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November 30, 2004

Table of Contents - 11/04

Overall Table of Contents

11/30/04 - Brinkmanship May Wreck Deal
IT 12/01/04 Brinkmanship Over Arms Issue May Wreck Deal -V(2)
IT 12/01/04 North Deal This Week Looks Unlikely -V
GU 11/30/04 Ulster Talks On Track Despite Paisley Remark
TO 12/01/04 It Is Now Or Never As Paisley Puts Terrorism In Past
IT 12/01/04 Deal Closer After Paisley Says 'Now Or Never'
GU 11/30/04 Opin - Adams & Paisley: Locked In An Embrace
IO 11/30/04 Commission: Govts Failed Bomb Victims' Relatives
TO 12/01/04 Mass For Iraq Hostage As Husband Clings To Faint Hope
BB 12/01/04 Loyalists Charged Over Kidnap Bid -V
IO 11/30/04 Two Jailed For IRA Membership -V
IT 12/01/04 Government Says Binead Conviction Matter For Courts
IT 12/01/04 IRA Surveillance Of Politicians 'Serious' - Ahern
BT 11/30/04 Annetta Family Reunion Rumour
SM 11/30/04 Finucane: New Law Could End Indpndnt Public Inquiries'
BT 11/30/04 Lundy's Day Appeal By Boys' Leader
DJ 11/30/04 Derry Bases Under Spotlight
IO 11/30/04 North's Voter List Requirement Scrapped
IT 12/01/04 Church Rules On Suitable Christmas Carols
IT 12/01/04 Nostalgia With Hope As Bewley's Savour Last Drop -V(3)

RT 11/30/04 Ahern Named European Statesman Of The Year -VO
RT 11/30/04 Gardaí Probe Discovery Of Body In Co Clare -VO(2)

11/30/04 - Intense Talks On Power Sharing
BB 11/30/04 Intense Talks On NI Power-Sharing
BT 11/30/04 Deal Could Depend On Gun Photos
BT 11/30/04 Paisley & Adams On The Brink Of Deal To End All Deals?
GU 11/30/04 A Rejuvenated Paisley Eyes His Ultimate Goal
GU 11/30/04 Adams Breaks New Ground In Talks With Police Chief
BT 11/30/04 Parties Concern Over Controversial Inquiries Bill
SF 11/30/04 Sinn Féin Raise Finucane Case With Blair And Ahern
OD 11/30/04 British Policy Of Collusion With Terrorists Condemned
BT 11/30/04 Bureaucrats 'Hiding Behind' Data Act
BT 11/30/04 Orde To Unveil The First Patten Police Station
UT 11/30/04 Bertie Ahern Wins Statesman Of Year Vote

11/29/04 - Adams: Paisley, Time To Call It Now
GU 11/29/04 Ian Paisley, The Time To Call It Is Now
IT 11/30/04 SF Insists On Local Control Of Policing Timetable
IT 11/30/04 Difficulties Remain, Paisley Warns
GU 11/29/04 A Deal Looks Possible
IT 11/30/04 Tara Route 'Bordering On Vandalism' - Haughey
IT 11/30/04 2005 Coin Series Makes Cents For Collectors
IT 11/30/04 New World Of Teaching On The Web Opens Up
IT 11/30/04 Last Orders For Bewley's This Evening

11/29/04 - Critical Stage For NI Process
BB 11/29/04 Critical Stage For NI Process -V(4)
BB 11/29/04 Paisley, Politics, Preaching And Poison
UK 11/29/04 British PM Press Conference (Partial Transcript)
UT 11/29/04 'Total Disarmament A Mirage'
GU 11/29/04 A Rejuvenated Paisley Eyes His Ultimate Goal
TO 11/29/04 Power And Responsibility
SM 11/29/04 Police May Asses Threats To Omagh Case Witness
SF 11/29/04 Victims Raise Collusion At EU Parliament
CT 11/29/04 Warming Up To Language Irish Once Found Uncool

QA 11/29/04 State Of North/South Relations Be In Five Years -VO
QA 11/29/04 Can Bewley's Be Saved? -VO
PT 11/29/04 Revealing Examination Of Limerick City -VO

News 11/29/04 - IAUC Action Item

11/29/04 - Adams Says Meeting With Orde Was Useful
BB 11/29/04 Adams Says Meeting With Orde Was Useful
GU 11/29/04 Ulster Close To Power Deal, Says Adams
BT 11/29/04 Guns Gone In A Month If Paisley And Adams Agree
BB 11/29/04 Q&A: N Ireland Political Meetings
BT 11/29/04 We Will Get An Accord Which Makes IRA Pay, Says Wilson
BT 11/29/04 SDLP Pledge To Press Murphy On Finucane 'Secrecy'
BT 11/29/04 Police Have No Plans To Bin CS Sprays
BT 11/29/04 Churchgoers' Cars Vandalised 'In Bid To Raise Tensions'
BT 11/29/04 Republic's President Wins Backing From Church Paper
EX 11/29/04 Kilmichael: Author Challenged To Name Sources
BT 11/29/04 Ireland's My Favourite Place, Says Bill Clinton

11/28/04 - SF To Meet With Blair & Orde
SF 11/28/04 SF To Discuss Demilitarisation With Blair & Orde -V(2)
II 11/28/04 Adams In Historic Talks With N Ireland Police Chief
BB 11/28/04 Bush Phones Adams Over NI Talks
SF 11/28/04 Brits Must Act On UN Human Rights Recommendations
IT 11/29/04 Primate Urges Parties To 'Grasp Opportunity'
ET 11/28/04 Ireland Woos Indian Investors
IT 11/29/04 Peatland Centre To Auction Rare Bog Pony

