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July 06, 2005

Order For Finucane Notes Thrown Out

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UT 07/06/05 Order To Hand Over Finucane Notes Thrown Out
BB 07/06/05 Loyalist Flags Meeting 'Positive'
DJ 07/06/05 BRG Annoyed At Parade Talks Criticism
BT 07/06/05 Call For Cross-Border Inquiry Into Omagh
BT 07/06/05 Ahern And Hain Meet As Talks Efforts Go On
IO 07/06/05 McCartney Sister To Leave Home Of 40 Years
BT 07/06/05 Man In Court After CCTV Movev
IO 07/06/05 Empey To Meet Orange Order
UT 07/06/05 Freedom Setback For Jailed Shell Pipeline Protesters
UL 07/06/05 Denis Bradley To Receive Honorary Degree
BT 07/06/05 Council To Fund St Pat's Day Event
UT 07/06/05 Crowds Gather For Tall Ships Race
WT 07/06/05 Editorial - Welcome Tall Ships


Order For Authors To Hand Over Finucane Notes Thrown Out

The Stevens Inquiry team investigating the murder of Pat Finucane
today failed in a court order to compel two authors to hand over
their notes and other papers relating to the Belfast solicitor's
killing in 1989.

The Recorder of Belfast, Judge Tom Burgess, upheld a submission
that he had no jurisdicion to proceed as the application had been
brought before a County

Court instead of the Crown Court.

Barry Macdonald, QC, appearing for Hugh Jordan and David Lister,
who wrote the book; "Mad Dog - the rise and fall of Johnny
Adair," said the application was completely misconceived as it
had been brought in the wrong court.

Bernard McCloskey, QC, for Stevens, described the objection as
"pedantic" as the application was 95 percent correct and he had
an amended one in court which would permit the case to go ahead.

Judge Burgess said it was not nit-picking or a technicality as it
was important the matter was heard in the right court.

"I rule we are in the wrong jurisdiction and I don`t have power
to make any order such as amending the title to bring it into
another jurisdiction," he said.

The judge ruled that the new application would have to be lodged
with the administrative office in the usual way and he adjourned
the hearing and also an application for costs.

Outside the court Mr Jordan said the application related to two
interviews with loyalists who were concerned in the planning of
Mr Finucane`s murder.

He said he was saddened to see the authorities pursuing himself
and Mr Lister in an attempt to resolve the killing.

"Why are they going after the authors of a book," he asked.

"Clearly they plan to use our research to back up information
they already have but are not prepared to reveal."

Mr Jordan said the application was being resisted by his
publishers as well as himself and his co-author.


Loyalist Flags Meeting 'Positive'

A senior police officer has described a meeting with the South
Belfast MP about the flying of loyalist flags as positive and

Assistant Chief Constable Duncan McCausland said he would meet
with Alasdair McDonnell again next month.

Dr McDonnell had called for the meeting over concerns about
loyalist flags being put up in mixed areas.

Mr McCausland said flying flags to mark out areas was
unacceptable, but was not an issue for the police alone.

"Over the past year we have been proactively encouraging the
removal of such flags through a process of consultation,
negotiation and enforcement," Mr McCausland said.

"Community support for this initiative has been very positive and
as a result we have seen a reduction in the number of flags flown
but the police cannot do this alone."

Dr McDonnell said he had urged the police to take "immediate and
resolute action on flags".

"The SDLP also believe that there needs to be a stronger legal
background covering the use of flags in Northern Ireland and the
challenge is now for the NIO to move the issue forward by
drafting legislation to deal with this issue," he added.

In April, a partnership to address the issue was launched.

The police, Housing Executive and government bodies signed a
protocol to set out aims, exchange information and measure

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2005/07/05 19:32:36 GMT


BRG Annoyed At Parade Talks Criticism

Tuesday 5th July 2005

A key player in talks which secured a groundbreaking deal
allowing local Orangemen to parade on Derry's west bank on July
12 for the first time in 13 years told the 'Journal' last night
that he is 'very disappointed' that Orange leaders have
criticised the process.

The criticisms have also been described as 'appalling' by a
Presbyterian minister.

Donncha MacNiallais, of the Bogside Residents Group (BRG),
insists Order leaders should be "encouraging rather than
discouraging" their members to engage in dialogue.

"The only way these issues can be resolved is through processes
of dialogue - not through refusing to speak to people,
particularly those people directly affected by these parades,"
the BRG spokesman told the 'Journal'.

The breakthrough plan was agreed last week at a second meeting
instigated by the city's Chamber of Commerce which involved
Orangemen, clergy, community leaders and members of the BRG.

