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May 15, 2005

Adams: Others Must Recognise Responsibility

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Adams: Others Must 'Recognise Responsibility'

Gerry Adams has called on rival parties in Northern Ireland
to "recognise their responsibilities".

The Sinn Fein president revealed on Sunday that he had been
in contact with both the British and Irish governments in
recent days in a bid to kick-start "intensive efforts to
get the peace process back on track" following the UK
general election.

The republican chief saw Sinn Fein make progress in the
poll following his call for the IRA to give its "armed

And he said other parties, including the unionist DUP, must
now match the move with initiatives of their own.

"In last December's talks the DUP moved to accept the Good
Friday agreement and the principle of power-sharing," he

"So now their participation is a matter of timing. I am not
naive about all of this. I know that even if the political
institutions are restored the effort to bring about
equality will continue to be a battle a day for some time
to come. Unionism comes to the process of change
reluctantly. But these are difficulties that can be
overcome. None of this is impossible.

"However, if the DUP believe that progress can be put off
for a generation they are wrong. The two governments have a
duty to move ahead with the implementation of the
agreement. People will not wait for another generation for
basic human rights and entitlements. Nor should they be
asked to.

"The British and Irish governments need to acknowledge that
they too have responsibilities. They have contributed to
the stagnation which exists in the process. They too have
an active role to play if this opportunity is to succeed.

"Sinn Fein is ready to do business. We have received a
renewed mandate from the electorate to pursue our
initiative. We are the largest pro-agreemen
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