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January 07, 2005

01/07/04 – Orde Blames IRA; McGuinness Denies It

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UT 01/07/05 Orde: IRA Carried Out Northern Bank Raid –V
SF 01/07/05 IRA Told McGuinness It Was Not Involved In Robbery

(Poster's Note: While Orde doesn't have enough evidence to make an
arrest (much less a conviction), he apparently does 'believe' that
members of the IRA committed the crime and had authority to do so
from the highest level.

How convenient, take the pressure off the PSNI for not preventing
such a huge crime & not being able to actually solve it, by blaming
an organization that can't do anything BUT deny its involvement.

He must be assuming that they will never actually be able to
convict anyone of the crime and therefore this blame gambit will
solve his long term problems too (or at least for 30 years when the
real information will be revealed; but by then he is safely retired
or passed on).

I would guess that there will be an arrest or two of IRA related
individuals to "prove" that Orde's "beliefs" are truth. His
ability to eventually prove these allegations is something else.

What effect will these slurs have on the people of Ireland? To
quote Orde: "The peace process is a matter for others." ('My job is
to protect my own ass', he said under his breath. Jay)


Bill Lowry, former head of Belfast's Special Branch, Sinn Fein's
Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley Jnr from the DUP on the claim
that the IRA was behind the Northern Bank heist.

See video at:

Orde: IRA Carried Out Northern Bank Raid -A & V

The IRA carried out the £22 million Northern bank robbery in
Belfast, Northern Ireland Chief Constable Hugh Orde said today.

He said it was a violent and brutal crime, not a Robin Hood effort,
which would have national and international implications.

But with the Northern Bank confirming the decision to withdraw its
total paper note currency estimated to be £300 million, Mr Orde
said was the largest theft ever of waste paper.

Mr Orde accepted there would be consequences from his assessment
but stressed they were for others to deal with.

He said: "On the basis of the investigative work we have done to
date, evidence we have collected and exhibits we have collected and
bringing that all together and working through it, in my opinion
the Provisional IRA were responsible for this crime and all main
lines of inquiry currently undertaken are in that direction."

A spokesman for 10 Downing Street said: "The British Prime Minister
takes this development very seriously.

"He has made it repeatedly clear over the past two years that the
political institutions in Northern Ireland can only be restored if
there is a complete end to all paramilitary activity by those
involved, and that includes all criminal activity.

"He fully supports the Chief Constable in his efforts to bring
those responsible for this major crime to account."

Mr Orde said it was a serious, violent and dangerous crime and
police were acting on information and lines of inquiry.

His decision to blame the IRA was not, he insisted, because of
political bias.

He added: "This is an operational decision. It is my decision. It
is made because we need to get on with the investigation. The peace
process is a matter for others."

The chief constable confirmed that more than 45 detectives were
involved in what he said was a complex and complicated inquiry
which involved civilian analysts and forensic experts.

They had amassed 560 exhibits and carried out 100 interviews, with
another 100 planned. Detectives, he said, were working round the
clock, acting on substantial intelligence in a bid to apprehend the

Unionists immediately denounced the Republican movement.


IRA Told Martin McGuinness It Was Not Involved In Robbery

Published: 7 January, 2005

Speaking on the Today programme on BBC Radio this morning Sinn Féin
Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness MP revealed that in the
aftermath of the robbery on the Northern Bank in Belfast he had
spoken to the IRA about this and was told that it was not involved.

Speaking in Belfast this morning Mr. McGuinness reiterated his view
that "there are clearly elements within the British system and
unionism intent on wrecking the peace process and of using the
robbery in Belfast as a pretext for this. They must not be allowed
to succeed." ENDS

Overall Table of Contents
Table of Contents - Jan 2005

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