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October 14, 2005

IAUC Opposes British Job Discrimination

October 14, 2005


Washington, DC —The Irish American Unity Conference (IAUC) has
called on British Secretary of State, Peter Hain, to lift the advertising
ban on the West Belfast-based newspaper "Daily Ireland".

Following a campaign by prominent unionists, the British
Government agreed to ban all government job advertisements in the
"Daily Ireland", which has created 35 jobs in one of the worst
employment areas in Northern Ireland,

Dr. Robert C. Linnon, national president of the IAUC, said: "Daily
Ireland is the paper of choice of young republicans in Belfast.
These young people suffer job discrimination and high levels of

"The review body commissioned by the British government admits
that "The News Letter", an anti-Good Friday Agreement daily
newspaper, represents the poorest advertising value. However, it
continues to place ALL government job advertisements in that paper
while denying them to "Daily Ireland". This continues even though
"Daily Ireland" offers, through its associated group of newspapers,
a distribution of 20,000 more copies than "The News Letter.

"$800,000 from American investors has made "Daily Ireland"
possible. If British discrimination against "Daily Ireland" continues it
will send out the message to potential US investors that their dollars
are not wanted."

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Contact: Deanna Turner, Director of Communications

Irish American Unity Conference
National Office
611 Pennsylvania Ave, SE #4150
Washington, D.C. 20003

Press Officer: Jay Dooling

"Working for Justice & Peace in a Re-united Ireland"

nonpartisan, nonsectarian, chapter-based human rights
organization working for justice and peace in Ireland. We are a
wholly American 501c(4) organization that advocates the end of
British colonial occupation and the peaceful reunification of Ireland.
We endeavor to achieve these goals by working through the
American democratic process. Individually, our members represent
every occupational and educational stratum in the United States.
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