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May 19, 2005

Rita O'Hare's Visa Denied

From: Gerry Coleman
Re: Rita's Visa Denial


I got a heads up from Rita that her visa was just denied as she was
preparing for her upcoming visit to the States.

As I understand it, it was denied under the ridiculous charge that
that had something to do with an unauthorized venue change. This is
nonsense. We know that this was a punitive action for whatever
political purposes. Rita has been the Official Sinn Fein
Representative in the US for at least 6 years and has traveled
across the country in this capacity keeping us and US activists and
the US administration and congress appraised of what is going on in
the Irish peace process and the republican position in this
process. She has been a very positive force in this process.

We should protest to our members of congress and other influential
contacts. Even if they are not necessarily supportive, merely
asking members of cong, etc. to seek information from the State
Dept, etc, about the case sends a message that we are out there.

As soon as I have a statement from Rita, I'll send it along. Thenwe can establish were to go from there.
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