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August 28, 2005

Spying Operations Targets Loyalists

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Major Spying Operation Targets Ulster Terror Bosses

By Sunday Life Reporters
28 August 2005

UVF warlords behind a wave of brutal murders could be
removed from the streets on charges of directing terrorism.

For the out-of-control godfathers leading the UVF's bid to
wipe out the rival LVF, have been targeted in a major
surveillance operation, security sources have revealed.

The sources claim the hi-tech operation was sanctioned,
after NIO officials became alarmed that police appeared
powerless to stop UVF leaders running amok.

"At least four of the UVF's Belfast brigade staff are under
constant surveillance," claimed one source.

"They would have no idea that every move they made was
being recorded in detail. Modern surveillance equipment is
so sophisticated, it is practically undetectable."

Four Protestant men have been kille
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