RT 11/28/04 United Nations Worker On Way Home To Armagh -VO

11/28/04 - IRA Rift To Derail Power Sharing
GU 11/28/04 IRA Rift Set To Derail Power Sharing
RT 11/28/04 Paisley To Meet De Chastelain
IO 11/28/04 Blair, Ahern Urged To Lobby Bush On Emigrants

11/28/04 - Disarmament Report Crucial
SM 11/28/04 Disarmament Report Crucial Link In Stormont Deal
UT 11/28/04 Shooting At Portadown House

11/28/04 - McLaughlin: Parties On Verge of Agreement
BB 11/28/04 McLaughlin: Parties On Verge Of Agreement -A
BB 11/28/04 Transcript of Adams Interview
SL 11/28/04 Paisley's Demands
SL 11/28/04 Sunday Life Comment: Time To Bury Our Differences
SL 11/28/04 INLA Raid Gang In Spanish Blow-Out
SL 11/28/04 Secret Agent, Kevin Fulton, Still A Target
SL 11/28/04 Ulster MEP Demands Fraud Probe
SL 11/28/04 UVF 'Restructured'
SL 11/28/04 Cronies Award UDA Boss Spence A Medal For Terror
SL 11/28/04 Adair Plans To Open A Bar In Lanzarote
SL 11/28/04 UK Identity Issue Not On Cards For Ireland

11/28/04 - Adams Believes Paisley Will Strike Deal
IO 11/28/04 Adams Believes Paisley Will Strike Deal -V
IO 11/28/04 DUP Could Walk Away, Warns Paisley
BB 11/28/04 Annetta Flanigan Home 'Within Days'
IO 11/28/04 Ní Chonaill To Debate Immigration With SF Councillor
UT 11/28/04 HIV Time Bomb Fear In NI
IA 11/28/04 'Little India' Drives Peace & Economy In N Ireland

BB 11/28/04 Pope Moves To Mend Relations w/ Orthodox Christians -VO

11/27/04 - UN Did Nothing To Help Annetta Flanigan
ST 11/28/04 UN 'Did Nothing To Help Hostages'
ST 11/28/04 Sinn Fein Thinks Weapons Photos Will Seal Deal
ST 11/28/04 Opin: Nationalist Support Must Not Be Undermined Again
ST 11/28/04 Home Truths From Belfast
SM 11/27/04 Books Put On Pupils' Reading List To End Sectarianism
ST 11/28/04 Garda Watchdog Body Will Be Toothless Says Expert
GU 11/27/04 Why The Irish Republic Is Deporting Its Own Citizens

11/27/04 - PSNI Swoop On UDA Robbery Gang
BT 11/27/04 Police Swoop On UDA Robbery Gang
UT 11/27/04 Sinn Fein Welcome DUP Move
BB 11/27/04 Inching Towards Political Deal?
BT 11/27/04 Hardball Begins In Bid To Get Parties Back On Track
BT 11/27/04 Clergymen Couldn't Tell Semtex From Soap, But...
SF 11/27/04 Decision To Route M3 Through Tara Must Be Overturned
IC 11/27/04 Missing 25,000 Voters
BT 11/27/04 Mallon Will Not Contest Westminster
BT 11/27/04 Mural Aims To Bring History To Life

11/27/04 - Finucane Inquiry Denounced
IO 11/27/04 Finucane Inquiry Legislation Denounced
BB 11/27/04 DUP Studies Devolution Proposals -V (2)
NY 11/27/04 Popular Yonkers Bar May Lose Liquor License
BT 11/27/04 SF Praises Bid For Irish In EU

NW 11/26/04 Bewley's Closure Special - VO
RT 11/27/04 Dollar Weakens Against Euro -VO
RT 11/27/04 Centenary Of Poet's Birth -VO

11/26/04 - Finucanes Threaten To Snub Inquiry
IO 11/26/04 Finucane Family Threatens To Snub Inquiry
UT 11/26/04 SDLP Hit Out At Inquiries Legislation
SM 11/26/04 Public Inquiries: Getting To The Truth?
RT 11/26/04 Bush Phones DUP Chief Paisely

11/26/04 - Parties Promise Response Today
BT 11/26/04 Parties Promised Blair Response Today
BB 11/26/04 Arms Report 'Possible By New Year'
BT 11/26/04 Viewpoint: Time For Parties To Measure Up
DJ 11/26/04 You Funded War Now Fund The Peace - Mclaughlin Tells Murphy
DJ 11/26/04 Get Derry To Belfast Motorway Council Tells Roads Chief
BT 11/26/04 Gardai Seek Recruits North Of The Border
BT 11/26/04 Hotelier: I Helped In Release Of Annetta
BT 11/26/04 Pressure Rises For Smoking Ban
AU 11/26/04 Peace Dividend Bypasses Poor
IC 11/26/04 Photos: A Troubling Image
NL 11/26/04 Council Calls For Parades Group To Stand Down
DJ 11/26/04 Bloody Sunday: The Beginning Of The End
BB 11/26/04 Kilmichael 84 Yrs On: 'War Of Words' Over Battle
IO 11/26/04 Sargent Says Bertie 'Worse Than Bush' On Environment
BT 11/26/04 How Uister Scots Put Bush In Power
CC 11/26/04 Opin: Bush Could Win Nobel For Irish Peace

