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July 21, 2005

Plea For Mediators in Loyalist Feud

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UT 07/21/05 Plea For Mediators In Loyalist Feud
BB 07/21/05 PUP 'Has No Influence Over UVF'
IO 07/21/05 McDowell Plays Down US Powers In New Treaty
BT 07/21/05 'Morons' Blamed For KKK Figure On Wall
IO 07/21/05 PSNI Complaints Slide Despite Racism Claims
UT 07/21/05 Robinson: 'Be Ready To Leave Sinn Fein Behind'
DI 07/21/05 Veteran Nun Veteran Battles On Against Shell
ES 07/21/05 Riding In Ireland: What To Wear


Plea For Mediators In Loyalist Feud

An appeal was issued in Belfast today for intermediaries to
step in and broker an end to a bloody loyalist paramilitary
feud in the city.

By:Press Association

Ulster Unionist leader Sir Reg Empey issued the call as
police investigated a link between a gun attack on a house
in East Belfast to a feud between the Ulster Volunteer
Force and its rival, the Loyalist Volunteer Force. The feud
has already claimed two lives.

A number of shots were fired through a bathroom window at
the rear of the house in Avonorr Drive in east Belfast
shortly after midnight.

A man in his thirties was inside at the time but was not

A dark-coloured Rover car was found burnt out in nearby
Bendigo Street one hour later.

Detectives were investigating a link between it and the

Last week Craig McCausland, 20, was shot dead at the house
he shared with his partner and two children in north

His family has denied he had any link to the LVF or any
other terror group.

It was the second tragedy to hit the family - Mr
McCausland`s mother, Lorraine, was believed to have been
beaten to death by members of the loyalist Ulster Defence
Association in March 1987 near a drinking club.

Earlier this month 25-year-old Jameson Lockhart was gunned
down as part of the feud as he worked on a building site in
east Belfast.

The attack was also blamed on the UVF.

There have been a number of other incidents, including the
shooting several times of a man walking two dogs on the
Crumlin Road in north Belfast on the same night Mr

McCausland was murdered.

The UVF was also blamed for a gun attack on a house in east
Belfast on Monday.

Sir Reg, in whose constituency the attack took place,
called on people to step in and negotiate between the rival
groups an end to the violence.

The East Belfast MLA said: "I want to make a fresh appeal
to those who brokered an end to the last feud to come
forward once again to see if a major conflict can be

"These disputes are casting a long shadow over the area and
creating fear and tension throughout the community.

"Everybody knows that there is no future for us if we allow
gun law to take over. It must end now before more people
are killed."

Cross-community Alliance Party MLA Naomi Long also appealed
to both sides, regardless of whether last night`s incident
was connected or not, to end their feud before more lives
were lost.

"This is at least the third gun attack in east Belfast in
as many weeks, one of which ended in a fatality," she said.

"It is also past time that those elected representatives
who have links with loyalist paramilitaries, including the
PUP, ended their silence on the feud and make it clear
publicly that such violence is totally unacceptable and

"I would also call on the Secretary of State to review the
ceasefires of the groups involved. We cannot tolerate a
situation where the Government effectively ignores a
killing spree, provided it is internal to loyalism."

The four-member Independent Monitoring Commission said
today it would examine the feud between the UVF and LVF.

The commission, which monitors paramilitary ceasefires and
the British and Irish Governments` implementation of the
Good Friday Agreement, has already recommended financial
penalties against the Progressive Unionist Party which is
linked to the UVF over paramilitary activity.

Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain on Wednesday gave the
PUP seven days to persuade him why the Government should
not to continue to withhold Assembly allowances from the

His move came after an IMC report claimed the UVF and Red
Hand Commando, which is also linked to the PUP, remained
active, violent and involved in organised crime.

But PUP leader David Ervine responded angrily, urging the
Government to have him arrested if it really believed his
party had a say over what the two paramilitary groups did.

The East Belfast MLA, who is his party`s sole Assembly
member, was also dismissive of the four-member Independent
Monitoring Commission which monitors paramilitary activity
and which is made up of former Northern Ireland Assembly
Speaker Lord Alderdice, retired Irish civil servant Joe
Brosnan, ex-Metropolitan Police anti-terrorist squad chief
John Grieve and ex-CIA deputy director Richard Kerr.

He said: "I want to hear what are his (Peter Hain`s)
intelligence services telling the IMC?

"The IMC is an annoyance, a trial by four horsemen riding
Shetland ponies."

