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February 01, 2006

New Row Erupts Over IRA Arms Claims

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SM 02/01/06 New Row Erupts Over IRA Arms Claims

(Poster’s Note: Note the last sentence in this news item:
“But one authoritative security source in Belfast said:
There is something about all of this which really

Personally, I think IMC stinks. Obviously, the IMC has
‘other’ sources (other than the most knowledgeable one on
IRA arms, the Independent International Monitoring
Commission) that are feeding them info for their own

I can’t help but see the parallels between the IMC report
on the IRA and the accusations of Stormont Spying that
brought down the devolved government. Though the
difference is that with the IMC, their goal must be to stop
the reformation of the Assembly, but their method of
accusations & innuendo are the same.

If there is real evidence of the possession of illegal guns
or spying, why are the guilty arrested and brought to
trial? But…maybe there is no real evidence! (I’m shocked!)

We ALL need to start writing letters & protesting this



New Row Erupts Over IRA Arms Claims

General John de Chastelain is at the centre of an
extraordinary new row in Northern Ireland after rejecting
security force claims that the IRA is holding on to

Even though the disarmament chief has been backed by police
in the Irish Republic, his assessment was also challenged
by the team set up by London and Dublin to review the state
of the Provisionals' ceasefire.

The Independent Monitoring Commission, which confirmed high
levels of IRA spying, money laundering and smuggling
following the declaration to end its terrorist campaign
last summer, insisted that it had reports the Provisionals
still had access to a range of guns.

When the IRA carried out a final act of decommissioning
last September, General de Chastelain, head of the
Independent International Commission on Decommissioning,
said he was satisfied every gun under Provo control had
been put beyond use.

Last month however he was told by police in Northern
Ireland they had intelligence that some IRA men had
retained a range of weapons, including handguns.

He then carried out his own investigation which included
meetings with a Provo representative who he claimed,
assured him all arms had been dumped and none hidden away.

Senior officers with the Garda Siochana in the Irish
Republic also insisted there was no intelligence suggesting
any weapons had been retained. But it is clear there are
significantly differing views in Belfast and Dublin on the
assessment of the IRA's arms capability.

Lord Alderdice, one of the four men sitting on the IMC
declared: "We could not share the same level of confidence
that he (General de Chastelain) expressed that all weapons
were decommissioned."

The IRA issued a statement denying it had gone back on the
July declaration to end its campaign and dump its guns.

The split between the PSNI and the Garda will also be
deeply embarrassing for Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde and
the Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy. There is already a rift
between police in Belfast and the Northern Ireland Office
over their assessment of IRA crime levels and this fall out
will not have helped relations. The offices of Sir Hugh and
General de Chastelain refused to comment. But one
authoritative security source in Belfast said: "There is
something about all of this which really stinks."

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