11/25/04 - SF Focus On Comprehensive Agreement
SF 11/25/04 Sinn Féin's Focus Is On Getting A Comprehensive Agreement
BB 11/25/04 Governments' Response 'Due Soon'
UT 11/25/04 Robinson: 'IRA Must Wind Up'
UT 11/25/04 UDA Meets De Chastelain
GU 11/25/04 Firebomb Campaign Hits Belfast
IT 11/26/04 Missionary From Clare Murdered Near Nairobi
IT 11/26/04 Swimmers & Canoeists Warned Of Liffey Bacterial Disease Risk
UT 11/25/04 Irish Cigarette Consumption Down
GU 11/25/04 Shane MacGowan & The Pogues: Old Habits Die Hard

11/25/04 - Parties Given Revised Blueprints
BT 11/25/04 Parties To Get Revised Deal Blueprint - A (3)
BB 11/25/04 Adams Briefs SF Executive
BT 11/25/04 Premiers Will 'Shame' Parties If Deal Refused
IE 11/25/04 Jeffrey Donaldson Lashes US Senators' Letter
IC 11/25/04 Opin: Arise Now, Prime Minister Paisley
BT 11/25/04 Fishing Lured Loyalist Kingpin To Buy Home In South
IE 11/25/04 Bloody Sunday Tribunal Jury Gets Summation
BT 11/25/04 PSNI & OO Relations At All Time Low After 12th Defiance
BT 11/25/04 Under Fire PSNI May Withdraw CS Sprays
BT 11/25/04 PM Raises Hopes Of Removing Beef Ban
BT 11/25/04 Thatcher Must Face Questioning Over Guinea Coup Plot
IC 11/25/04 Missing 25,000 Voters In West Belfast
IC 11/25/04 Annie Demands Blair Apology For Maguire Seven
IC 11/25/04 RUC Man At The Centre Of Pearse Jordan Shooting Leaves
UT 11/25/04 Dublin Site Fetches 86 Million Euro
CI 11/25/04 Celebrate A Celtic Christmas With CTL In Plymouth

11/24/04 - Officials To Clarify Plan
IT 11/25/04 Officials Work To Clarify Northern Blueprint - V (2)
IT 11/25/04 DUP And Sinn Fein Are Given Days To Agree Deal
IO 11/24/04 Police Chief Ordered To Pay Loyalist Commander £1,500
BB 11/24/04 Incendiary Device Found In Store
BB 11/24/04 SAS Shooting Challenge 'Too Late'
UT 11/24/04 Schoolboy Memorial Vandalised
IO 11/24/04 Seized Home Of Terror Boss Fetches £410,000
IT 11/25/04 Campaigners Appeal For Cafes To Be Rescued
IT 11/25/04 Clare TD Seeks US Amnesty For Illegal Irish
IT 11/25/04 Norris Queries Alleged US 'Kidnap' Jet
IT 11/25/04 Proposed Greencastle Development Opposed

NW 11/24/04 Irish Hostage Speaks Of Afghan Ordeal -VO
NW 11/24/04 Ardglass Stream Train Restored - VO
NW 11/24/04 Environmental Broadcaster Becomes An Taisce Pres -VO
RT 11/24/04 US Ambassador Addresses Thanksgiving Dinner - VO

11/24/04 - Agreement Must Be In The GFA
SF 11/24/04 SF Tell Govts Any Agreement Must Be Bedded In The GFA
BB 11/24/04 NI Proposals 'Ready For Publishing'
IO 11/24/04 Assembly In Spring If Deal Is Struck
IO 11/24/04 Formal Bid To Have Irish Adopted As EU Language
WD 11/24/04 Some Thoughts On Bigotry
BT 11/24/04 Loyalist Settles Case Against Orde
BT 11/24/04 SDLP Councillor Welcomes Power-Sharing 'Assurance'
BT 11/24/04 Freed Annetta Tells Of Love For Afghans
SF 11/24/04 Carnival Campaign To Keep Bewleys Open
IO 11/24/04 Hill Of Tara Protestors Threaten Legal Action

11/24/04 - No Deal Today - Paisley
BT 11/24/04 There Will Be No Deal Today, Says DUP Chief - V(3)
BT 11/24/04 Paisley Speaks Out On Arms Issue
SM 11/24/04 Loyalists Warn Of Dangers Of Truth Commission
SM 11/24/04 Crime Bosses Will Not Escape Anti- Racketeering
BT 11/24/04 Bloody Sunday: Guildhall Returns To Council
BT 11/24/04 Bloody Sunday Inquiry: Counting The Cost
BT 11/24/04 Bloody Sunday: Bombs 'May Have Been Planted' On Victim
BT 11/24/04 Nationalists Will Join PSNI After Deal, Says Orde
SW 11/24/04 Bringing Northern Irish Justice To Britain
BT 11/24/04 CCTV Aids Prosecutions

RT 11/24/04 Released Armagh Hostage Says She Feels 'Wonderful' -VO

11/24/04 - SF Week In Review

11/24/04 - EU Grants Irish Official Language Status
EX 11/24/04 EU Grants Irish Official Language Status
SM 11/24/04 Paisley Rules Out Talks Breakthrough
WS 11/24/04 New Efforts To Revive Power Sharing At Stormont
BT 11/24/04 BS: Killings Loom Large But Once Glum City Is Moving On
GU 11/24/04 BS: Rocky Road To Rebuilding Trust
BB 11/24/04 Loyalist's Home To Be Auctioned
SM 11/24/04 Auction Of Luxury Home First For Assets Recovery Agency
CP 11/24/04 Poll: Fianna Fáil Leads All Parties In Ireland

