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September 02, 2005

Irish Victims of Katrina Head For Dallas

(Poster's Note: I just got the following email from Pat
Sharkey.  If any of you in the Dallas/Ft Worth can help, I
am sure the Irish government will appreciate it.




The Vice-Consul has confirmed that 6 Irish citizens are on
buses to Dallas. She is leaving Houston for Dallas as soon
as she can get a flight.  An Embassy staffer from
Washington is coming to Houston tomorrow afternoon to
oversee the Houston crowds.

Do you have any contacts in the Dallas Irish community I
can call to assist with housing if necessary?  I have an
Irish partner in the Dallas office, Byron Egan, who is
currently enlisting help from our Dallas attorneys, but it
is always good to have too many volunteers.  This duty
could involve hosting 1-2 Irish citizens who will arrive
very late this evening or early Saturday morning.

Patrick T. Sharkey
Jackson Walker LLP
1401 McKinney, Suite 1900
Houston, Texas  77010
713-752-4221 (fax)
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