Nationalist SDLP leader Mark Durkan welcomed the IMC`s
decision to investigate the feud and confirmed he had also
written to Peter Hain urging him to review the UVF`s

"People cannot be allowed to murder and maim and expect the
rest of us to turn a blind eye," the Foyle MP said.

"Just last week the UVF shot a young man and it now seems
that they have carried out two other serious attacks.

"They must be called to account politically and through the
Criminal Justice system.

"The fact is that Loyalists are still responsible for most
violence. They are up to their necks in attacking
vulnerable communities - and poisoning their own with

"That is why the two Governments must bring real pressure
on the UVF and other loyalists to wind up all their
activity - now and for good."

Mr Durkan said while the police and the Assets Recovery
Agency had scored some successes against loyalist groups,
they had been let off the hook by the political process.

"Just look at last year`s failed Sinn Fein/DUP deal - it
did not deal with loyalist terror at all," he continued.

"The SDLP is the only party to have published a detailed
strategy for closing down loyalist paramilitaries.

"It is time that this strategy was fully implemented and
loyalists were put under real pressure to wind up or be
closed down."


PUP 'Has No Influence Over UVF'

Forensic scientists gathered evidence at scene of latest

The Progressive Unionist Party has no influence over the
loyalist UVF paramilitary group, party leader David Ervine
has said.

The feud between the UVF and LVF is to be examined by the
body that oversees paramilitary ceasefires in NI.

The Independent Monitoring Commission has told the two
governments the murders resulting from the feud will be a
particular focus of inquiry for it.

Loyalist sources have linked the UVF to a gun attack in
east Belfast.

Shots were fired into a house at Avonorr Drive in the lower
Newtownards Road area on Thursday just after midnight.

PUP 'being pushed from politics'

A man, who is in his 30s, escaped injury when bullets came
through the bathroom window of his house.

Police said they are treating the shooting as attempted

A car was found burnt out nearby in Bendigo Street about an
hour later.

David Ervine of the Progressive Unionist Party said they
were powerless to intervene with the UVF and LVF feud.

"Not only myself but the whole of the Progressive Unionist
Party has no influence on what's happening on our streets
at all.

"We are seeing people injured and dying who were in primary
school or just beginning secondary school when the (1994)
ceasefires were called," he said.

"Anyone who is not moved by that isn't a human being - it's
terrible and it must end."

Allowances withheld

On Wednesday, Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain said he
intended to withhold the Progressive Unionist Party's
assembly allowances for another year.

The decision followed the latest report from the
Independent Monitoring Commission, which said the UVF and
Red Hand Commando remained active, violent and involved in
organised crime.

The PUP is linked to the UVF and Red Hand Commando.

Ulster Unionist leader Sir Reg Empey called on those "who
brokered the last loyalist feud" to help end the current

SDLP leader Mark Durkan welcomed the IMC probe into the

"People cannot be allowed to murder and maim and expect the
rest of us to turn a blind eye," Mr Durkan said.

East Belfast DUP assembly member Robin Newton said
paramilitaries "who pretend to represent the people,"
should be listening to what they are saying.

"They are saying, they don't want violence on their
streets," he said.

A police spokesperson said they were keeping an open mind
about the motive for the latest attack, but it is
understood one line of inquiry is that it is linked to the
loyalist feud.


The incident comes two days after shots were fired at a
house in the Sydenham area of east Belfast, in an attack
also linked to a row between the Ulster Volunteer Force and
Loyalist Volunteer Force.

Escalating tensions between the loyalist paramilitary
groupings has already claimed the lives of two men.

Craig McCausland, 20, was shot by the UVF at his
girlfriend's house in north Belfast last week - he later
died in hospital.

The UVF believed he was a member of the rival LVF, but his
family have strongly denied he had links to any
paramilitary group.

Earlier this month, Jameson Lockhart, also from north
Belfast, was shot as he sat in a lorry in east Belfast.

The UVF was also linked to that killing.


McDowell Plays Down US Powers In New Treaty

21/07/2005 - 18:10:37

Justice Minister Michael McDowell tonight said it was a
fabrication to say CIA agents would be able to question
Irish citizens as part of a new treaty agreement.

The bilateral instruments signed by the minister and the US
Ambassador to Ireland, James C Kenny, provides for sweeping
powers to be given to the US authorities.

But Minister McDowell tonight played down the powers
granted under the new treaty.