11/24/04 - Bernadette McAllister Memorial Mass

11/23/04 - Annetta Says Thank You
UT 11/23/04 Annetta Flanigan Says Thank You -V(3)
IO 11/23/04 Paisley Says Progress On Deal Being Made -V
BB 11/23/04 Bloody Sunday: Families Mark Inquiry's End -V
IT 11/24/04 BS: Possibility That 4 Bombs Found On Body Were Planted
IT 11/24/04 Bloody Sunday: Question Of Unknown Casualties
IT 11/24/04 Bloody Sunday: Counsel Thanks Victims' Families
TT 11/23/04 BS Inquiry Treated IRA Suspects Better Than Soldiers
TA 11/23/04 Facts 'Airbrushed' On Bloody Sunday
IN 11/23/04 Derry Out From The Long Shadow Cast By Bloody Sunday
UT 11/23/04 Police Seek Stress Damages
BB 11/23/04 Republican Gets 'Death Threat'
IO 11/23/04 Voter Registration Set For Change In NI
BT 11/23/04 Call To Close Barracks
PB 11/23/04 James F. Cawley III, Proud Of His Heritage
IT 11/24/04 Family And Faith The Focus Of New Catholic Paper
IT 11/24/04 Talks Offer On Closure Of Cafes Rejected
IT 11/24/04 Grandmother Avoids Jail After Family Pay Fine

11/23/04 - Outline of Deal in Focus
BT 11/23/04 Outline Of Deal In Focus, Paisley Set To Tell Blair
SF 11/23/04 Former Councillor Told He Will Be Killed Within 48 Hrs
SF 11/23/04 Statement On McMahon Murder Insults Intelligence
FT 11/23/04 Ministers Seek To Bridge The Divide As BS Probe Ends
IT 11/23/04 'Risky' Army Plan May Be Responsible For Derry Killings
IT 11/23/04 Troops' Descriptions Of Targets Do Not Match Victims
IT 11/23/04 Saville Inquiry: By The Numbers
NL 11/23/04 Pollution Row
IT 11/23/04 Liffey River Taxi Gearing Up For Launch
ST 11/23/04 Killer Cults Giving Muslims A Bad Name
IT 11/23/04 Fine Gael's 'Rip-Off' Award Ridicules Minister

QA 11/22/04 1st 10 Yrs Of Bertie's Leadership Of Fianna Fáil -VO
NW 11/22/04 Mullingar welcomes President Mary McAleese -VO (5)

11/23/04 - Annetta Flanigan Released
IO 11/23/04 Family 'Overjoyed' At Annetta Flanigan's Release -V
BT 11/23/04 Christmas Hope For Power-Sharing In Northern Ireland
BT 11/23/04 All Parties Working In Good Faith On Talks, Says Ahern
IO 11/23/04 Talks Over Cash Deal To Bolster Peace
IO 11/23/04 UDA Ceasefire In Doubt After Councillor Threatened
BT 11/23/04 Sinn Fein Leads Protest To Keep Bewleys Open
BT 11/23/04 Dublin Parents Warned On Danger Of Deadly New Game
BT 11/23/04 GAA 'Must Recognise Law Of The Land'
BT 11/23/04 British Could Command Irish In EU Force
BT 11/23/04 Woman On Man's Lap In Salthill Club Raid

11/22/04 - Talks At Defining Moment
UT 11/22/04 Talks At 'Defining Moment' -V
BT 11/22/04 No 10 Silent Over Ulster £1bn
UT 11/22/04 Parties Should Be Given Full Access, Says Durkan
RT 11/22/04 Durkan Nominated To Contest Westminster Seat
SF 11/22/04 Peace Dividend Must Underpin Work Of Any New Executive
SF 11/22/04 White Powder Sent To Sinn Féin Councillor
GU 11/22/04 Questions Remain, Says Bloody Sunday Lawyer -V (2)
BT 11/22/04 Terror Clamp Plan To Include Ulster
BT 11/22/04 Ulster To Press Blair For Full Labour Membership
SF 11/22/04 Campaign For Bewleys Takes To The Streets
BB 11/22/04 Belfast: Titanic Opportunity 'Is Wasted'

11/22/04 - Gerry Adams In The Irish Times
SF 11/22/04 Gerry Adams Article In The Irish Times
BB 11/22/04 DUP Move Over Battalions
UT 11/22/04 Orangemen 'Frightened' Over Parades
BB 11/22/04 Raid In Hunt For Afghan Hostages
BB 11/22/04 Car Attack 'Was Racist'
NL 11/22/04 IRA Spy Ring Convictions Destroy Trust
NL 11/22/04 NIO 'Put My Life At Risk' Says Fighter For IRA Victims
IO 11/22/04 Bloody Sunday QC To Give Closing Speech
BB 11/22/04 Key Questions For Saville Inquiry Judges
GU 11/22/04 Book: 'Just Call Me Nell'

