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September 11, 2005

700 Loyalists Riot For 2nd Night

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BB 09/11/05 More Riots Break Out In Belfast
TS 09/11/05 Bloody Sunday In Belfast
IO 09/11/05 9/11 Memorial Service Held Outside GPO


More Riots Break Out In Belfast

A mob of around 700 people have taken to the streets of
Belfast in a new wave of loyalist rioting, police said.

Petrol bombs and missiles were thrown at security lines on
Albertbridge Road in the east of the city.

One police officer has been reported injured. A blast bomb
also exploded outside New Barnsley Police Station in west
Belfast, causing minor damage.

The trouble follows the worst rioting in years on Saturday
- sparked by the re-routing of an Orange Order march.

Chief Constable of Northern Ireland, Sir Hugh Orde, has
ordered a major investigation into what happened.

Later on Sunday, gangs reportedly set fire to a hijacked
car and a van in south Belfast, while more vehicles were
seized in the north.

Police said 15 people had been arrested in east Belfast for
rioting offences.

According to reports, two men hijacked a bus on the Belfast
Road in Bangor then drove it to Clandeboye Road where they
stole personal belongings from the passengers, then ordered
them off the bus.

They then drove it to Green Road, at the Breezemount
estate, Conlig and set it alight.

Police in the area are under attack from petrol bombs and
other missiles.

Nearly 100 masked men have also attacked police with petrol
bombs on Ardoyne Road, in the city's north.

Police in east Belfast have recovered a digger abandoned by
rioters who drove it along the Albertbridge Road knocking
down street lights and causing extensive damage.

An ATM was also believed to have been removed from nearby
premises by the driver of digger. As police recovered the
items they and the military came under sustained attack.

The new wave of violence broke out after police raided
homes in search of the perpetrators of Saturday's riots,
which resulted in 32 police officers being injured.

The violence began when a controversial Orange Order march
was re-routed away from a mainly Catholic area.

Sir Hugh described it as the Province's worst rioting in

He blamed loyalist paramilitaries for orchestrating the
violence and said it was lucky no police officers had been

Sir Hugh said the Orange Order also bore substantial
responsibility for the rioting and "sustained and violent
attack" on his officers.

The Orange Order described his remarks as "inflammatory"
and said the police had been heavy handed.

Men charged

But Northern Ireland Security Minister Shaun Woodward said
people who witnessed the weekend's events would only have
praise for the police.

"If you are on the end of live ammunition and your life is
at stake it's not surprising that the police responded.
What's actually significant is the restraint with which
they responded, not aggression," he said.

Secretary of State Peter Hain condemned the violence
saying: "Attempted murder cannot in any way be justified."

He will meet NI's police chief on Monday.

A man, 48, and a 16-year-old have been charged with riotous
assembly and resisting arrest over the disturbances.

They are due to appear before in Belfast magistrates on

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2005/09/12 00:12:28 GMT


Bloody Sunday In Belfast

By Patrick Griffin

HUNDREDS of rioters took to the streets of Belfast again
last night as a new wave of loyalist violence swept the

They hurled petrol bombs at police on Albertbridge Road in
the east of the city. Others demolished street lamps with a
stolen digger and ripped an ATM cash machine from a

A bomb exploded at the gates of New Barnsley police station
to the west of the city Shots were fired at police in east
Belfast and soldiers in the south of the city.

Gangs set fire to hijacked cars and vans in south Belfast.
More vehicles were stolen and trashed at Ballysillan in the

Two men hijacked a bus in Bangor, Co Down. Passengers were
robbed then ordered off. The bus was then used as a
roadblock and set alight.

Around 100 masked men attacked police with petrol bombs on
Ardoyne Road.

Trouble flared after police raided homes hunting the thugs
who rioted in Belfast and surrounding towns on Saturday.
They made 15 arrests.

Loyalist terror chiefs were accused of orchestrating
ferocious gun and bomb attacks on 2,000 police and troops.
Saturday's chaos erupted after an Orange parade was re-
routed because of Catholic protests.

Security forces under sustained attack fired back 450
plastic bullets and seven live rounds. The violence left 32
cops hurt, scores of burnt-out vehicles and streets like a
war zone.

Cops were even shot at as they went to help a man injured
by a blast bomb.

Violence spread to towns outside with roadblocks, petrol
bombings and attacks on homes.

Ulster Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde called Saturday's
mayhem "one of the most dangerous riot situations in UK
history". He added: "We are lucky we don't have dead
officers this morning."

He criticised the Orange Order and the loyalist UVF and UDA
for inciting the trouble.A man of 48 and a youth of 16 are
due in court today.

Tension has mounted in Protestant communities who feel
Britain has reduced its security presence too fast without
concrete action by the IRA to disarm.

The riots will dismay the British and Irish governments,
which are hoping shortly to organise talks aimed at
restoring the power-sharing assembly.

Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern said the
sickening violence showed that "a new generation is being
blooded in sectarian hatred".


9/11 Memorial Service To Be Held Outside Dublin's GPO

11/09/2005 - 19:03:13

A memorial service for the victims of the attacks on
September 11, 2001 is being held in Dublin this evening.

A candlelight vigil is taking place outside the General
Post Office on the city's O'Connell Street at 8.15pm.

Organiser Laurence Vize said that they will be remembering
those who died in the US, as well as the victims of
subsequent terror attacks in Bali, Madrid and London.

Those killed in the following wars in both Afghanistan and
Iraq will also be remembered, he said.

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