"Joint investigations teams has nothing to do with CIA
people secretly interrogating Irish people, rubbish about
the CIA getting secret access is equally untrue," he said.

He said that Article 8.3 in the agreement, which states
that the requested party (Ireland) shall allow persons to
ask questions directly of the person whose testimony or
evidence is being taken, was referring to a lawyer in court
asking questions of somebody.

"It's nothing to do with the CIA bringing people into
darkened rooms and interrogating them," he said.

Nevertheless the Irish Human Rights Commission is to
examine the controversial agreement.


'Morons' Blamed For KKK Figure On Wall

21 July 2005

Sinn Fein today said that youths who painted a Klu Klux
Klan figure in the Bogside did not represent the views of
people in the area.

Speaking today, councillor Peter Anderson branded the
graffiti insulting not only to ethnic minorities in the
Bogside but also to everyone who lives there.

"The ethnic minorities who live in the Bogside have done
so, some for many years without fear or intimidation from
the local population.

"These minorities are part and parcel of our community and
this community will support those targeted against this
racist hatred."

Mr Anderson branded those who put the graffiti on the wall
"as being ignorant and mindless morons".


Complaints Against PSNI Slide Despite Racism Claims

21/07/2005 - 18:03:33

The level of complaints against the Police Service of
Northern Ireland has reached a new low, it emerged today.

But despite a 3% drop in grievances received by Ombudsman
Nuala O'Loan last year, serious allegations of racism and
sectarianism were made.

Her office's annual report also confirmed more Protestants
than Catholics made criticisms.

A total of 2,885 complaints arose during 2004-05, down 91
on the year before and continuing a decade long fall from
the 4,000 once made against the old RUC.

Yet that total contained small numbers of allegations
involving either racist (eight) or sectarian conduct (16).

These included a landlord claiming an arresting officer
told him: "If you get rid of the niggers (tenants) we may
leave you alone."

Another man alleged a police officer marched up and down
singing loyalist songs outside his cell.

No outcome to the complaints were included in the report as
investigators were said to be still examining the claims.

Mrs O'Loan said: "It is important that ethnic minority
communities in Northern Ireland report incidents of racism
and hatred to the police but, for a variety of reasons,
they do not do so.

"It is equally important that if they experience racist
behaviour by the police, they report it to this Office. We
want an accurate picture of the problem."

The Police Service accepted many hate related incidents go
unreported for a number of reasons.

A spokesman said: "The Police Service of Northern Ireland
is committed and determined to preventing hate incidents
and make those responsible accountable to the law.

"Reporting is essential in assisting police identify
victims and perpetrators and the Service has worked closely
with many groups to increase confidence and encourage

The Ombudsman's report disclosed 47% of complaints came
from Protestants, compared to 37% Catholics. Other figures

:: nearly a quarter (21.8%) of all allegations were made in
the Belfast area

:: the PSNI asked the Ombudsman's office to investigate 72
serious matters, most involving the use of CS Spray, and
four where people had died

:: the biggest category of complaint involved allegations
of officers failing to do their duty

:: a total of 149 cases were sent to the Director of Public
Prosecutions, with charges recommended in only seven

:: some 57 cases recommending disciplinary action against
officers were sent to Chief Constable Hugh Orde.


Robinson: 'Be Ready To Leave Sinn Fein Behind'

The British government must be prepared to leave Sinn Fein
behind in Northern Ireland's political process in the
autumn if the IRA's statement on its future fails to meet
expectations, ministers were urged tonight.

By:Press Association

As officials in Belfast, London and Dublin continued to
wait for the Provisionals` response to Gerry Adams` call
for them to pursue their goals through exclusively peaceful
and democratic means, Democratic Unionist deputy leader
Peter Robinson said history had shown the IRA failed to do
what was required of them.

"The Government have placed much reliance on a positive
pronouncement by the Provisionals," the East Belfast MP
noted in Westminster.

"If, as history has shown us, the IRA once again promise
much but deliver very little, the Government must announce
a new policy when Parliament returns in the autumn.

"If the IRA`s actions do not live up to expectation and
what they say does not match what they do on the streets,
then we must move on without them."

There has been intense speculation in Belfast, London and
Dublin over the last month about the IRA`s statement, with
some rumours suggesting the organisation has completed its
internal consultation and is now briefing its members on
its response to Gerry Adams` plea.