While the Orange Order and residents did not meet face-to-face,
the concerns of both sides were addressed in the agreement
described by the Chamber as "historic".

However, the meetings were criticised by the Order's Grand
Master, Robert Saulters.

In a statement, Mr. Saulters said recent talks in Derry and
Belfast breached "if not the letter, certainly the spirit of the
Grand Lodge policy".

He said he wanted to warn members that opponents would seek "to
tempt them into processes which include meetings and dialogue
with Sinn Fein/ IRAbacked residents groups."

However, Mr. Saulters' remarks were branded "appalling" by
another key player in the Derry talks - Presbyterian minister,
Rev. Joseph Fell.

Mr. Fell said that the city's Orange leaders had been "
responsible, realistic and courageous".

Mr. Fell, the minister at Ebrington Presbyterian Church, said Mr.
Saulters' remarks "appalled" him.

He said he wanted Orangemen to be able to come to the city on the
'Twelfth' to celebrate their culture in a peaceful way.

Meanwhile, the BRG is to host a public meeting at the Gasyard
Centre this Thursday evening (7.30 p.m.) to update the public on
next week's parade.


Call For Cross-Border Inquiry Into Omagh

By Michael McHugh
06 July 2005

Pressure for a cross-border public inquiry into the Omagh bomb
was growing last night after Omagh District Council was asked to
back the campaign.

The Sinn Fein-dominated council was scheduled to debate a motion
supporting the call by relatives of those killed in the 1998 Real
IRA massacre.

The vote was expected to highlight republicans' attitude to the
atrocity, in which 29 people and two unborn children were killed.

Prominent church leaders, as well as the SDLP and DUP have
already supported the move which would explore the circumstances
behind the worst loss of life of the Troubles and the police's
subsequent investigation.

DUP councillor and West Tyrone Assemblyman Tom Buchanan was
expected to raise the matter and said it was important that
representatives addressed the issue.

"I think the Council should give full and unanimous support to
the victims' group. We as a council were involved after the bomb
in helping the victims and we have nothing to hide, and there
should not be any of the 21 councillors with anything to hide,"
he said.

"Nigel Dodds and Jeffrey Donaldson met with the victims' group in
Omagh and have had talks with them about this.

"Public inquiries can be a waste of money and sometimes they have
not gotten to the bottom of the deaths, but in this case I think
it is necessary."

Mr Buchanan said that a lot of people had lost their lives at the
hands of the Real IRA and added that if those bereaved wanted to
see a public inquiry then he would have no problem backing them.

"I am also aware of the other people who have been murdered over
the years and there will need to be something done about this as
well," he said.

Members of the Omagh Victims' Self-Help Group were due to watch
the debate and chairman Michael Gallagher said he was encouraged
by the council's interest.

"I think that it is important for us here in Omagh who have
suffered that the council supports us, because we are going out
and asking the wider community to support us," he said.

"Our council has been involved in providing support to other
people who have suffered at home and abroad.

"I think that it would send a very bad message out from Omagh if
they could not support the victims of the atrocity which happened
less than a quarter of a mile from their officers in the centre
of Omagh."

The Sinn Fein chairman of the council, Michael McAnespie, said he
would consider the motion.

"I would have to think about all the other cases as well as the
Omagh one," he said.


Ahern And Hain Meet As Talks Efforts Go On

By Chris Thornton
06 July 2005

Secretary of State Peter Hain is due to meet Irish Foreign
Minister Dermot Ahern tomorrow as efforts continue to maintain
peace process dialogue over the marching season.

New Ulster Unionist Party leader Sir Reg Empey was meeting the
leadership of the Orange Order today, including Grand Master
Robert Saulters, to "explore dialogue on how the party and the
Orange Order can work together in the future".

Sir Reg has made parading one of the central themes of the first
two weeks of his leadership, calling for an "overall" settlement
of the problem.

Today's meeting comes after the formal links between the Order
and the party appeared to be broken.

The effectiveness of that separation has recently been called
into question. The Order's Grand Lodge voted to sever contacts
earlier this year, ending its entitlement to places on the party

However, the county lodges - which have a degree of autonomy in
the Order - supplied delegates to the party's ruling council.

Two county lodges were originally entitled to send delegates to
the Ulster Unionist Council meeting that elected Sir Reg as
leader, because they had continued to pay dues to the party.

However, the party withdrew invitations to those delegates before
the meeting.

Sir Reg also met Mr Hain yesterday, telling him he should find a
role for Assembly members in the current political vacuum by the

Acknowledging that the Government is waiting for a statement from
the IRA about its future, Sir Reg said: "We are more interested
in what they are actually going to do, and it is going to take
time for people to accept they have acted.

