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October 08, 2007

Language Body Says Ban Will Fail

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BB 10/08/07 Language Body Says Ban Will Fail
BB 10/08/07 Loyalist Warning On UDA Arms Move
BN 10/08/07 Flynn’s Battle With RTE To Come To End Today
IN 10/04/07 Opin: Irish Language Used As Political Football


Language Body Says Ban Will Fail

Irish language advocates have said they are confident a
move to stop assembly ministers using Irish will fail.

UUP MLA David McNarry has tabled a motion seeking to stop
ministers making addresses in the chamber in Irish.

Janet Muller of Pobal, the umbrella organisation for Irish
speakers, said there was widespread anger at the move.

"Demanding Irish speakers cease to use the language in
public is the language equivalent of telling black people
to sit at the back of the bus," she said.

"It can only tarnish the north's image at home and abroad."

She said banning Irish would set the institutions outside
of the other devolved assemblies in the British Isles and
the government of the Republic of Ireland.

Mr McNarry said there was plenty of recognition already for
the language. His motion also opposes proposed legislation
for an Irish Language Act.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/08 05:39:23 GMT


Loyalist Warning On UDA Arms Move

The deadline for decommissioning of Ulster Defence
Association weapons could derail the peace process, a
loyalist spokesman has claimed.

The 60-day deadline set by Social Development Minister
Margaret Ritchie for the beginning of UDA arms
decommissioning expires on Tuesday.

Frankie Gallagher, of the Ulster Political Research Group,
said her move could lead to a "disastrous place".

Margaret Ritchie has admitted she has come under pressure
to compromise.

Pressure on her came after it emerged the UDA had begun
"meaningful engagement" with the body that oversees


The minister said the final decision on whether to redirect
œ1.2m from the Conflict Transformation Initiative to other
loyalist projects was hers.

The UDA, however, said it was adhering to its own timetable
for getting rid of its weapons, despite Tuesday's deadline.

Speaking on BBC's Good Morning Ulster programme, Frankie
Gallagher from the UPRG, which advises the UDA, said the
timing should not be dictated.

"People have gone an extra mile," he said.

"Everybody is trying to double their efforts to maintain
the peace process and if this derails the peace process
because a minister connects social need with
decommissioning, then we are in a disastrous place."

NI Secretary Shaun Woodward said the paramilitaries had
begun "meaningful" talks with the decommissioning body.

The funding was intended to help move the UDA away from

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2007/10/08 08:22:12 GMT


Flynn's Court Battle With RTE To Come To End Today

08/10/2007 - 08:02:14

Independent TD Beverly Flynn should move a step closer to
re-joining Fianna F il today, with her legal battle against
RTE expected to be formally struck out in the High Court.

Ms Flynn was expelled from the party in April 2001 after
losing her infamous libel action against the state

She was subsequently ordered to pay almost ?3m in costs to
RTE, but the two sides agreed a settlement of just over
?1.2m earlier this year.

The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, has already indicated that he
would be happy to welcome Ms Flynn back into Fianna F il
once she had settled her outstanding legal issues.

The party's general secretary, Sean Dorgan, is due to hold
talks about the matter over the coming weeks with Fianna
F il members and supporters of Ms Flynn in Co Mayo.


Opin: Irish Language Being Used As Political Football

The Thursday Column
By Jim Gibney

In November 1987 the DUP's Sammy Wilson used the racist
slur `leprechaun language' to protest against the use of
Irish in the chamber of Belfast city council.

At the behest of Wilson, the then lord mayor, backed by
unionist colleagues, it was insisted that a Sinn Fein
member, M irt¡n O' Muilleoir, should be evicted from the
meeting for speaking in Irish.

Two weeks ago, this time in the Assembly, Wilson again led
a cross-party unionist offensive against the Irish language
which was intemperate, irrational and at times hysterical,
as the Assembly's Hansard tellingly records.

The 20-year time gap has not mellowed Wilson's bitter
opposition to the sound of the Irish language being spoken
within his earshot.

Even those unionists who like to style themselves as
`liberals' could not resist attacking the Irish language.
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