The Provisionals` statement has so far failed to
materialise despite expectations that it might surface
around the Protestant Orange Order`s Twelfth of July

The leader of Northern Ireland`s cross community Alliance
Party David Ford yesterday expressed concern that the
terror group was `procrastinating`.

Regardless of when it surfaces, unionists are adamant that
a statement committing the IRA to winding down all
paramilitary and criminal activity will not be enough to
persuade them to go back into a power-sharing government
with Sinn Fein.

The Rev Ian Paisley`s DUP and Sir Reg Empey`s UUP insist
IRA actions will speak louder than words.

They want the Provisionals not only to decommission all
their weapons but to end the recruitment and training of
members, arms importation, intelligence gathering and
targeting and involvement in all violence and expulsions.

Unionist and nationalist politicians have also demanded an
end to IRA involvement in robberies, money laundering,
smuggling of cigarettes, alcohol and petrol and the
counterfeiting and sale of pirate DVDs, music CDs and video

There is likely to be considerable interest in what Sinn
Fein chief negotiator Martin McGuinness will have to say
about current political developments during a debate on the
peace process at the Magill Summer School in Glenties, Co
Donegal tomorrow night.

The British and Irish governments, unionists and
nationalist rivals will scrutinise the Mid Ulster MP`s
speech closely for what he may say about the IRA statement.

The DUP, whose chairman Maurice Morrow will take part in
the debate, has in recent months urged the British
government to stop waiting for a groundbreaking IRA
statement and instead explore the possibility a new system
of devolved government.

The party would like unionists to form a voluntary
coalition with the nationalist SDLP, with Sinn Fein frozen
out of ministerial posts.

However with SDLP leader Mark Durkan insisting he will
never break away from the system of devolved government,
which guaranteed Sinn Fein cabinet posts, the DUP has also
asked the British government to consider altering the
current system of direct rule from Westminster.

The DUP has suggested direct rule can be made more
accountable by giving either the province`s 108 Assembly
members or 26 local councils a role scrutinising the work
of Northern Ireland Office ministers.

Mr Robinson said tonight the wait for republicans to end
paramilitary and criminal activity had denied Northern
Ireland real democracy for far too long.

"The people can no longer be forced to endure
unaccountable, direct rule ministers taking decisions on
policy areas that affect their everyday lives," he argued.

"Local power must be restored to local hands regardless of
the intransigence of the IRA."


Nun Veteran Of Ogoni Fight Against Shell Battles On

By Conor McMorrow

A Fermanagh nun who campaigned against the Shell oil
company in Nigeria has said the Rossport Five case is "a
tremendous case of people power saying enough is enough".

Sister Majella McCarron did missionary work in Nigeria from
1964 to 1994. She was instrumental in helping the Ogoni
people's struggle against Shell in the early 1990s.

She has been helping the people of Rossport, Co Mayo, in
their campaign to halt work on a gas pipeline through their
lands since 2001.

Sister McCarron told Daily Ireland: "There are a lot of
similarities between the Rossport background and that of
the Ogoni people. Natural resources like oil and gas tend
to be located in remote places that are far from the eyes
of the public and that is the case in the two areas."

The nun from Donagh in Co Fermanagh added: "The Ogoni
people were trying to save their delta region, while the
people of Rossport are trying to save their natural bog
landscape. Therefore the people of Rossport often popularly
refer to themselves as the 'Bogonis'.

"There is a great sense of empathy between these two
indigenous communities."

Five Mayo men, now known as the Rossport Five, were jailed
on June 29 for contempt of court.

They had failed to comply with a court injuction not to
interfere with the laying of the gas pipeline.

The men say that Shell E&P Ireland's plans for a high-
pressure gas pipeline through their community is a health,
safety and environmental danger.

In 1993, Sister Majella got involved in the Ogoni people's
campaign against Shell's degradation of the environment in

During a visit to Ireland in 1994, she set up Ogoni
Solidarity Ireland and a campaign to prevent the hanging of
Ken Saro-Wiwa, who founded the movement against Shell in
Nigeria in protest against the company's devastation of his

However, after helping to bring the case of Ken Saro-Wiwa
and the Ogoni people to international attention, Sister
Majella was advised not to return to Nigeria.

The nun said she was convinced that the people of the small
rural community in Mayo could take on the fight against the
multinational oil company.

"While they have felt powerless in their fight against
Shell, I have told them that it is often a pebble that
upsets the power balance," she said.

