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September 25, 2005

IAUC: Loyalists & British Must Decommission Too


According to major news sources such as Reuters and BBC,
the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning
(IICD) will confirm on Monday that the Irish Republican
Army (IRA) has verifiably disposed of all of its arms.
This new development is welcomed by the Irish American
Unity Conference (IAUC).

In a statement by IAUC President, Judge Andrew Somers said:

The completion of the decommissioning of arms by the IRA
marks an historical landmark in the quest for true
democracy and the peace process in Northern Ireland. The
IAUC commends the work done by Sinn Fein, the Irish
Republican Army and the IICD in accomplishing this end.

We assert that all guns must be taken out of the equation
in Northern Ireland. It is time to let the Irish people
create their own peace without guns and without British

There are still over 10,000 British troops stationed in
Northern Ireland. The British troops act as a provocation
and an excuse to the Loyalist and Nationalist communities.
The British troops stand in the way of reconciliation and
dialogue between the Irish people. They need to leave.

In addition, there is no indication that the loyalist
paramilitaries are about to disarm. Recent media reports
reveal that those gangs associated with the unionist
community have been involved in five deaths and multiple
non-fatal shootings and bombings.

While much of this violence has been reported to be due to
an ongoing feud between loyalist gangs, there has also been
a recent sustained terror campaign against Catholics,
especially those living in the north and east Antrim areas.
Examples of this senseless violence included two recent
fire bombings of Catholic schools by loyalist bigots.

To summarize, Judge Somers said: The political process
needs to replace military and paramilitary power.

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The Irish American Unity Conference is a non-partisan,
non-sectarian, American based human rights organization
working for peace and justice for the people of the six
counties in the north of Ireland.

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