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February 07, 2006

Action Alert McCain/Kennedy Bill

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From the IAUC:

Urge your Senators to Support the McCain/Kennedy bill
S.1033: Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act (Introduced in Senate)

ILIR (Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform) has issued this action alert,


Your Representatives and Senators need to hear from you.
Let them know people in their state support the Irish
undocumented and support the Kennedy/McCain bill on
immigration. Call both the Washington office and the local
office to ensure you get the message across.

To locate contact information for your government officials
visit: &

Who should call their Legislators?
Everyone who has an interest in this legislation should
call or write. Every contact makes a difference.

Can I call if I am not a registered voter?
Even if you are not a registered voter you are still a
resident of the district. The legislator represents every
resident of the district and they want to hear form you.

Use our sample script:

I would like to leave a message for the
senator/representative. I’m calling from the Irish Lobby
for Immigration reform. I am an Irish American resident of
New York. I support Kennedy/McCain on immigration. I want
the senator to support Kennedy/McCain.

I have never phoned my legislator before, what do I say?
• Explain to whoever answers the phone that you want to let
the legislator know you support Kennedy/McCain. Ask to
speak to the appropriate staff person
• Let the staffer know that you live in the district and
that you are a registered voter. If you are not yet a
citizen you are still a constituent so let the staffer know
you plan to register as soon as you are eligible.
• If requested you can give your name and address or
explain that you are more comfortable with giving the street name or the name of the area you live in.
• Tell the staffer that you support Kennedy/McCain as it is
the only bill which will allow the undocumented Irish to
come adjust their status without having to leave the
country and because it provides a path to permanent
residency. Tell the staffer that you would like the
Senator/Representative to support Kennedy/McCain.
• Ask how the Senator stands on the issue.
• Thank the staffer.

Let us know that you have called your representative by
emailing us at or by calling the
office at 718 598 7530

Information provided by the Coalition of Irish Immigration


obtained from the recent ILIR meeting in Philadelphia for
IAUC members to use. Please revise as needed and send to
your Senators!


Dear Senator Specter,

As a Pennsylvanian, I am writing to urge you to support
immigration reform legislation that is both comprehensive
and workable.

Immigration is a defining feature of America’s history and
of America’s future. Unfortunately, America’s current
immigration system is broken. Instead of legal channels
and orderly, screened entry, the broken immigration system
has led to a ballooning of undocumented immigrant
population, separation of family members, and exploitation
of undocumented workers. The American people are
frustrated with their leaders’ narrow focus on enforcement
of this broken system, and we hunger for a solution that
will work.

The recipe for successful reform must go beyond rhetoric
and address our reality. We urge you to pass reform that:

· Realistically addresses the existence of 11 million
undocumented immigrants working and living in the United
States by providing a path to earned citizenship;

· Creates legal channels for the future flow of workers;

· Reduces the substantial backlogs in the family
immigration system that keep family members separated;

· Includes tailored, targeted, and effective enforcement measures;

· Promotes the integration of newcomers and helps
communities that receive them.

Immigrants are members of our Commonwealth and our
community. Reform that fails to provide a path to
citizenship for undocumented immigrants, or requires them
to “Report to Deport,” does not recognize this reality and
cannot succeed.

We urge you to use your role as Chairman of the Senate
Judiciary Committee to support immigration reform that is
truly comprehensive, to ensure that undocumented immigrants
have a real path to citizenship, and that the nation has
workable immigration reform.


Please include your name, address and zip code, along with
any personal message to your Senators.

Return copies of completed letters to: Irish American
Unity Conference 611 Pennsylvania Avenue #4150 Washington,
DC 20005 or email them to:


Deanna Turner
Director of Communications
Irish American Unity Conference #1-900-947-4282

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look to larado texas...and illegals coming accross.....the bill would effect them.....hmmmmmmmhmmmmm be aware...of this ....before hopping on so called IRISHNESS
THOSE WHO TRIED TO FILL OUT PAPER our forefathers did their best to become like during the cival war...served their countries regardlesss of grey or let the new ones be given the same shots at it
I did not censoring.

The posting re: the Action Alert was publish in full and the comment from anonymous about looking to illegals coming to the US from Mexico were published in full.
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