11/21/04 - Adams Regrets Bombings
IT 11/22/04 Adams Says He Regrets Birmingham Bombings Of 30 Ys Ago
CN 11/21/04 Brum's IRA Bombers
CN 11/21/04 Former Terrorist Calls For Apology
BB 11/21/04 Murphy 'Hopeful Over Proposals'
IT 11/22/04 Ahern To Meet Blair For 'Key' Talks This Week
SL 11/21/04 DUP's Code Of Silence On Progress Of Deal
UT 11/21/04 Durkan Attacks Sinn Fein
SM 11/21/04 Ahern To Hold Talks With SDLP Critic (Durkan)
SL 11/21/04 Sinn Fein In New IRA Spy Row
IT 11/22/04 Colleague's IRA Conviction Not Safe, Says SF TD
GU 11/21/04 Bloody Sunday: The Final Reckoning Begins
EX 11/21/04 Britain Urged To Pump £1bn Peace Dividend Into North
SM 11/21/04 Maze Site Stadium Plans Under Fire
IO 11/21/04 'Talks Progressing Over Fate Of UN Hostages'
SL 11/21/04 Race Is On To Get Tall Ships
FO 11/21/04 Feed Your Celtic Habit Next Weekend
IO 11/21/04 More Trams To Run On Luas Line
IT 11/22/04 O'Connell Street Trees Face Destruction

RT 11/22/04 17-Storey Belfast Building Blasted In Regeneration -VO

11/21/04 - The Clegg Defense
SL 11/21/04 The Clegg Defence
SL 11/21/04 Raymond McCord: UVF Must Apologise
SL 11/21/04 Feud Exile Mother On Fake Bomb Charge
SL 11/21/04 Loyalists Outlaw Sale Of Rape Drug
SL 11/21/04 Straight Talking: UDA To Keep Cash In Hand Rackets!
SL 11/21/04 Straight Talking: It's Still Not A Done Deal...
SL 11/21/04 Sunday Life Comment: IRA Must End Spying Game
BB 11/21/04 Cathedral Marks Bomb Anniversary -V
UT 11/21/04 Young People 'Don't Feel Safe' On Irish Streets
IO 11/21/04 Half Of Irish Against Gay Marriage - Poll
SL 11/21/04 Belfast's Churchill House: Blast Hurrah!
SL 11/21/04 Author's Tribute To RUC
SB 11/21/04 U2's Web Of Rock And Royalties
SB 11/21/04 Corrs' Company Profits Drop 90%
CN 11/21/04 Irish Crush The US: Ireland 56-6 USA
UT 11/21/04 Bewleys Meeting Is 'Positive'
PD 11/21/04 Book: Irish Rebel On Crime Road In America

11/20/04 - Parties Want 1.4bn For Peace Deal
ST 11/21/04 Parties Want €1.4bn For Peace Deal
NY 11/20/04 Irish Leader's Embrace Socialism Is Causing A Stir -V
ST 11/21/04 Scottish Catholics Suffer More Abuse
GU 11/20/04 Thieves Take Mass - And Handbags
ST 11/21/04 It's A Drag Being Shirley Says RTE's 'New' Lotto Host
DN 11/20/04 Legalize Partnerships But Avoid Gay Marriage

11/20/04 - IRA Not The Problem
BB 11/20/04 IRA Not The Problem: Pass The Parcel Or Game On? -A
IO 11/20/04 Next 10 Days Are Crucial - Taoiseach -V
BT 11/20/04 SDLP Slams Sinn Fein Stance On Bike Police
BB 11/20/04 Thirty Years As A Bomb Survivor
UT 11/20/04 Meeting Over Bewley's Closure
UT 11/20/04 Space Station Above Irish Skies

11/20/04 - Loyalist Hold Bombing Rally
UT 11/20/04 Loyalists Hold Bombings Rally
CN 11/20/04 Service To Condemn Pub Bombers
SM 11/20/04 'Birmingham Six' Man Speaks Out In TV Documentary
BB 11/20/04 Meetings Over Deadlock Plans
IC 11/20/04 Brits Government Pledge Electoral Registration Reform
IC 11/20/04 Give Peace A Chance? Give My Head Peace!
IO 11/20/04 Govt To Push For Renewal Of Peace Fund
EX 11/20/04 Assassinated Strongman Not Free State's Chief Executioner
BT 11/20/04 Republic To Go Metric On Road Signs Next Year
GA 11/20/04 Eyre Square Work To Be Scaled Down For Christmas

11/19/04 - Parties Disagree On Arms & Devolution
IT 11/20/04 Parties Disagree On Linking Arms To Devolution
SF 11/19/04 Sinn Féin Will Not Accept Deal Outside Agreement
IO 11/19/04 'Progress' In NI Talks Lifts Hopes
BT 11/19/04 IRA Chief Too Ill For Tribunal
IO 11/19/04 'Minister Should Apologise For Overseas Aid Slur'
IO 11/19/04 Fire Bombs Found In City Centre Shops
IT 11/20/04 Dessie O'Hare Out On Four-Day Release -V
UT 11/19/04 Birthistle Pride At Bloody Sunday Film

RT 11/19/04 Weekend In The Woods

11/19/04 - Finucane Letter Update

11/19/04 - Spice In Top US Contract Row
BT 11/19/04 Killer's Former CO (Spicer) In Top US Contract Row
AN 11/19/04 Afghan Militants, Government Hopeful On Hostages
DJ 11/19/04 Speculation Causing Confusion - Warns McGuinness
UT 11/19/04 Party Leaders To Embark On Briefings
DJ 11/19/04 Editorial: Latest Impasse Entirely Predictable
NL 11/19/04 Mitchell's Peace Hopes
WT 11/19/04 Mrs. O'Leary's Cow: Not All Irish Eyes Are Smiling
DJ 11/19/04 Extradition Of UDA Suspects Never Sought
DJ 11/19/04 Rosemount Tower Must Go Too - Say Residents
DJ 11/19/04 Powers For Human Rights Commission
RT 11/19/04 Murdered Councillor's Family Lose Legal Battle
BT 11/19/04 Reprieve For Parties On Donor Disclosures
BT 11/19/04 Murphy Gets Orange Hall Cash Appeal
NL 11/19/04 Editorial: Moderates Are Marginalised By Peace Talks
BT 11/19/04 Eames Speaks Of Obligation To Help Over Decommissioning
CN 11/19/04 Birmingham Six Deserve Apology
NL 11/19/04 Firms Told To Stay Away From Ulster
TR 11/19/04 Celtic Law Society Symposium
UT 11/19/04 New Framework For Hillwalkers

