To hear (until about June 22nd) our Easter Rising Show (part 1) &
our interview with John Fitzgerald about the Irish Baseball
Movie “The Emerald Diamond” go to:


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