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October 07, 2005

Support The Pat Finucane Centre Today!

(Poster's Note: The organization really needs the support
of all Irish & Irish Americans. The family has suffered so
much and the PFC has done so MUCH for MANY Irish causes.

TODAY, please write a check OR even better, go to their web

You can make a donation with PayPal online & it will only
take a minute. We should all try to make AT LEAST a $20
contribution (a $100 would be better. Jay)


From: "Pat Finucane Centre"
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 15:36:49 +0100
Subject: Urgent Appeal To Friends & Supporters.

An Urgent Appeal To All Friends And Supporters Of The Pat
Finucane Centre.

Dear Friend of the PFC,

This is an urgent appeal for donations! We are in the red!

The Pat Finucane Centre, though Derry based, has had an
impact far beyond the north west of Ireland. Earlier this
year a reception was held at the Guildhall in Derry to
honour the work of the Centre. Families and individuals
travelled from 11 of the 32 counties in Ireland, and from
Scotland and England, in itself ample testament to the
respect felt in the wider community.

The work of the centre over the last year has included;

-organising public meetings with the Mayor of London on the
End Impunity Campaign,

- research on collusion that has resulted in a number of
cases currently being heard before the European Court of
Human Rights at Strasbourg,

-participating in the Advisory Group on the Sean Brown
murder investigation,

-logging all sectarian /racist incidents from June 2005 to
September 2005 (the log will be available soon)

-giving evidence to Committees of both the Irish and
British parliaments,

-initiating a number of investigations into conflict
related deaths by the Police Ombudsman's office,

-reenacting closed meetings of the Policing Board as street
theatre and

--applying to the Guinness Book of Records to have
Rosemount PSNI barracks logged as the least used police
station in the world!

The ongoing day-to-day advocacy on behalf of families is
largely confidential and hidden from view but the Centre
works with over 120 families who have lost relatives in the
conflict. In addition individuals approach the Centre with
complaints and are referred to solicitors and/or to the
Police Ombudsman.

Against this background it will come as no surprise to
realise that the centre deliberately steers away from
official funding that is linked to the NIO. Stubbornly
independent as it is the Centre is largely dependent on
individual donors. The Pat Finucane Centre website carries
the following quote from Geraldine Finucane,

'If you believe in shaping stronger human rights protection
then invest in the Pat Finucane Centre and those who find
themselves in the frontline in their work to defend human
rights. '

The Centre urgently requires donations in order to continue
that work.

There is no money in the bank! Please respond this week!

Note. Donations can be made by cheque or online (today!)
through the secure Paypal system at

Postal address:

The Pat Finucane Centre,
1 West End Park,
BT48 9JF
Ireland (North).

Telephone: +44 28 71 268846

Fax: +44 28 71 266453



"The issue of defending human rights is far from won. If
you believe in shaping stronger human rights protection
then invest in the Pat Finucane Centre and those who find
themselves in the frontline in their work to defend human

Geraldine Finucane (Widow of Pat Finucane)
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