"The Rossport Five have tipped the power equation. They are
there at the expense of the state and nobody can move
unless they say they are sorry. They are not going to say
sorry so this is a tremendous case of people power saying
enough is enough," she said.


Riding In Ireland: What To Wear

Going on an equestrian holiday in Ireland? Here are some
tips on what to pack from the experts at Dover Saddlery and
Horseware Ireland.

Preparation is the key to enjoying every ride and riding in
Ireland means getting prepared for changeable weather--the
Irish like to say that you get all four seasons in one day!

Ireland has a temperate, humid climate due mainly due to
the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream
ensures that Ireland is warmer than other countries at the
same latitude. Summers are usually warm and sunny with
gentle puffy clouds; a rain shower can occur at any time,
but the warmer months usually only have a few wet days.
Indeed, rain can occur at any time of year. The frequency
of rain is more important than the quantity in maintaining
the famous green grass of the Emerald Isle.

An ideal combination for these conditions is a lightweight
breathable shirt, which wicks moisture away to keep you
cool and comfortable, and a waterproof jacket for
protection from the showers.

In spring, autumn and winter, pack a variety of clothes so
you can change your attire as the temperatures change. The
best solution is to take clothes that can be worn in layers
and a combination of short and long-sleeved shirts.

In Case of Rain

Don't let a rain shower spoil your ride--arrive armed with
waterproof apparel.

Pack clothes that layer well. One of Dover Saddlery's most
popular jackets, the Riding Sport 5-in-1 Jacket, is a good
example. On wet, mild days wear the outer jacket alone, and
add the vest and inner jacket when there is a chill in the
air. This versatile piece can be used for trail riding or

The Boyne and Arrow jackets from Horseware Ireland are
extremely lightweight and will keep you dry, yet cool in
warm weather. Both feature ventilation systems for superb
breathability--perfect for Ireland's wet, yet mild weather.
Tip: When you're in Ireland, stop in and visit the
Horseware store and factory in Dundalk, County Louth.

Rubber riding boots are extremely practical on wet days, or
you can protect your leather boots from mud with riding
boot rubbers. Gloves are useful--try Dublin waterproof
fleece gloves or the SSG Mane Event Winter, which are water
resistant. Tip: Take two pairs of gloves so one pair can be


Helmets are required by law for riding in Ireland. Choose a
style depending on your activity and preference.

Trail Riding

For trail riding take clothes that are comfortable. Boots
should be broken in, breeches must fit well. Padded
underwear and seat savers such as Cashel's Tush Cushion or
the Equine Comfort Sheepskin Seat Saver will make long days
in the saddle more enjoyable. Take at least two pairs of
breeches or tights for your trip--in the summer consider
breathable breeches such as the Enduracool from Tropical
Rider or Aerocool from TuffRider. The Irideon Cadence
stretch cord tights, breathable, lightweight and featuring
4-way stretch, are also a great choice.

The Mountain Horse Sportive High Rider with zipper is an
excellent riding boot. An alternative to long boots is half
chaps and paddock boots.

Hunt Seat Training

Consider Tailored Sportsman or Riding Sport breeches and
the Dover Pro Field Boot. The Troxel Grand Prix Classic
Show Helmet and GPA Helmet are very good choices for

Cross Country Training

Wear a body protector--the Tipperary Eventer vest and the
Flex Rider II Body Protector are good choices. A helmet
such as the Charles Owen skull cap is essential. Look for
stretch and comfort in breeches and or tights, as you will
be very active on the cross-country course.


If full dress is required, wear a black coat and hunting
cap with chin strap, stock tie, buff or white breeches and
leather or rubber boots.


If attending a dressage clinic in the summer, look for
moisture-wicking fabrics such as Coolmax. Take boots such
as the Dover Piaffe Dressage Boot to look and feel the
part, and pack a boot care kit to stay polished. Tip:
Breeches only have to be white if you are entering a class
during your trip.


Boot and hat bags, such as those available from Ariat, will
protect your special items--or treat yourself to custom
bags from Dover, which can be monogrammed and come in a
wide range of colors. A protective boot box will keep your
boots from getting damaged in transit. To pack all your
apparel, the Gearmax Equestrian backpack is very useful.

Visit EquiSearch's Ride in Ireland page to explore top
riding establishments in Ireland and order a free "Horse
Riding in Ireland" CD.

Read "Irish Idyll" in the August 2005 issue of Practical
Horseman magazine as a rider samples almost everything an
Irish equestrian vacation can offer.
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