11/18/04 – Brits Urged to Apologize To Birmingham Six
IO 11/18/04 British Govt Urged To Make Birmingham Six Apology
BB 11/18/04 SF: 1974 Pub Bombings 'Were Wrong'
EP 11/18/04 Adams Urges Rapid Conclusion To Peace Talks
IO 11/18/04 McGuinness: Power-Sharing Talks At Defining Moment
RT 11/18/04 Paisley To Seek Clarification On Formula -V
BT 11/18/04 Durkan Attacks Unionist 'Hot Air'
UT 11/18/04 Ahern's Stormont Likely To Slip
BT 11/18/04 Dublin Warns About Joint Rule
IO 11/18/04 Dublin Men Convicted Of IRA Membership
SF 11/18/04 Sinn Féin Slams BBC For Anti- Irish Remarks
IC 11/18/04 Effective Public Inquiry Is The Finucane's Priority
BT 11/18/04 Eye On London: Come Clean On North-South Justice Plans
BT 11/18/04 Viewpoint: Deal On Offer Must Be Made Public
BT 11/18/04 Sinn Fein's US Earnings Revealed
SI 11/18/04 Desperation Gone From Irish Negotiations
BT 11/18/04 Councillors Row Over 'Terrorist' Tag
BT 11/18/04 Huge SDLP Spend On Election Failure
BT 11/18/04 Sinn Fein Seeks Body For Truth And Reconciliation

RT 11/18/04 Mark Thatcher Charged With Coup Involvement

11/18/04 - George Mitchell Urges Deal
UT 11/18/04 George Mitchell Urges Deal
IO 11/18/04 Blair To Hear Concerns Of SF Leaders -V
BT 11/18/04 Photos The Key For DUP To Accept IRA Arms Wipeout
BB 11/18/04 Alliance Call For All-Party Talks
BT 11/18/04 Brits 'Nil Help' For Probe Into Bombings & Murders -V
PT 11/18/04 Fate Of UN Hostages Remains Hazy In Afghanistan
IO 11/18/04 UN In Fresh Afghan Hostage Appeal
BT 11/18/04 Mourners Pay Respects To Margaret Hassan -V
SM 11/18/04 Aussie PM Backs Away From Iraq Body Comments
MH 11/18/04 Police Withdraw From Probe Of Fake Car Bomb
WT 11/18/04 IAUC: 'Twit' For Tat
IE 11/18/04 Orange Order Linked To Land Scheme
EX 11/18/04 Radical Changes But Still No Utopia
BB 11/18/04 Crime Tackled With Pedal Power

11/17/04 - Congressional Letter to Blair

11/17/04 - Adams Cagey Over Prospects of Deal
IT 11/18/04 Adams Cagey Over Prospects Of Deal
IT 11/18/04 DUP Strikes Optimistic Note On New Proposals
SM 11/17/04 Dublin Bombings Inquiry Judge Attacks UK Government
SF 11/17/04 Brits Must Co-Operate With Collusion Inquiries
IT 11/18/04 Oireachtas To Report On Barron Inquiry In Three Months
BT 11/17/04 SDLP Quizzes Nelson Murder Probe
TO 11/17/04 SF Official Wants IRA Bombers To Issue An Apology
TO 11/17/04 Man Behind The Pub Bombs In Birmingham That Killed 21
EP 11/17/04 Trimble Calls For 'End To Drift' In Ulster
UT 11/17/04 Plea Over Human Rights Commission
IO 11/17/04 Maze Prison To Be Replaced By National Sports Stadium
IT 11/18/04 Move Against Chinese Leader Fails
IT 11/18/04 Dublin Woman Is US Judge
IT 11/18/04 Jury Urges Life-Jacket Use On All Vessels
IT 11/18/04 Woman Streaker Allowed To Return To Germany
IT 11/18/04 Memorial Service Honours Life Of Art Historian Hunt
SD 11/18/04 Pope Health Seen Stable, Eyes N. Ireland Trip

11/17/04 - Calls For EU To Help Annetta Flanigan
BT 11/17/04 Nicholson Calls On EU To Help Annetta Flanigan
KE 11/17/04 Flanigan's Kidnappers Are Thieves Not Taliban
NL 11/17/04 Annetta Flanigan: End Our Torment
NL 11/17/04 Callous Murder Highlights Plight Of Annetta
CN 11/17/04 Tributes To Iraq's 'Mama Margaret' -V (2)
DT 11/17/04 Hassan Service Held In Kenmare, County Kerry
IO 11/17/04 SF 'Could Back Plans For Block Vote'
UT 11/17/04 NI Parties To See Devolution Proposals
BT 11/17/04 Historic Ceremony Honours PSNI
NL 11/17/04 The Price Of Progress 'Not Without Pain'
BT 11/17/04 Court Told Of Loyalist Attacks On Home
IO 11/17/04 PSNI Arrest Man Over Attack On SDLP Councillor
BT 11/17/04 Language School Opposition 'Sectarian'
SF 11/17/04 Adams Welcomes Belfast Hills National Trust Move

