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January 01, 2006

Ex-Loyalist Gun-Runner Killed in Glasgow

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SM 01/01/06 Ex-Loyalist Gun-Runner Killed


Ex-Loyalist Gun-Runner Killed

Police were investigating the murder of a former loyalist
gun-runner following an incident on a busy city street.

Lindsay Robb, 38, from Airdrie, Lanarkshire, was attacked
as he sat in his car in Glasgow's east end at around 5.35pm
on Saturday.

Strathclyde Police described the assault as "particularly

Robb was jailed for 10 years in December 1995 for
conspiring to run guns to loyalist terrorists in Ulster.

He was the first Loyalist Volunteer Force prisoner to be
released early under the terms of the Good Friday
Agreement, part of the Northern Ireland peace process.

He walked free from Northern Ireland's Maze Prison in
January 1999 and later settled in Airdrie with his wife.

He and four other men were found guilty after a trial at
the High Court in Glasgow. They were arrested following a
four day MI5 undercover operation that stretched from
Falkirk to Liverpool.

Robb was a member of the Progressive Unionist Party at the
time and had represented the party in discussions with the
Government just months before being jailed.

Police are appealing for the driver of a white transit van
parked near shops in Gartloch Road, Ruchazie, to come
forward. Officers believe the driver or a passenger may
have witnessed the murder.

They say there is nothing to suggest the attack was linked
to Robb's past.

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