"Mr Hain needs to look at Stormont and give it a meaningful role.
It will not be the 'full monty' because there is no appetite for
government including Sinn Fein and the SDLP have ruled out going
ahead without them."

"I am not talking about a talking shop and we have to have a
decision no later than the autumn," he said.

Alliance leader David Ford also met Mr Hain yesterday and urged
the Government to be realistic in responding to any new IRA

He cautioned against giving a "knee-jerk welcome to get a talks
process under way again".


McCartney Sister To Leave Home Of 40 Years

06/07/2005 - 12:40:31

A sister of murder victim Robert McCartney is to leave her home
of 40 years so she no longer comes into contact with people she
believes were involved in her brother's killing.

Paula McCartney said the strain of living in the Short Strand
area of Belfast had become too much.

Robert's fiancee Bridgeen Hagans is also moving out of the area
after a missile attack on her home.

Ms McCartney, 40, told the Press Association: "The fact that a
significant amount of people who were allegedly involved in
Robert's murder continue to walk around the area quite freely is
too much to take. It really is.

"Both myself and Bridgeen would be better off not here."

Mr McCartney, a father-of-two, was battered and stabbed in an
alley outside Magennis's Bar near the Markets area of south
Belfast on January 30.

Ms McCartney said Bridgeen's house was attacked in the early
hours of Saturday.

A window was shattered by a stone and a beer bottle was hurled at
the door.

Ms McCartney, who has lived in the Short Strand area all her
life, expressed dismay at Sinn Fein claims that a number of homes
were targeted in the area.

She said: "PSNI CCTV footage shows that at the time of the house
being attacked there were no strangers on the road.

"A group of locals were gathered directly facing the house and it
does not take Einstein to work out who was responsible.

"If a group of loyalists were going to do that they would have
come armed with a lot more than a stone and a bottle of beer."

Ms McCartney said she does not know where she will move but
confirmed she plans to stay in the province for now.

Last month a 49-year-old man appeared in court charged with the
murder of Mr McCartney.

A second man was charged with the attempted murder of Mr
McCartney's friend, Brendan Devine, on the same night.

Both men have been remanded in custody and will reappear on
separate dates later this month.

The five McCartney sisters and Ms Hagans launched a sustained
campaign in Europe and on both sides of the Atlantic in an
attempt to bring Mr McCartney's murderers to justice.



Man In Court After CCTV Move

By Debra Douglas
06 July 2005

A man, due in court today in connection with attacks on the Tour
of the North parade, was charged after CCTV pictures were
released to the media, it emerged today.

The Belfast Telegraph and other media outlets printed images of a
number of men police wanted to quiz in connection with the riot
last Friday night.

Eighteen police officers were injured when they came under
sustained attack, and 11 members of the public were also hurt
when trouble flared as the contentious parade passed the Ardoyne
shop fronts.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that following the release of the
images, a 40-year-old man had been charged with public order

He was due to appear at Laganside Magistrates' Court today.

Releasing the images on Monday, North Belfast District Commander,
Chief Superintendent Mike Little, appealed to anyone who
recognised the men to come forward.

He said it was believed they may have information that could help
police with their inquiries.

He added: "We will do all we can to bring those responsible
before the courts."

Police also recently made public media images taken during the
riot at the Oval and the violence which flared after Celtic lost
the Scottish league title to Rangers.


Empey To Meet Orange Order
2005-07-06 09:20:01+01

Ulster Unionist Party leader Sir Reg Empey will meet the head of
the Orange Order today to explore how the pair can work together
- four months after the organisation severed its links with the

Sir Reg will hold talks with Robert Saulters at the Order's
Belfast headquarters.

A UUP spokesman said the purpose of the Schomberg House meeting,
which will also feature a delegation of senior officials from
both bodies, was two-fold.

He said: "We want to brief the Orange Order on the new leadership
and also have a get-to-know-you session to see how the party can
continue to work with the Orange Order."

In March, the Orange Order formally cut its links with the UUP,
ending 100 years of historical ties.

Sir Reg's predecessor David Trimble broke new ground by signing
the 1998 Good Friday Agreement before going into government at
Stormont with Sinn Féin one year later.

But he paid a heavy price at the polls, with the Rev Ian
Paisley's Democratic Unionists overtaking the party in the 2003
Assembly Election and then capturing three of the UUP's five
Westminster seats in May's General Election.