11/16/04 - Adams Responds to Media Speculation
SF 11/16/04 Gerry Adams Responds To Media Speculation
AJ 11/16/04 Western Aid Worker Probably Dead - V (7)
IT 11/17/04 Murder Of Margaret Hassan Is Widely Condemned -V
IC 11/17/04 US Court Rules Against Ciaran Ferry
SF 11/16/04 Inquiries Must Match Demands Of The Families
TH 11/16/04 Scottish Judge To Chair 'King Rat' Inquiry
IT 11/17/04 Murphy Names Panels To Hold Inquiries Into Killings
IT 11/17/04 Rosemary Nelson
IT 11/17/04 Robert Hamill
IT 11/17/04 Billy Wright
IT 11/17/04 NI Paramilitaries' Criminal Records Could Be Expunged
IC 11/16/04 DUP Say No To Sabbath Christmas Switch-On
BB 11/16/04 Belfast's Green Place For Everyone
IT 11/17/04 Decisions Soon On Plans For City Skyscrapers

11/16/04 - Margaret Hassan Believed Slain in Video
CH 11/16/04 British Hostage Believed Slain In Video
BB 11/16/04 IRA Arms Move 'To Be Witnessed' - V
PI 11/16/04 Ahern's Socialist Claim Cynical & Fraudulent Strategy
LS 11/16/04 McCullough Vows To Reclaim Championship Belt

11/16/04 - Collusion Inquiries Terms Announced
BB 11/16/04 NI Collusion Inquiries Terms Announced
BT 11/16/04 Kidnappers Split Over Fate Of UN Hostages
RT 11/16/04 'This One's Faking He's Fucking Dead; He's Dead Now'-V
BT 11/16/04 Keenan: Out Of The Wilderness
SM 11/16/04 Mother And Children Targeted By Pipe Bomb
DJ 11/16/04 Editorial: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
DJ 11/16/04 Durkan Cautious About Uda Ceasefire
BB 11/16/04 Murphy Explains UDA Decision
BT 11/16/04 British Deny Deal With UDA On 'Personal Use' Weapons
SF 11/16/04 Any Proposals Must Be Grounded In GFA
NL 11/16/04 Editorial: Unionists Still Opposed To Joint Authority
BT 11/16/04 Sinn Fein Deputy Lord Mayor To Step Down
DJ 11/16/04 All Grief, Suffering & Loss Is Equal- Victim's Son
BT 11/16/04 Blair Can't Go To Paisley's 'Freedom Do'
IO 11/16/04 Conf Examines Discrimination Against Former Prisoners
BT 11/16/04 England To Ban Public Smoking -V (2)
BT 11/16/04 Fury Over Neeson Sex Movie After Bush Win
UT 11/16/04 Death Of Bob Cooper
BT 11/16/04 Tragic Fisherman Is Laid To Rest

NP 11/16/04 Police Corruption In Ireland's Donegal County -AO
RT 11/16/04 New Walkway Being Constructed On Connemara Mountain -VO

11/15/04 - SF: Put Children First In Budget
SF 11/15/04 SF Budget - Put Children First In Budget 2005 -V
SF 11/15/04 Adams: Failure To End Child Poverty Is A Scandal
SF 11/15/04 Nationalists Believe UDA Were Responsible For Attack
SF 11/15/04 Discrimination Against Irish Schools Must Be Opposed
GU 11/15/04 Murphy's Law - Bore Ulster Into Peace
IT 11/16/04 Role Of Ex-Prisoners In North To Be Debated
UT 11/15/04 Murphy Warning To UDA
BB 11/15/04 NI Bank Customers 'Ripped Off'
IT 11/16/04 Parties Agreed On Rights For Same-Sex Couples -V
TO 11/15/04 Obit: Basil Mcivor
IT 11/16/04 Dublin Mayor Attempts To Save Bewley's

QA 11/15/04 Is Bertie Repositioning FF? -VO
QA 11/15/04 What's Behind Bertie's Comments On Haughey? -VO

11/15/04 - Group Split Over Fate Of Annetta Flanigan
SM 11/15/04 Group Split Over Fate Of UN Hostages
SM 11/15/04 Blair And Ahern Must Seal The Deal, Says Adams
BB 11/15/04 Parties To Mull Over Propopsals
BT 11/15/04 Adams' Joint Authority Plan A Non-Runner: Rabbitte
BB 11/15/04 'No Evidence' Of UDA Attack Link -V
UT 11/15/04 UDA Had De Chastelain Talks
CA 11/15/04 Consumers Rept Slams NIreland Banks For High Fees
RT 11/15/04 Tourists Hurt In Road Crash Involving Minister -V
BT 11/15/04 Book: The IRA, Gay Sex And Me
BB 11/15/04 Drivers 'Not Getting Mobile Message'

RT 11/15/04 Two Men Electrocuted In Askeaton -VO
NW 11/15/04 History Of The Rock Of Cashel -VO
NW 11/15/04 New Cashel By-Pass -VO

