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May 07, 2005

UDA Exile Jailed For Bomb Hoax

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UDA Exile Jailed For Bomb Hoax

Kidd given nine months for planting device

By Staff Reporter
07 May 2005

A MEMBER of the UDA's "Bolton Wanderers" exiles has been
jailed for nine months for a bomb hoax.

Catherine Kidd planted the device outside her home in a
desperate attempt to get a council house following 18 months
of alleged death threats from Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair's former

Bolton Crown Court heard that Kidd was among Adair
supporters forced to flee Belfast when a loyalist dispute
reached boiling point in February 2003.

The hoax came 11 months after a genuine attempt to kill John
"Fat Jackie" Thompson with a car bomb - close to Kidd's home.

Sentencing mother-of-six Kidd, Judge Brian Carter QC said:
"You knew the previous incident in the area had caused serious
public alarm and fear.

"I must put the public interest above your personal situation."

Kidd (40) sparked a massive security operation on November 3
last year when she called police to say that she found a bomb
outside her home in the Halliwell area of the town.

Sixty police officers and an army bomb disposal team were
called to the scene as residents were evacuated from nearby
homes, the court heard.

The operation lasted nearly five hours before a controlled
explosion made the device safe.

Alaric Bassano, prosecuting, said: "It was an elaborate hoax of
tubes packed with fireworks linked to a battery."

Brian McKenna, defending said Kidd and her children were
forced to flee the Shankill when her UDA member partner Henry
Glass was linked to Adair in the wake of the John Gregg's

He said the family had been plagued with death threats.

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