One of Sir Reg's biggest challenges, following his election last
month, will be to reconnect the party with voters who feel the
DUP best embodies their values and offers a strong counterpoint
to Sinn Féin in negotiations.


Freedom Setback For Jailed Shell Pipeline Protesters

Five men jailed for their opposition to a Shell gas pipeline in
the west of Ireland cannot rely on the quashing of the injunction
against them to secure their release, a court heard today.

By:Press Association

Micheal O`Seighin, Vincent McGrath, his brother Philip, Willie
Corduff and Brendon Philbin are being held in Cloverhill prison
in Dublin for refusing to obey the injunction taken out by Shell.

It prevents them from obstructing the construction of the
pipeline through their land in Rossport, County Mayo.

At the High Court in Dublin senior counsel Patrick Hanratty,
representing Shell, said it was extremely misleading to imply
that an application to quash the injunction would free the men.

He said that the impression had been created that a rabbit could
be pulled out of the hat.

"The situation is sensitive because five people are in jail.
Shell do not want anyone in jail, they just want to proceed with
the construction of the pipeline," he said.

The president of the high court, Judge Joseph Finnigan, said it
should be made clear that the application by solicitor Greg Casey
to quash the injunction was being brought on the behalf of two
people who were party to the injunction granted to Shell but were
not in custody.

He told senior counsel John Rogers, representing the five men,
that even if the injunction was lifted the men would remain in
prison because they would still be in contempt of court.

"The short answer is that their fate is in their own hands still.
It`s up to them to purge their contempt," he said.

Judge Finnigan set a date for mention for next Monday for the
application against the injunction to be brought by Mr Casey, who
is ill at present.

He will argue that a recent statement in the Dail by
Communications, Marine and Natural Resources Minister Noel
Dempsey indicated that Shell did not have full consent to
construct the pipeline.

The five men were put in Cloverhill prison last week and have
stated publicly that they are determined to continue their
opposition to the pipeline.

Shell E & P Ireland is seeking to pump gas at high pressure from
the Corrib gas field along the pipe to an onshore refinery at
Bellanoboy in Mayo as part of a €990m (£700m) project.

The five men have agreed to respect a second injunction granted
to Shell, preventing them from obstructing the road to the
company`s construction depot in Rossport.

Judge Finnigan said he was aware there were ongoing difficulties,
with recent reports that protesters were continuing to block the
road in defiance of the injunction.

He said he wanted the order posted at both ends of the road.

"Anyone who sees fit to disobey that order, certainly if they`re
brought before the court, they`ll be dealt with."

The five men were not in court for the brief hearing.

A protest march is taking place in Dublin this evening in support
of the Rossport Five.

The jailing of the five men has brought national attention to the
campaign against the pipeline, which has been going on since work
on it began in 1998.

Independent Mayo TD Jerry Cowley, who was present in court, said
it was a very difficult situation for the men and their families.

"I was in with them last night. They are bearing up well,
considering the circumstances. They are full of determination,
full of courage. But it`s no bed of roses being in prison," he

He added: "They should have had their freedom but they are
languishing in jail."

He said the men were under severe psychological pressure as a
result of their incarceration.

"I greatly fear for their welfare and one of them (Micheal
O`Seighin) is an elderly person, an old-age pensioner who has had
a triple heart bypass."

Mr Cowley said that while he was not blaming the judiciary for
the injunction served on the men, he said he felt the law in
place was wrong. "If the law is unjust, it clearly needs to be

He has written to Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern to ask him to
recall the Dail (Irish Parliament) from its summer recess to
address the issue. "I`m just very unhappy this is not being dealt
with. There is a crisis at the moment, there is a crisis in our

A small group of protesters gathered outside the steps of the
Four Courts in Dublin with banners such as "Minister Dempsey,
Action or Resign", "Shell Gets 100% of our Gas/Oil, We Want It

Socialist Party TD Jo Higgins said Shell should see the reality
of the growing opposition to their plans in Co Mayo. "They should
pull back and should revise their plans for the refining of the
gas. That`s the only way the issue can be resolved," he said.

The gas pipeline protesters want the company to refine the gas
offshore rather than transport it across the land of the
community in Rossport.

Mr Higgins said Judge Finnigan`s warning to the protesters to
obey the injunction preventing them from blocking the road to
Shell`s construction depot would not work.

"They can`t put half of Mayo into jail. If sufficient people
stand up to be counted, people power will win out," he said.


Denis Bradley Is To Receive The Honorary Degree Of Doctor Of Laws
(LLD) For His Contribution To Policing And Local Community Issues
In Northern Ireland.