11/15/04 - Fr Troy Gets Award For Courage
IS 11/15/04 Fr. Aidan Troy, Is The ISIA Premier Award Winner
BT 11/15/04 SDLP Man Opens Fire During Attack
BB 11/15/04 'UDA Intimidating Family' Says Mother Of SDLP Man
BB 11/15/04 Murphy To Explain UDA Decision
BT 11/15/04 UDA Pledges To End Violence
NL 11/15/04 Loyalist Terror Group Must 'Walk The Walk' - Minister
BT 11/15/04 Protestants Perceive 'More Moderate' Sinn Fein
BT 11/15/04 DUP Pledge To Block Irish School
BT 11/15/04 Troubles 'Caused By Ethnic Cleansing'
BT 11/15/04 McAleese Must Deliver On Good Intentions
EX 11/15/04 Kenny Warns Of Fianna Fáil/Sinn Féin Coalition
BT 11/15/04 Passport Gave Ken Bigley Family Hope
UT 11/15/04 Weak Dollar And High Irish Prices A Bad Combination
IO 11/15/04 Trips To Ireland Decreases By 2.6%

11/14/04 - Direct Rule Simply Not An Option
SF 11/14/04 Doherty - Direct Rule Simply Not An Option
SL 11/14/04 Unionist Solicitor Set To Face Fraud & Theft Charges
SF 11/14/04 Ombudsman Team On Trail Of UVF Bar Massacre Gang
SL 11/14/04 'Maverick' Pipe Bomb Gang Sought
SL 11/14/04 For Sale: Former UDA Brothel House
GU 11/14/04 UDA Pledges End To Violence -V
IP 11/11/04 Racists Must Be Faced Down
GU 11/14/04 Polish Man Hurt In Ulster Racist Attack
IT 11/15/04 IRA Accused Of 'Sell-Out' By RSF
SL 11/14/04 Top War Crime Suspect 'Sheltered By RIRA'
IP 11/11/04 Butchers May Have Been Responsible For 1976 Killing
IP 11/11/04 Remembering The Past - IRA Executed Butchers' Leader
SL 11/14/04 Human Rights Commission Seeks Omagh Cop Meeting
SL 11/14/04 'Emotive' Atrocities Of '98 Exhibition
SL 11/14/04 Soldier's Restorick Claims Investigated
SL 11/14/04 Islam: 'Radical Doesn't Speak For Us'
SL 11/14/04 Irishmen United In Poignant Memorial
SL 11/14/04 Book: Eiremen Of The RAF And Their Northern Comrades
IT 11/15/04 Ahern Backs Legal Recognition For Gays -V
IP 11/11/04 Opin - Linda Coleman: What's On The Label?
IT 11/15/04 Two Men Die Putting Up Lights At Wake House
IT 11/15/04 Pope's Visit To Ireland Still Possible
IT 11/15/04 Irish Reaction To Rise Of Hitler Recorded
IT 11/15/04 Granting Salmon A Better Chance At Sea
IT 11/15/04 Words We Use

11/14/04 - New Plan To Break Deadlock
SB 11/14/04 New Plan To Break Northern Deadlock
ST 11/14/04 Ahern Declares He's Been A Socialist All Along
SM 11/13/04 Paramilitaries To Make 'Ceasefire' Statement
TE 11/13/04 IRA Can Keep Guns Under British Deal, Claim Unionists
ST 11/14/04 IRA Link To Belfast Bullets Cache
GU 11/13/04 Let This Beacon Burn
GU 11/13/04 'Garda Knew Of IRA Mole In Force'
AP 11/13/04 Trimble: IRA Likely Bluffing, Won't Disarm -V
ST 11/14/04 Comment: It May Be Slow, But There's Progress
ST 11/14/04 WTO Opens US Door For Irish Bookies
ST 11/14/04 Irish Return Home As US Dream Fades
ST 11/14/04 It'll Be A Long Way From Tipperary: Reagan Pub Heads To CA

RT 11/13/04 Body Of Kilkeel Fisherman Recovered -VO

11/13/04 - Ciaran Ferry

11/13/04 - UDA Ceasefire: Show Us How
IO 11/12/04 UDA Ceasefire: Show Us How, Say Critics
SM 11/12/04 UDA's Ceasefire Scarred By Killings And Gangsterism
BT 11/12/04 Row Erupts Over Secret Society Rule Relaxation
GU 11/12/04 Pardon Plea For Irish Volunteers Shot In Trenches
DJ 11/12/04 Scourge Of Racism Must Be Addressed - Mitchel McLaughlin MLA
BT 11/12/04 Cautious Welcome For City Conflict Service
BB 11/12/04 Arms Move Must Be Visible - DUP
BT 11/12/04 The Folly That Has Lost Us Power At Stormont
BT 11/12/04 Police Search Link To Dissident 'Rebel' Threats
DJ 11/12/04 Campbell Attacks Jobs Discrimination 'Myth'
BT 11/12/04 Sinn Fein In Call For Smoke Ban
IT 11/13/04 Ahern Celebrates His 10th Anniversary

RT 11/12/04 Garda Admits Excessive Force -VO

11/13/04 - DUP To Blame For Stalled Peace
IO 11/13/04 DUP To Blame For Stalled Peace, Says SF
BT 11/13/04 Viewpoint: UDA Actions Speak Louder Than Words
BB 11/13/04 Ceasefire Decision 'Worth Risk'
BT 11/13/04 Crossed Wires UUP Without A Voice On Patten Reforms Of RUC
UT 11/13/04 Cranborne: 'Govt Betrayed Trimble'
BB 11/13/04 Can UUP Unity Translate To Election?
BB 11/13/04 Paisley 'Let IRA Off The Hook'
BT 11/13/04 Dead Loyalist's Lawyers In Assets Plea
BB 11/13/04 Missing Fisherman's Body Found
SF 11/13/04 Sex, Life And Liam

Overall Table of Contents

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