A former priest, he was appointed deputy chairman of the NI
Policing Board on its formation. He has been deeply involved in
community affairs in Derry for many years and is said to have
been a pivotal link in passing messages between senior
Provisional IRA figures and the British Government, through MI6 –
a move which eventually led to the IRA's 1994 ceasefire. His
Derry home was petrol bombed in 2004 by dissident republicans
because of his support for new policing arrangements in Northern

He was a diverse range of interests in his native city being
chairman and chief executive of Northland Films, a director of
treatment and addiction at the Northlands Centre, a member of the
NI Drugs Committee and a member of the BBC Broadcasting Council.
His long-term associations with community organisations began
when he helped set up the Bogside Community Association.


Council To Fund St Pat's Day Event

By Marie Foy and Lisa Smyth
06 July 2005

Moves to make St Patrick's Day celebrations in Belfast more
inclusive were today welcomed by politicians.

Belfast City Council has agreed to fund and take a lead in
organising a major outdoor event to mark the occasion.

The council has set aside £70,000 for the festivities which will
take place at Custom House Square.

The event will run as a pilot and will be independently evaluated
to see if it is possible to make it an annual fixture.

In previous years the city centre parade organised by the St
Patrick's Carnival Committee has proved controversial because of
claims it was not inclusive of the Protestant community.

Chairman of the council's policy and resources committee Alex
Maskey described the decision as a "major step forward".

He said: "For too many years, the council has felt unable to
support the organisation of a major St Patrick's Day event in the
city centre.

"Now we look forward to working with not only the carnival
committee but all of the people of Belfast over the months ahead
to deliver an event which all of us can enjoy, not only in 2006,
but in future years."

Alliance councillor Naomi Long said: "The council is going to run
the St Patrick's Day event.

"That is a big departure and is quite a positive step forward.

"The decision to hold it in Custom House Square will mark it with
a new atmosphere which is what we want to do.

"We have been arguing that we needed leadership in this to make
it inclusive. I think the council is now doing this."

However, DUP councillor Nelson McCausland said his party would be
seeking assurances over the event.

"What the city council is hoping to have next year would be an
event free from that plethora of tricolours we saw outside the
City Hall this year," he said.

In the past few years, the council has provided substantial
funding through a small grants scheme and a concert in the
Waterfront Hall to mark St Patrick's Day.


Crowds Gather For Tall Ships Race

Gardai are warning of traffic disruption in Waterford today as
crowds gather for the 2005 Tall Ships' Race.

Ninety of the world`s most famous old sailing ships along with
three thousand crew have arrived in port ahead of the start of
the race on Saturday.

Up to 250,000 people are expected to converge on the city over
the next three days.


Editorial - Welcome Tall Ships

A Céad Míle Fáilte is extended to the hundreds of thousands of
visitors to Waterford and environs for the Tall Ships event. We
hope your visit to our fair city, no matter how short, will be a
heartwarming one and that you take away happy memories of your
stay. During the three days of the event there are a myriad of
events and places for you to see and visit. Waterford has an
important maritime history and the majestic river Suir is one of
the finest in Ireland. The visual spectacle of the Tall Ships on
the river Suir is a breathtaking one. The planning for this event
has been ongoing for the past twelve months and the organising
committee represents both the public and private sector in
Waterford. The organising committee have gone to inordinate
lengths to ensure that every eventuality is catered for and that
everyone enjoys the family orientated nature of this event. We
are blessed in Waterford with an ancient and historic city and a
visit to Waterford Treasures at The Granary is a must for any
visitor. There you will see in this award winning museum the rich
tapestry of history going back over 1,000 years of Ireland's
oldest city through a series of audiovisual and interactive
presentations. Waterford and its environs has a wide selection of
fine restaurants which cater to every palate. If you are the
outdoor type there are numerous beaches within easy reach and the
beauty of the Comeragh mountains provide a splendid vista within
thirty minutes of the city. Known as the Crystal City Waterford
is of course, world famous for the magnificent crystal which is
manufactured at the Waterford Crystal factory on the Cork Road. A
visit to their showrooms and a tour of the factory will leave you
enthralled with the artistry and genius of its craftsmen. No
matter how short your stay a visit here has to be a priority on
your agenda. The Tall Ships berthed in the safe harbour of the
river Suir are open daily to visitors and both officers and crew
are more than happy to answer any of your queries. The
international nature of the ships and crews adds to the vitality
and colour of this spectacle. We urge our readers to take the
opportunity and experience with their family what is one of the
truly historic occasions ever to take place in Waterford. Enjoy
the Tall Ships event and we wish a safe journey home to our many
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